Chapter 263: Star King Mountain Xia Clan Experts

    Chapter 263: Star King Mountain Xia Clan Experts

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    Before Mo Wuji could speak, Qin Foyu said, "If I'm not wrong, Alliance Head Mo should be using the associations to select those who are given the right to enter the Five Element Desolate Domain."

    "That's right, even though my wish is that all cultivators can enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain at once, but the time is not ripe yet. This is because once we completely open the area, it will descend into a mess. I hope that the various associations can choose their first batch of people to enter Five Elements Desolate Domain. The first batch of cultivators that enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain can exchange the items that they obtain for contribution points from the Hundred Sect Alliance. As long as one has sufficient contribution points, he would be able to ask any pill refiner, smith, talisman master or even array master to do things for you. After the people who entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain for the first time exits, they will have to buy a ticket to enter for the second time," Mo Wuji announced.

    Feng Zhenqiu asked, "Can the second batch enter after the first batch of people that entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain exits?"

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji replied, "Yes, I hope to give every cultivator one free chance to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, because the Hundred Sect Alliance needs resources to run, contribution points will be a necessity. Any cultivator, including myself, will have to pay a certain amount of contribution points when entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain for the second time."

    The development of the Hundred Sect Alliance would not be completed by speaking. It required large amounts of resources. So where would these resources come from? Others wouldn't obediently give them the resources they needed after a single speech, hence it required the hard work of all the cultivators.

    This was only the first step in Mo Wuji's plans. After they obtained the various resources inside the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he would let the Hundred Sect Alliance spread its commerce all over the Lost Continent. Only after forming a certain reward system, would the Hundred Sect Alliance begin to flourish and grow.

    The conference this time was supposed to be an open conference, so every suggestion that Mo Wuji made was instantly spread throughout the whole Five Elements Desolate City.

    All of the people present supported Mo Wuji's ideas, as he allowed those who originally did not have the right to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain to have a chance to. Since he had said it, he would make it happen.

    "I agree with Alliance Head Mo's idea," Feng Zhenqiu was once again the first to step forward to support Mo Wuji.

    Qin Foyu also spoke, "I also agree with Alliance Head Mo's idea, but I'm still worried that there will be too much killing in the Five Elements Desolate Domain. After all, there's no limit to the cultivation level of those entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain, so anyone can enter."

    In response to that, Mo Wuji said, "I believe that the stronger cultivators will not go to fight with the weak cultivators for some low tier spiritual herbs."

    He could only make this claim, as he couldn't just say that cultivation was always based on the survival of the fittest, following the rule of the jungle. Only the people that survive would become stronger. After entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain, there would definitely be many people that get killed, but this was an unavoidable fact.

    This was a necessary process in order to strengthen the Lost Continent.

    It was not known if he had understood Mo Wuji's intentions, but Qin Foyu did not ask any further.

    "We agree," Before most of the sects had made their position known, the many cultivators on the plaza expressed their support for this idea.

    The many sect heads on the altar were aware that anyone that brought up an opposing viewpoint would only receive hate from others. Anyway, this suggestion was fair to everyone, so there was nothing much to talk about. Since other people agreed, they themselves would naturally agree to.

    In barely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji obtained the approval for the requirements to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain.

    In his mind, Mo Wuji knew that setting these rules was only the start. There were too many things that required him to spearhead, for example, how to set the amount of contribution points for various spiritual herbs and ingredients, and how to set up the entry array for the Five Elements Desolate Domain.


    Star King Mountain.

    This was the peak of all existences in Zhen Mo Continent. Star King Mountain could be considered more as a symbol than a sect.

    It could be said that without Star King Mountain, Zhen Mo Continent would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Compared to the alien cultivators that invaded the Lost Continent, Zhen Mo Continent faced various threats from various universes. Precisely because of this, experts were aplenty in Zhen Mo Continent, and all of them were extremely strong.

    More than half of the experts on Zhen Mo Continent's Universal Board were from Star King Mountain, and the geniuses of various big sects would first go to Star King Mountain, then the Star Wars Battlefield if they wanted to progress further.

    The Star King Mountain had 10 halls, and each hall's master was a peerless expert.

    The strongest hall out of the 10 was naturally the Star Wars Hall, and the Star Wars Hall Master was named Xia Dandao, one of the top level experts of Star King Mountain. In terms of strength, he was definitely in the top three of Star King Mountain.

    Xia Dandao might not have been the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, but he had absolute speaking rights in there. On top of that, the Xia Clan was also one of the top clans of Zhen Mo Continent, which produced many geniuses and experts.

    At that moment, in a cave of Star Wars Hall with the densest spiritual energy, a purple robed youth stood with his head hanging. Sitting above him was a slender, small eyed middle aged man.

    This middle aged man was the Hall Master of Star King Mountain's Star Wars Hall, Xia Dandao, and standing in front of him, was Xia Mu, who had returned from a trip to the Lost Continent.

