Chapter 260: Madness Incited By A Rogue Cultivator

    Chapter 260: Madness Incited By A Rogue Cultivator

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    Jiang Xiushan was extremely unhappy, but he could not let his unhappiness show on this sort of large conference, "Sect Head Mo, since the Tian Ji Sect was invited to this conference, it means that it has some contribution to the Lost Continent. Not only Tian Ji Sect, but everyone contributed in the fight against the aliens when the Lost Continent was facing the invasion. The only difference is how much contribution was made. If it is possible, I hope that all sects would sit at the first row, but the reality is that only those sects with greater contributions can sit at the first row. If I remember correctly, Tian Ji Sect is rank 321 on the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board. Of course I don't think that contribution points obtained from transactions are worth less, because this is also a way of contributing to the Lost Continent."

    On the surface he said that they were not worth less, but he was very obvious in his speech that the Tian Ji Sect was simply lucky to be able to sit on this conference altar.

    "Moreover..." Jiang Xiushan took a look at the section of seats that Mo Wuji was seated at, and spoke again, "Tian Ji Sect can only send three people at most to attend this conference with rank 321, but I seem to see four people here."

    "Sect Head Jiang, is it ok if I just give up the seats in the first row?" Mo Wuji's words were full of mockery, as he knew that Jiang Xiushan was dissatisfied with his. Other than him speaking directly on the conference altar without going through the Hundred Sect Alliance, there was the thing about Xing Huang.

    Even though Jiang Xiushan was not aware that Peng Jiqing died in the hands of Mo Wuji and Xing Huang, he still had a bone to pick with Xing Huang.

    To that, Jiang Xiushang coolly replied, "There'll be no order without rules. Since Tian Ji Sect exposed Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan, it is a great contribution to the Lost Continent. But Tian Ji Sect was disrespectful towards the Hundred Sect Alliance, and took advantage of the Hundred Sect Alliance's conference for its own benefit. If there's no punishment meted out, how will the Hundred Sect Alliance make all cultivators respect it?"

    In his voice there was a sense of steely determination, with logic to back his words up, which was that contributions beget rewards, while mistakes beget punishments.

    Feng Zhenqiu did not make a single noise. While he had dealt with Dong Mingzi, but Dong Mingzi was from Heaven Seeking Palace, which made this a large stain for the sect. Similarly, Mo Wuji was from Heaven Seeking Palace, even though he was just a outer disciple. The crucial part was that the number one genius of Heaven Seeking Palace, Yan'Er, was a close relative of Mo Wuji. So in this situation, how could he institute any punishment?

    Seeing that Feng Zhenqiu did not say anything, Jiang Xiushan carried on, "Since Tian Ji Sect's Sect had has both contributions and wrongdoings, the Hundred Sect Alliance will dish out the following punishment. We will not pursue the matter of Tian Ji Sect taking advantage of the Hundred Sect Alliance, and we'll revoke Tian Ji Sect's rights to take part in the Hundred Sect Alliance Conference."

    With a cold laugh, Mo Wuji thought to himself. This was the result of having contributions and wrongdoings?

    No one dared to speak even though most of the cultivators present felt that Jiang Xiushan was a little too harsh with his punishment. How a small sect like Tian Ji Sect was dealt with, no one really cared. In other words, it was indeed too arrogant and wild for Tian Ji Sect to sit in the first row and make use of the Hundred Sect Alliance to deal with Supreme Sword City Dong Clan.

    Mo Wuji's face was full of contempt, but he did not make a move. Without the splitting of Five Elements Desolate Domain, he would not bother about this seat at all. Since it involved that division of resources in Five Elements Desolate Domain, his Tian Ji Sect could not back out now.

    It was apparent to Jiang Xiushan that Mo Wuji did not care about the punishment, which made his face go cold in an instant. A Nihility God Stage expert was also coming up to grab Mo Wuji too.

    But Xing Huang swat the Nihility God Stage expert off the altar with his palm. The expression on Jiang Xiushan's face changed, and he clawed at Xing Huang. Previously there was no reason for him to strike, but now there was, as Xing Huang had acted first, so how could he let Xing Huang go just like that.

    Xing Huang simply snorted and welcomed Jiang Xiushan with his fist.

    Jiang Xiushan did not put in maximum strength in grabbing. To him, a Nihility God Stage expert was not worth dealing with his full strength.

    However, Xing Huang was not a Nihility God Stage expert, but an actual True God Stage expert.

    "Boom!" Jiang Xiushan was blown over 10 steps backwards by Xing Huang's punch before he stopped.

    "You've advanced to the Heaven Realm?" Jiang Xiushan stared at Xing Huang with a face of shock.

    Casually, Xing Huang replied, "So your Great Evolution Sect's guys can enter the Heaven Realm but our Tian Ji Sect's can't?"

    Feng Zhenqiu was equally surprised. He predicted that Xing Huang had benefitted greatly from the sudden opening of the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Now that he knew that Xing Huang broke through to True God Stage, he was even more reluctant to speak than before.

    "Sect Head Mo, do you think that you can trample over the Hundred Sect Alliance's rules with a True God Stage expert in Tian Ji Sect? The first row of seats are assigned based on the Contribution Points Board from the alien war, so the Hundred Sect Alliance is definitely getting involved in this," Jiang Xiushan was really angry now. A True God Stage cultivator was not enough to scare him.

    When Mo Wuji took in Xing Huang, he knew that Jiang Xiushan should be his opponent. On top of that, even if wasn't the case now, once Lei Hongji returned, he would still be enemies with Great Evolution Sect.

