Chapter 252: Tian Ji Sects Secret

    Chapter 252: Tian Ji Sect's Secret

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    Time passed in a flash. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

    With the promise of large amounts of gold, hundreds of thousand architects and construction craftsmen slogged day and night to reconstruct the Tian Ji Sect. After a year, Tian Ji Sect's compounds were thoroughly completed.

    In this one year, Mo Wuji didn't cultivate but had spent all that time studying on Chu Xingzi's knowledge of the Array Dao. By now, he could easily install ordinary intermediate grade arrays and could even forge his own array flags. He had also developed a rough outline of the sect protecting array.

    Just as Mo Wuji intended to leave and install the sect protecting array, Nie Zhengnong hastily came to find him.

    Mo Wuji knew that when he was behind closed doors, unless there was something special, Nie Zhengnong and co. wouldn't interfere with him. Did the Ming Han Empire experts come? But that didn't seem likely, Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian's poison had yet to be cleared.

    "Head senior brother, when the workers were mounting the 9th Tian Ji Pillar, we met with some issues." Nie Zhengnong had a strange expression on his face.

    "What problem?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically. He had personally requested for the nine Tian Ji Pillars. It was primarily to increase the sect's dignity and influence. Other than that, there weren't many other special functions. Of course, after erecting these nine Tian Ji Pillars, he intended to borrow the nine Tian Ji Pillars to conceal a deathtrap array.

    Nie Zhengnong said with a peculiar expression on his face, "We found the Tian Ji Sword. Because the sect is basically completed, after discovering this matter, I have already dismissed those architects."

    Mo Wuji startled and said urgently, "Wasn't the Tian Ji Sword taken away by Lei Hongji? How did it end up in the sect?"

    He had thoroughly investigated on this matter. After Lei Hongji won the chance to go to Zhen Mo Continent, the Lei Clan renamed the Tian Ji Sword to Lei Clan Sword and bestowed it to Lei Hongji. Furthermore, this sword bestowment was held in Yan City Plaza and was spectated by many people. One could clearly see the degree of arrogance the Yu Lin Lei Clan had then.

    "It's not the actual Tian Ji Sword, but a stone sword. When I first saw it, I felt that it was a little weird, so I didn't have anyone touch it and specially came to find head senior brother for instructions," Nie Zhengnong said respectfully.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Come, let's go take a look."

    The two soon arrived at the place where the Tian Ji Sword was and Mo Wuji finally had a good look at this Tian Ji Sword. There was a stone sword at least tens of meters deep within the earth, half of the sword was still inserted on the ground. The entire sword was faint grey but a strong aura emitted from it.

    On the sword, there was a word that seemed to be formed naturally. Mo Wuji gave it a good look before discerning that it was the word "Ji". The sword handle was also different from other sword handles; it was slightly concave in the middle and there wasn't a sword pommel.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand to pull out the stone sword, discovering that not only was it lacking the sword pommel, it also didn't have a proper blade; the sword spine, sword edge and even the sword point was of equal thickness, with a few random ridge lines on it.

    This stone sword truly embodied the meaning of the phrase "A heavy sword has no edge".

    "The exterior of the stone sword is exactly the same as the Tian Ji Sword. I wonder whether it was something to do the actual Tian Ji Sword," Nie Zhengnong pondered.

    Mo Wuji went silent without a word; he slowly examined the surroundings of the stone sword. After some time, he suddenly jolted and stared at the ground where the sword was inserted in with disbelief in his eyes. He didn't merely spend one to two days studying up on Chu Xingzi's array notes, and he even recently went behind closed doors for a year just to research on Chu Xingzi's knowledge of the Array Dao.

    At this moment, he actually discovered that this stone sword was like an array flag, and it seemed to be suppressing something.

    "Zhengnong, how many mountains are there in the Tian Ji Sect?" After clearly discerning that this was indeed an array base, Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    Nie Zhengnong hurriedly answered, "Tian Ji Sect is situated in the Tian Ji Mountain Range and there are at least 100 mountains of varying sizes. However, after the reconstruction of the Tian Ji Sect, there's only one main mountain and 13 secondary summits."

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock. It really was close to his estimations, there were really 13 secondary summits.

    If his hypothesis is correct, there might be 13 spirit locking arrays in the Tian Ji Sect, and these huge array must be suppressing an unbelievable spiritual energy. If that was the case, then it would explain why the Tian Ji Sect was surrounded by such beautiful scenes of nature, yet was so sparse in spiritual energy.

    "Which are the 13 secondary summits?" Mo Wuji asked in a solemn tone.

    Influenced by Mo Wuji's seriousness, Nie Zhengnong also started to feel that something was not ordinary. He answered in a single breath, "The 13 secondary summits are Tian Dao Summit, Tian Chang Summit, Tian Wu Summit, Tian Ming Summit, Tian Qi Summit, Tian Zai Summit, Tian You Summit, Tian Chuan Summit, Tian Gu Summit, Tian Zhi Summit, Tian Yu Summit, Tian Jiang Summit and Tian Hai Summit. These 13 secondary summits were named according to height. The sect head would typically stay in the main Tian Ji Summit, while the first elder stays in Tian Dao Summit and so forth."

