Chapter 261: Mo Wuji’s Speech

    Chapter 261: Mo Wuji's Speech

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    "My friends, please allow me to refrain from addressing everyone as dao friends, because I've felt all of your passion and emotion. Those feelings are not targeted at me, Mo Wuji, but at a rogue cultivator that fought against the alien cultivators for the Lost Continent, an embodiment of our strong love and respect for our land. In the war against the invaders, there were many people like me, nameless rogue cultivators, that shed their blood and gave up their lives for this land that we live on, and I was only one of them. They did not get any glory or compensation, and they were just the same as me, with only a number assigned to them..."

    At this point, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, "This bow is for those hot blooded cultivators that shed their blood for our home, regardless of which sect they belong to, or whether they are rogue cultivators or mortals, they are people that we should respect."

    When Mo Wuji was on Earth, he delivered speeches on countless occasions, so the control he had over his audience's emotions was much better than and large sect's sect head. In terms of cultivation, he was not as good as Great Evolution Sect's Jiang Xiushan, but in terms of public speaking and touching people's hearts, two Jiang Xiushans would not be a match for Mo Wuji. In other words, a person as high up as Jiang Xiushan would never even bother to use such means to connect with ordinary cultivators.

    Most of the cultivators on the plaza followed suit and bowed once, before thunderous applause overwhelmed the whole area. Even though Mo Wuji did not take out his Rogue Cultivator 2705 contribution points token, no one questioned his authenticity. Initially, everyone was sure that Mo Wuji would take out his contribution points token at the end. But now everyone did not need him to do so, and still believed that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    What Mo Wuji said was representative of the voices of all the small cultivators, as the higher-up cultivators in the Lost Continent were of the minority. Most of the cultivators were unassuming and quiet, much like Rogue Cultivator 2705. Precisely because of this, Rogue Cultivator 2705 could connect so well with them, and affect the whole Lost Continent, because he was the most on the ground person and felt the closest to them.

    Even if they were not willing to, Jiang Xiushan and co. had to bow with Mo Wuji to show their respect for the people that gave up their lives for the Lost Continent. Mo Wuji carried on, "I must thank the Hundred Sect Alliance here, for without them, the Lost Continent would be like a scattered plate of sand. In any war, a plate of scattered sand will never have any offensive power. But after giving my thanks, I must ask, what was the aim of creating this Hundred Sect Alliance? It was to protect this land that we live on, and to protect everyone that lives on it. We repelled the alien invaders, but the work of the Hundred Sect Alliance has just begun, so we cannot just rest on our laurels."

    While he knew that Mo Wuji's following sentences would disadvantage the Great Evolution Sect, Jiang Xiushan could not go forward to stop the speech. Mo Wuji was once part of Heaven Seeking Palace, so Feng Zhenqiu was even less likely to stop him. As for the other sects, unless they had nothing better to do, who would interrupt Mo Wuji's speech?

    "I am not speaking as Tian Ji Sect's Sect head, but as an ordinary rogue cultivator. I would like to ask the Hundred Sect Alliance, at a crucial moment like during the alien war, when the sect head of a sect that was fighting the invaders was killed outside the encampment of the Hundred Sect Alliance, where did the alliance go? On top of that, when the sect was wiped out for no reason, where was the Hundred Sect Alliance again? I would like to ask the Hundred Sect Alliance, how does the Hundred Sect Alliance treat someone who had the credit for exposing a clan that had transferred spiritual roots and harmed countless genius cultivators from the Lost Continent? I would like to ask the Hundred Sect Alliance, how do you treat the random cultivators that died while repelling the alien cultivators?"

    The whole plaza fell silent, as Mo Wuji took a deep breath before raising his voice again, "I can tell everyone that while the Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head was fighting alien cultivators, he was killed by Yu Lin Lei Clan's experts outside of Yan City over a possible treasure that Tian Ji Sect might have had, and the the Hundred Sect Alliance did not ask anything about this. Soon after that, Tian Ji Sect was wiped out by the Lei Clan, and the Hundred Sect Alliance acted as though as they did not see anything. I am speaking for Tian Ji Sect, not because I'm their Sect Head. I didn't even know the previous sect head, Du Shiqing. A Xuan sect's sect head, to the Hundred Sect Alliance, might only be able to block a few of the invading alien soldiers. Sect head Du could not trust the Hundred Sect Alliance before he died, but instead he put his trust in me, a rogue cultivator, and asked me to become the leader of Tian Ji Sect. Perhaps he knew that even if this matter was brought up with the Hundred Sect Alliance, there wouldn't be any outcome. I'm but just a rogue cultivator, but I, Mo Wuji, have my own principles, and I will definitely not allow the people of Lost Continent to continue shedding tears after they have shed blood for the land."

    "If a road is uneven, someone will come to plough it, and if there's no one to plough this road, I, Mo Wuji, will do it. The things that the Hundred Sect Alliance is not willing to do, I, Mo Wuji, will do. Hence, I rebuilt Tian Ji Sect, took up the mantle of Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head, and wiped out the selfish Yu Lin Lei Clan..."

