Chapter 259: Mo Wujis Methods

    Chapter 259: Mo Wuji's Methods

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    "Kill him, wipe out the Supreme Sword City..." As Jing Feilan revealed the truth, all of the cultivators in the Five Elements Desolate Domain plaza were enraged, and countless cultivators began calling for the Dong Clan's demise and for Supreme Sword City to be wiped out.

    Dong Luohua's face became as pale as a sheet. While his Dong Clan was quite strong, but they had no True God Stage experts. This was one thing that couldn't get out of his mind. Since the day that the Dong Clan obtained means to transfer spiritual roots, all their clan members had supreme spiritual roots, hence their rate of cultivation was extremely fast, but the funny thing was that there never was a single True God Stage expert produced by this system.

    Precisely because of this, the Dong Clan had developed quietly all this while, and did not stand out in any situation. If the Dong Clan had a True God Stage expert, then even in such a disadvantageous situation, Supreme Sword City would not be in trouble.

    Feng Zhenqiu's expression turned ugly, and he abruptly stepped forward to grab the trembling Dong Mingzi that shrank to one side, taking out a spiritual roots sensor. With a fling, Dong Mingzi flew into it.

    Mo Wuji discovered that this spiritual roots sensor was different from the one he had seen before. This one had two crystal pillars, one at the back, and the other slanted, forming a Y shape.

    Feng Zhenqiu tapped the spiritual roots sensor, and the two crystal pillars behind Dong Mingzi lit up. The crystal pillar behind him had a earthly yellow glow that rose barely two inches before stopping, while the slanted crystal pillar had a golden shine that rose all the way to the top.

    "Whoosh!" Dong Mingzi was kicked out of the sensor by Feng Zhenqiu, and Fneg Zhenqiu coldly concluded, "Your spiritual roots were indeed transferred from someone.:

    After speaking, Feng Zhenqiu bowed respectfully to the other cultivators that were on the plaza, "Fellow dao friends, while our Lost Continent's culture of cultivation is rather backwards, but we've still occasionally produced some Heaven Realm cultivators, just that the numbers are far too few. Do you know what is the most unacceptable for all cultivation continents? It is the lose-lose act of transferring spiritual roots from one person to another."

    Hearing that, Mo Wuji was puzzled. How was this a lose-lose situation? Transferring better quality spiritual roots should naturally benefit the receiver, hence it should at least be a win-lose situation.

    With a cold snort, Feng Zhenqiu continued, "Did everything think that transferring spiritual roots to yourself if will be beneficial to you? I can confidently tell everyone that these sort of cultivator will never experience heavenly tribulation. Hence they are fated to stay in the Earth Realm, never to step into the Heaven Realm. When their time is up and they die, they will experience the pain of their soul dispersing, which is tens of times more painful than what the person whose spiritual roots was taken went through..."

    Dong Luohua trembled. No wonder a True God Stage expert never appeared in the Dong Clan, and based on their records, Dong Clan's ancestors experienced extreme suffering when they died. Who knew that those who received transferred spiritual roots would not ble able to advance to True God Stage.

    At this point, Feng Zhenqiu's tone became strict, "Those who have taken spiritual roots from others must be killed. Are the Hundred Sect Alliance's executors present...."

    Countless Nihility God Stage experts landed on the conference altar, exuding a cold killer aura which even made Mo Wuji feel cold.

    "Immediately kill Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan. Wipe this treacherous clan from the earth." Feng Zhenqiu's voice carried a strong killing intent, without a trace of mercy.

    "Roger." A few Nihility God Stage experts flickered and disappeared.

    Pointing at Mo Wuji, Dong Luohua spoke, "My Dong Clan has no enmity with you, so why must you destroy our clan?" He was very indignant, as his clan was just destroyed out of nowhere, and the person that exposed their crimes was this ant from Tian Ji Sect before him.

    Mo Wuji coldly replied, "It is because Jing Feilan's disciple, Yan'Er, is a close relative of mine, and your Dong Clan actually dared to attempt to strip her of spiritual roots. Since the day Yan'Er's appeared in Chang Luo City with her spiritual channels damaged and without much sanity left, I swore that I would take down Supreme Sword City."

    "So it's you..." Dong Luohua mumbled to himself. Back then Dong Lun moved some of the spirit transferring system to Chang Luo without fear, and he had felt that it was not appropriate. In the end someone sabotaged them, but due to sheer luck, there was only one victim in the whole incident. At this moment, he finally realised that the victim that went missing was named Yan'Er, and she was probably taken away by Mo Wuji. The root of their troubles was created then.

    "There was something I forgot to tell you, Yan'Er is now Heaven Seeking Palace's number one genius, while your son, Dong Lun, was killed by me. I killed him in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, and he told me that Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan avenge him. Old man, I'm here today waiting for you to avenge him."

    A spurt of blood was shot out of Dong Luohua's mouth, and hate filled his heart. Why didn't he find out earlier, then killed this little ant?

    Logically speaking, even though Feng Zhenqiu was Heaven Seeking Palace's Dean, he would still have to discuss this matter with Great Evolution Sect's Jiang Xiushan.

    However, he did not do so, instead directly giving orders, but even though Jiang Xiushan was unhappy inside, he couldn't argue.

    Feng Zhenqiu stood out to speak, "From now on anyone of the Lost Continent shall kill Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan members on sight. Men, nail Dong Luohua and Dong Mingzi outside of Five Elements Desolate Domain as an example."

