Chapter 250: Earth Realm, Absent Yuan Dan

    Chapter 250: Earth Realm, Absent Yuan Dan

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    It was not far from Mo Wuji's expectations. Driving Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian away from the Tian Ji Mountain Range did not induce any revenge from the Ming Han Empire; things remained calm and quiet.

    With the help and support of the various businessmen, and with the power of gold, countless architects and construction workers streamed to Heaven's Gate Town.

    The reconstruction of Heaven's Gate Town began. Mo Wuji didn't know how to design city blueprints but he had some plans. He only requested for Heaven's Gate Town to be rebuilt along his plans.

    The new Heaven's Gate Town was more than ten times bigger than what it used to be. From the exterior to the Heaven's Gate Plaza, the very best materials were used.

    Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan merely presided over the reconstruction but the real undertakings were left to the businessman, Fang Changxu. Pu Qian didn't really care as to how Fang Changxu did things, as long as it followed Mo Wuji's overarching plans.

    As for Fang Changxu, he really loved such a job. Compared to a travelling merchant, this job was much safer and his remunerations also increased by several folds. So he slogged to do this job well, in order to please the immortal masters of Tian Ji Sect.

    Mo Wuji had yet to start rebuilding the Tian Ji Mountain. He only planted the spiritual vein, installed an intermediate spirit gathering array before starting closed doors cultivation with Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong. This time, he would rush to the Yuan Dan Stage.

    Actually, when he opened his 102nd meridian back on the Heaven Seeking Staircase, he was already half a step into the Yuan Dan Stage.

    But thereafter, he was constantly occupied with sh*t and he didn't have time to stop and cultivate. That's why he was always stuck at the boundary of the Transcending Mortality Stage.

    Now that he had this temporary period of safety, as well as the help of a spiritual vein, Mo Wuji was resolute to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage.

    Fetching his Immortal Mortal Technique manual, Mo Wuji circulated the elemental energy from his 102 meridians into the dense runes on the thick back cover of the Immortal Mortal Technique. The 102 meridians full of elemental energy flowed into the runes; the runes formed circulative circles which struck against one another.

    A familiar "hua hua" sound could be heard; this was the sound of the elemental energy activating the pages. Even though this was his second time, Mo Wuji was still a little emotional.

    He released his hands; the original thick back cover became a little thinner. Ten new pages appeared in front of him; these contained the methods and diagrams to advance to the Yuan Dan Stage.

    After calming his emotions, Mo Wuji started studying the circulation paths to the Yuan Dan Stage. One day later, Mo Wuji kept his Immortal Mortal Technique manual and started to madly absorb spiritual energy, charging into the Yuan Dan.

    This time, he didn't even use Gold Forming Pills. The simultaneous absorption of spiritual energy from his 102 meridians was enough to form a huge spiritual whirlpool. This crazy pace of spiritual energy absorption did not require the support of Gold Forming Pills, it was enough to send him into the Yuan Dan Stage.

    If he still wasn't able to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage, he had to start concocting Gold Forming Pills.

    "Boom!" The surging spiritual energy changed into elemental energy, following a certain circulation path as it flowed within his 102 meridians.

    Initially, those streams were like tiny ripples, but they slowly turned into violent waves. These waves flushed through Mo Wuji's body, flooding into every meridian of his.

    Mo Wuji's Extreme Mortal spirit ring within his body became clearer and thicker, the overflowing spirituality started to spill out of his body.

    However, Mo Wuji was completely oblivious of all this; he was fully occupied in the process of boosting his strength.

    In the two neighboring rooms, Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong were stunned. They were also in closed doors cultivation; with the help of the spiritual vein and the head senior brother's spirit gathering array, their cultivation speed was already considered fast. If nothing went wrong, within the next three months, Nie Zhengnong was sure that he would be able to break through Transcending Mortality Level 8 and advance into Level 9.

    But now, they felt a refreshing wave of spirituality. As they cultivated in this mystical environment, they felt more clearly attuned to the Dao. This feeling made them clearer of the paths of cultivation. Their abilities soared by leaps and bounds, shocking even themselves.

    In a short month, Mo Wuji had yet to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage but Nie Zhengnong had already broke through into the Yuan Dan. He didn't even use a Gold Forming Pill. Sang Yiping also advanced from Transcending Mortality Level 5 to Level 6.

    Another two months passed, Nie Zhengnong had advanced from Yuan Dan Stage Level 1 to Yuan Dan Stage Level 2. On the other hand, Sang Yiping had already charged to Transcending Mortality Stage Level 9.

    Even if Nie Zhengnong and Sang Yiping were fools, they would know that this was a rare opportunity. Their fast pace of cultivation definitely wasn't solely due to the spiritual vein. More importantly, it should be because of their head senior brother. They could feel a mysterious vestige of the Grand Dao. This tiny vestige helped their cultivation soar crazily.

    "Kacha!" Three months later, that distinct Extreme Mortal spirit ring in Mo Wuji's body suddenly shattered; a golden core the size of a baby's fist floated within his dantian.

    There was a faint spirit ring orbiting the golden core, exuding strong waves of elemental energy. Mo Wuji forcefully suppressed his wild joy; he knew that he had stepped out of the Extreme Mortal Stage and entered the Earth Realm's Yuan Dan Stage.

    Rich spiritual energy was still strongly swept into Mo Wuji's whirlpool of energy. Mo Wuji knew that after forming the golden core, he would need to stabilize his cultivation.

