Chapter 239: Mo Wujis Rage

    Chapter 239: Mo Wuji's Rage

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    After Pu Qian closed the room door, Mo Wuji gestured for everyone to sit down, then he asked, "Exactly what's going on? Why are y'all all so relieved when you saw me?"

    Sang Yiping was the first to answer, "Head senior brother, we followed your instructions to secretly investigate about the Nine Moons Pill House."

    "There's no news?" Mo Wuji asked urgently. After separating with Zhen Shaoke and co., Mo Wuji had always been working hard for his cultivation. He was either opening his meridians or out searching for a spiritual herb to open his meridians. When he had finally settled down, the aliens invaded.

    It was because of this that he only asked around the Heaven Seeking City twice and he did not receive any news on Nine Moons Pill House during those times. Mo Wuji even intended to go Fringe City and have a look but he met with this Tian Ji Sect situation.

    Sang Yiping nodded, "Three months ago, a deacon called Fei Bingzhu came over to Heaven Seeking City and even purchased a store at a high price. This deacon really knew how to pick the right time. Because of the ongoing war with the alien cultivators, and since the Heaven Seeking Palace isn't very far from Yan City, many merchants left the Heaven Seeking City for Yan City. The price of stores in Heaven Seeking City became cheaper and he was able to procure a not bad store."

    "Where's the store?" Mo Wuji was ecstatic to receive news on Fei Bingzhu and he eagerly asked another question.

    Sang Yiping sighed in her heart: Head senior brother really doesn't have a simple relationship with the Nine Moons Pill House. She continued, "The Nine Moons Pill House had just finished its furnishing and had yet to officially open but it was destroyed in a single night. That Deacon Fei was killed, and treasurer, Sun Jingyi, was also killed."

    Mo Wuji's heart went cold, his fists went tight and his heart pounded erratically. Fei Bingzhu had been there when he was still poor, Fei Bingzhu was there during his calamities. But he was actually killed in the Heaven Seeking City.

    "Who did it, did you manage to find out?" Mo Wuji asked slowly, he swore to avenge this vengeance.

    Pu Qian took over, "Yes, it's the Yu Lin Lei Clan. That's why I made sure that Junior Sang and the rest stayed here and not go out."

    The Yu Lin Lei Clan again, Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. It was no wonder why Sang Yiping and co. were so anxious. If he was discovered, the Yu Lin Lei Clan definitely wouldn't let go of him.

    He could guess how the Yu Lin Lei Clan was able to find him. Hou Yucheng was able to find out that he was the one who purchased the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style through the auction; the Yu Lin Lei Clan was naturally able to do the same.

    Moreover, he was just an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace. Because the Yu Lin Lei Clan had a genius disciple, Lei Hongji, in the Great Evolution Sect, they even dared to pursue and encircle an inner disciple, Hou Yucheng. Why would they be scared of a mere outer disciple?

    The moment they found out about him then the next step was to investigate on the Nine Moons Pill House. Moreover, they might even link his saving of Hou Yucheng in Yan City to him start to suspect that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    If the Yu Lin Lei Clan really guessed that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705, they definitely wouldn't casually reveal it. After all, they still wanted to extract Tian Ji Sect's secret from him.

    "Have the Yu Lin Lei Clan's men left?" In short time, Mo Wuji had already discerned the reason.

    "After the Nine Moons Pill House was destroyed, the Lei Clan occupied their store. I've gone to take a look; it's already been refurbished and will soon be ready for business," Pu Qian answered.

    Very good, Mo Wuji nodded. He must definitely annihilate the Yu Lin Lei Clan before rebuilding the Tian Ji Sect. When he didn't have the cannons, his power was truly insufficient. Even if he wanted to take revenge, he couldn't. But now that he had the power, he definitely wouldn't delay any longer. If he did so, the original Nine Moons Pill House might get affected and even Zhen Shaoke might lose his life.

    The Yu Lin Lei Clan still had Lei Hongji, a favoured child of the Great Evolution Sect. It wasn't something difficult for them to deal with the Nine Moons Pill House.

    "Yiping, are there any cultivator cities near Tian Ji Sect?" Mo Wuji did not continue inquiring about the Lei Clan, but turned to ask Sang Yiping about the Tian Ji Sect.

    Sang Yiping hurriedly replied, "There was a little town outside the Tian Ji Sect called Heaven's Gate Town. With the protection of the Tian Ji Sect, this town wasn't bustling but there were merchants. Now that the Tian Ji Sect has been destroyed, this town should be deserted."

    The speaking Sang Yiping was incomparably mellow. For Tian Ji Sect to develop, there must be cultivator cites in its surroundings. Only after countless years of Tian Ji Sect's existence, the Heaven's Gate Town finally got developed. But now that the Tian Ji Sect had been destroyed, and the large number of horse bandits in the surrounding, it would be a miracle if the Heaven's Gate Town survived.

    Mo Wuji said seriously, "Pu Qian, immediately refine this flying car. After you refine it, bring Yiping, Zhuang Yan and Nie Zhengnong out of here and wait for me at Heaven's Gate Town."

    With that, Mo Wuji retrieved a flying car magic treasure and passed it to Pu Qian.

    "Head senior brother, you..." Sang Yiping immediately understood Mo Wuji's intentions. He wanted to stay here by himself and wait for a chance to destroy the Yu Lin Lei Clan's store in Heaven Seeking City.

