Chapter 257: Move If You Dare

    Chapter 257: Move If You Dare

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    "Stop right there," Mo Wuji stopped someone on the street in the Five Elements Desolate City.

    As he saw the person staring at him, Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "Jing Feilan, you can remove the scarf on your face now. I am here to settle some scores with you."

    "It's you?" Jing Feilan evidently recognised Mo Wuji as her eyes showed flashes of astonishment before immediately recovering to her normal, calm self. Even though anyone could enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain now, she was quite impressed that a mortal like Mo Wuji was able to sneak in here.

    "Yan'Er is already dead, you wouldn't understand even if I explain to you so move away now," Jing Feilan simply said one sentence as she reached out her hand to release a stream of wind.

    Mo Wuji didn't budge an inch as he opened his palm to catch and made the stream of wind disappear without any traces left behind.

    "What?" Jing Feilan exclaimed as she instantly realised that not only did Mo Wuji cultivated, he became an extremely strong cultivator too

    The second time round, she released a stream of elemental energy without holding back.

    A terrifying space of elemental energy flew towards Mo Wuji which startled him. Just from this second act, Mo Wuji knew from such a strong surge of elemental energy that Jing Feilan must at least be in the advanced stage of the True Lake Stage.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji did not move at all and Jing Feilan's elemental energy was stopped in its track and then an even stronger elemental energy surged over and blew Jing Feilan away as she crashed into the stone wall at the side.

    "Puff!" Jing Feilan instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as she fell to the ground.

    Jing Feilan was dumbfounded beyond words as she slowly got herself back on her feet. She stared at Xing Huang, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, before saying with a trembling voice, "You are the Heaven Seeking Palace's Smith Summit's senior Three-eyed Dhuta. Why are you attacking a small rogue cultivator like myself?"

    Jing Feilan was not able to tell the Three-eyed Dhuta's cultivation level but she was sure that he had to be at least in the Great Circle of the Nihihilty God Stage.

    "I am no longer the Heaven Seeking Palace's Smith Summit Three-eyed Dhuta but Tian Ji Sect's Left Defender. No matter who you are, you have to be polite when talking to my Tian Ji Sect's sect head," Xing Huang snorted as he said in a cold tone.

    Jing Feilan was about to go berserk as her eyes fell on Mo Wuji's body, "You, how could you..."

    She didn't even dare to ask because Mo Wuji was only an ordinary mortal with no spiritual roots. How could he end up being Tian Ji Sect's sect head? Something's wrong, Mo Wuji grabbed my first attack so easily, how can a mortal do that?

    The killing intent on Mo Wuji was clearly evident now as he said with an even colder tone, "Now is not the time for you to ask questions. Count yourself lucky because I am just going to kill you today and not bother torturing you. As for the Supreme Sword City, I will seek my revenge soon."

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and a electroball came flying down.

    "Hold on..." Jing Feilan reached out her hand to remove the scarf on her own face. Mo Wuji was shocked as she saw the Jing Feilan in front of him, how is this a person?

    Jing Feilan had one eye dug out and her nose was half missing with countless of terrifying scars on her face. One look at this would make many shocked and disgusted.

    "That's right, Yan'Er was brought away by me but I never ill-treat her at all. I was even preparing her to become my closed door disciple, to inherit my mantle. However, I was blind to have not know about the Supreme Sword City's brute acts. The Supreme Sword City was actually searching in the entire Five Big Empires for all sorts of supreme grade spiritual roots and then send to the Dong family to transfer their spiritual roots to their direct descendant. You have no idea how many geniuses died during the process of transferring their spiritual roots."

    After saying so much in one breath, Jing Feilan calmed herself down before inhaling a deep breath as she continued, "After Yan'Er was brought to the Supreme Sword City by me, the animal from the Dong family found out and asked me for Yan'Er. I naturally refused and I didn't expect themselves to snatch Yan'Er away from me forcefully. After I went to reason out with them, I found out about their brute acts and was eventually held captive by them and tortured inhumanely..."

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he asked, "Jing Feilan, since you found out about the Dong family secret afterwards, how is it possible that they didn't kill you? Are you trying to deceive yourself?

    Jing Feilan clenched her fist as she said with a coarse voice, "It was only because I knew of a extremely important secret. The Dong family wanted me to reveal this secret which was why I wasn't instantly killed by them. It was only during the war with the alien cultivators that I managed to escape out. Until now, I finally understood why the Supreme Sword City wanted to make me one of the lords of the three big deputy cities."

    As she finished her sentence, Jing Feilan used one eye to stare calmly at Mo Wuji, "If you kill me, I wouldn't blame you because I do look down on mortals. Back then, when you were still a mortal, I thought that you might affect Yan'Er's cultivation. Perhaps it was misjudgement on my part because you actually became a sect head now. However, if you were to kill me because you think I am the reason for Yan'Er's death, I'm not willing to resign to this fate. It's not because I am afraid of death, it's because I want to seek revenge. After I avenge Yan'Er by killing the brute from the Supreme Sword City, I would have no regrets even if you kill me, Jing Feilan, however you wish. Also, it was the young lord of the Supreme Sword City, Dong Lun, who wanted Yan'Er's spiritual roots..."

    "Dong Lun has been killed by me," Mo Wuji said with a poker face as the killing intent he had in his heart for Jing Feilan reduced.

    The main reason was because Yan'Er was alright and perhaps because it wasn't Jing Feilan's intent to help the Supreme Sword City collect the supreme grade spiritual roots and that she was a victim like the rest.

