Chapter 240: His Hardship

    Chapter 240: His Hardship

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    Mo Wuji's flying ship was much faster than Cen Shuyin's, but due to Cen Shuyin's relentless pursuit, Mo Wuji was discovered her soon after he left the Heaven Seeking City.

    Initially, Mo Wuji even thought that he was being chased by some Lei Clan dogs and he was intending to retrieve a laser cannon and send a shot over.

    However, he soon discerned that the flying ship was controlled by Cen Shuyin; she was standing conspicuously at the stern of the ship.

    This left Mo Wuji curious; he didn't know what business Cen Shuyin had with him.He did not think that Cen Shuyin would know that he was Rogue Cultivator 2795. Even though she had applied for a contribution point token together with him, their interaction was merely during the application. At the very most, she helped make the application process easier. She definitely didn't see what was written on his token, much less know that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705. Unless Cen Shuyin was like him and possessed strong spiritual will.

    It was even more impossible for Cen Shuyin to recognise him as Mo Wuji. The disguising mask which Ren Tianxing gave him was quite good. Cen Shuyin shouldn't be able to see through it with her level of cultivation.

    Since these two cases were impossible, then why was she looking for him?

    An hour later, Mo Wuji saw that Cen Shuyin had not stopped in her pursuit so he directly landed his flying ship by a forest.

    Cen Shuyin's flying ship landed not far away. She kept her flying ship and walked in front of Mo Wuji, "May I ask if you're Rogue Cultivator 2705?"

    Mo Wuji replied with a slightly hoarse voice, "That's right, I'm Rogue Cultivator 2705. May I know why you're looking for me?"

    Cen Shuyin's eye revealed a hint of pleasant surprise as she said eagerly, "I'm the Heaven Seeking Palace Sword Lake's Cen Shuyin. Because..."

    "Because we want to know if the rumors were true." A voice suddenly interrupted Cen Shuyin's words.

    "Gu Shaoyin?" Cen Shuyin turned to see a black robed youth, and her face changed drastically. She had been followed and she didn't even know.

    Gu Shaoyin nodded towards Cen Shuyin, "That's right. Now move to the side and let me take over."

    Mo Wuji looked at Cen Shuyin then at Gu Shaoyin and frowned. He did not think that Cen Shuyin called him over so that she could join forces with Gu Shaoyin to deal with him. But it was the truth that when Cen Shuyin got him to stop, the black robed fella also came over.

    However, Mo Wuji remained fearless. This black robed youth was also in the Extreme Mortal Stage. In a single glance, Mo Wuji could see the spirit ring revolving around his body. However, when compared to him, this fella's spirit ring wasn't worth mentioning. Not only was it weak, it also looked unclear. However, he wasn't sure whether this Gu Shaoyin could see the Extreme Mortal Stage spirit ring hidden within his body.

    Gu Shaoyin clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Star King Mountain's Gu Shaoyin. You are the Rogue Cultivator 2705 whose reputation reverberates throughout the whole Lost Continent?"

    Gu Shaoyin's heart was filled with wonder; he could feel that Mo Wuji's body did not emanate any spirituality and didn't look anything like a strong cultivator. He was even less able to tell that Mo Wuji was in a higher leveled Extreme Mortal Stage. Thus, he did not believe that this pale faced scholar in front of him was the famous Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    This caused his heart to be filled with dissatisfaction. Back at Zhen Mo Continent, he, Gu Shaoyin, challenged countless of experts, emerging as number one on the Mortal Board, an existence above the clouds. Wherever he went, he was revered. But when compared to Rogue Cultivator 2705 in the Lost Continent, his reputation was not worth mentioning.

    In the Lost Continent, even an ordinary mortal knew who Rogue Cultivator 2705 was.

    "That's right, I'm Rogue Cultivator 2705. Why are you finding me?" Mo Wuji started calmly at Gu Shaoyin. Gu Shaoyin's cultivation was also in the Transcending Mortality Stage but Mo Wuji could feel that this fella was very strong. He did hear some things about the Star King Mountain back in Yan City, but they didn't really leave a deep impression on him.

    "Since that's the case, then accept my punch. Let me see whether you deserve to be Rogue Cultivator 2705..." As he spoke, Gu Shaoyin had already sent a punch towards Mo Wuji.

    Towards this ordinary looking scholar, he harboured no interest in taking out his spear.

    Mo Wuji did not move; at where he stood, he punched out. He really did not out other cultivators in the same stage in his eyes. His spiritual will had already started scanning the surroundings for fear that there weren't just Cen Shuyin and Gu Shaoyin here.

    "Bang!" The two fists had not even clashed when the raging elemental energy exploded in the air. The elemental energy compressed the air, causing tearing sounds to be heard. The sounds were extremely terrifying.

    "Bam!" The two fists finally met. At the center of the two, a fracture appeared on the earth and soil flew everywhere.

    Mo Wuji felt a strong rebound of elemental energy, and with a "Kacha" sound, Mo Wuji knew that one of the bones in his fists had broke. Moreover, the other party's surging elemental energy seemed to be vast and limitless. This fist did not seem to stop unless it had knocked Mo Wuji to the ground.

    Mo Wuji's heart trembled. He had never met such a terrifying Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator. He was sure that Gu Shaoyin had yet to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage. From his conversation with Gu Shaoyin to now, his fighting spirit was finally ignited.

    It didn't matter what realm this fella was in, he deserved Mo Wuji's full effort.