    Mo Wuji slowly pondered over the names of the 13 secondary summits. After a whole incense's time, he slowly muttered to himself, "The Dao is often nameless; like when a stream in the valley flows into the ocean!" (Dao Chang Wu Ming, Qi Zai, You Chuan Gu Zhi Yu Jiang Hai!) [1]

    When the names of the 13 secondary peaks came together, it was actually a sentence. Mo Wuji reflected on the meaning behind the sentence. The Dao does not have a real name, nor could it be simply described with simple words. It was present in everything that exists. It was just like an ocean; all rivers would eventually flow into the ocean, integrating into one natural entity.

    Mo Wuji had cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique up till now and had always followed according to this manual. He was always unclear and unsure of exactly how the Immortal Mortal Technique came about. Only now did he faintly understand something.

    Must one have spiritual roots to cultivation? With his mortal roots, wasn't he similarly able to cultivate on the Dao? The Dao is in nature; The Dao is everywhere. Using meridians to cultivate was just one of the paths to the Grand Dao, and it was not something particularly amazing. Perhaps this path was suitable for him, but it might not be suitable for others. But everyone's target was the same, that was to be one of the streams flowing into the great ocean.

    Perhaps there would come a day, where he could casually let any ordinary mortal cultivate and achieve the Dao. But of course, he might never be able to reach that day, or that day might never arrive.

    "I'll go take a look at the other secondary summits. You can send those two princes off." Mo Wuji retrieved two pills and handed them over to Nie Zhengnong.

    Nie Zhengnong knew about the situation with Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian and he hurriedly said, "Head senior brother, if we let them go, will we incite the wrath of the Ming Han Empire?"

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "Then let them come. Since my Tian Ji Sect chose to reestablish our sect here, then we don't need to fear a mere Ming Han Empire."

    At the end of the day, the Ming Han Empire was still a country, and they couldn't casually attack the Tian Ji Sect even if they wanted to. It was a great taboo for a country to attack a sect. Of course, even if they came, Mo Wuji wasn't afraid.

    Now, his main concern was actually Honest Qi, that fella's power should be at the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. If that fella comes and attacks the Tian Ji Sect, it would really be a cause of fear. The laser cannon wasn't omnipotent, that thing was ultimately different from cultivation levels. It would still be difficult to deal with a Nihility God alone, especially if the other party detects the laser cannon.

    But since he still chose to rebuild the sect, he will not be a coward. If even the sect head was a timid turtle, the sect would lose its essence and soul.

    "Heaven's Gate Town is back to regular business. The specific management of the town can just follow according to my instructions. At the same time, Tian Ji Sect can prepare to accept disciples. The few of you, Yiping, Pu Qian, Zhuang Yan and you would need to work hard for this period of time. I will go take a look at the other secondary summits and prepare the sect protecting array," Mo Wuji instructed.

    If his theory was correct, then the Tian Ji Sect was hiding a huge secret. This secret was an immense amount of spiritual energy, it was just that this spiritual energy was concealed by a huge array and had not been discovered.

    "Yes head senior brother." Nie Zhengnong readily answered.


    An hour later, Mo Wuji appeared on Tian Zai Summit. This place was once forcefully occupied by Bei Fangjian. Now, Mo Wuji wanted to determine whether his theory was correct.

    After finding an approximate location, Mo Wuji started digging. In just two hours, Mo Wuji saw another stone sword.

    It was just as he predicted; this stone sword had the "Zai" word on it.

    There were indeed 13 spirit locking arrays. Mo Wuji did not bother checking the other secondary summits. He was sure that in everyone of them, there would be the same kind of stone sword.

    The Tian Ji Sect was still too weak; even if he wanted to release these 13 spirit locking arrays, he would need to first install the sect protecting array, recruit many disciples and set up the various naval cannons.

    His naval cannons were impressive, but there were limited cannon ammunition. The moment the ammunition run out, the cannons would be as good as trash.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji could faintly feel that these cannons should not be used here. These naval cannons were not made to deal with ordinary cultivators; they must have some greater purpose. To waste his cannon ammunition on a place like the Lost Continent, he might come to regret it in the future.

    After returning to Tian Ji Summit, Mo Wuji stood at the peak, staring down towards the spectacular Tian Ji Sect, his heart was filled with contentment.

    The Tian Ji Sect was completely built according to his plans. The Tian Ji River still circulated around the Tian Ji Summit like a belt of silver, passing through the several secondary summits.

    From the bottom of Tian Ji Summit to the entrance of Tian Ji Sect, there were a total of 999 steps. All these stone steps were made using the finest grades of stone. After climbing the stone steps, you would be welcomed by a huge plaza. This plaza wasn't the Tian Ji Plaza but the Sect Protecting Plaza. Mo Wuji had installed a huge hidden garrotte array around the plaza.

    Traversing across the Sect Protecting Plaza, were three huge floating words "Tian Ji Sect". Mo Wuji had personally wrote them down and used an array to allow them to float in mid air.

    After entering the sect, there was a white jade stone road which was tens of meters wide, leading to the real Tian Ji Plaza. Across the Tian Ji Plaza, was the true Tian Ji Sect Grand Hall.

    Mo Wuji's only point of regret was that the Tian Ji Sect's foundation was too shallow; there wasn't an Immortal Training Tower, nor was there a Heaven Seeking Staircase.

    However, Mo Wuji was already satisfied that he was able to rebuild Tian Ji Sect in a short one to two years. With the deep meaning of "The Dao is often nameless; like when a stream in the valley flows into the ocean!" in his heart, and his practise of opening meridians, perhaps he might be able to truly construct a cultivation manual upon the foundations of the Immortal Mortal Technique.

    This, this was where his true ambition lay.

    [1] A phrase from Lao Tzu's The Way (Dao De Jing)
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