Chapter 251: Rebuilding Tian Ji Sect

    Chapter 251: Rebuilding Tian Ji Sect

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    Ming Han Empire capital, Da Ke.

    This city had been occupied by the alien cultivators before. Fortunately, the alien cultivators had designated this as one of their bases so Da Ke wasn't really damaged. After a few months of reorganization, Da Ke had largely regained its former luster and appearance as an empire capital.

    After the Ming Han Emperor Bei Yingshang repaired the royal palace, the first imperial court meeting since the alien war was organised.

    As he saw the sparse numbers of princes and officials in the hall, Bei Yingshang's face turned ugly. The alien cultivators suddenly descended upon Da Ke and the damages incurred by the Ming Han Empire was the greatest. The empire protecting sect, the Quasi-Heaven High Yuan Sect had been directly destroyed. A few True Lake Stage and a Nihility God Stage state protectors also lost their lives.

    "During this alien invasion, my Ming Han Empire suffered the most. Even though Da Ke has largely recovered, it's still far from it's previous glory. All of you are the backbones of my Ming Han Empire, do any of you have any suggestions?" Bei Yingshang's tone was a little desolate.

    He wasn't depressed over the destruction of the High Yuan Sect. With Ming Han Empire's cultivation resources, he could still develop some Quasi-Heaven sects. However, he was worried that before the Ming Han Empire reestablishes its foothold, the neighbouring Tian Shang Empire and Chi Yang Empire might act against him.

    "Answering the emperor. During the recent alien invasion, our Ming Han Empire was the first to get hit. Within one to two years, we definitely don't have any means to recover. In order to safeguard our Ming Han Empire, I believe that the first thing to do is to find a Quasi-Heaven sect to be our empire protecting sect. Secondly, we must invest a large fortune to fortify our Ming Han Empire's army." An emaciate elder walked forward, took a bow and said.

    Bei Yingshang nodded, "Marquis Bi is right. It's just that after this incident, the treasuries are wiped dry. We no longer have that much fortune."

    The shrivelled elder addressed as Marquis Bi answered, "The 14th Prince and 26th Prince have always been running a good business. It's even said that there had accumulated large amounts of gold that could be counted in the billions. At this time of Ming Han Empire's peril, the two princes should contribute to the country. Of course, at the same time, the states which have not been affected by the war should also support the country's reconstruction."

    No one else spoke up; in the battle between princes, it was better not to intervene.

    Bei Yingshang naturally knew about the fortune his sons made in Tian Ji Sect; he simply decided to turn a blind eye to their misdeeds. Now that he heard that the two had earned fortunes in the billions, he was instantly astounded. They had made so much money but they didn't even bother offering some to their old man. That's not right.

    "Man, call for the 14th Prince and the 26th Prince." Bei Yingshang did not hesitate to call those two princes over for questioning.

    Another minister stood forward and said, "Answering the emperor. Two months ago, the two princes returned to Da Ke once. They didn't stay for long before leaving Da Ke. According to some intel, the two princes had hired large numbers of architects."

    In the Ming Han Empire, the princes could casually leave the capital city; they definitely wouldn't face any restrictions.

    Bei Yingshang coldly snorted, "Immediately call the two back. The Tian Ji Sect has been destroyed and they will no longer continue with their nonsense."

    Hiring architects on such a large scale, in Bei Yingshang's perspective, was naturally because they wanted to convert the entire Tian Ji Sect territory as their own. However, this matter was clearly a 'no-no'. Even though it was already destroyed, the Tian Ji Sect, ultimately, was still a sect. As an empire, they shouldn't casually stick their hands into such a matter.

    A middle aged burly man stood forward and bowed, "Emperor, I wish to report something on the Tian Ji Sect."

    Bei Yingshang looked at the person speaking and his voice turned slightly softer, "General Fei Zhen, please speak."

    Fei Zhen expressed his courtesies before saying seriously, "I believe that not only should we stop the two princes from heading towards Tian Ji Sect, we should also confine them. Our Ming Han Empire, also shouldn't express any interest towards Tian Ji Sect's territory."

    "Why is that so?" Bei Yingshang immediately furrowed his brows.

    The Tian Ji Sect was merely a Xuan sect and it was even destroyed by the Yu Lin Lei Clan. Why was there such a need for worry?

    Fei Zhen continued seriously, "I just received news that the Yu Lin Lei Clan had been destroyed not long ago. Not even the dogs and cats were spared. According to the rumors, it was exactly the Tian Ji Sect that destroyed the Yu Lin Lei Clan."

    "What?" Bei Yingshang suddenly stood up. Even though he was not from a sect, he was still a cultivator. He naturally knew how powerful the Yu Lin Lei Clan was. It was a power which was infinitesimally close to the Quasi-Heaven level. It was actually destroyed by the Tian Ji Sect?

    Even at its best, the Tian Ji Sect shouldn't be able to destroy the Yu Lin Lei Clan? Unless the Tian Ji Sect had some hidden expert who just emerged from cultivation? After receiving the news of the Yu Lin Lei Clan destroying the Tian Ji Sect, this hidden expert went to take his revenge.

    Bei Yingshang finally understood the severity of the matter. If the Tian Ji Sect truly had such a strong expert, the next target might very well be his Ming Han Empire.

    The Ming Han Empire's two princes forcefully occupied Tian Ji Sect's secondary summits, how could the Tian Ji Sect ignore that? Moreover, these two fellas with sky-blottingly big balls were even currently going over to build over the Tian Ji Summit. If this expert heard about this, then the Ming Han Empire would be ruined.

    "Could the rumors be false?" Bei Yingshang no longer cared about other matters. If such an expert really appeared in the Tian Ji Sect, then there was another huge problem on their plates. Ming Han Empire was really being placed in a precarious position.

