Chapter 255: Opening Tian Ji’s Spirit Locking Array

    Chapter 255: Opening Tian Ji's Spirit Locking Array

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    Sang Yiping saw the opportunity, took out a map of the secondary summit and handed it to Xing Huang.

    "Many thanks sect head, I shall choose the closest one, Tian Wu Summit. Since this summit is nearby, it would be convenient for us to work together in the future," Xing Huang took over the map and looked at the Tian Wu Summit.

    Seeing that Xing Huang had already chosen his secondary summit, Mo Wuji said to Sang Yiping, "Yiping, you can bring Left Defender Xing to Tian Wu Summit while I shall go ignite the energy gathering array to allow Left Defender Xing to advance into the True God Stage within a month."

    Mo Wuji believed that as long as he was able to provide dense enough spiritual energy, Xing Huang would never let this opportunity slip by. For a person like Xing Huang who hid at the Heaven Seeking Palace to help people forge equipments over the years because he was being chased, he must have been incredibly wealthy.

    And the reason why he wanted to become wealthy was so that he could prepare to break into the True God Stage and Mo Wuji guessed that he should have done his preparations since a long time ago. If Xing Huang had a Flower of the True Gods and was still unable to break into the True God Stage, it could be said that the chances of him advancing any further would be extremely slim in the future.

    It would not be a 100% success rate when one used a Flower of the True Gods to attempt to advance into the True God Stage. In fact, there wasn't even a 30% rate of success. After so many years of preparations, his rate of success would have been doubled and together with the increased odds of success by using the Flower of the True Gods, he should have a total of 50% success rate. If the spiritual energy locked in by Tian Ji Sect was enough to cover the sky, he could have an higher rate of success.

    "Yes," Sang Yiping answered without any hesitation.

    After waiting for Sang Yiping to leave with Xing Huang towards the Tian Wu Summit, Mo Wuji entered the Tian Ji Sect's Grand Hall. After he knew about the Tian Ji stone sword, Mo Wuji asked Nie Zhengnong to create a path below the hall which would lead directly to the main base where the main spirit locking array was kept.

    After he pulled out the stone sword from the main base, he placed it back to its original position to continue locking the spiritual energy. As for the remaining 13 secondary summits' spirit locking stone swords, they were all pulled out and kept by Mo Wuji in his storage ring.

    Presently, he only needed to pull out this stone sword from the main base and he could activate all 13 spirit locking arrays.

    He had long analysed this Tian Ji stone sword and he had also analysed all the 13 spirit locking arrays at least once. Since he wanted to activate the spirit locking array, Mo Wuji would naturally not have any hesitation when pulling out this Tian Ji stone sword.

    "Boom boom boom!" A series of dull sounds could be heard from below his feet and simultaneously, Mo Wuji could feel that the place he was in was collapsing.

    Mo Wuji was shocked, could it be that the quality of my array dao was not up to standard? And I made a misjudgement?

    It would be a complete disaster if the Tian Ji Summit were to collapse just like that. They would become a laughing stock if something they spent so long to rebuild were to collapse so soon after.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji knew that his judgement was not wrong as streams of extremely dense spiritual energy started to flow around the area. The indescribable extreme comfort made Mo Wuji almost felt as though he was holding onto a Heaven grade spirit stone.

    "Bang!" Mo Wuji was being practical and before he could react to this, the surrounding trembles were long gone. He was now by the side of a huge fog pool.

    Mo Wuji's sight fell on this fog pool and immediately took in a breath of cold air.

    The fog pool started to lift off into the air and the Nine Days Spiritual Veins were locked in by the array while half of it was being suspended in mid air. An endless amount of spiritual energy started to surround this area. How was this a fog pool, this was more like a spirit pool caused by the condensation of spiritual energy.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji was certain that the grade of any one of the nine spiritual veins was much better than any spiritual vein he got from the Sky Sea Sect.

    In other words, if the spiritual vein he retrieved was a low grade vein, then this nine spiritual veins would at least be high grade and could even be supreme grade.