    "Head senior brother, the alien war is already over. The times are already different from three months ago. The Heaven Seeking City is near the Heaven Seeking Palace, and if a store gets destroyed, things might get blown up." Nie Zhengnong seldom talked, but he was more detailed in his considerations.

    Pu Qian was more clear of Mo Wuji's personality, he knew that when Mo Wuji made his decision, he would definitely do it. He took the initiative to say, "If that's the case, we'll stay behind together to finish this. We'll leave immediately when we're done."

    Mo Wuji waved it off, "This is my personal matter, it has nothing to do with the sect. Moreover, it would be more convenient for me to do things by myself. Committing such a deed in the Heaven Seeking City, the less involved the better."

    What Mo Wuji wanted to do wasn't simply destroying the Yu Lin Lei Clan members which occupied the Nine Moons Pill House's store in the Heaven Seeking City. After he did that, he would still go to the Yu Lin Lei Clan itself and wipe it off the face of the Lost Continent. This matter really triggered his killing intent.

    Pu Qian and co. saw Mo Wuji's resolution and did not say anything further.

    With the assistance of Mo Wuji's spiritual will, Pu Qian was able to refine the flying car in two hours.

    The five immediately checked out of the inn and left Heaven Seeking City.

    Another two hours later two hours, the five arrived at the outskirts of Heaven Seeking City. Pu Qian fetched out his flying car. As he gestured for Sang Yiping and co. to board the car, he asked Mo Wuji, "If the two Tian Shang princes who rented the mountains come looking for trouble, what do we do?"

    "Kill them." Mo Wuji said unhesitatingly. He wanted the Tian Ji Sect to be a great sect, how could it be afraid of a mere Ming Han Empire? He did not believe that the Ming Han Empire would come cause trouble for his Tian Ji Sect because of two princes.

    Mo Wuji's words made it clear to Sang Yiping and co. The previous tolerant Tian Ji Sect was now no more.

    "If there are any survivors of the Tian Ji Sect, remember to bring them back." After Pu Qian and co. entered the car, Mo Wuji added another instruction.

    He believed that after the Yu Lin Lei Clan destroyed the Tian Ji Sect, they wouldn't assign guards to stay over the Tian Ji Sect.

    Waiting for Pu Qian's flying car to leave, Mo Wuji changed his appearance to the pale faced Rogue Cultivator 2705 and re-entered Heaven Seeking City. This time, he entered a small inn and stayed there for three whole days.

    There were reasons why Mo Wuji waited for three days. One, Mo Wuji was waiting for Pu Qian and co. to get far away. Two, he wanted to find a path of retreat. Three, he wanted to recce the strength of this Lei Clan store.

    It was as Mo Wuji expected. The Yu Lin Lei Clan only assigned two Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators as the defenders and the rest were some Spirit Building and Channel Opening cultivators.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji checked out from the inn and openly walked to the Lei Clan's store.

    "Apologies friend, our store has yet to be opened." A Channel Opening Stage cultivator stopped Mo Wuji.

    "Are you a Lei Clan disciple?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    This cultivator's chest inflated and he said proudly, "That's right. Our Lei Clan Merchant House are all Lei Clan disciples. So friend, you can rest assure that nothing bad will happen. But I will still have to invite you to leave and return when we're open."

    "Get out of here!" Mo Wuji raised his hand and slapped over. This Lei Clan disciple was sent flying far by the slap and crashed against the store's wall. He slid down on the ground, paralysed, never to breathe again.

    Mo Wuji inhaled deeply, he did not like doing such things. This attendant might not have killed the Nine Moons Pill House's or Tian Ji Sect's man. But because Mo Wuji came into this world and walked this particular road, he had to do it.

    "Who dares cause trouble at my Lei Clan?" Multiple shadows charged out of the store and surrounded Mo Wuji.

    "Rogue Cultivator 2705. The person you're looking for, and the person who's here to seek revenge." With that, Invisible Sword Qi appeared in Mo Wuji's hand which transformed into a sword net, trapping all the cultivators. Mo Wuji did not come today just for Fei Bingzhu, but also for the Tian Ji Seft and that Tian Ji Sect Head who died because of him.

    The person with the highest cultivation here was merely in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 3. He was completely nothing in front of Mo Wuji.

    Fogs of blood formed continuously. Within ten minutes, seven to eight Lei Clan disciples turned into wandering ghosts under his sword.

    One hour later, Mo Wuji left the Heaven Seeking City in constant high alert. The destroyed Lei Clan store was just an appetizer. Now, he was going to destroy the entire Yu Lin Lei Clan.


    Cen Shuyin did not know that we was being followed as she left Yan City. She was controlling a crudely made flying ship which was speeding towards Heaven Seeking Palace. She exchanged her flying car for Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash and she had obtained this flying ship from there alien battlefield.

    Even though this flying ship was a little ugly, it was a little faster than her flying car.

    Yan City was closer to the Heaven Seeking Palace than An Yang. In a few days, Cen Shuyin had arrived outside of the Heaven Seeking City.

    It was at this moment, she saw the Mo Wuji leaving Heaven Seeking City.

    "Rogue Cultivator 2705?" Cen Shuyin had never seen Rogue Cultivator 2705 but she had heard too much about it. In Yan City, who didn't know what Rogue Cultivator 2705 looked like? He was a pale faced scholar, and there were even portraits of 2705 being sold everywhere.

    Who else could that pale faced scholar be if not Rogue Cultivator 2705? Cen Shuyin was filled with pleasant surprise. Regardless, she had to inform Rogue Cultivator 2705 of the matter.
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