    The elemental energy in his elemental storage channels rushed towards Mo Wuji's fist. This intense elemental energy was like throwing an entire river of water into a bucket, inundating and forceful. Towards others, Mo Wuji would slowly release this threshing elemental energy. But towards an expert like Gu Shaoyin, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to hurl out this flood of elemental energy.

    "Crack crack..." Gu Shaoyin's fist bones broke consecutively. At the next moment, the surging elemental energy sent Mo Wuji flying.

    Mo Wuji stood rooted to the ground and did not move.

    Due to the strong explosion of elemental energy, even Cen Shuyin who was standing far away had to retreat by tens of meters.

    "Peng!" Gu Shaoyin landed on the ground; as he got pushed along, his two feet carved out two long, deep lines on the hard ground, stabilising his body.

    He stared at Mo Wuji. The disdain in his eyes had changed to seriousness and respect.

    After some time, he slowly took out his spear, "You're very strong. I take back what I thought previously. You are the only Transcending Mortality cultivator that is worth my utmost effort."

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and the Tian Ji Pole appeared within his palm. A fella who willingly retracted his opinions was rather interesting; Mo Wuji decided this spare this fella's life.

    Cen Shuyin stared aghast towards Mo Wuji and Gu Shaoyin, these two were Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators? Why was it that when she saw Yuan Dan Stage cultivators battle, it wasn't as impressive as it was now?

    Only now did she know that during her battle with Gu Shaoyin, he only exhibited 50% of his abilities at the most. The Gu Shaoyin now, was truly exhibiting his true power.

    Cen Shuyin took in a deep breath. Gu Shaoyin's power was already strong enough to leave her breathless. But this Rogue Cultivator 2705 did not even move as he sent Gu Shaoyin flying with a single fist. This sort of strength was enough to completely stop her breath.

    If anyone said that Rogue Cultivator 2705's contribution points were due to luck, she definitely wouldn't be bothered to care about it. This power was based on luck? Actually deep in her heart, she didn't believe the Dao Gate's Xue Tongsi words previously. A Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator was surrounded by hundred over cultivators and there were even some Yuan Dan Stage cultivators in the mix. But this cultivator actually annihilated all of them and then carried on to help Senior Shi Jinwen to kill a half step Nihility God. From whatever perspective, this sounded like bullsh*t.

    But now, Cen Shuyin believed that it wasn't nonsense. If that Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator had the power of Rogue Cultivator 2705, then it was definitely possible.

    "Chi chi..." Gu Shaoyin's spear formed traces of killing intent which he hurled towards Mo Wuji. These spear traces were like ripples on the surface of a lake, they spread out quickly and soon wrapped around the surrounding space.

    Mo Wuji immediately felt that the surrounding air had become very viscous and his movements became a little slower.

    This fella is really strong, Mo Wuji acknowledged in astonishment.

    Back when Honest Qi had locked him in space, he felt the same unbearable pressure. But now, a mere Transcending Mortality cultivator actually made him experience the same pain.

    Mo Wuji's three elemental storage channels were stimulated and his elemental energy surged fiercely. The Tian Ji Pole sailed through the air, bringing with it trails of invisible elemental sword qi.

    "Boom!" The strong force of sword qi ripped Gu Shaoyin's spear traces apart; Mo Wuji immediately felt the surroundings loosen up. Without stopping, he had already swung his Tian Ji pole with all his force towards Gu Shaoyin.

    Mo Wuji really lamented over the fact that he didn't have any pole arts. The only skill he had was his Invisible Sword. To any ordinary cultivator, he didn't even need any pole arts. When he swung his Tian Ji Pole, who could block it? But when facing someone whose cultivation was not much lower than his and even had such impressive spear arts, he was finally outshined.

    The Invisible Sword was a sword qi technique. When exhibited using his Tian Ji Pole, it was like a cow's head with a horse mouth. Not even 10% of the power was properly displayed. What he wanted to do the most now, wasn't to fight with Gu Shaoyin with techniques but elemental energy.

    "Bam!" The Tian Ji Pole and Gu Shaoyin's spear clashed; a dust cloud formed which covered the entire sky.

    Because Gu Shaoyin's spear arts had obtained the absolute advantage, while his elemental energy couldn't compare to Mo Wuji's, he didn't lose out in that exchange.

    Meters away, Gu Shaoyin stood straight, stared at Mo Wuji calmly and said, "If you had a pole art, I wouldn't be your opponent. But now, you are not my opponent. Now, face my Surface Slicing Spear Shadow..."

    The spear was raised; spear shadows formed which shrouded the entire space. At this moment, Mo Wuji was enveloped under the other party's spear shadows. No matter which direction he escaped to, the spear shadow would slice Mo Wuji to meat juice.

    By the side, Cen Shuyin's heart was a little sour. Her abilities were far from these two, but she was still at Transcending Mortality Level 9 so she could clearly see what was happening in the battle. Rogue Cultivator 2705 was actually stronger than that Zhen Mo Continent Mortal Board number one, Gu Shaoyin. But he didn't have a proper skill, which was why he was at a disadvantage.

    In comparison, she was a genius of the Heaven Seeking Palace Sword Lake, and would not lack on any sword art. How much hardship and difficulty must this Rogue Cultivator 2705 have gone through to reach this stage? If he was in a sect, what was a simple pole art? But he wasn't in a sect. Perhaps others might only see honor and glory from his name on the Hundred Sect Alliance's Contribution Point Board. But no one could see his hardships.

    Today, she saw it.
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