Chapter 269: The Green Flame In The Depths Of Lost Sky Ruins

    Chapter 269: The Green Flame In The Depths Of Lost Sky Ruins

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    Yu Hexi quickly spoke, "You flatter me. As long as it's something related to array dao, I'll definitely put in all the effort I can muster. But what I'm worried about is if we are still unable to block out true experts even with the best defensive array."

    Mo Wuji smiled, " Association Head He need not worry about that. Once an expert breaks through the array, there'll be someone there to deal with him."

    This was the arrangement that Mo Wuji made with the white moustached old man. He would be responsible to complete the assignments that the white moustached old man gave him, and the white moustached old man would have to help him look after the Lost Continent. As soon as alien cultivators invaded the area, the old man was not permitted to act as though as he didn't know anything.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, everyone's hearts were set at ease, and Feng Zhenqiu added on," Alliance Head Mo don't worry, now the Hundred Sect Alliance has sufficient resources, so the Array Association can even set up the best intermediate grade array."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, the best intermediate grade array would be a grade 6 array, and setting up a grade 6 array was something rather difficult for cultivators below True God Stage. Even True God Stage cultivators would have to put in a lot of effort to set one up. He believed that the white moustached old man would keep their agreement in mind, and take action whenever there was a disturbance.

    "On top of that, I have another more urgent matter to discuss with everyone..." Mo Wuji planned to give up the position of Alliance Head, and head to Zhen Mo Continent.

    Since he had promised the white moustached old man, he would have to do it. While his current cultivation level was still insufficient for travelling across the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he could still travel by the Sky Sea.

    Before he could bring up the topic of resignation, a flying messenger sword shot straight into Feng Zhenqiu's hands.

    As he opened the flying messenger sword, his expression changed, and he passed the letter to Mo Wuji.

    "Granny Linglong?" After reading the contents of the message, Mo Wuji was shocked. He had saved Granny Linglong once before, and since then Granny Linglong never returned, but a letter from her was right in front of him now.

    Feng Zhenqiu spoke solemnly, "Yes, Linglong said that she was lured to the Lost Sky Ruins, the ancient battlefield of the gods which even I dare not enter carelessly. However, she found something extremely important and is now trapped inside." He was willing to share this information because he knew what kind of place the Lost Sky Ruins was. It was definitely not part of his plan to roam the Lost Sky Ruins, thinking that he could ride on his status as a member of Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji knew what Feng Zhenqiu meant: he wanted to pass on this issue to the Alliance Head.

    Mo Wuji had entered the Lost Sky Ruins once before, hence he was very clear of the dangers that lay within it, even though he only entered the outer regions of the ruins previously.

    Now that Linglong was in trouble, he could not ignore her. His plan to head to Zhen Mo Continent would have to wait, after all his agreement with the old man would only expire a few decades later, so he had all the time in the world.

    "Fellow sect heads, Granny Linglong is not only the number one Heaven Pill Refiner of the Lost Continent, but also a True God Stage expert. If anything happens to her, it will be a great loss to us. I intend to personally lead four people into the Lost Sky Ruins. Anyone who is willing to go with me, step forward," Mo Wuji's gaze fell on the many sect heads.

    "I'll naturally follow sect head." Xing Huang might still have been injured, but after Mo Wuji helped him, he was recovering quickly.

    Feng Zhenqiu stepped forward too, "I'll go as well." Granny Linglong was a member of Heaven Seeking Palace, so he could not turn this opportunity down.

    Jiang Xiushan stood up quickly, but before he could speak, Mo Wuji opened his mouth, "Sect Head Jiang will stay, Association Head Yu has to set up the defensive array for Five Elements Desolate Domain, so I'll have to trouble you to help him out. This time, Elder Feng Zhe will represent Great Evolution Sect to go with me."

    Feng Zhe was also a True God Stage expert, so now the overall strength of those going to the Lost Sky Ruins was sufficient.

    "Roger Alliance Head," Jiang Xiushan heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the task that Mo Wuji assigned to him while the Great Evolution Sect was not left out for the expedition to the Lost Sky Ruins.

    "Alliance Head, please count me, Fang Zhentian, in," A brown haired man with a weird look in his eyes stepped out.

    As he observed Fang Zhentian, Mo Wuji knew that his cultivation level had increased, and he had broken through Nihility God Stage to reach True God Stage Level 1.

    "Congratulations Sect Head Fang for advancing to True God Stage, since it is so, then the fourth person shall be Sect Head Fang. Good, the rest of the sect heads, please help Sect Head Jiang and Association Head Yu to finish up the defensive array for the Five Elements Desolate Domain as soon as possible," Mo Wuji quickly said once he saw that there were more people about to step out.

    Upon hearing this, Fang Zhentian was shocked. He had only advanced to True God Stage not long ago, and while others did not know, Mo Wuji, a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, actually found out with a glance.

    "Congratulations Sect Head Fang," When they heard that Fang Zhentian broke through to True God Stage, the other sect heads came forward to congratulate him.

    Mo Wuji then stood up, "This matter must not be delayed, Sect Head Jiang and Association Head Yu, quickly start preparations for setting up the defensive array. Dean Feng, Defender Xing, Sect Head Fang, and Elder Wang, we will head to the Lost Sky Ruins now."


    The Lost Sky Ruins. There was a pretty high death rate for those that entered it, but there were still cultivators who would choose to enter this place. Only after the Five Elements Desolate Domain opened, the people coming here began to lessen.

