Chapter 266: They Really Came

    Chapter 266: They Really Came

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    "Defender Xing has been seriously injured and the Green Cloud Fort Lord Shen Baiqi has been killed..." Sang Yiping said urgently.

    "What?" Mo Wuji's faced changed. "Where's Defender Xing? Exactly who did this? Don't tell me alien cultivators invaded again?"

    Xing Huang was a True God, he actually got heavily injured? Not talking about Xing Huang, even that Shen Baiqi had an impressive cultivation, and could even be in the True God Stage. How did he get killed?

    Sang Yiping caught her breath, but she remained anxious as she said, "It's an expert from the Zhen Mo Continent. It's an Worldly Immortal King called Gu Qi. After he came, he ordered you to go and meet him.

    Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of cold air. The Zhen Mo Continent experts he was most afraid of really came. Unfortunately, his closed doors cultivation only allowed him to advance from Yuan Dan Stage Level 2 to Yuan Dan Stage Level 10. The distance to a Worldly Immortal was still 12,430 miles away. [1]

    "Since he wants to find me, it's understandable why he harmed Defender Xing. But why was Shen Baiqi killed?" Mo Wuji calmed down.

    By the side, Pu Qian sighed, "Shen Baiqi was betrayed by his own Green Cloud Fort's man. It's said that he had a wordless pill manual on him. Gu Qi forced Fort Lord Shen to hand over the wordless pill manual but Fort Lord Shen was unwilling. Eventually, he was easily killed by Gu Qi and even his storage ring was taken away."

    "Who knew that Shen Baiqi had the wordless pill manual?" Mo Wuji's tone was filled with killing intent. Even though he did not interact much with Shen Baiqi, Shen Baiqi was still Shen Lian's father. Now that Shen Lian's father had been betrayed and even killed, how could be let this go?

    "I heard that it's someone called Wu Jingwu, he's Shen Baiqi's adopted son. It's said that his father, Wu Wu had once saved Shen Baiqi's life. After Wu Wu disappeared, Shen Baiqi adopted Wu Jingwu. This time, Wu Jingwu betrayed Shen Baiqi, earning the favour of the Zhen Mo Continent expert. The expert should be bringing him to Zhen Mo Continent," Sang Yiping answered.

    A long faced man with slitted eyes floated into Mo Wuji's imagination. Mo Wuji had met the fella once during Chang Luo's Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. Then, if not for Shen Lian threatening him to not report the fact what Mo Wuji had assaulted someone at the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been able to escape with Yan'Er.

    Mo Wuji promptly decided, "Pu Qian, immediately go and take care of Defender Xing, then try to drag for some time. Tell those people from the Zhen Mo Continent that I will be coming soon."

    "Head senior brother, you can go anywhere except Five Elements Desolate City ah. If you go there, you definitely wouldn't return alive," Sang Yiping said anxiously.

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "Even if I cannot return, I must go. I am the Hundred Sect Alliance Head."

    Sang Yiping's mouth opened but no words came out. If the Hundred Sect Alliance Head didn't show himself when an event happened, then he would be a truly useless alliance head.

    Perhaps hiding might be the best option, but then he wouldn't be Mo Wuji. Countless cultivators supported him to become the Hundred Sect Alliance Head. It wasn't because he was the Tian Ji Sect Head, but Rogue Cultivator 2705 - a dauntless rogue cultivator who showed his courage through his actions.


    Five Elements Desolate City.

    In one of the halls of the Hundred Sect Alliance Building

    Jiang Xiushan, Feng Zhenqiu and co. all had a pale white expression on their faces. Xing Huang was covered entirely in blood, lying against a pillar in the middle of the hall. It was unclear whether he was dead or alive

    Roughly 5 meters away from Xing Huang lay a headless corpse. It was the Green Cloud Fort Lord Shen Baiqi.

    On the power position of the hall sat a eyebrow-less man. This man's eyes were sunk low, as though nothing in the world could faze him.

    On each of the eyebrow-less man's side, there were three to four cultivators.

    "I will give you another hour. If that Rogue Cultivator 2705 doesn't get his ass here, I will immediately kill everyone here," The eyebrow-less man suddenly said, his voice seemed to have come from some void far away.

    "Senior, to come from Tian Ji Sect, it would take at least 4 hours. We have already informed him, I believe he would come very soon. I hope for senior's patience to wait a little longer," Feng Zhenqiu bowed and said.

    In reality, because Mo Wuji was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, there was a transfer array from Tian Ji Sect to Heaven Seeking City as well as the Five Elements Desolate City. To come here from Tian Ji Sect would not even need half an incense of time. The reason why he said 4 hours was to give Mo Wuji some time to prepare.

    His heart was filled with helplessness. Ever since Mo Wuji succeeded as the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, the Hundred Sect Alliance flourished under his plans. Facts have shown that Mo Wuji's methods were extremely correct and the abilities of Lost Continent's cultivators did rise greatly.

    However, when faced with a true expert, he doing that the Lost Continent was still the same.

    "I will give you another 4 hours. If I don't see anyone in 4 hours, I will slaughter everyone here," the eyebrow-less man said coldly. He had already predicted that Mo Wuji wouldn't escape but come here.


    Heaven Seeking Palace.