    Although Xia Dandao's cave had a frightening density of spiritual energy, it was not surprising as he was the Hall Master of Star Wars Hall. However, the rest of the cave was sparsely furnished. Other than a wooden table, there were only two stone stools.

    "You said that Ceng houyi was killed?" Xia Dandao calmly spoke, yet with an aura which made Xia Mu very afraid.

    Sia Mu quickly replied, "Yes father. That Rogue Cultivator 2705 has low quality spiritual roots, but is extremely strong. He must have some sort of top grade treasure. My guess is that Ceng Houyi was tempted by the treasure after killing Rogue Cultivator 2705, and escaped with it."

    "Idiot!" Xia Dandao slammed his hand into the wooden table, leaving a handprint but not shattering it.

    "Father..." Xia Mu's eyes had a tinge of fear in them as he looked at his father. He did not understand why his father suddenly exploded at him.

    It took Xia Dandao a moment to calm his raging emotions, before he took a deep breath and said, "Do you think that Ceng Houyi betrayed the Xia Clan for a piece of treasure? Did you investigate this? Do you know why I put Ceng Houyi by your side?"

    Xia Dandao stood up, and continued in disappointment, "Let me tell you, it is because Ceng Houyi will not betray our Xia Clan, hence I let him follow you. Wu Shuang, come in."

    "Roger!" A ghost like man appeared in the cave, "Wu Shuang greets Hall Master."

    "Tell me, where did Ceng Houyi go?" Xia Dandao asked.

    The man named Wu Shuang bowed, "Hall Master, my report is as follows. I went to the scene of the incident, and after Ceng Houyi was killed, he was brought thousands of kilometers away into the wilderness to be burnt to ashes. As for the rumored cave, I checked it out too. There were no traces of cultivation in it."

    "This is not possible, who in the Lost Continent could kill Ceng Houyi? Also, you went to the Lost Continent with me, so why didn't you report this to me then?" Xia Mu shouted.

    To that, Xia Dandao coldly answered, "Tell this idiot, why didn't you report this to him then?"

    Wu Shuang remained expressionless, "Because if I reported it then, young hall master would have definitely got to the bottom of this based on his character, and young hall master might not have been able to return to Zhen Mo Continent."

    After Wu Shuang finished, Xia Dandao snorted, "Now you know, idiot. Lost Continent's experts did not appear, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any. Since he could easily kill Ceng Houyi, if you dared to investigate, he could kill you with ease too. Even if you were murdered before him, Xu Chihuang that old man would not lift a finger."

    Xia Mu dared not speak any further, as he knew that his father would not spout nonsense. Since his father said that Ceng Houyi was killed, then he was killed.

    "This person that dared to kill a person from the Xia Clan, no matter who you are, I, Xia Dandao, will not let you go," Xia Dandao did not continue scolding his stupid son, instead staring into the empty space outside the cave.

    "Father, so that Rogue Cultivator 2705 is not dead?" Xia Mu warily asked.

    Xia Dandao snorted again, "With an expert that can easily kill Ceng Houyi backing him up, how could he die this easily? Wu Shuang..."

    "Yes!" Wu Shuang responded, standing straight as ever.

    Xia Dandao spoke in a more relaxed tone this time, "I heard that when all of you went to the Lost Continent this time, the Level 1 Seal for entry from the Lost Continent to the Five Elements Desolate Domain was broken coincidentally? So there's no restrictions for entering the Level 1 of the Five Elements Desolate Domain now?"

    Wu Shuang replied with confidence, "Yes Hall Master. It was broken by Defender Xu. Back then Defender Xu did not hang around, as he said that the cultivation culture of the Lost Continent was too backwards, so Level 1 of the Five Elements Desolate Domain would be left for them to increase their cultivation levels."

    Xia Dandao nodded his head, and continued, "Make preparations, you will go to the Five Elements Desolate Domain a while later, and sweep Level 1 of all items. At the same time, bring Rogue Cultivator 2705 to Star King Mountain. I'd like to know how many heads and arms this rogue cultivator that occupied rank 1 on the Zhen Mo Continent's Mortal Board even before coming to Zhen Mo Continent has."

    "They should have a Worldly Immortal Stage expert in hiding." Wu Shuang carried on with his report.

    Upon hearing that , Xia Dandao only smiles slightly, "I'll let Gu Qi go along with you. How dare a mere Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator touch the Xia Clan."

    "Roger," Wu Shuang immediately replied. Gu Qi was also a Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator of Star Wars Hall, possibly a little stronger than Xu Chihuang. With him going to the Lost Continent, no matter how strong the experts there were, there was nothing to worry about.

    "Father, I'll tag along too," Xia Mu quickly said.

    But Xia Dan replied with a snort, "You'd better start with closed door cultivation, then we'll talk about that after you've fought your way up the Universal Board. Don't even think for a moment that you're talented. Let me tell you, the only reason that you reached Nihility God Stage Level 4 at this age is because you recieved many times more cultivation resources than other people. It has nothing to do with talent. In terms of talent, there are at least 10 cultivators out of those that came from the Lost Continent that surpass you."
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