Chapter 273: Greed

    Chapter 273: Greed

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    Xing Huang promptly promised, "Sect head can rest assured that I will definitely protect Tian Ji Sect. Even if I leave, that will wait till the day that Tian Ji Sect has at least two Nihility Gods."

    With that, Xing Huang waved his hand, an extricately carved, silver flying ship appeared in front of Mo Wuji, "Sect head, this is a high grade spiritual equipment, it's the work I feel most proud of. Since sect head wants to go to Zhen Mo Continent, then an average flying ship would not do. I will give this ship to the sect head."

    Mo Wuji and Xing Huang started their relationship based on mutual benefits, but after a series of events, the two became friends. Now, Xing Huang even took out his best and proudest work for Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji hurried to stop Xing Huang, "Defender Xing, I have obtained several storage rings from those Zhen Mo Continent True God Stage experts. How could I be short of flying treasures?"

    Now that Xing Huang thought about it, it was true. Previously when that Worldly Immortal King Gu Qi arrived at the Five Elements Desolate City, he brought along some True God Stage experts, and the strongest one was already at True God Stage Level 9. As he was thinking of this, an additional sense of respect towards Mo Wuji developed in his heart. Even though he didn't personally see the expert behind Mo Wuji killing the True God Stage experts like ants, he had long heard about it from Feng Zhenqiu and co.

    "Then will sect head be following me back?" Xing Huang asked.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No, after I find a place to refine the rings, I will leave here from the Sky Sea."

    The Sky Sea was in the opposite direction from Tian Ji Sect, as well as the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Since Mo Wuji intended to leave from the Sky Sea, Xing Huang didn't say anything much further. He kept his silver flying ship and bade his farewells. He was going to return back to Tian Ji Sect and relay Mo Wuji's message to Sang Yiping and co. Thereafter, he would have Sang Yiping succeed as the acting sect head.

    He viewed Mo Wuji highly, he believed that the next time he met Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would definitely be a world shaking expert. From whatever perspective, he had to run Tian Ji Sect well. If Mo Wuji came back and the Tian Ji Sect was a mess, Mo Wuji might not say anything much to him but their relationship would definitely thin down.

    After seeing Xing Huang go off into the distance, Mo Wuji turned back and looked at the huge pit burned out by the Scholar's Heart with reluctance in his heart. There, the Scholar's Heart had formed another lake of green fire. However, that was not his, at least, it was not something he could touch for the time being.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, casting aside the greed in his heart and chose a direction to leave in.

    Who didn't want the Scholar's Heart? Mo Wuji, as a pill refiner, would want this flame even more. However, he knew clearly, even if the True God Stage experts didn't advise him against it, it should be impossible for him to get it. Jing Gumu had his means of taking away the Scholar's Heart, he even found an ice attribute body, but ultimately he still failed. If Jing Gumu couldn't do it, then Mo Wuji shouldn't even think about it.

    The Scholar's Heart was truly too strong, even if he advanced into the True God Stage, he might not even dare to act like Jing Gumu, standing right under the fire to refine it.

    Due to his use of arrays, he managed to incite the Scholar's Heart to burn Jing Gumu to flying ash. But even if he didn't do anything, he still suspected that Jing Gumu would not succeed.

    If he had the chance to refine the Scholar's Heart, he would not court death like Jing Gumu by standing right under the Scholar's Heart. He would refine it from the side, slowly refining it to the center.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji shook his head. Not just him, even if Feng Zhenqiu and co. tried to refine the Scholar's Heart slowly from the side, it would not be practical. