Chapter 272: The Little Chickens Successor

    Chapter 272: The Little Chicken's Successor

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    If it was underneath a different mountain, no one would care if their way out was blockaded. But at this location, everyone knew what having their way out blocked meant. This was where the Scholar's Heart was, so if anyone dared to carelessly disturb the mountain around them, it might cause the Scholar's Heart to explode.

    "Everyone don't move, this is at least a Grade 7 trap array. The more you move, the deeper you sink in." Xing Huang's voice echoed out, and everyone could hear the fear in his voice. A Grade 7 trap array, if there weren't anyone controlling it, the few True God Stage experts might still have a chance to escape.

    But at this moment, not only was there someone controlling the array, it was also beneath the Scholar's Heart, hence none of those trapped there would likely survive.

    Mo Wuji not only did not move, but had already sat down. Once the trap array appeared, his heart sank. In terms of array dao, he was not any lousier than Xing Huang, even much better than Xing Huang for some areas. Since Xing Huang could recognise that this was a Grade 7 trap array, wouldn't he be able to do the same?

    He knew then that whatever he said had no use, so he had to quickly determine how to break this array. Otherwise, the first person Jing Gumu killed would be him.

    After all, in the tray array his cultivation level was the lowest. Even if the other four were trapped, it would not be that easy for Jing Gumu to kill them. To kill Mo Wuji was indeed easily achievable.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will quickly seeped to the surroundings of the trap array, and after he captured a few void runes, a scream almost escaped his mouth.

    This was a sense of joy originating from deep within his heart, because this rune was very familiar. It was from Chu Xingzi's hands, and with slight modifications.

    When Chu Xingzi was initially trapped under the ice mountain, he listed out all the high grade arrays that trapped him in. The reason he couldn't leave the trap array below the ice mountain was that the Little Chicken had combined various types of trap arrays together to form a new trap array. The new trap array was never broken by Chu Xingzi, or at least Mo Wuji did not see Chu Xingzi's solution for it.

    The trap array that was formed by the runes before him was of the poorest quality out of all the top grade runes that trapped Chu Xingzi.

    Mo Wuji had always been studying Chu Xingzi's Array Dao, so how could he not recognise when such familiar runes were presented to him. If it were other Grade 7 trap arrays, it would not be that easy for him to even find a starting point. But for this trap array, it was a joke to him.

    Logically speaking, as Chu Xingzi had been trapped under the ice mountain for so many years, it was impossible for him to have passed on his array dao to Jing Gumu. Hence Jing Gumu probably learnt this array dao from that Little Chicken that studied Chu Xingzi's array dao then trapped him.

    After throwing out a few array flags, the void runes separated into two sides, forming a tunnel in front of him.

    "Alliance Head Mo..." The first to appear was Feng Zhe, and he stared at Mo Wuji with a surprised look, not understanding how Mo Wuji could open a tunnel in such a strong trap array.

    Waving his hand, Mo Wuji signalled to him to remain silent, before throwing over ten flags out, forming another three tunnels quickly.

    Feng Zhenqiu, Xing Huang, and Fang Zhentian were moving around like headless chickens, but now they rushed over once they saw Mo Wuji.

    "Sect Head, you're really amazing, to be able to open such a high grade trap array..."

    Xing Huang's voice was a little loud, and Mo Wuji had to raise his hands to stop him, "Defender Xing, I've coincidentally seen this trap array before, and the methods I used to open it is a little weird, so I believe that Little Chicken...no, that Jing Gumu must not have noticed it yet. Everyone please wait for me here, after I've saved Linglong, I will give it to Jing Gumu."

    It was Chu Xingzi that had broken this trap array, and in the messages he left behind, he said that even the Little Chicken did not know that he had escaped the trap array after breaking it.

    Of course, Chu Xingzi was not able to break Little Chicken's combination trap array. Who Little Chicken was, Mo Wuji did not know, but he was sure that Jing Gumu would definitely not be able to match up with a single hair on Little Chicken.

    The few of them nodded as they looked at Mo Wuji in joy. Thankfully their Alliance Head was strong in array dao, otherwise, they would have died unfairly.

    Mo Wuji grabbed and threw out another seven to eight array flags, and soon the area above them became visible. Beside the green gas, the floating Linglong came into sight.

    At the void position, Mo Wuji rapidly drew many runes, causing the originally floating Linglong to plummet downwards abruptly. He then quickly went forward to catch her in his arms.

    "Dean Feng, I will open up a tunnel in a while. Carry Linglong and leave through it swiftly." As Mo Wuji spoke, he delivered Linglong into Feng Zhenqiu's arms.

    "What about you?" Feng Zhenqiu asked.

    "Mo Wuji chuckled, "I will leave too, but I'll be the last one to leave. Since this guy lured us here, how could we leave without giving him a present?"

    Following which, he threw out a few more array flags, and a new tunnel appeared before all of them. The end of the tunnel was where they had come from, which was not obstructed by anything.

