Chapter 264: Someones Back For The Wordless Pill Manual

    Chapter 264: Someone's Back For The Wordless Pill Manual

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    "Father, if I don't personally decapitate him with my own hands, I'm afraid I might develop inner demons in my heart," When Xia Mu heard that he was going to be confined, he hurriedly bowed and said.

    He knew clearly in his heart that his inner demon wasn't just Cen Shuyin alone. When he returned to Zhen Mo Continent from the Lost Continent, he did not simply try to court Cen Shuyin once. If Cen Shuyin hadn't threatened to kill herself causing Xu Chihuang to scold him, he would have still continued pestering her.

    In his perspective, the reason for Cen Shuyin's vehement rejections was definitely that Rogue Cultivator 2705. He was the dignified hall master of the Star King Mountain Star Wars Hall. To actually lose to a mere rogue cultivator on the battlefield of love, how could his pride swallow it? He was not speaking blindly when he mentioned "inner demons". Rogue Cultivator 2705 was indeed one of his inner demons.

    When he returned to Zhen Mo Continent, he even found the Rogue Cultivator was number one on the mortal rankings, causing his rage to brew even more.

    Xia Dandao frowned slightly, but just when he was about to speak, his gaze turned to the outside, "What's the matter? Come in."

    A man in yellow friar robes walked in. This man bowed to Xia Dandao, "Answering the hall master. A new void passage has appeared on the Star Wars Battlefield..."

    "More cultivators from other planets have appeared?" Xia Dandao stood up agitatedly.

    The yellow robed man answered, "This time, it isn't interplanetary cultivators, but copious amounts of space beasts. The strongest has already exceed Class 9. Our Zhen Mo Continent's grand space array is placed in great peril. The Star Lord has already personally taken action and has also ordered me to inform the various hall masters."

    Xia Dandao nodded, "I understand."

    With that, he turned to Xia Mu and said, "It's not that you can't go back to the Lost Continent. But for now, you'll follow me and temper yourself in the Star Wars. If you can climb up onto the Universal Board, I'll allow you to go to the Lost Continent. Even if you want that girl, I'll catch her back and pass it to you. Even if that Xu Chihuang opposes, it would be useless."

    "Yes, father," Xia Mu celebrated in his heart. As long as he could bring Cen Shuyin back, as time passed, he didn't believe that she would continue to reject him. Feelings were supposed to be nurtured slowly; it was just that she had spent a longer time with that rogue cultivator.

    As to how his father found out about his matter with Cen Shuyin, he didn't find it out of the ordinary. Whatever he did, how could his father not know?

    On the other hand, he had also long wanted to take part in the Star Wars. It was just that his father had always felt that despite his cultivation, his battle prowess was lacking. Thus, his father didn't allow him out to the Star Wars Battlefield. Now, it seemed like his father had thought things through and wanted him to temper himself on the battlefield.


    The Hundred Sect Conference at Five Elements Desolate City had come to a completion. The majority of the people were satisfied with the decisions Mo Wuji made as the Hundred Sect Alliance Head.

    The merchant houses and places in the Five Elements Desolate City had yet to be allocated and occupied. Now with the various alliances forming, they were quickly able to find spaces for their encampments, and at the same time, start recruiting cultivators.

    The person who was most unsatisfied was Jiang Xiushan. If not for the Lei Clan matter, Jiang Xiushan might have humbled himself and made peace with Mo Wuji. But the Yu Lin Lei Clan had actually been destroyed by Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Sect, so how could he simply lower his attitude? If not for the fact that Mo Wuji was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, he might have helped the Yu Lin Lei Clan exact its revenge.

    Even if the Yu Lin Lei Clan deserved it, it still had a Lei Hongji which belonged to his Great Evolution Sect. As a sect head, if he didn't stand up for his disciple, he wouldn't be able to face Lei Hongji when he returns.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji's status changed drastically, becoming the Hundred Sect Alliance Head. If he didn't want his Great Evolution Sect to die, it was best for him not to touch Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to care what was on Jiang Xiushan's mind; he went ahead to stop one of the sect heads leaving the altar.

