Chapter 265: Closed Door Cultivation

    Chapter 265: Closed Door Cultivation

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    Mo Wuji fetched the wordless pill manual and passed it to Shen Baiqi, "Pill Master Shen, you can leave now. Shen Lian is your daughter so it's not up to me to decide how you want to punish her. But I have an advice for you, it's up to you whether you wish to heed it. Even if it's your daughter who makes a simple mistake, you should not resort to confinement."

    Shen Baiqi's mouth went agape. He initially wanted to ask Mo Wuji some questions about the wordless pill manual but it seemed like this Alliance Head Mo no longer wished to talk to him. When it came to cultivation, he was far superior to Mo Wuji, but when it came to position, he was far from this Alliance Head Mo. Shen Lian had taken away the wordless pill manual he risked his life to get. That was a simple mistake?

    "Then Shen will take his leave." Since Mo Wuji did not wish to speak to him, Shen Baiqi could only keep the wordless pill manual and bid his farewell. The wordless pill manual was something his daughter had given away but now he wanted it back. From whatever perspective, he was throwing his daughter's face. Thus, it did not seem like a good time for him to form closer relations with Mo Wuji.

    How could Mo Wuji not know what Shen Baiqi wanted to talk to him about? The wordless pill manual was a legacy manual, if one was not fated, it would be useless even if he had the manual. Furthermore, Mo Wuji had already ran through the entire book, it didn't matter if Shen Baiqi wanted to take it back.

    "Greetings Alliance Head Mo," After Shen Baiqi left, a man shrouded in a baleful aura came in with an incredibly handsome youth.

    Mo Wuji recognised this youth, it was He Jianting. This fella's dashingly good looks even called for Mo Wuji's praise.

    "Sect Head Han, please take a seat," Mo Wuji politely treated the man shrouded in baleful aura. On the other hand, he completely ignored the He Jianting following by the side.

    He Jianting's heart was shaking. In reality, when he saw that Mo Wuji had become the Tian Ji Sect Head, and then revealed himself to be Rogue Cultivator 2705, and eventually end up as the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, this series of events had already left his heart in shambles.

    Was this still the same rogue cultivator ant he met at Fringe City? The same fella who snatched his lightning tempering room?

    Han Xing sat down and hurriedly said, "I heard that Alliance Head Mo wanted to find my Jade Net Sect disciple, He Jianting. I was worried that there might be a misunderstanding so I specially came over. I hope that the alliance head could pardon this unwelcomed intrusion."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "'Sect Head Han is too polite. I came to find He Jianting because there's this matter which connects us. The Nine Moons Pill House in Fringe City was originally the business of the Zhen Clan, but when I went over, I discovered that the Zhen Clan had disappeared from Fringe City and the Nine Moons Pill House was now under the Jade Net Sect."

    He Jianting's face changed drastically. He finally understood how his treasurer at Fringe City died; he had been killed by Alliance Head Mo. Even though He Jianting knew that Mo Wuji had killed his treasurer, he still didn't dare utter a single word of rubbish. The Mo Wuji in front of him was the alliance head of the Hundred Sect Alliance. Even his Jade Net Sect Head Han had to show Mo Wuji some face. He, He Jianting, could only count as fart.

    "What's the issue?" Han Xing's face also changed immediately as he turned and stared at He Jianting coldly.

    Mo Wuji was now the alliance head of the Lost Continent's Hundred Sect Alliance, not of some random cult. Moreover, he had also seen Mo Wuji's methods, Mo Wuji had easily wiped out the Yu Lin Lei Clan and the Supreme Sword City Dong Clan. Even the Great Evolution Sect Head Jiang Xiushan was helpless against Mo Wuji. If such a person wanted to harm the Jade Net Sect, his Jade Net Sect would not be able to resist.

    At the moment, Han Xing really wanted to slap He Jianting to death. Out of all people to offend, he chose to offend this new Alliance Head Mo. Even though the Jade Net Sect was a Quasi-Heaven sect, it's power was not as great as the Supreme Sword City Dong Clan.

    In a flash, He Jianting's face had turned pale white. How was he to know that a mere rogue cultivator could become so powerful. If he knew better, even if the Fringe City's Nine Moons Pill House was given to him, he would not accept it.

    "It's none of my business. It's the Yu Lin Lei Clan that destroyed the Nine Moons Pill House then they wanted to sell it to me, so I bought it..." He Jianting could feel his teeth vibrating in their crevices; he knew that he might lose his little life at any moment.

    "Just tell me, where did the Nine Moons Pill House's Zhen Shaoke go to?" Mo Wuji's tone had gone icy cold. Before he obtained concrete evidence, he wouldn't randomly kill this He Jianting.

    After all, he was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head. His each and every action were magnified for everyone to see. The Jade Net Sect was also a Quasi-Heaven sect. If he were to kill He Jianting in front of his Quasi-Heaven sect head, it would not be beneficial to the Hundred Sect Alliance, nor would it be beneficial to him.

    "I don't know... I only know that the Yu Lin Lei Clan didn't kill Zhen Shaoke. He should have gone..." He Jianting urgently answered.

    Mo Wuji instantly furrowed his brows, after what happened at the Heaven Seeking City and Fringe City, the Nine Moons Pill House seemed to have vanished without a trace.

    Han Xing suddenly said, "I'll give you one chance. You'll go and search for the Nine Moons Pill House. If you found it, directly report to the Hundred Sect Alliance. If you can't find it, then you will best the consequences."

    Seeing Mo Wuji's silence, Han Xing took the initiative to instruct He Jianting.

    "Yes sect head. I will definitely put in my best efforts to find the whereabouts of the Nine Moons Pill House," He Jianting knew that his sect head had given him a living opportunity.

