Chapter 262: Hundred Sect Alliances Alliance Head

    Chapter 262: Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head

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    One by one the sect heads stood up, and eventually all of the sects on the altar were standing up. Even though there were some people that were against the idea of Mo Wuji becoming Alliance Head, they just had to stand up. Mo Wuji had a True God Stage expert at his side, which made his sect stronger than some of the Quasi-heaven sects out there.

    "Heaven Seeking Palace agrees too," Feng Zhenqiu said while looking at Mo Wuji, "Sect Head Mo, since everyone hopes that you will become the next Alliance Head, please give us a reply if you are willing."

    Mo Wuji was really put in a spot here. He wanted to get some concessions for the Tian Ji Sect, and it had never occurred to him that he might become the next Alliance head.

    "Fellow dao friends, my cultivation is too low, but I still can make some contributions to the Hundred Sect Alliance. However, I'm still not qualified to be the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head," Mo Wuji was very aware of this point. His cultivation level was indeed a little too lousy. Regardless of other factors, if there were another alien cultivator invasion, it would be impossible for him to command those top notch experts with his current cultivation level.

    "Sect Head Mo, I know what your considerations are. I believe that in the Lost Continent, there shouldn't be anyone that can surpass you in terms of popularity to become Alliance Head of the Hundred Sect Alliance. Perhaps you are worried that there will be another alien invasion, and you won't be able to consolidate the power of all of the experts. But I think that your consideration is not valid. At least for Heaven Seeking Palace, no matter who the Alliance Head is, as long as it is something that benefits the Lost Continent, we will definitely not put up any resistance. Moreover, we think that because of your suggestion to erect a memorial stone for the fallen cultivators, the cohesion in the Lost Continent will only improve." Heaven Seeking Palace's Feng Zhenqiu immediately stood out to speak.

    "We only respect Rogue Cultivator 2705, so it will be the best for him to be the Alliance Head."

    "That's right, we need Rogue Cultivator 2705 as the Alliance Head. He won't screw the Lost Continent over."


    Many cultivators in the Five Elements Desolate City stood out to plead with Mo Wuji, hoping that he would become the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance head. As the demands for Mo Wuji to become the Alliance Head grew louder, the various sects also stood up on stage, in support of Mo Wuji as the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance head, at the same time taking the same stand as Feng Zhenqiu, and declaring that they would not burden the Hundred Sect Alliance.

    "Sect Head Mo, I believe that your future potential is limitless as you were able to climb to the top of Heaven Seeking Staircase, hence this should be enough for you to take up the position as Alliance Head. At the same time, being Alliance Head will be a form of protection for you. Perhaps you don't know, but Zhen Mo Continent's Special Envoy Xia Mo has already marked you as someone he will deal with in the future." Feng Zhenqiu's voice suddenly appeared beside Mo Wuji's ears, giving him a shock, and he turned around to take a look at Feng Zhenqiu.

    Feng Zhenqiu nodded at him, and it was obvious that he had guessed the identity of the person that got to the top of Heaven Seeking Staircase: Mo Wuji. Once he found out the Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705, he could infer this point too. It would be a lie to say that he had no regrets in his heart, as if he had noticed that Mo Wuji was the one who reached the top of Heaven Seeking Staircase, he would have given Mo Wuji the title of Heaven Seeking Palace's number one disciple, possibly even grooming Mo Wuji to become the next Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace.

    At this point, Feng Zhenqiu was impressed with Tian Ji Sect's Du Shiqing's ability to judge people. Du Shiqing knew that Rogue Cultivator 2705 was not a simple person, hence Tian Ji Sect was handed over to him. Moreover, Mo Wuji was an an emotional person, so he couldn't reject taking up the position of Sect Head of Tian Ji Sect..

    The subsequent events would prove that what Du Shiqing did was right. Tian Ji Sect was originally a small sect, but because of Mo Wuji, it became a sect famous throughout the Lost Continent. It was possible that after this whole incident, many cultivators would want to join Tian Ji Sect.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji sighed to himself. Since Feng Zhenqiu could guess that he was the one that reached the top of Heaven Seeking Staircase, then other people could too. It seemed like he had to take up this position as the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head, which would also be completely beneficial to him, without any downsides. Whoever had any grudges against him would not possibly dare to touch the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head.

    Before his strength matured, he would have to rely on this title to protect him and Tian Ji Sect. As long as he became the Hundred Sect Alliance's leader, even if Tian Ji Sect's spirit locking array was was leaked out, no one would dare to snatch away the location that Tian Ji Sect was at.

    "Thank you dao friends for your support. I, Mo Wuji, will gladly take up the position as the hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance head." Once Mo Wuji made his decision, he did not blabber on anymore, and just directly addressed the crowd.

    Upon hearing this, Feng Zhenqiu was filled with joy, and followed up, "The Lost Continent's Hundred Sect Alliance's first generation Alliance Head was Dean Bei Suting, but since Dean Bei left for the Zhen Mo Continent, after much discussion, Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head, Mo Wuji, will become our Hundred Sect Alliance's second generation Alliance Head."

    The plaza burst into cheers after hearing Feng Zhenqiu's announcement. This marked the new ascent of an Alliance Head of the Hundred Sect Alliance.

    Only Jiang Xiushan was slightly disappointed, as the next Alliance Head was supposed to have been chosen at the conference. If nothing went wrong, the next Alliance Head should have been himself. But Mo Wuji suddenly appeared out of nowhere to snatch his Alliance Head position, and he still had to appear supportive of this. It was simply very frustrating. Now that Mo Wuji was the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head, no one of the whole Lost Continent would dare to make a move against him, much less Jiang Xiushan.