    It was a man with a head full of brown hair, his eyes carried a mysterious tinge of blue, seeming as though it could see through a person.

    "May I ask if you're Heaven Demon Sect's Sect Head Fang Zhentian?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists and asked.

    The brown haired man smiled lightly and returned the courtesy, "I am indeed Fang. Greetings Alliance Head Mo. Alliance Head Mo's decision making and wonderful speech during this Hundred Sect Conference has earned the respect of Fang."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Many thanks Sect Head Fang for your appreciation. In the future, I'll still need Sect Head Fang's support. Today, I came to find Sect Head Fang to ask you about a certain something. Does your esteemed sect have a girl called Yang Yingping?"

    Fang Zhentian slightly startled, and promptly replied, "That's right. Yang Yingping is indeed a legacy disciple of my Heaven Demon Sect. Because of a certain incident many years ago, she has entered a closed doors cultivation."

    Mo Wuji fetched a jade flute and jaded it over to Fang Zhentian, "This is your esteemed sect's Zheng Hefei final request. He asked me to pass this over to Yang Yingping. I had never been able to find the chance, but today, I hope that Sect Head Fang could help me pass it over to Yang Yingping. Oh right, Zheng Hefei had died in the Five Elements Desolate Domain under Dong Lun's hands. I have already killed Dong Lun."

    It was a lie when he said he never had the opportunity.The main reason was that Mo Wuji never had the ability to accomplish this task. If he was an ordinary rogue cultivator, he might very likely have been caught and questioned. He might even lose his little life. Now, he was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head and the Tian Ji Sect Head, handing over this jade flute would only garner gratitude and not suspicion.

    Fang Zhentian received the jade flute without a hint of surprise, he only clasped his fists to Mo Wuji and said, "Many thanks Alliance Head Mo for helping my Heaven Demon Sect with this minor task."

    He might look calm on the surface but he was celebrating loudly in his heart. The Heaven Demon Flute, the Heaven Demon Flute had so easily landed in his hands. This was a mission he assigned all his disciples when they entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Ultimately, it was discovered by Zheng Hefei, but he didn't return back alive. Luckily, Zheng Hefei was wise enough to get someone to help him. Fang Zhentian forcefully controlled his emotions, he definitely couldn't arouse any suspicions from this Alliance Head Mo in front of him.

    "Sect Head Fang is too polite," Mo Wuji hurriedly replied. His heart was filled with slight surprise. Logically, he was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, Fang Zhentian shouldn't have simply expressed his gratitude with a simple sentence, right? At the very least, Fang Zhentian should have invited him back to the Heaven Demon Sect.

    Furthermore, he noticed that when Fang Zhentian left, he looked a little urgent. Mo Wuji had merely helped a disciple of the Heaven Demon Sect hand over an item. Was there a need for Fang Zhentian to get so anxious? Perhaps Fang Zhentian had another matter at hand.

    Mo Wuji quickly chucked this thought aside. The moment he turned, he saw a middle-aged monk. Even though this middle-aged monk did not go up the altar, Mo Wuji could clearly feel his great strength. He was at least in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage, or even an expert in the True God Stage.

    "Green Cloud Fort Shen Baiqi greets Alliance Head Mo," Before Mo Wuji could speak, the middle-aged monk took the initiative to clasped his fists and greet Mo Wuji.

    Green Cloud Fort Shen Baiqi? Mo Wuji pondered, but he clearly didn't know this person.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji did not speak, Shen Baiqi smiled, "Alliance Head Mo might not know me but I believe Alliance Head Mo must remember my little girl."

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: I don't even have a girlfriend, why would I remember your daughter? Even though that thought ran through his mind, he still clasped his fist and said, "May I know who your daughter is?"

    "My little girl is called Shen Lian. She had the fate of meeting Alliance Head Mo back in Chang Luo," Luo Baiqi smiled and continued.

    He sighed in his heart, if this fella in front of him wasn't the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, he wouldn't have spoke this much nonsense. He would have just grabbed him and go.

    Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding; he was very familiar with Shen Lian. In reality, Shen Lian was the one who initiated him to the world of cultivation. Not only that, his wordless pill manual was a gift from Shen Lian. Now that Shen Lian's father had arrived, Mo Wuji immediately became extremely polite, "So it's Pill Master Shen, please pardon Mo Wuji's negligence."

    He didn't know that Shen Baiqi was the Fort Lord of Green Cloud Fort, but he did remember Shen Lian mentioning that her father was a peak Earth pill refiner.

    Shen Baiqi hurriedly replied, "I wonder if Alliance Head Mo could spare me some time for a chat?"

    "Of course, Pill Master Shen, please," Mo Wuji extended his hand and maintained his courtesy. He had received great help from Shen Lian, now that Shen Baiqi was here, he naturally had to show some face.

    Standing slightly far away from Mo Wuji, Wen Manzhu saw Mo Wuji leaving the plaza with Shen Baiqi. She sighed and slowly left. Initially, she still wanted to find Mo Wuji and say some words but she always had some apprehensions. But now that Mo Wuji had left, she had lost all her courage to chase after him.

    At this moment, those talking to Mo Wuji, which of them aren't sect heads or feudal lords? She was merely an outer disciple. To even think that she previously thought that Mo Wuji and her were of different worlds. She even wanted to wait till she achieves success in her cultivation and she would bestow Mo Wuji a fortune. But now when she contemplated about it, it was really laughable.


    "Pill Master Shen, I wonder if Shen Lian is doing well?" The two arrived at a newly opened spiritual teahouse; Mo Wuji took the initiative to pour Shen Baiqi a cup of spiritual tea.

    "Shen Lian was been confined by me because she stole my wordless pill manual." When Shen Baiqi finished that sentence, he turned and looked Mo Wuji in the eye before continuing, "I heard that she told her mother, she had given you the wordless pill manual?"

    Mo Wuji immediately furrowed his brows, his wordless pill manual was indeed from Shen Lian, but Shen Lian had said that she had purchased it from some roadside stall. Since when did it become a case where she stole from her father?

    Mo Wuji was soon to react. What heaven defying luck must one have to actually obtain the wordless pill manual from a roadside stall? From the looks of it, Shen Lian had lied to him.

    "That's right, the wordless pill manual is with me. I can return you the wordless pill manual but you must release Shen Lian. She's not in the wrong," Mo Wuji's tone turned cold. Even though Shen Baiqi was Shen Lian's father, Mo Wuji was extremely repulsed when he heard about the act of confinement.

    He did not suspect Shen Baiqi's words, there was no third party present when Shen Lian gave him the wordless pill manual. Now that Shen Baiqi was aware of this matter, it must definitely have been known from Shen Lian herself. Moreover, Shen Lian and Shen Baiqi have a slight resemblance.

    Shen Baiqi was slightly shocked, he did not expect that Mo Wuji would be so straightforward and hand over the wordless pill manual. In reality, he had already prepared to exchange even his blood to get the wordless pill manual back. After all, the Mo Wuji in front of him, was not someone he could mess with.

    "Many thanks Alliance Head Mo. If it was possible, I would not hesitate to release Shen Lian. But because my confinement of Shen Lian had angered her mother, her mother had already brought Shen Lian out of Green Cloud Fort half a year ago." Shen Baiqi spoke with a hint of fatigue.

    "Sect Head, Jade Net Sect's He Jianting has already been brought over. At the same time, the Jade Net Sect Head Han Xing had come over," Before Mo Wuji retrieved the wordless pill manual, Xing Huang arrived by his side and said.
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