    Everyone that entered the Lost Sky Ruins had to pass through the marketplace outside of it. Moreover, the marketplace had one side in the open and another in the shadows. The one in the open was controlled by the Sky Ruin Alliance, while the one in the shadows was a black market controlled by Lord Mang.

    Originally, the number of people in the black market was relatively little, and ever since the Five Elements Desolate Domain opened, the numbers dwindled further. In order to increase the human traffic for his black market, Lord Mang couldn't help but do some advertisement.

    This naturally disrupted the balance between both sides, causing the competition between them to intensify. As for the marketplace outside of the Lost Sky Ruins, the constant clashes made the place increasingly unruly.

    When Mo Wuji arrived at the Lost Sky Ruin's marketplace, Sky Ruin Alliance's men were in the midst of a confrontation with Lord Mang's men.

    "Screw off to one side..." A man from Sky Ruin Alliance scolded immediately as he saw Mo Wuji walk in between both parties without thinking.

    However right after he completed half a sentence, he was sent flying with a slap from Sky Ruin Alliance's Alliance Head, Ou Shicheng. Before he could understand why his Alliance Head would slap him, he saw Ou Shicheng bow respectfully to the youth that had barged in.

    "Sky Ruin Alliance's Ou Shicheng greets Alliance Head," Ou Shicheng spoke with a humble tone. Mo Wuji was an Alliance Head and while he was also an Alliance Head, he was just an ant when compared to this Alliance Head of the Hundred Sect Alliance

    He was very lucky to have gone to the Five Elements Desolate Domain back then to personally witness the process of this youth becoming the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head.

    As soon as Ou Shicheng's finished speaking, the black market's Lu Mang quickly stepped forward to welcome Mo Wuji, bowing respectfully as well, "Lu Mang greets Alliance Head."

    Mo Wuji was a speechless after seeing the scene in front of him unfolding like a gang fight. These people were still a bunch of cultivators, but they did not have a demeanor fitting of one.

    "Disperse the crowd, Lu Mang and Ou Shicheng stay, I have a few things to ask about," Mo Wuji casually said.

    Since the Hundred Sect Alliance's Alliance Head had spoken, regardless whether it was Sky Ruin Alliance's Ou Shicheng or Lord Mang, neither dared to oppose him, as they quickly ordered their men to leave. Even though Feng Zhenqiu and co. were not on Mo Wuji's side, the both of them dared not act disrespectfully towards him.

    Based on his rank 1 placing on the Hundred Sect ALliance Contribution Points Board, this was not a person that Ou Shicheng and Lu Mang could afford to offend.

    "Lu Mang, let me ask you, are you aware of the existence of a Honest Qi's Provision Shop in the black market? Where is he now? Where did he come from?" Mo Wuji was not here for Honest Qi, but since he had made the trip already, he might as well find out.

    Lu Mang quickly answered, "I would like to report to Alliance Head that Honest Qi has been in the black market for nearly 20 years, and I don't know where he came from. However, a few years ago, he died in his own shop, and the shop has been sealed off by me."

    Mo Wuji did not probe further, as he knew that it would not yield much. Something like Honest Qi dying in his own shop was only believable to someone like Lu Mang.

    "Has there been anything going on in the Lost Sky Ruins recently?" This question was targeted at both Lu Mang and Ou Shicheng.

    "Yes," Both of them responded almost instantly after Mo Wuji completed his question.

    "What happened? Spit it out," Mo Wuji came here to inquire about things just in case. Who knew that he would actually get some information?

    Ou Shicheng fought to answer first, "Six days ago, a green flame shot to the sky from the depths of the Lost Sky Ruins. The flame was at least hundreds of meters tall, and illuminated half the sky green."

    "Did anyone find out what happened?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

    Shaking his head, Ou Shicheng replied, "No, that place was in the deepest region of the Lost Sky Ruins, so no one dared to go. Anyone that goes is guaranteed to die."

    Seeing that he had no chance to speak, Lu Mang added on, "I can remember the position of the flame, it should be at the location where the Cock Star rises."

    The Cock Star was a star that rose when the cocks crowed in the morning, and Lu Mang had pointed out the general direction to go from his words alone.

    Upon hearing that, Mo Wuji said, "If you guys continue to wreck the Lost Sky Ruins' marketplace like this, it will soon disappear. From now on, this place will come under the jurisdiction of the Hundred Sect Alliance. Lu Mang, you will pass down my orders, and you will be responsible of going to the Five Elements Desolate City to inform the Hundred Sect Alliance of this, then you will help the Hundred Sect Alliance alongside Ou Shicheng to build up Sky Ruins City. After this is done, both of you can take up a position each, and own a shop here. As for the business in Sky Ruins City, it will all be handed over to the Hundred Sect Alliance."

    "Roger, we will follow Alliance Head's orders," Ou Shicheng and Lu Mang dared not disagree a single bit.

    Both of them had fought each other furiously, but in the end, it only took some words from Mo Wuji and this place had gone to the Hundred Sect Alliance. Not only couldn't they complain, they also had to put in their utmost effort to build up Sky Ruin City.

    After settling the issue of Lost Sky Ruin's market with a casual conversation, Mo Wuji brought the four True God Stage experts along into the Lost Sky Ruins, racing towards the direction of the Cock Star.
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