    Mo Wuji knew that Han Xing did that to strengthen the ties between him and the Jade Net Sect and he didn't have much objections. He had killed the Jade Net Sect's Shao Guangjing but that was when he wasn't the alliance head. Now that the Jade Net Sect was had expressed well intentions, he would not tightly grab onto past matters.

    "Since that's the case, I will have to thank Sect Head Han." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and expressed his gratitude.

    Han Xing hurriedly stood up, "Alliance Head Mo, then I will take my leave."

    Xing Huang's gaze made him feel uncomfortable. Now that Mo Wuji didn't intend to pursue the issue, he would not hesitate to leave.

    "Ke Ke, you seem to be quite happy as an alliance head. But after a period of time, someone will come for you..." After Han Xing departed, a gloating voice suddenly descended beside Mo Wuji's ear.

    The Pill Pagoda's old white moustached fisherman? Mo Wuji suddenly stood up and looked around in all directions. He even scanned through the area with his spiritual will but he didn't discover anything.

    "Don't bother looking for this old man. This old man is going home to go fishing and I happened to pass by. There's also something I want to tell you, someone had went to search the place you cremated that Zhen Mo Continent's True God fella..."

    Mo Wuji's face changed instantly. The reason why he dared reveal himself was because he believed that the Zhen Mo Continent would not send people over during this short period of time. If he had a longer period of time, the Hundred Sect Alliance could become stronger, and his personal power would also become higher. That would at least give them some room for discussion. But if the Zhen Mo Continent discovered that he had killed Ceng Houyi, then the future would be indeterminable.

    "Senior, since you saw someone going over, why didn't you stop him?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly. He knew that this old man did whatever he liked, and he was wasting his breath asking this question, but he was truly feeling rather helpless.

    "Hehe, why must I intervene? How is this sh*t any of my business?" After throwing that sentence, the white moustached old man's voice completely disappeared.

    "Sect head, you just said something about stopping?" Xing Huang asked quizzically.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "Defender Xing, can you go find Dean Feng and tell him that I need to go behind closed doors for a period of time, and that I hope him and the others could work hard for the Hundred Sect Alliance."

    "Then what about Tian Ji Sect?" When Xing Huang heard that Mo Wuji intended to go behind closed doors, he hurried to ask.

    "Tian Ji Sect can be left under Sang Yiping. You and Jing Feilan can assist her. My power is truly too low, I need to go back and do some closed doors cultivation."

    "Yes, sect head can rest assured," Xing Huang said readily. He had already stepped into the True God Stage, even if he went into closed doors cultivation, he wouldn't be able to improve much during this short period of time.


    After deciding the rough direction of the Hundred Sect Alliance, the Hundred Sect Alliance Head directly vanished from sight. It's rumored that he had gone into closed doors cultivation.

    Fortunately, there was the strong support from the Heaven Seeking Palace. Even if Mo Wuji did not leave from his closed doors, the Hundred Sect Alliance still functioned according to his instructions. The various alliances have been formed and the name list of the first batch of people entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain had been decided. Because everyone knew that they had the opportunity to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, the competition to be in the first batch wasn't as intense as the Five Elements Pill Competition.


    Time passed like flowing water. Because of the vast amounts of resources in the Five Elements Desolate Domain and Mo Wuji's rule which allowed everyone to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, the abilities of the Lost Continent cultivators soared rapidly. The Hundred Sect Alliance also escalated.

    As the Hundred Sect Alliance grew stronger, it became to amass large amounts of cultivation resources.

    In the blink of an eye, two years passed. Tian Ji Sect had also become increasingly prosperous across the days. The Heaven's Gate Town had become the peerless Heaven's Gate City. Countless cultivators, mortals and merchants would pass by from here, and everyone who walked in and out of the Heaven's Gate City would strictly follow the rules.

    Over the past two years, Mo Wuji did not emerge from his closed doors even once.

    "Bam!" A huge surge of elemental energy came bounding in all directions, throwing the spirit fog pool under the Tian Ji Sect into chaos.

    This mad, unrestrained elemental energy was soon completely drawn in by Mo Wuji.

    In another two hours, Mo Wuji exhaled longly. He had finally advanced into Yuan Dan Stage Level 10.

    Following the rise in his power, his cultivation speed became increasingly slower. If not for this spirit fog pool formed from the nine spiritual veins, his cultivation would not have soared so quickly.

    He could feel the clear violet emanation in his dantian. Mo Wuji soon calmed his emotions down as he decided to charge straight to Yuan Dan Stage Level 12. Then he would go and see if he could find an opportunity which could help him advance into the True Lake Stage.

    "Ding!" At this moment, the warning array he installed suddenly gave out a clear, crisp ring. Mo Wuji startled and immediately sprang out of the spirit fog pool.

    This warning array had been installed before he went into closed doors. Furthermore, he had specially instructed Sang Yiping multiple times to not alert him unless it was something especially urgent.

    Over the past two years, the warning array never sounded. Today, it suddenly rang out. Could it be that someone had invaded the Tian Ji Sect?

    Who would have such balls? Even the Great Evolution Sect wouldn't dare do it, right? Even though Tian Ji Sect wasn't big, he was still the Hundred Sect Alliance Head.

    Mo Wuji urgently closed the spirit fog pool and walked out. The moment he emerged, he saw that Sang Yiping and Pu Qian were already waiting at the Tian Ji Sect Grand Hall. In these two years, both Sang Yiping and Pu Qian had improved in their abilities.

    "Greetings sect head," When the two saw Mo Wuji emerge, they hurried to bow.

    "What's going on?" Mo Wuji saw the look of anxiety on the two's face and asked anxiously.
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