Chapter 268: Liters Of Rice Breeds Grace, Buckets Of Rice Breeds Hatred

    Chapter 268: Liters Of Rice Breeds Grace, Buckets Of Rice Breeds Hatred

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    However, when this terrifying elemental energy reached the hall entrance, it suddenly disappeared without a trace. The eyebrow-less man stepped out of the hall, his killing intent soaring straight towards the Five Elements Desolate City's sky.

    The old fisherman's lazy voice transmitted next to Mo Wuji's ear, "This little browless kid will vanish. Remember what I tasked you to do ah."

    "Wait, kill all the True God Stage experts here, I can't beat them. Also, I want the Green Cloud Fort Shen Baiqi's storage ring, I want to give that to a friend..." Mo Wuji hurried to the door and shouted.

    Shen Baiqi had been killed, but Mo Wuji must return his things back to Shen Lian. Otherwise, how could he live up to the help Shen Lian offered him.

    "Pui Pui..." Several beams of light shot in. Each beam of light pierced through the forehead of the Zhen Mo Continent's True God experts, bringing along a slight trail of blood.

    "Ding!" Following which, a storage ring landed by Mo Wuji's side.

    "I've done what you asked me to, now it's your turn to help me," The old man's voice descended beside Mo Wuji's ear before disappearing completely.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, picked up the ring from the floor, then went to those Zhen Mo Continent experts, who didn't even know how they died, and took away their rings.

    The old fisherman could be considered kind; he didn't fight with Mo Wuji for the spoils of war. It was like he could tell that Mo Wuji was unhappy so he left behind some treats.

    Everyone else in the hall were shocked still, what just happened? Just now, all of them were still being threatened by that Worldly Immortal King. How did the alliance head casually draw that Worldly Immortal away and even killed these True God Stage experts in a single swoop?

    That's not right, it was those light beams which killed the five to six True God Stage experts. What on earth would that cultivation be?

    As they thought of this, everyone in the hall turned towards Mo Wuji and looked at him with eyes of reverence. No wonder why he could easily destroy an alien True God expert, there was an incomparably strong expert behind this Alliance Head Mo's back. Easily bringing away a Worldly Immortal King, then casually killing True God experts like ants. With this sort of power, even that eyebrow-less Worldly Immortal was just a little kid.

    Mo Wuji walked in front of Xing Huang, placed a pill in Xing Huang's mouth and slapped Xing Huang's back. Xing Huang coughed out a mouth of congested blood.

    "Sect head..." When Xing Huang opened his eyes, he saw Mo Wuji in front of him.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "It's okay now, hurry and recover."

    With that, he stood up and said to a youth who had already walked to the entrance, "Wu Jingwu, you think you can just simply leave like that?"

    This youth hurriedly stopped in his tracks and bowed towards Mo Wuji, "Wu Jingwu greets Lord Alliance Head. Lord Alliance Head is peerless with no equal, you easily got rid of those invaders."

    When he was saying these words, Wu Jingwu's long face was pitch white, even his slitted eyes were shaking incredibly.

    "You should have introduced yourself as Green Cloud Fort's Wu Jingwu. I don't understand, I have met many people with wolf hearts and dog lungs [to be ungrateful], but if I called you the same, I would be insulting the wolves and dogs. You think that no one would stop you if you went to the Zhen Mo Continent, so you actually plotted against Shen Baiqi who adopted and raised you? Don't tell me that Shen Baiqi raised you by feeding you his sh*t and letting you drink his urine? You don't even have a sense of gratitude?" Mo Wuji slowly walked over, his killing intent soaring.

    He despised a certain kind of people the most: ingrates that bit the hands that fed them.

    "I..." Wu Jingwu took two steps backwards and suddenly cried out hoarsely, "Shen Baiqi only treated me like a dog. He said that he would let me inherit the Green Cloud Fort, but did he even have the slightest intention to do that? When his daughter, Shen Lian, stole his thing, he only told me that he wanted me to find Shen Lian then he would betroth Shen Lian to me.

    I toiled day and night to find Shen Lian but he seemed to have forgotten about this matter, never mentioning it. But let's ignore that. He clearly couldn't crack the wordless pill manual, but he wouldn't let me see it..."

    Mo Wuji's face turned increasingly cold, "Ingrates always have a unique way of thinking. Wu Jingwu, you say Shen Baiqi treated you like a dog but do you think a dog could cultivate to this stage? Unless Green Cloud Fort's dogs are all so lucky? All of them can consume spiritual pills and use spirit stones to cultivate? I finally understand one sentence, that is "Liters of rich breeds grace, buckets of rice breeds hatred". If Shen Baiqi really treated you like a dog then you really know how to bite your owner. From the looks of it, Shen Baiqi really treated this dog too well."

    With that, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered nagging at Wu Jingwu. He extended his hand and shot an electroball out.

    Sometimes, you just offer someone a little bit of help and he would remember it. Other times you would help someone immensely and he would think that you had more to offer. When you didn't do that, he would start to hate you. In the world, the most terrifying thing was the human heart because that's where human sins lie.

    "Boom!" The electroball exploded. Wu Jingwu exploded into a fog of blood.

    When Mo Wuji turned, the crowd hastily bowed and greeted, "Greetings alliance head."

    If it was the previous Mo Wuji, it was primarily because of the Heaven Seeking Palace's and the large masses' support which led to many of the sect heads electing him to be the alliance head. But now, no one felt that they made a mistake in electing the current Mo Wuji.