    Feng Zhenqiu and co. sped out of the tunnel with Mo Wuji at the back. The array flags in his hands landed continuously, and within a few minutes time, he rushed out to join the others.

    "Sect Head Mo, your array dao is simply too strong, Feng Zhe is really impressed." Feng Zhe said emotionally as he saw Mo Wuji approach them.

    To that Mo Wuji only laughed, but did not answer. This set of methods had been carved out by Chu Xingzi under the ice mountain, and he only copied them. If he did not have Chu Xingzi's method for breaking the trap array, even if he could find the exit, it would definitely not have gone unnoticed by Jing Gumu.

    "Did Jing Gumu find out?" Feng Zhenqiu asked softly.

    "He will find out soon so we have to increase our speed." After finishing the sentence, Mo Wuji went even faster.

    The few of them were extremely strong people, and on top of that they did not have anything to guard against when leaving, unlike when they entered. Thus, within a few minutes, all of them charged out of the crevice.

    An angry howl echoed out from underground, and Mo Wuji shouted, "Quickly leave."

    At this moment everyone increased their speed to the maximum even without Mo Wuji's reminder. They were no fools, and they knew that Mo Wuji had agitated the Scholar's Heart.

    Not leaving when the Scholar's Heart exploded would be waiting for death.

    The frightening burning sensation seemed as though as it would envelop them at any moment, so who would dare to get left behind then?

    A few minutes later, they felt the temperature behind them drop, and only then did they dare to stop to take a look.

    The place that they had come from was originally a small hilly area, but now the hills had completely disappeared. As for the short, big volcano, it had vanished completely. A large crater had appeared in the distance, and from it emanated terrifying amounts of heat.

    "What a strong Scholar's Heart..." Xing Huang exclaimed.

    No one mentioned Jing Gumu, as they all knew that there wasn't even the pulp of him remaining.

    "This went rather well. Alliance Head, your array dao is really strong. When we return, you should take charge of the Five Elements Desolate Domain's defensive array." Feng Zhenqiu respected Mo Wuji even more after witnessing the extent of Mo Wuji's strength in array dao.

    As Mo Wuji was last in the group, the back of his clothes had been burnt off from the heat of the fire. He changed into a fresh set of clothes, and waved off the comment, "Everyone, I will be doing closed door cultivation somewhere for a period of time, so I will not have the time to manage the affairs of the Hundred Sect Alliance. I'll temporarily pass on the title of Alliance Head to Dean Feng."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji took out his contribution points token and passed it to Feng Zhenqiu.

    Feng Zhenqiu quickly placed Linglong on a jade bed, then received the contribution points token before asking, "Alliance head, even if you undergo closed door cultivation, you still can continue managing the Hundred Sect Alliance."

    But Mo Wuji just shook his head, "Other than undergoing closed door cultivation, I will be travelling for a period of time, possibly returning only a few years later, or even decades later. The Hundred Sect Alliance cannot be without an alliance head, so could Dean Feng please temporarily take up that role? I'll have to request for Dean Feng to help out regarding Linglong's injuries too."

    Hearing Mo Wuji put it that way, Feng Zhenqiu had nothing to say. Mo Wuji was very assertive, and the way he did things was very unique. Once he had decided on something, no one would be able to convince him otherwise. Moreover, his cultivation level was indeed quite low, and it was still acceptable for him to choose closed door cultivation. As for Linglong's injuries, even if Mo Wuji did not mention it, Heaven Seeking Palace would still try their best to save her.

    "If I'm not back for a prolonged period of time, Dean Feng please take care of Tian Ji Sect too." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully towards Feng Zhenqiu.

    After speaking, he continued to bow respectfully towards Feng Zhe and Fang Zhentian, "Both of you are True God Stage experts, if Tian Ji Sect meets any trouble, I hope that you two will help them out on my account."

    Even when disregarding the fact that Mo Wuji might have had a Worldly Immortal Stage expert backing him up, just based on how easily he broke the Grade 7 trap array and brought them out, the three of them would have given Mo Wuji face.

    Hence after Mo Wuji bowed respectfully and made his requests, all three of them quickly returned the bow, and pledged that they would take care of Tian Ji Sect.

    All three of them were wise old men, so when they saw that Mo Wuji did not give special instructions to Xing Huang, they knew that he wanted to speak to Xing Huang in private. Thus after they agreed to Mo Wuji's requests, they said their farewells and left.

    "Sect head, you want to look for a place to undergo your closed door cultivation?" After the three of them left, Xing Huang asked immediately

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I promised someone to make a trip to Zhen Mo Continent. So Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head will temporarily be Sang Yiping. There should be sufficient spiritual energy at Tian Ji Sect, so Defender Xing can stay there for your closed door cultivation. When I'm not around, I'll have to ask Defender Xing to take care of the sect."
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