    A young cultivator blocked Mo Wuji's way, "If you barge into the Heaven Seeking Palace, you will be killed without mercy."

    Mo Wuji did not rush in but fetched out a jade token and said, "I'm the Hundred Sect Alliance Head and I urgently need to find the Pill Pagoda's Granny Linglong."

    "Alliance Head Mo..." Even though this cultivator hadn't gone to the Heaven Seeking City, he had long heard of Mo Wuji's illustrious name. He was once an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace and under the alias of Rogue Cultivator 2705, he attained the number one spot on the Hundred Sect Alliance's contribution points ranking. Not only that, two years ago, he rose above several sect heads from large Quasi-Heaven sects to become the Hundred Sect Alliance Head.

    After knowing that the person was Mo Wuji, the Heaven Seeking Palace's cultivator immediately retracted this killing intent and quickly bowed, "Alliance Head Mo, I really want to let you into the Heaven Seeking Palace but you're no longer from the Heaven Seeking Palace. This is truly putting me in a difficult spot..."

    "Let him in, if anything happens, I will be responsible." A voice suddenly interrupted the disciple's words.

    "Senior aunt Jinwen?" After the disciple saw who had arrived, he rushed to bow.

    The person was exactly Shi Jinwen; she nodded to the disciple and then said to Mo Wuji, "Back then, thanks for saving my life. If you're here to find my master, then you've wasted your trip. Ever since the great war, my master had never returned."

    Granny Linglong still hasn't come back? Mo Wuji instantly furrowed his brows. He was the one who saved Granny Linglong so he naturally knew that nothing would have happened to her. With Granny Linglong's cultivation at the True God Stage, even if she didn't return, she wouldn't have faced any great difficulty. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji no longer continued thinking about Granny Linglong's matters.

    "Pill Master Jinwen, I need to go the Heaven Seeking Palace for some matters and I don't necessarily need to meet Granny Linglong," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    He truly didn't come here for Granny Linglong. What he just said was an excuse when that cultivator blocked him.

    "Go in then. Dean Feng said it before, the Heaven Seeking Palace will always be your home," Shi Jinwen replied.

    Mo Wuji was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, his position was far above her's as a pill refiner of the Pill Pagoda.

    "Many thanks," With that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed as he entered the Heaven Seeking Palace. He was inwardly very grateful to Feng Zhenqiu; if not for Feng Zhenqiu's words, he might not be able to come in today.

    In less than half an incense's time, Mo Wuji had arrived at that deep cliff next to the Pill Pagoda.

    When Mo Wuji saw that the white moustached old man was still fishing by the cliff, he instantly heaved a sigh of relief, immediately bowing, "Mo Wuji greets senior."

    The white moustached old man snickered, pulled on his fishing line and another colourless, transparent fish was seen. The old man's eyes revealed a hint of excitement as he hurried to keep the little fish in the wooden bucket beside him.

    After doing all that, he then turned and said to Mo Wuji, "Not bad, not bad, your luck is very good. Both times you came here, both times I got something good. Come, tell me why you're finding me."

    Mo Wuji bowed once more, "Junior wants to request senior to help out for one thing. I hope that senior can see that since we're both from the same sect..."

    "Stop," The white moustached old man directly stopped Mo Wuji, stood up, scanned Mo Wuji up and down before saying, "Those fellas are really fools. To actually take two years to come over.... Idiots, idiots..."

    Mo Wuji looked at the old man quizzically; he completely didn't understand what this old man was saying.

    The white moustached old man snorted, "Did the Zhen Mo Continent experts come over? They want to find trouble for you so you came to look for me for help. Is that right?"

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "That's exactly the case. How did senior know?"

    "Hehe!" The white moustached old man snickered, "I've waited for this day for so long. Those fellas are really idiots, they clearly knew that monkey's ass died in your hands but they still took two years to get their asses here."

    Mo Wuji finally understood the meaning behind the white moustached old man's words; he was angered that the Zhen Mo Continent's experts took so long to come. Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "These words of senior's are not true. That monkey's ass clearly died in your hands. I obviously didn't have the capabilities to kill him..."

    With that, Mo Wuji did not continue any further. As he thought about it, that Ceng Houyi was really killed by him. The white moustached old man only heavily injured Ceng Houyi, robbed Ceng Houyi then ran away. Ultimately, Mo Wuji was the one who killed Ceng Houyi and even found a place to cremate him.

    The white moustached old man stared at Mo Wuji with a wide grin on his face, "Why don't you continue? Did that monkey's ass die in my hands or your hands?"

    Mo Wuji stared speechlessly at this old fella. This fella looked as though he didn't have a care of the world but he wasn't any different from a clever monkey. Perhaps he even specially informed the Zhen Mo Continent's people that Mo Wuji had killed Ceng Houyi and destroyed the evidence. No wonder why when Mo Wuji asked this old fella why he didn't stop the Zhen Mo Continent's investigation, this old fella acted like he didn't give a sh*t. Turns out this old schemer was waiting for this day.

    "Since everything was in Senior's calculations, then why must senior include me inside? And what must I do in order for senior to help me out this once?" After knowing that this old man had schemed against him, Mo Wuji directly discussed in the form of a transaction.

    [1] This is the distance between the North Pole and the South Pole.
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