    Another round of applause rang out, drowning out Mo Wuji's voice, and he waited for the clapping to cease before be carried on speaking, "Now I would like to answer the second question. I exposed the Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan, but the reward I received was to be stripped of the right to participate in the Hundred Sect Alliance Conference. If I wasn't also Rogue Cultivator 2705, if I did not have everyone's support, I would not have had this chance to say all these things today, and instead have been chased off the altar."

    Clenching his fist, Jiang Xiushan's hate grew. At this point, Mo Wuji had established his charisma, so he could not do anything about Mo Wuji. Even after leaving this plaza, Mo Wuji still had Xing Huang, which he could not handle either. If he, who was in the True God Stage, could not deal with Mo Wuji, who else would be able to? If he dared to strike Mo Wuji now, perhaps the Great Evolution Sect would become the next Supreme Sword City Dong Clan.

    "We need Da Shixiong to be the Hundred Sect Alliance's Leader..."

    "We need Rogue Cultivator 2705 to take charge of the Hundred Sect Alliance!"


    Regardless of status, there was no lack of hot blooded people, which included cultivators. Mo Wuji's words resonated with many people, Many of the issues that people never really thought of were dug up, and they made people feel enraged.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "I'll continue answering the third question. The cultivators that died defending our land from the alien invaders, their bodies can be found everywhere, in every corner. Even though I was rank 1 on the Contribution Points Board, but I believe that after I die, I will end up like those heroes that fell, with my body scattered all over in the wilderness, enduring the bitter cold day and night... Yes, my heart is stone cold, and I plead to the leaders of the Hundred Sect Alliance, please gather the remains of these hot blooded men that passed away, and bury them on the Lost Continent's battlefield, then erect a large memorial stone for them, so that we may always remember, respect, and take them as examples. When alien cultivators invade again, there will be more comrades that give their life to defend this land. That's all I have to say for today. Thank you my friends!"

    The inside and outside of the plaza became silent again. If no one brought it up, everyone would have thought that cultivators dying in battle was very natural, and only those brothers who knew the dead would bring their remains away. No one felt that his arrangement was inappropriate, regardless whether it were cultivators or sects.

    Now that Mo Wuji said all these things, the people that were listening only then knew of how lonely those cultivators that died in battle were. To them, this was very unfair.

    Even Jiang Xiushan, who had been unhappy with Mo Wuji all this while, could not help but admit that Mo Wuji was right. His dissatisfaction with Mo Wuji had nothing to do with whether he agreed or disagreed with what Mo Wuji said.In the fight to repel alien cultivators, he, Jiang Xiushan, was also ready to give up his life.

    After a long while, small bouts of shouting broke out all over the plaza, and without exception, all were asking for Mo Wuji to become the Alliance head of the Hundred Sect Alliance.

    Jiang Xiushan could not step out, and Feng Zhenqiu knew that he couldn't do so at this moment either. He walked to where Mo Wuji was, and said, "Everyone keep quiet."

    Feng Zhenqiu was a True God Stage expert, so even without the sound amplifying array, what he considered to be speaking softly would shock the rest of the cultivators on the plaza.

    Indeed, after Feng Zhenqiu spoke, all of the cultivators on the plaza quietened down.

    Then, Feng Zhenqiu spoke in a clear voice, "Sect Head Mo was once a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, but I won't be saying anything that goes against my conscience just based on that fact. I agree with what Sect Head Mo said just now. Since our cultivation culture is rather backwards, once alien cultivators invade our land, all the more we have to band together to face them. Therefore, I would like to decide on behalf of the Hundred Sect Alliance, to erect a memorial stone outside of Yan City. On it, the name of every cultivator that perished in the war will be carved, even those without names, we will use their rogue cultivator numbers to remember them."

    Enthusiastic applause rang out, and Feng Zhenqiu's words were met with warm acceptance.

    After the cheering died down, Feng Zhenqiu carried on, "I agree with everyone's suggestion regarding the second matter, but allowing Sect head Mo to become the leader of the Hundred Sect Alliance is not up to me. We need all of the sects to vote on this."

    Once he was done addressing the crowd, Feng Zhenqiu turned towards the sect heads sitting on the conference altar and said, "Everyone here, I believe you just heard Sect Head Mo's words, and how all the cultivators in the Five Elements Desolate Domain reacted to it. I'm not sure what everyone thinks about Sect Head Mo becoming the Hundred Sect Alliance's Head? Let's do it this way, all those who are in support of Sect Head Mo becoming the Alliance head, please stand up. Those who don't support him need not stand up."

    After Feng Zhenqiu finished speaking, all of the people in the plaza looked to the heads of the various sects.

    Democracy did not really exist here, and even if all of the people in the plaza wanted Mo Wuji to become the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head, it would still require the various sects to stand up to express their thoughts on this.

    "Formless Blade Sect agrees," The first person to stand up was actually the Formless Blade Sect Sect Head, Gu Ran, who sat in the last few rows.

    "Heavenly Drug Sect agrees," The next person that stood up was completely unexpected person: the Heavenly Drug Sect Sect Head that sat at the center of the altar, who had retorted Mo Wuji previously.

    "Hundred Net Sect agrees!"

    "Immortal Retaining Castle agrees!"
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