Chapter 258: Exterminate The Dong Clan Of Supreme Sword City

    Chapter 258: Exterminate The Dong Clan Of Supreme Sword City

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    Dong Mingzi turned around to see Mo Wuji who he recognised. Not only did he recognised Mo Wuji, Dong Mingzi had a deep impression of him. Back then, when he saw Mo Wuji at the Immortal Training Tower, he could feel the killing intent in Mo Wuji's eyes.

    If not for Cen Shuyin's appearance, he would have found a place to get rid of Mo Wuji back then. He couldn't believe that this fella dared to appear here so outrageously.

    Just as he was about to speak, he heard the cultivator's loud announcement, "Tian Ji Sect Sect Head Mo Wuji, Left Defender Xing Huang and Elder Jing Feilan enters the conference."

    Tian Ji Sect Sect Head? Isn't this fella an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace who was always clinging onto Cen Shuyin's thigh? How did he become Tian Ji Sect Sect Head?

    Before Dong Mingzi could figure this out, he remembered another name, Jing Feilan.

    He lifted his head and saw Jing Feilan with her face covered with her scarf. He twitched his eyes a little and confirmed that it was indeed this woman who he would most definitely not let go today.

    He didn't immediately find trouble with Jing Feilan because he was worried that Jing Feilan might go crazy and say out the incident about the Supreme Sword City's acts of transferring spiritual roots.

    "Ah, the small outer disciple back then could actually make full use of his opportunities to become a trash sect head of a Xuan sect," Dong Mingzi said as his upper lip curled in disdain. His Supreme Sword City only needed to lift his hand to crush a Xuan sect like Mo Wuji's.

    "The conference is about to begin. No matter who you are, you have to stop moving around and turn to your seats," Sect head of the Great Evolution Sect, Jiang Xiushan saw the never ending conversation going on there so he shouted out loud.

    Even though he wasn't very pleased with Dong Mingzi from the Supreme Sword City, he agreed it was a little absurd for a Xuan sect like the Tian Ji Sect to sit in the first row.

    Without waiting for Dong Mingzi to say anything, Mo Wuji suddenly walked to the centre of the round altar and said casually, "Today, I want to reveal the most devastating incident in the cultivation world for everyone here to listen..."

    "You're courting death..." Dong Mingzi heard Mo Wuji first sentence and knew that things were not going well for him. If Mo Wuji were to reveal Supreme Sword City's dark secret, then his Dong Clan in the Supreme Sword City would never be able to continue serving.

    Just as he said "You're courting death", his whole body flew towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's laughed coldly because even though Dong Mingzi's cultivation level was slightly higher than his, he was still in the Yuan Dan Stage like Mo Wuji himself. How dare a mere Yuan Dan Stage fella be so arrogant and throw himself at me without any precautions taken? In fact, it was the one with the surname 'Dong' that was courting death.

    "Boom!" Without waiting for Dong Mingzi to act, Mo Wuji took the initiative to attack him.

    Dong Mingzi knew that Mo Wuji was only an outer disciple with non-visible spirituality so he didn't view Mo Wuji highly. In fact, he didn't even bother about Mo Wuji's attack as he aimed crazily for Mo Wuji's skull. Even he was to suffer the blow of this fist, he had to kill Mo Wuji first.

    "Boom!" An explosive lightning exploded in Dong Mingzi's chest and before his five claws could grab Mo Wuji's head, he was brought down by this explosive lightning attack. If not for an expert, who was sitting down, catching him, he would have been blown out of the round altar.

    He could see the hole filled with blood in his chest but this attack didn't actually cost his life as he swallowed a few pills with almost no energy left to act again. At this moment, any random person could finish Dong Mingzi off. Dong Mingzi really didn't understand why he was unable to even fend off one attack of Mo Wuji.

    "You're courting death..." An infuriated voice was followed by an intense surge of elemental energy raging at Mo Wuji. This was definitely the attack of at least a Nihility God Stage cultivator.

    Jiang Xiushan was livid as he raised his hand to stop the Nihility God Stage cultivator from attacking and they both ended up in the centre of the round altar.

    After whipping the Nihility God Stage cultivator, he said coldly, "Could it be that I have to give all of you face every time my Hundred Sect Alliance wants to start a conference?"

    After being whipped like a trash by Jiang Xiushan on the round altar, this Nihility God Stage expert spat out some blood as he said with a slight hissing voice, "Sect head Jiang, so why didn't you act when my son was badly injured?'

    Mo Wuji finally realised that this fella was Dong Mingzi's father who would also be Dong Lun's father. This should be the Supreme Sword City's main lord, One Sword Falling Flower [1]- Dong Luohua.

    The pity was that the famous Dong Luohua was also whipped like a small chicken to the ground and almost fell to his death. If this were to spread out, his reputation would definitely be affected and would no longer have the qualifications to be called what One Sword Falling Flowers.

    From the very beginning, Xing Huang didn't even do anything because he wouldn't act unless Mo Wuji's life was in danger.

    Jiang Xiushan didn't bother about Dong Luohua as he looked coldly at Mo Wuji, "Do you want to kill yourself or do you need me to do something?"

    Mo Wuji glanced at Jiang Xiushan as he said calmly, "Sect Head Jiang, so the Heaven Seeking Palace have no say here? You get to decide everything here?"

    Jiang Xiushan looked furiously for a moment but controlling his anger as he turned towards Feng Zhenqiu with cupped fists as he said, "Brother Feng, how do you suggest we deal with this?"

    Feng Zhenqiu's eyes landed on Mo Wuji's body and only spoke after a while, "Your name is Mo Wuji and was the one who got 50th place in the Five Elements Pill Competition right? Additionally, after entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain, because you managed to win Linglong's favour that you enter my Heaven Seeking Palace to become an outer disciple?"