    While he spoke, Jiang Xiushan lifted his hand and shot out two beams of light which pierced through the center of the eyebrows of the deathly pale Dong Luohua and Dong Mingzi. These two dead men were quickly taken away, and in a moment they would be nailed to the city gates of Five Element Desolate City to be humiliated for eternity.

    A stream of tears flowed out of Jing Feilan's single eye, as she hid for so many years to exact her revenge, but never really had any idea how to execute it. However, when Mo Wuji wanted to take revenge, it only took barely over two hours, and the Supreme Sword City Dong Clan was wiped off the face of Lost Continent completely.

    Moreover, the sense of finally exacting revenge felt great. Not only were the Supreme Sword City Dong Clan wiped out, but they would be humiliated forever, never to come back from this. This method of exacting revenge was a hundred levels above simply killing Supreme Sword City.

    Thankfully, she did not see the potential in Mo Wuji back then, otherwise, he might have been killed by the Dong Clan, and wouldn't have the chance to stand here today.


    "That's Mo Wuji? Am I seeing things?" Han Ning, who was standing in the plaza, rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He dared not believe that Mo Wuji was standing on the Hundred Sect Alliance's conference altar, and just wiped out Supreme Sword City.

    Wasn't Mo Wuji merely just a mortal drug refiner? Being able to come here was already ridiculous, but to come as the head of a sect? What exactly was going on?

    Wen Manzhu, who stood beside her, took in a deep breath, and used an almost inaudible tone to speak, "You're right, that's Mo Wuji."

    Even though she did not have any contact with Mo Wuji after the Mo Clan was destroyed, she kept observing Mo Wuji from the dark. This was not because she was interested in Mo Wuji, but as she felt guilty and wanted to help him a little. Only that female servant of his, Yan'Er, was rather prideful, so no matter how hard their lives were, nothing she gave was ever accepted.

    Thus, now that Mo Wuji appeared on the center of the conference altar, she could recognise him immediately.

    Both of them turned silent. They had not gone back to Cheng Yu State yet, so they did not know what Mo Wuji had done there. However, right here they knew that Mo Wuji already belonged to a different world from them. That's right, in the past they thought that the situation was similar to the one now, except that they thought that they were the ones on the stage, while Mo Wuji could only look at them from afar, in the crowd. But today, the situation before them was the complete opposite.

    To Han Ning, she was silent because Mo Wuji had helped her a lot, but for her and her Han Clan's benefit, she abandoned Mo Wuji.

    To Wen Manzhu, she also gave up on a friendship that had been built from childhood due to the Mo Clan's demise.

    Comparatively, the Qu Wan'Er that stood even further away was equally shocked, but this was not beyond her expectations.

    "This guy really shot up quickly, to actually become the head of a sect." The old man standing beside Qu Wan'Er sighed.

    Chucking, Qu Wan'Er replied, "Master, he's still the sect head of just a Xuan sect."

    "Who cares if it's just a Xuan Sect, to be able to use this opportunity to take out Supreme Sword City is already very impressive. However, he was too rash in handling this matter. A Xuan sect is something that others can casually destroy, but he dared to take such great risks to do this. He's still young and hot blooded." The old man shook his head.

    Qu Wan'Er rebutted, "Master, do you think Pill Master Mo has done anything risky before? Why do I feel that many things he had done from the start looks very dangerous, but in reality he would end up safe and sound."

    The old man was stunned, yes, wasn't this the case? Following which he said, "We'll see how he handles the questioning from Great Evolution Sect and Heaven Seeking Palace this time. Don't think that this matter will just go to rest. It is already an offence in itself for a small Xuan sect's sect head to step out alone to make an announcement regarding Supreme Sword City without taking the experts here into consideration."


    "Sect Head Mo, since the Supreme Sword City Dong Clan issue has been resolved, shouldn't we talk about the Tian Ji Sect now?" As predicted by Qu Wan'Er's master, after the Supreme Sword City matter was closed, Jiang Xiushan's gaze fell on Mo Wuji, and said with an unfriendly tone.

    Mo Wuji replied neutrally, "My Tian Ji Sect exposed Supreme Sword City with the safety of the countless genius cultivators of Lost Continent in mind. We've never wanted anything compensation so Sect head Jiang doesn't need to entertain us."

    After finishing this sentence, Mo Wuji went to sit down at the seat that Zhuang Yan reserved for them, at the same time gesturing for Xing Huang and Jing Feilan to sit behind him.

    But Jiang Xiushan was boiling mad. Do you have any face? Compensation, compensation my ass.

    The altar had a sound amplifying array, so Mo Wuji's words would be directly broadcast to the whole Five Elements Desolate City, which made Jiang Xiushan unhappy. If he could not find any good reasons, in the end he would not be able to deal with this Tian Ji Sect that did not bother with Quasi-Heaven sects.

    "Sect Head Mo, the first row is for large sects, which are basically those sects that made great contributions in the war against aliens. Could the Tian Ji Sect please sit at the back." Knowing that there was a sound amplifying array, Jiang Xiushan could only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart, and speak with a lighter tone.

    Mo Wuji stood up, and said while looking at Jiang Xiushan calmly, "Sect Head Jiang, are you saying that the Tian Ji Sect did not make any contributions to the Lost Continent?"
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