Chapter 246: Im Here to Deliver Pills

    Chapter 246: I'm Here to Deliver Pills

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    Heaven's Gate Town.

    Situated in the periphery of Tian Ji Sect and because it was close to Ming Han Empire, this place had always been flourishing. Even though it was only a small town, it had a constant stream of cultivators travelling in and out. Additionally, with Tian Ji Sect's protection, this small town was about to progress and advance into a low grade cultivation city.

    However, this place completely disappeared like a bubble after the extermination of Tian Ji Sect.

    Tian Ji Mountain range consisted of many horse bandits. Other than these horse bandits, the commercial affairs that were often located at Tian Ji Sect's Ming Han Tian Shang Alliance were monopolised therefore, businessmen who wanted to trade here would simply be seeking death.

    Presently, a flying car magic treasure landed just outside of the Heaven's Gate Town. Four people descended from the flying car and these four people were Pu Qian and co. who were simply following Mo Wuji's request to wait for him at the Heaven's Gate Town first. However, after entering the Heaven's Gate Town, they were dumbfounded at the sight in front of them.

    Heaven's Gate Town was nothing more than a wasteland and there were even some corpses which were not fully decomposed lying on the streets. The once flourished small town had become a hellhole, gloomy and scary.

    "That group of b*stards," Sang Yiping clutched her fist tightly as she said in a serious tone.

    Pu Qian subconsciously grabbed hold of his mace and said in a low voice, "They are indeed a group of b*stards."

    The few of them remained silent because now that the Heaven's Gate Town had turned out to be like this, how are they supposed to build it up again? Even if it was rebuilt, would people still dare to visit this place?

    After a few minutes, a mournful cry woke the four of them from their daze. A caravan was seen rushing over and behind this caravan was tens of horse bandits chasing with huge swords in their hands. A slightly slower girl, who was being chased, got caught up by the horse bandits and with a swing of the sword, the girl was instantly beheaded and her head rolled far away.

    "Those are the men of Ming Han Empire's 26th prince Bei Fangjian. What should we do?" Nie Zhengnong grabbed his long sword so tightly that the veins on his hand could be seen.

    Ming Han Empire's Bei Fangjian forcefully rented the Tian Ji Sect secondary peak and had been committing all sorts of crime at the periphery of Tian Ji Sect. Nie Zhengnong, who was a Tian Ji Sect disciple, was too familiar with such acts that he personally witnessed.

    Before waiting for Sang Yiping to say anything, Pu Qian sneered as he said, "What else can we do? Head senior brother had already instructed us to kill whoever we see."

    Sang Yiping's eyes turned red as she said, "We would of course listen to head senior brother to kill everyone we see."

    Without waiting for Sang Yiping and the rest to react, Pu Qian was like tiger chasing a herd of sheeps as he swung his mace with surges of elemental energy. These charging group of horse bandits were like dumplings being put into a pot of boiling water as they fell off the back of the horses.

    In about 10 breaths, these tens of horse bandits were completely annihilated by Pu Qian.

    The group of escaping businessmen were so frightened they decided to stop running.

    A middle aged man dressed in a brown linen robe walked towards Pu Qian and kneeled in front of him, "Many thanks immortal master for your life-saving grace."

    After witnessing the man kneeling down, the remaining businessmen fell on their knees in quick succession to show their gratitude. Even though there was still the pain of losing a family member in everyone's eyes, they didn't dare to reveal that expression now.

    Sang Yiping walked over before saying, "Everybody please get up."

    "Yes," These were all ordinary vendors and even though there was a cultivator who had advanced into the Transcending Mortality Stage, he was really just as significant as an ant in front of these true cultivators.

    "Where did you all come from? Don't you all know that Tian Ji Sect has been exterminated? Why do you still dare to sell things here?" Sang Yiping asked a few questions in one shot.

    The middle-aged man sighed, "My name is Fang Zhangxu, we were originally businessmen from Ming Han Empire. After the incident at Tian Ji Sect, we hadn't travelled on this business route for over a year. We were hoping for some good luck when we decided to make this trip here this time round. We came together with tens of other caravans yet we never expected to be met with misfortunes so quickly. We came with about 200 men and now we're only left with over 50 men."

    There was still an even more important reason that he didn't mention. Ordinary vendors like them without the protection of an immortal master could only survive while living in the cracks. If they were to not do transnational business for a long period of time, they could very easily disappear out of the vast world of business. To be able to hang on for one year without visiting this route was already extremely impressive.

    Sang Yiping pondered before saying, "I am a member of the Tian Ji Sect and my Tian Ji Sect's new sect head has decided to rebuild Tian Ji Sect and naturally rebuild Heaven's Gate Town too..."

    Before Sang Yiping could finish her sentence, Fang Zhangxu's face revealed an astonished face and it was not only him but the remaining of them too.

    Pu Qian and co. saw and could only sigh in their heart because the majority of these businessmen had already been slaughtered and among them would probably be their family members who had been killed. Nevertheless, they were extremely pleased when they heard that someone was trying to rebuild Tian Ji Sect. It was evident that this business route was key to their survival because even without this business route, they would not be able to survive whether or not they were ambushed by the horse bandits. Under the shelter of Tian Ji Sect, they could at least continue living.

    Whether it was cultivator or mortal, survival was not easy. It wasn't easy for cultivators to find cultivation resources and similarly, it wasn't easy for mortals to find food and basic necessities to survive.

    "Thank you immortal master because we could only survive with Tian Ji Sect around. If we could be of any help for the rebuilding of Tian Ji Sect, please feel free to instruct us," Fang Zhangxu and the others kneeled down once again.

    "Senior apprentice brother Pu, how should we go about this?" Sang Yiping turned and looked at Pu Qian because without head senior brother around, Pu Qian was the strongest one around here.