    Before Mo Wuji could start questioning him, Jiang Xiushan took the initiative to walk over and bow, "Jiang Xiushan is narrow-minded. I hope the alliance head doesn't take this to heart."

    Behind Mo Wuji was an existence that could easily annihilate a Worldly Immortal King. Even if Jiang Xiushan's guts were multiplied by over 9000 times, he wouldn't dare to not show respect to Mo Wuji. Jiang Xiushan did not think that the after the Zhen Mo Continent Worldly Immortal King left this place, he could ever return.

    Mo Wuji's gaze landed Jiang Xiushan as he coldly said, " Sect Head Jiang, even though I don't look up to you, you're still a man. I can clearly tell you now, the Great Evolution Sect is the Great Evolution Sect, while Lei Hongji is Lei Hongji. If your Great Evolution Sect continues to raise Lei Hongji as its flag and have Lei Hongji representing the Great Evolution Sect, then I assure you that Lei Hongji's and the Great Evolution Sect's funeral would come very soon."

    If this was the previous Mo Wuji speaking, even if he was the Hundred Sect Alliance Head, Jiang Xiushan would not hesitate to snap out and even fall out with Mo Wuji. But now, he was aware that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth. Even a Worldly Immortal King was eliminated by Mo Wuji's backer, much less his Great Evolution Sect.

    "It will be as Alliance Head Mo says," Jiang Xiushan replied respectfully. Even though his ego was big, he wouldn't gamble with the survival of the Great Evolution Sect.

    Mo Wuji did not continue with Jiang Xiushan, but proactively walked to the power position the eyebrow-less man was sitting on. He then said, "Everyone, please take a seat. Over these past two years, I went behind closed doors. During this time, the Hundred Sect Alliance has grew stronger. This is all thanks to everyone's hard work. As the alliance head, I'm truly ashamed."

    The few Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators had long dragged the surrounding corpses away.

    "If not for alliance head's plans, our Lost Continent, even our Hundred Sect Alliance would not have advanced at such a rapid pace," Feng Zhenqiu was the first to speak out.

    When he previously supported Mo Wuji, it was because he looked highly upon Mo Wuji's potential. But now, it was truly because of Mo Wuji's capabilities.

    His words were not wrong. Before Mo Wuji went behind closed doors, he designed plans and rules which were very suitable for the Five Elements Desolate City. Even though there were some loopholes in the rules, under the efforts of the Hundred Sect Alliance in these two years, these loopholes had largely been covered.

    The Jade Net Sect Head, Han Xing, stood forward and said, "Answering the alliance head, two years ago, you entrusted me with a matter. I have already found some clues."

    "Oh, what is it?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Han Xing saw that Mo Wuji did not intend to hide anything so he hurriedly answered, "It turns out they had some internal problems. So they left the Lost Continent from the Sky Sea. As to where they went, I also went out to sea to take a look, but I didn't even find a single clue."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand disappointedly, "So it's like that. Many thanks Sect Head Han."

    Mo Wuji already knew that the Nine Moons Pill House had some internal problems. Since Zhen Shaoke had gone out to sea, Mo Wuji did not have any ways of finding him. He could only hope that Zhen Shaoke's luck would be not bad so that he could survive in the tumultuous Sky Sea.

    The several sect heads saw that the Jade Net Sect Head had accepted the alliance head's private task and they were all slightly envious of Han Xing.

    Mo Wuji knew that Han Xing was careful in his work, so Mo Wuji would no longer care about this issue.

    "Alliance Head Mo, the Zhen Mo Continent has as many experts as there are clouds. This time, the sect head managed to settle the issue. But if they continued to send stronger people, how would our Lost Continent be able to defend against it?" A man with slightly tussled hair stood forward.

    Mo Wuji recognised this man, he was the Thousand Array Gatekeeper, Yu Hexi. Don't underestimate the Thousand Array Gate because it was only an Earth sect. In the Lost Continent, no one would belittle the Thousand Array Gate.

    In the Lost Continent, at least 70 to 80% of sect protecting arrays were installed with the help of the Thousand Array Gate. Even the entry array into Five Elements Desolate City was built by the Thousand Array Gate. Yu Hexi wasn't just the Gatekeeper of the Thousand Array Gate, but also the association head of the Array Association.

    "Association Head Yu's words are indeed on point," Mo Wuji respected this Yu Hexi much more than Jiang Xiushan. It was just that Jiang Xiushan's cultivation was higher. But still, Jiang Xiushan would not catch Mo Wuji's eye. In contrast, Mo Wuji looked at this Yu Hexi with a different light.

    "I intend to install another grand defensive array at the Five Elements Desolate City. The moment someone enters our Lost Continent through the Five Elements Desolate Domain, we will be first to get notified. I would need to trouble Association Head Yu to help with the grand defensive array," Mo Wuji even stood up and clasped his fists.

    The best solution was naturally to install an array which encompassed the entire Lost Continent. However, that was impossible. Let's not talk about Mo Wuji's current cultivation, but even if he was in the True God Stage, it would be difficult to install such a huge array. Thus, Mo Wuji could only take a step back and think of ways to hinder the Zhen Mo Continent's path into the Lost Continent.

    To come over from the Zhen Mo Continent, there were only two ways: the Five Elements Desolate Domain and the Sky Sea.

    Mo Wuji knew that if the Zhen Mo Continent experts were to come to the Lost Continent, they would definitely choose to traverse the Five Elements Desolate Domain instead of the Sky Sea. The journey across the Sky Sea was multiple times longer and it was also easy to get lost.
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