    "Fellow dao friends in Five Element Desolate City, let me say a few words from the bottom of my heart. These words are not meant for arrogant people to listen, but for those ordinary sects and ordinary cultivators," Mo Wuji announced loudly once again.

    Jiang Xiushan was seething in fury, as he decided that he would demonstrate his dominance today. A mere Tian Ji Sect, so what if they had a Xing Huang?

    Mo Wuji continued to ignore Jiang Xiushan, and carried on saying, "Tian Ji Sect dedicated all our strength in the fight against the alien cultivators. But at a crucial moment, Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head, Du Shiqing, was killed by Yu Lin Lei Clan for their personal gain outside Yan City. None of the Hundred Sect Alliance experts who espouse the principle of "No order without rules", and not one asked about this incident nor investigated this incident. Sect Head Du Shiqing knew of me for quite a while, so even though we didn't meet face to face, he trusted me greatly, hence he passed on the mantle of sect head to me before he died..."

    "Sect Head Mo, you're just an outer disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace. You said that Sect head Du handed over the position of sect head to you, isn't this a little too egoistic a claim? Do you think these heroes are idiots?" The Heavenly Drug Sect Sect Head Qin Foyu who sat in the center couldn't help but add ln.

    He was not helping Jiang Xiushan, but it was Mo Wuji's statement that was full of holes, which he could not bear listening to anymore.

    Mo Wuji bowed respectfully towards Qin Foyu, then said to the cultivators on the plaza, "Sect Head Du chose me, because I also go by another name, Rogue Cultivator 2705..."

    Rogue Cultivator 2705?

    "Roar!" The whole plaza burst into a frenzy as countless cultivators shouted "Rogue Cultivator 2705."

    Who was the idol of the alien war? Who was the hero that everyone remembered? And who was the person that everyone wanted to see? It's not Great Evolution Sect's Sect Head, neither is it Heaven Seeking Palace's Dean, nor is it Zhen Mo Continent's Worldly Immortal King. Instead it's a rogue cultivator, Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    "Rogue Cultivator 2705..."

    At this moment, there was one name that kept being chanted, which was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    One rogue cultivator that killed his way out of the encirclement of hundreds of alien cultivators!

    One rogue cultivator that saved Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda's Great Circle of True Lake Stage cultivator Shi Jinwen, while conveniently disposing of a Half Step into Nihility God Stage alien cultivator!

    One rogue cultivator that killed an alien True God Stage expert to reach over 110,000 contribution points.


    This rogue cultivator was Rogue Cultivator 2705, who accomplished all these acts while at Transcending Mortality Stage. He was the pride of Lost Continent, all the rogue cultivators out there, and those without halos. Hence they gave him another title, Da Shixiong.

    No one knew where this Rogue Cultivator 2705 was, and there was every rumors that he was killed by an expert from Zhen Mo Continent. So now that Rogue Cultivator 2705 was before them, who could hold back their excitement?

    "Da Shixiong, I want to join Tian Ji Sect!"

    "I also want to join Tian Ji Sect..."

    There was no way Mo Wuji could speak any further, and he could only look down upon the wild plaza. Who knew that Rogue Cultivator 2705 would incite such a great reaction.

    He decided to announce that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705 at this time in order to secure his place on the first row, then obtain more resources from the Five Elements Desolate Domain. The rebuilding of Tian Ji Sect was not something that could be done by a few people, and it required a large number of quality disciples. No matter how high quality the disciples were, they would still require cultivation resources.

    "Do you know I've always wanted to meet Da Shixiong? Luckily I came here today."

    "Me too, whenever I think back to Rogue Cultivator 2705 being surrounded by hundreds of cultivators, and killing the alien cultivators to form a river of blood, I can't help but get excited till my scalp goes numb. I could just face up against hundreds of alien cultivators myself too."

    A weak female cultivator spoke in tears," When I heard Heaven Seeking Palace's Xue Tongsi mention that Rogue Cultivator 2705 was covered in wounds and blood after killing hundreds of alien cultivators, and still fought to save Heaven Seeking Palace's Shi Jinwen and Yan'Er, then dragging his pole while leaving, my heart broke..."


    Jiang Xiushan stared at Mo Wuji with a shocked expression, and his heart sank. Who knew that this Sect Head of Tian Ji Sect would actually be Rogue Cultivator 2705? Disregarding other factors, just from Rogue Cultivator 2705's fame alone, he dared not touch a hair on Mo Wuji anymore.

    "Ha ha ha..." Feng Zhenqiu burst into laughter, "How could the rank 1 person on the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board have nothing to do with Heaven Seeking Palace. So he's actually one of us."

    "He's now Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head," Jiang Xiushan coldly replied.

    "It's the same, it's the same. Before he joined Tian Ji Sect, wasn't he a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace?" Finally they were no longer beneath Great Evolution Sect, which made Feng Zhenqiu feel that his breathing was much smoother for the first time in a long while.

    "Everyone keep quiet, let me finish speaking," Seeing that the commotion was getting bigger, Mo Wuji couldn't help but wave his hands and shout.

    "Don't make any noise everyone, let Da Shixiong speak," A hoarse and loud voice below the altar matched Mo Wuji's voice and spread across the whole plaza.

    The next moment, a curtain of silence fell on the plaza, as everyone's gazes were fixed on this rogue cultivator who was rank 1 on the Contribution Points Board, wanting to know what he would say next.
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