    Mo Wuji treated Feng Zhenqiu with much more respect than Jiang Xiushan as he cupped his fist after Feng Zhenqiu finished asking, "Dean Feng is correct as I was indeed once an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace. However, I had already left the Heaven Seeking Palace outer sect and I am now Mo Wuji, the sect head of the Tian Ji Sect with absolutely no connections with the Heaven Seeking Palace anymore."

    Feng Zhenqiu nodded his head, "Earlier on, you said something about revealing the world of cultivation deepest and most devastating secret. What is it?"

    Dong Luohua had already gotten back on his feet as he wiped the blood stains at the corner of his lips before saying in a serious tone, "Dean Feng, is this how you treat my Supreme Sword City? For two people fighting, you all acted on me yet didn't touch a single hair of this Mo Wuji."

    It wasn't because he was courting death but because he was also fearful that Mo Wuji might reveal his Dong Clan's secret.

    Jiang Xiushan was unable to stop Feng Zhenqiu from talking to Mo Wuji but now Dong Luohua took the initiative to ask for a scolding so he immediately refuted, " Someone would naturally deal with Mo Wuji who spoke on the round altar without any authorisation earlier on. I would have hurt Dong Mingzi if he wasn't already hurt for the fact that he dared to initiate an attack here. Unless your Supreme Sword City have dark secrets that cannot be revealed?"

    "I am only worried that he will sprout rubbish and even if what he said was fake, he would definitely affect the reputation of my Supreme Sword City. I believe everyone here understand the power of words whether it's true or not," Dong Mingzi barely managed to stand up from his seat as his voice was still evidently weak.

    Mo Wuji said sarcastically, "I haven't even say what it is about yet you knew it was about your Supreme Sword City? Is it because you have a guilty conscience from committing too many heinous crimes?"

    Dong Mingzi was loss for words as he knew things were getting worse for him. He knew what Mo Wuji was going to reveal but the everyone else didn't know. And precisely because everyone else didn't know, his explanation just now made it seemed like he was trying to hide something.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about him as he clasped his fist once again before saying, "Fellow dao friends, this Dong Clan's scum was right because the b*stard I am going to talk about is the Supreme Sword City. The Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan had been searching all over the Lost Continent for supreme grade spiritual roots cultivators and then secretly bringing them back to the Supreme Sword City to force transfer their spiritual roots. I believe now everyone should know why the disciples of the of the Dong Clan have so many supreme grade spiritual roots..."

    Waves of uproars could be heard as Mo Wuji's words were simply too appalling to people. If there was really such a clan, they would be the rat on the street because everyone who saw them would hit and shout at them. This act was simply too heinous and imagine the cruel torture of being ripped off your spiritual roots.

    Jiang Xiushan and Feng Zhenqiu's expression were so gloomy as they finally realised why there were so little cultivators in the Lost Continent with supreme grade spiritual roots and there were even some originating from huge clans. So the reason was that most of these supreme grade spiritual roots geniuses were all collected and spoiled by the Supreme Sword City. No wonder both of Dong Luohua's sons had supreme grade spiritual roots. One must know that it was an extreme rarity for a clan to produce a supreme grade spiritual roots, so what are the odds that both his sons and himself all had supreme grade spiritual roots?

    If there were so many supreme grade spiritual roots in the world, then it would not be so precious anymore.

    Both Dong Luohua and Dong Mingzi's face turned pale as their heart turned cold like an ice cave. There was simply nothing their Dong Clan could do now that things had reached this stage.

    "You are lying..." Dong Luohua's trembling finger pointed at Mo Wuji as he said in a solemn tone.

    "Whether or not I am lying, you know it the best. I am not the only one here today because your Supreme Sword City's third deputy city's lord, Jing Feilan, is also here. She will be telling everyone the more detailed truth," Mo Wuji's voice was even clearer and calmer now.

    He made his decision to reveal Supreme Sword City here instead of destroying them in the dark only after meeting Jing Feilan.

    The members of the Dong Clan of the Supreme Sword City were all across the Lost Continent so he will definitely not have the same chance as he had with the Lei Clan to exterminate every single one of them in one blow. Rather than killing a few disciples at the Supreme Sword City, he might as well as drastically exterminate the entire Dong Clan completely. By making use of this conference to turn the Dong Clan into a rat on the streets for everyone to curse and hit at, he believed that he the Dong Clan would be annihilated in the Lost Continent very soon.

    Jing Feilan said very solemnly, "Dong Luohua, because I found out about your transferring process, your Dong Clan tortured me so inhumanely and I didn't manage to escape, this matter would have long disappeared into ashes. Your Dong Clan were simply inhumane to even snatch my disciples' spiritual roots and trust me when I say you all won't accomplish much through such brutal acts."

    As she finished, Jing Feilan turned to the crowd of cultivators on the plaza as she said, "Do you know how many innocent supreme grade spiritual roots cultivators the Dong Clan must kill to produce one supreme grade spiritual roots cultivator of their own? They spent tens of years searching throughout the Lost Continent and they found almost 100 over supreme grade spiritual roots cultivators. These cultivators died one after the other after the failed transfer of their spiritual roots and after witnessing these brutal acts in the experimental room of the Dong Clan, I swear that only inhumane b*stards would be able to commit such crimes..."

    Everyone could hear the sorrow and pain in Jing Feilan's voice as they could all imagine being in her shoes and witnessing what she witnessed back then.

    [1]: One Sword Falling Flower is the nickname of Dong Luohua because Luohua is the chinese for Falling Flower hence the nickname.
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