    Instinctively, Mo Wuji knew that this place must not be leaked out because the moment it was leaked out, even the Heaven Seeking Palace would attempt to snatch it from them.

    This was all along located here in the Tian Ji Sect so he had no idea whether the previous sect head didn't notice this place or that he noticed but dared not open it.

    Mo Wuji also realised how he could make full use of this nine spiritual veins. He could use this place for his closed door cultivation and even though the resources needed for him to advance would be incredibly scary, his pace here would certainly not be slower than if he were to cultivate in any other place.

    However, this nine spiritual veins must not be all opened for a long time and after Xing Huang broke through to the True God Stage, he would seal up these nine spiritual veins. He would at most leave the Tian Ji Summit's spiritual energy so that the Tian Ji Sect's disciples could cultivate to their hearts' content.


    On the Tian Ji Summit, at the moment Mo Wuji opened the spirit locking array, everyone could feel the cultivation freedom that was similar to having a bath in a spiritual solution. It would be too silly of them if they were to not cultivate with such level of spiritual energy.

    The most surprised one would be the Three-eyed Dhuta, Xing Huang, who had just walked into the Tian Wu Summit. He guessed that Mo Wuji had helped him direct part of the spiritual energy over to him. With this level of spiritual energy coupled with the large pile of spirit stones that he possessed, he should break through into the True God Stage very soon.

    However, never in his dreams would he imagine that the spiritual energy Mo Wuji directed over to him would be this incredible. This extraordinary amount of spiritual energy almost made him let out a groan.

    Xing Huang was a supreme grade smithing master and he had seen quite a bit of the world too. Without mentioning the great density of the spiritual energy at the Heaven Seeking Equipment Summit, even before he entered the Heaven Seeking Palace, the places he cultivated in were all treasured lands of spiritual energy.

    Over the years, Xing Huang had never seen such monstrous amount of spiritual energy until today at the Tian Wu Summit. The reason he decided to join Tian Ji Sect was because he saw Mo Wuji's potential as well as the fact that he was finding a place to hide himself. Of course, part of the reason was also because he felt Mo Wuji's menace. Mo Wuji helped him kill Peng Jiqing of the Great Evolution Sect without any scruples to show that he was afraid of nothing. Additionally, he believed that Mo Wuji had more tricks up his sleeves which he had not revealed. However, at this moment, he was extremely pleased that he made the right decision to join them.

    If he couldn't manage to advance into the True God Stage with such level of spiritual energy, he would really be a useless bum. Xing Huang cupped his fist towards Tian Ji Summit as he immediately started his spiritual circulation to break through into the next stage.

    He didn't even bother taking out the energy gathering array and spirit stones because the amount of spiritual energy here was far greater than the spiritual energy he could produce from his spirit stones.

    At this moment, even all the vegetation in Tian Ji Sect started to emit exuberant vitality.


    While everyone was in closed doors cultivation, Mo Wuji jumped straight into the spirit fog pool and begun cultivating. Even though he only just entered the Yuan Dan Stage, with such dense spiritual energy, he should be able to break into the next level again.

    The Hundred Sects Alliance was about to hold the Five Elements Desolate Conference and to attain victory for Tian Ji Sect, he couldn't afford to be weak.

    Within the fog pool, there was already a pool of spiritual solution and Mo Wuji was simply jumping into the solution. Even though he had not started his spiritual circulation, Mo Wuji could already feel the cultivation carefreeness.

    When he started his spiritual circulation technique, he could clearly feel something good moving fast and concentrated within his body. All 102 meridians underwent spiritual circulation simultaneously such that this terrifying amount of spiritual energy was almost whirled out of the spiritual fog pool by Mo Wuji.

    During cultivation, the most worthless thing would be time. Half a month just flew by and Mo Wuji had broke past Yuan Dan Stage Level 1 and advanced into Yuan Dan Stage Level 2. The spiritual energy flowing through his Dan Tian was even clearer than before and this brought along a seemingly endless amount of strong spiritual aura.