    Pu Qian waved his hands and said, "Junior apprentice sister Yiping, you can make decisions on such matter as I only know how to fight and nothing else."

    Sang Yiping heard what Pu Qian said and then turned to Fang Zhangxu and co. and said, "Now that we've killed so many horse bandits, it will be highly likely that there will be more horse bandits chasing after you for revenge if you all were to continue moving forward from here. I suggest that you all stay at Heaven's Gate Town for a few days to help us sort things out here in the Heaven's Gate Town. When our head senior brother arrives, we will discuss further."

    "We will follow immortal master's instructions," Fang Zhangxu and co. had no objections to this suggestion.

    Now that the horse bandits that were chasing after them were all exterminated, the main bulk of horse bandits would definitely send people to investigate on why they had not return. The moment the remaining horse bandits found out what happened, it didn't matter whether they moved forward or backwards because it would still be a dead end and they would all end up pleading for their lives to be spared.

    Fang Zhangxu said with a greater conviction, "Immortal masters, you all can leave the cleaning up of Heaven's Gate Town to us. We would definitely sort this place out and ready it for the rebuilding process."

    He was confident that the horse bandits would not let this matter drop and would certainly come back at them. These immortal masters should focus on dealing with the horse bandits and leave the matter of sorting the town out to businessmen like themselves.

    Sang Yiping nodded her head, "Please do a good job then. When the Heaven's Gate Town is successfully rebuilt, you all could choose a shophouse in town to set up your own business. This will be a gift from Tian Ji Sect to you all."

    Fang Zhangxu and co. nodded submissively as they really did not mind having a shophouse in the Heaven's Gate Town. Because if Tian Ji Sect were to rebuild the Heaven's Gate Town, there would still be horse bandits around. Hence, they knew they could make use of Tian Ji Sect to use this business route. However, they were initially not sure whether they could continue staying in the town.

    After majority of the businessmen boarded the vehicle to enter the Heaven's Gate Town, Sang Yiping continued to say, "Now that we've killed those horse bandits, the horse bandits nest would definitely not give up. We must first strategise a plan to at least hold up till head senior brother arrives."

    Pu Qian did not mind at all as he said, "It's only a bunch of horse bandits. If one comes, I will kill one. If two come, I will kill both and when head senior brother arrives, it will be our turn to go offensive."


    In the plaza in front of the Heaven Seeking Palace Staircase, Lei Hongji's broken leg was recovering with the aid of the healing pills. He lifted his head to look at the Heaven Seeking Palace and he could feel the many surprised and envious glares. This made him feel extremely satisfied with himself.

    The pity was that something went wrong with the Heaven Seeking Board otherwise, he, Lei Hongji would have been ranked first.

    At this moment, a flying sword pierced through the air and was falling towards the ground. Only a messenger sword with no killing intent would be able to pierce through the Heaven Seeking Palace's mountain protection array. Therefore, this flying sword was evidently a flying messenger sword.

    Everyone saw the flying messenger sword falling into Lei Hongji's hand.

    Lei Hongji grabbed onto the flying sword suspiciously as he retrieved a short letter which caused his whole body to tremble.

    "Hongji, what's the matter?" Xu Chihuang, who had been concerned over the few geniuses, walked over as it was apparent that he was paying special attention to Lei Hongji. This lightning-type spiritual roots cultivator had given him plenty of surprises and he believed that this man would undoubtedly shine even brighter in Zhen Mo Continent. He had faith that this man could even obtained a ranking in the Universal Board.

    Seeing the Immortal King walking over, Lei Hongji hurried to bow to show his respect before bearing his pain as he said, "My Lei Clan had been exterminated by someone not too long ago and even the women and children were not spared."

    Xu Chihuang frowned slightly as he asked instinctively, "You want to seek revenge?"

    Lei Hongji took a deep breath before saying word by word, "I already know who my nemesis is but I shall head towards Zhen Mo Continent with senior and seek my revenge when I'm back one day."

    He indeed knew who his nemesis was because it was written very clearly on the flying sword that someone saw the loose fish of Tian Ji Sect ambushing the Yu Lin Lei Clan.

    Even if he returned now, he might not be able to find these loose fish and even if he did find them, it would simply only be a waste of time. His instinct was that the Zhen Mo Continent's special envoy would certainly not wait for him.

    Xu Chihuang nodded feeling very satisfied, "Very good."

    Finishing this sentence, he lifted his hand to summon a humongous flying ship and said to everyone, "Everyone please board the ship as we shall leave now."


    Just as the Zhen Mo Continent's flying ship was about to leave with the genius disciples of the Lost Continent on board, Mo Wuji had already reached the Fringe City, near the Formless Blade Sect. He only knew there was a Nine Moons Pill House in Fringe City but he had no idea where its headquarters was located at.

    Nine Moons Pill House's building itself was still there but Mo Wuji did not enter it because he saw that the building's name was changed. The original Nine Moons Pill House was now Jian Ting Pill House.

    "My friend, what pills do you need?" A shop assistant hurried over to ask as he saw Mo Wuji at the entrance.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist, "May I ask where is the Nine Moons Pill House which was originally located here?"

    "Why are you looking for the Nine Moons Pill House?" This shop assistant revealed a vigilant expression as he sized Mo Wuji up.

    Mo Wuji laughed a little, "I am a pill refiner and I owe Nine Moons Pill House some Gold Forming Pills and I am here to return them..."

    "Gold Forming Pills?" This shop assistant shouted as this was an extremely rare pill to help a cultivator step into the Earth Realm. This pill was not something you could buy with spirit stones and he couldn't believe it when he heard that someone was here to return them.
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