    There was a flash of astonishment in Jing Feilan's eyes before she suddenly said, "So Dong Lun was killed by you."

    After Dong Lun's death, the Supreme Sword City went insane trying to find the murderer.

    Jing Feilan was hiding in the dark so she naturally knew about Dong Lun's death.

    "You can leave now. With one eye dug up, I hope that you won't be as blind when looking with your other eye. If you talked to me nicely back then, I might be willing to let Yan'Er be your disciple. This is not how you should talk to others. Don't always think that you're high above the rest because when you do this, you are also just like an ant in other stronger people's eyes," Mo Wuji waved his hand as he was not in the mood to kill a woman like her.

    "Sect head Mo, I know you wish to kill the Supreme Sword City's Dong family to avenge Yan'Er because I want to avenge Yan'Er as well as the few other disciples like myself too. So please let me join your Tian Ji Sect and after I kill the Dong family, you are free to cut me up or kill me," What Mo Wuji wasn't expecting was that Jing Feilan didn't leave immediately and actually requested to join his Tian Ji Sect.

    After all these years, Jing Feilan knew very clearly that the chances of successfully seeking her revenge would be too low if she were to only depend on her own ability. It would be an impossible dream for her to use help from other sects or clans to help her seek revenge because there was no one sect who would clash head to head against the Supreme Sword City for a random woman like herself.

    Mo Wuji asked curiously, "The few other disciples?"

    Jing Feilan said in a serious tone, "That's right, after I found out about their despicable acts, they didn't only lock me up but my few other disciples too. They used my disciples' spiritual roots to experiment on the spiritual roots transfer. My few disciples had at most top grade spiritual roots only, these b*stards..."

    As Jing Feilan spoke, she clenched her fist so hard there was traces of blood on her palm.

    This Dong Clan of the Supreme Sword City were really too inhumane, the killing intent in Mo Wuji's eyes grew stronger, "Since this was the case, you follow me into the Hundred Sect Alliance Conference. Of course, this is provided that you dare to come with me."

    Jing Feilan laughed miserably, "Is there anything that I dare not do now?"


    On the round altar in the middle of the Five Elements Desolate City plaza, Zhuang Yan suddenly recalled Mo Wuji's words to find an eye-catching position to secure. This conference could directly affect the future progress of the Tian Ji Sect so they must not sit at a unfavourable spot.

    The seats were position to form a circle in the round altar and in the middle were the Heaven Seeking Palace, Great Evolution Sect and about five to six more top grade sects. The people in charge of the Hundred Sect Alliance were also sitting in the middle.

    However ignorant Zhuang Yan was, she also knew that these were not the positions she could sit on. Even though Tian Ji Sect had a Left Defender, they were ultimately still a Xuan grade sect.

    Other than these positions, the next best position was the first row closest to the middle. Currently, the first row was already almost filled up as Zhuang Yan hurried over to the box and secured it. There were four seats on each of these boxes with two in front and two at the back which represented the presence of a sect. Just as Zhuang Yan sat down, the remaining first row boxes were immediately occupied by the other sects.

    "Move away, go sit at the back. Don't you know the rules? Did you see any sects of grades lower than the Quasi-Heaven sitting in the first row?" A cold, firm voice was heard beside Zhuang Yan.

    Zhuang Yan lifted her head and saw a tall built, malicious looking man.

    "Are there any rules saying that the first row could only be occupied by Quasi-Heaven sects only?" Even though Zhuang Yan was feeling a little perturbed, she didn't stand up to make way for him.

    After spending enough time with Mo Wuji, her character had changed to become more like his. If it was before she joined Tian Ji Sect, she would have already stood up and letting him take the position. Or rather, she wouldn't even have chosen to sit in the first row.

    "Why? Do you need me to do something to you?" This malicious looking man started to look even more serious as he only just found out that there was only one Xuan sect occupying the first row.

    "What's happening?" One of the cultivators in charge hurried over.

    The malicious looking man immediately clasped his fist and said, "I am a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace, Dong Mingzi. I am representing the Supreme Sword City to participate in this Hundred Sect Alliance Conference however, this person is sitting on this spot when she is only a representative of a Xuan sect."

    Dong Mingzi came late only because he initially saw Jing Feilan's backview and went to chase after her to no avail.

    The cultivator in charge heard that Dong Mingzi was from the Supreme Sword City and was even a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace so he said while feeling slightly troubled, "Hall Lord Zhuang, I am the deacon of this conference, may I ask you to give some face and move slightly to the back?"

    Zhuang Yan turned her head to glance at the back as she noticed the back few rows were all occupied. If she were to give this seat up, she would probably have to sit all the way to the back which was too far away from head senior brother's instruction. Head senior brother finally gave her a task so she must not disappoint him.

    "Apologies, Mister Deacon. This is all about first come first serve and since I, Tian Ji Sect, was here first, there is no reason for us to give it up," Zhuang Yan said while being neither haughty nor humble.

    Because of the sound amplifying array in the plaza, everyone's attention landed on the discussion round altar where a hall lord of a Xuan sect was verbally fighting with the Quasi-Heaven Supreme Sword City for the seat.

    "If you still refuse to budge, don't blame me for acting on you," Dong Mingzi said with a slight killing intent as he saw Zhuang Yan's reluctance to show face. If this wasn't the conference, he would have acted a long time ago.

    "The scum of the Dong Clan, do it if you have the guts," A similar trace of killing intent was in the voice that sounded from behind Dong Mingzi.
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