    Fei Zhen shook his head, "It's definitely true. During the Yu Lin Lei Clan's memorial day, the Tian Ji Sect expert used a supreme grade magic treasure to blow up the Yu Lin Lei Clan's ancestral hall. None of the Lei Clan disciples survived; they were all killed. Thereafter, the expert left and ten lower disciples of the Tian Ji Sect massacred the rest of the Lei Clan. Not a single child was left alive. Except for Lei Hongji who has left for Zhen Mo Continent, the Yu Lin Lei Clan is practically extinct."

    "Then Lei Hongji doesn't know?" Bei Yingshang's face had turned ugly.

    Fei Zhen continued, "Lei Hongji knows but he didn't stay behind. Instead, he chose to leave the Lost Continent together with the Zhen Mo Continent experts. Perhaps many years from now, he would return to exact his revenge on the Tian Ji Sect. But that would be a thing of the future."

    Bei Yingshang no longer had the mood to discuss about state affairs, he immediately ordered, "Immediately send men to get those two fools back."


    "Head senior brother, the Heaven's Gate Town actually became so beautiful?" Standing atop the flying ship, Sang Yiping stared down at the Heaven's Gate Town from above and was left speechless. The rough outline of Heaven's Gate Town was completed and it already looked incredibly spectacular and beautiful.

    Mo Wuji was also very satisfied. Even though the Heaven's Gate Town wasn't completed, the rough outline was already laid out.

    "Head senior brother!" The moment Mo Wuji's flying ship landed, he was welcomed by Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan.

    "Eh, the two of you broke through to the Yuan Dan Stage?" Pu Qian looked at Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong and immediately exclaimed in shock.

    The higher Mo Wuji's cultivation, the fainter his spirituality. Pu Qian was unable to see through his cultivation.

    Sang Yiping, "It's all thanks to head senior brother. That's how we were able to progress so quickly."

    Pu Qian did not think any further. He could also advance into the Yuan Dan Stage so quickly because of his head senior brother.

    "Head senior brother, Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian have arrived. They have been waiting here the whole time," Zhuang Yan said by the side.

    Pu Qian and Sang Yiping glanced at each other and their hearts were filled with appreciation. Head senior brother said that there wouldn't be any problems in letting those two go. Now, it was truly as their head senior brother predicted.

    "What did they bring over?" Mo Wuji asked. These two returning had always been part of his expectations. He was mainly concerned about how many construction craftsman the two fellas brought. The reconstruction of the Tian Ji Sect would be far more complicated than the Heaven's Gate Town.

    "They brought more than 10,000 craftsmen, all of them are proficient in architecture. Additionally, they also brought more than 10 billion gold notes and some gold bricks," Zhuang Yan answered.

    Mo Wuji was content, "Call those two over. Also find the person in charge of rebuilding Heaven's Gate Town. There's something important I need to say."

    Not too long later, Zhuang Yan brought Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian, who were behaving obediently like little kids, over.

    The two already knew of Mo Wuji's power so they rushed to bow and greet him, "Greetings sect head."

    Mo Wuji saw that the test subjects by the two's side had disappeared and immediately knew that these two fellas must have gone back to test things out. As a result, their four poor attendants lost their lives.

    Mo Wuji could no longer be bothered these two fella but turned to the respectful Fang Changxu and said, "You're in charge of Heaven's Gate Town right? It's been constructed quite nicely. I'm thinking of placing you in charge of rebuilding Tian Ji Sect, do you have the courage to do so? Of course, your remunerations would be ten times that of rebuilding Heaven's Gate Town."

    Fang Changxu had already benefited a lot from the reconstruction of Heaven's Gate Town. Now, the Tian Ji Sect's immortal master asked him to rebuild Tian Ji Sect and the pay was even ten times what he got previously, how could he not be wiling, "Lord immortal master, this little merchant is willing. It's just that I'm unable to find enough architects and might not be able to fully meet the demands of Lord immortal master."

    Mo Wuji pointed to Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian and said, "You just need to do things according to my requests. If you need any manpower, you can just ask the two of them. If you need any materials, you can get the two of them to buy it for you."

    With that, Mo Wuji retrieved two pills which he handed to Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian, "These two pills will temporarily suppress the toxins in your body for a year. If you perform well in this one year, I will help the two of you remove the toxins."

    "Sect Head Mo..." Hearing that Mo Wuji didn't directly give them an antidote, but merely a suppressant, and even wanted to see how they behaved in the following year, the two were immediately anxious.

    "What, you don't want it?" Mo Wuji said coldly.

    The two recalled the scenes of Sect Head Mo's slaughter back on Tian Zai Summit and Tian Chang Summit. Their balls immediately shrunk and did not dare speak another word of nonsense. They knew that any negotiations with this new Tian Ji Sect Head would not be possible and he would not even flinch if he killed them.

    "Zhengnong, you and Yiping are in charge of rebuilding Tian Ji Sect. I will be at the Tian Ji Sect's main mountain. If there's anything, find me immediately," Mo Wuji instructed.

    "Yes. Head senior brother can be rest assured, we will definitely follow your requests and rebuild Tian Ji Sect," Nie Zhengnong and Sang Yiping said as they suppressed the excitement in their hearts.

    Ever since their head senior brother came out with his plans for Heaven's Gate Town, they knew that when Tian Ji Sect itself was rebuilt, it would be more than ten times mightier than before.

    After allocating the jobs that need to be done, Mo Wuji chose to go behind closed doors. He needed to continue studying his notes on Chu Xingzi's Array Dao to prepare for a sect protecting array, and at the same time, raise his cultivation. After all he did not know the current capabilities of the Ming Han Empire, just like how the Ming Han Empire didn't know the prowess of Tian Ji Sect.
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