    Several days passed. When Mo Wuji felt that his Yuan Dan [1] had stabilised, he tried activating his spiritual energy. The elemental energy in his body surged slightly and a strong force was released. This force gave Mo Wuji an incomparable sense of security.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to sink into his wild joy and flurry, he suddenly heard a sharp "Kacha". Mo Wuji could distinctly feel it. His Yuan Dan had torn and a fracture had appeared on his Yuan Dan.

    What's happening? Mo Wuji's heart was filled with indescribable shock. Why did the Yuan Dan he painstakingly formed just shatter? He naturally knew that his Yuan Dan did not shatter because he was going to advance into the True Lake Stage.

    To form the True Lake, one must at least be in Yuan Dan Stage Level 9. He had just entered the Yuan Dan Stage and didn't even fully stabilise his first level. How could he have reached Level 9? Mo Wuji's mind was still filled with confusion when he heard another "Kacha!". His Yuan Dan had completely shattered.

    Did something go wrong with my cultivation? Mo Wuji soon came to understand that nothing had gone wrong with his cultivation. Because after his Yuan Dan shattered, it transformed into a violet colored emanation. This power contained within this violet emanation was actually stronger than when he used his Yuan Dan.


    Even though this was his first time forming a Yuan Dan, Mo Wuji knew that when the Yuan Dan shattered, it would mean that the cultivation had failed. It definitely wouldn't result in his power soaring.

    Mo Wuji tried to continue absorbing spiritual energy and he discovered that his speed of absorption was more than an entire fold faster than when he had a Yuan Dan. Following his large amounts of spiritual energy, a faint spirit ring formed around his violet emanation.

    Wasn't this the Extreme Mortal spirit ring? After it shattered to form the Yuan Dan, didn't it reform outside the Yuan Dan? His spirit ring had shattered twice in a row and had reformed once again, now around the violet emanation. The spirituality within it was clearly much more than before.

    At almost the same instant Mo Wuji's Yuan Dan transformed into the violet emanation and formed a spirit ring, Sang Yiping had become more attuned to the true meaning of cultivation. At this moment, she broke through the Transcending Mortality Stage and arrived at Yuan Dan Stage Level 1, she also didn't even use a Gold Forming Pill. Nie Zhengnong had also made a breakthrough, advancing into Yuan Dan Stage Level 3.

    But with this sudden breakthrough, Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong both discovered that their limitless cultivation speed had slowed down immensely. The feeling that they had grasped the Grand Dao of cultivation disappeared. Their speed returned to its original speed.

    Mo Wuji let out a long roar and directly charged out from the top of his room. He felt this urgent need to release the energy pent up in his chest and he couldn't wait to slowly walk out the room.

    It didn't matter that he didn't have a Yuan Dan. His power was now in Yuan Dan Stage Level 1 and it was even far stronger than the Level 1 when he had an actual Yuan Dan.

    This was because his body had an additional violet emanation, and outside this violet emanation was a twice-mutated spirit ring.

    Mo Wuji sent a punch out. A huge rock more than tens of meters away was crushed into pieces by this punch.

    It was just a simple punch but Mo Wuji knew the difference between the violet emanation and a Yuan Dan. The Yuan Dan was strong, but there would be a limit where it would be exhausted. However, this violet emanation seemed limitless. Even if it was being used rapidly, it would quickly be replenished by his 102 meridians. Perhaps, it was when it was fully exhausted would it fully display the true difference with a true Yuan Dan.

    Furthermore, all this was just a surface level understanding. He even felt that this violet emanation would help him be more adept with the control of his skills.

    "Congratulations head senior brother!" Nie Zhengnong and Sang Yiping's voices came.

    Mo Wuji turned to see the two and immediately knew that the two of them had advanced into the Yuan Dan Stage. He looked curiously at Sang Yiping and asked, "Yiping, Zhengnong was at Transcending Mortality Stage Level 8, which is not far from the Yuan Dan Stage. With the help of the spiritual vein, it's still possible for him to advance into the Yuan Dan during this short period of time. But you were in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 5, how did form your Yuan Dan so quickly?"

    Mo Wuji was truly filled with questions. Sang Yiping's talent was not bad but it was a far cry compared to the geniuses from the Heaven Seeking Palace. Even with the spiritual vein, she couldn't have cultivated so quickly. In reality, Mo Wuji was intending for Nie Zhengnong to cultivate for half a year to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage. Unexpectedly, both of them had already charged into the Yuan Dan Stage.

    "Head senior brother, I didn't only step into the Yuan Dan Stage, I'm already in Yuan Dan Stage Level 3," Nie Zhengnong said ecstatically.

    "What's going on?" Mo Wuji was completely clueless. Even at his fastest, he was not as fast as them.

    Sang Yiping hurriedly explained, "When we were cultivating, we suddenly felt an explosive burst in our cultivation speed. Only when we both came out and discussed our experience, we concluded that it should be due to head senior brother. Head senior brother, are you really cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique?"

    Mo Wuji finally came to an understanding. From the looks of it, when his Yuan Dan shattered to form the violet emanation, some spirituality had dispersed and were felt by the two.

    "That's right, I am indeed cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique. What a pity, if I knew about such results, I would definitely have called Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan over," Mo Wuji said with a tinge of regret.

    [1] The Yuan Dan can also be translated as the elemental core.
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