    Feng Zhenqiu continued speaking, "The Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head previously did not have any form of identification, but I would like to propose that we use Sect Head Mo's Rogue Cultivator 2705 contribution points token for this function. Could Sect Head Mo please display the Rogue Cultivator 2705 contribution points token, and we'll commence the Hundred Sect Alliance Alliance Head assuming command ceremony. From now on, this contribution points token will become every generations Hundred Sect Alliance Alliance Head's identification."

    Even greater cheering than before sounded out as Mo Wuji walked to the front, and raised the Rogue Cultivator 2705 contribution points token. The Hundred Sect Alliance Alliance head assuming command ceremony had just begun.

    As this event was very sudden, the ceremony included all of the sect heads making a declaration, followed by Mo Wuji pledging his determination to make contributions for the Lost Continent.

    "Sect Head Mo, since you're the Alliance Head now, please host this Hundred Sect Alliance Conference," Jiang Xiushan said sourly.

    Originally, he wanted to chase Mo Wuji out of the first row, and in the end he achieved him aims. He indeed managed to chase Mo Wuji out of the first row of the conference altar, but Mo Wuji was not sent to the last row, instead moving to the center of the conference altar, or perhaps to the number one seat of the conference.

    At this point, Mo Wuji would not be overly courteous with Jiang Xiushan. He gestured to the sect heads to sit, and for the cheering cultivators in the plaza to quieten down, before he spoke, "Everyone knows that the Five Element Desolate Domain had been opened not by the Lost Continent, but instead it was the Zhen Mo Continent experts. There are countless treasures in the Five Elements Desolate Domain which can make the our Lost Continent's cultivators become stronger, but at the same time, those items will also cause people to fight over them. Hence, we can only become stronger, in order to reduce any reliance on others so that we can have the ability to speak up for ourselves."

    Regardless what reason it was, allowing the Zhen Mo Continent experts to come to the Lost Continent and help the Lost Continent kill countless alien cultivators, to the people of the Lost Continent, was a form of kindness. But as a cultivator himself, Mo Wuji did not think that the Zhen Mo Continent would leave the Five Element Desolate Domain's treasures behind. He was originally just an observer, so there was no need to think about such things, but now that he was the person that set the rules, and the person that would divide the treasures among others, he had to think for the Lost Continent.

    Undoubtedly, the Rogue Cultivator 2705 title was very useful for Mo Wuji, as there was not even the slightest disturbance during the duration of his speech, and everyone listened attentively to his plans.

    "It is not easy for every cultivator on the path of cultivation. Hence I would like to suggest that all cultivators have the right to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, regardless of identity, regardless of cultivation level..."

    Mo Wuji's words incited a large commotion. Some did not understand it, some were cheering, while even more were shocked.

    "Alliance Head Mo, if everyone charges into Five Elements Desolate Domain, there will be many that die, and more grudges will be formed from the killings that occur, before we even consider how dangerous it is inside. On top of that, this will make the Five Elements Desolate Domain extremely messy," Heavenly Drug Sect's Sect Head Qin Foyu frowned as he spoke.

    To this, Mo Wuji answered calmly, "Those that gain the right to go in will still have to perform some assignments. The Hundred Sect Alliance that I suggested is not an empty alliance, but a real alliance of the Lost Continent. In this alliance, we will build a cultivation association, pill association, smith association, array association, talisman association, rogue cultivator association, etcetera. For example, any cultivator can join the cultivation association, and at the same time there will be rankings setup to compare which cultivators of each cultivation level is the strongest. For the pill association, any pill refiner can join, and every pill refinee that joins will undergo certification. We can make use of Heaven Seeking Palace's Pill Pagoda's pill refiner certification..."

    Feng Zhenqiu responded without any hesitation, "Heaven Seeking Palace is willing to have Pill Pagoda become the location for pill refiners' certification under the Hundred Sect Alliance Pill Association."

    After he confirmed that Mo Wuji was the one that reached the top of Heaven Seeking Staircase, Feng Zhenqiu was determined to stand on the side of Mo Wuji. The scene of being ridiculed by Zhen Mo Continent's special envoy was still fresh in his mind, and he believed that Mo Wuji would definitely restore the honor of the Lost Continent cultivators.

    "Thank you Dean Feng," Mo Wuji immediately bowed respectfully to thank Feng Zhenqiu. Naturally, he had good reasons for his actions. Although the Hundred Sect Alliance had been set up previously, but it was merely a ragtag alliance made in the face of alien cultivators invading. Once his version of the Hundred Sect Alliance was set up with the various associations, even if the alien cultivators invade again, the Alliance would have some way to consolidate their strength.

    For example, after all the array masters registered with the alliance and gathered together, they would be able to easily bring a large number of array masters together to set up a large array. This process would be in place, instead of asking sect by sect how many array masters they had, and of what grade they were

    Similarly, pill refiners could gather together to concoct pills, and talisman masters could refine talismans. If this were in place before, even without the Zhen Mo Continent experts' intervention, the Floating Star cultivators would not have been able to occupy the Lost Continent.

    With Feng Zhenqiu stepping out first in support of the plan, Mo Wuji's suggestion quickly got the approval of everyone. So the Five Elements Desolate City would become the encampment of the Hundred Sect Alliance, and various associations will be set up.

    "Sect Head Mo, I'm also agreeable for this. The most pressing issue that we have to discuss is how to allocate the slots for entering Five Elements Desolate Domain," In the end, Jiang Xiushan could not hold it in much longer, and just blurted out.
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