    Another five days passed by and Mo Wuji reached the intermediate stage of Yuan Dan Stage Level 2.

    Just as he was about to break into the later stage of level 2, a long cry disrupted Mo Wuji's concentration.

    Following which, Mo Wuji heard a series of thunderous sounds.

    Mo Wuji stood up and even though he had never seen anyone broke into True God Stage, he knew that that it was Xing Huang making use of the lightning bolts as he prepared for his heavenly tribulation. Additionally, he had seen a demonic beast done that back in the Five Elements Desolate Domain so he knew how scary this could be.

    Mo Wuji hurried out of the spiritual fog pool and because Xing Huang was about to overcome that catastrophe to advance into True God Stage, he had to go and take a look. Concurrently, he had to close up the sect protecting array to prevent the lightning strikes from destroying the array.


    Tian Wu Sect, Xing Huang stood alone on the peak of the summit as he awaited the lightnings' arrival.

    "Kacha!" A light, fine sound could be heard and Xing Huang could sense that the surrounding sect protecting array was released. He nodded his head in satisfaction as he knew that the sect head knew he was about to overcome this therefore, intentionally removing the array.

    "Bang bang bang, ka!" A lightning bolt finally landed.

    Xing Huang didn't take out his magic treasure immediately but threw his fist at the lightning bolt instead. From Nihility God Stage to True God Stage, one would need to endure 59 lightning bolts.

    This first lightning bolt could not even be considered to be an appetiser and if he were to use the magic treasure from the onstart, how would he block against the remaining lightning bolts?

    "Bang!" The lightning bolt struck Xing Huang's fist bone and broke it in an instant as Xing Huang moved back several steps before swallowing a few pills. At the same time, another two lightning bolts fell on him.

    Presently, Mo Wuji had just reached the Tian Wu Summit as he joined in the crowd of disciples gathered to watch Xing Huang.

    Those with not enough determination would definitely not be able to continue cultivating at the sight of such a powerful lightning bolt. However, if the mind was fixed on doing something, even witnessing these lightning bolts would never waver his resolve.

    Mo Wuji saw waves after waves of lightning bolts and noticed that Xing Huang had already took out his fire pincers magic treasure to fend it off as his heart was even more excited than ever.

    Mo Wuji was not excited for the fact that there was a possibility that Xing Huang could succeed and then advancing into the True God Stage. Mo Wuji was truly excited when he could undergo the heavenly tribulation himself too. Such lightning bolts might be extremely dangerous to normal people but it was an opportunity he would never let it go to waste.

    Mo Wuji had long been toughened mentally and physically by lightning strikes hence, he couldn't wait for his turn to be in Xing Huang's place.

    "Bang bang bang!" This time round was another three and there was already a total of nine lightning bolts.

    The clash between Xing Huang's fire pincers and the lightning bolts resulted in a whole sky of flames and lightnings. Xing Huang was also forced into the deep pits by the lightning bolts and before he could crawl out of it, another series of nine lightning bolts struck.

    The unrelentless lightning bolts continued to strike the deep pit that Xing Huang was in and this made Mo Wuji extremely worried that Xing Huang might not make it out alive.

    Before this series of nine lightning bolts could end, another three more fell on Xing Huang. It was clear to bystanders like Mo Wuji that these three bolts were much stronger in terms of its energy than the previous nine.

    Mo Wuji was slightly relieved at the sight of two fire dragons cut out by the fire pincers being shot out of the deep pit. It seemed as though Xing Huang was still hanging on well.

    Before Mo Wuji could feel truly relieved, another six more thick lightning bolts fell into the deep pit.

    "Bang!" The electric discharges were overflowing from within the deep pit and Mo Wuji never saw the fire dragon coming out of the deep pit anymore. After these six lightning bolts, the sky above Tian Wu Summit became clear and the sounds of lightning were no longer heard. In fact, there was even a rainbow in the sky above in Tian Wu Summit.

    Was the heavenly tribulation over, or was Xing Huang killed? Mo Wuji hurried over to the lightning pit.
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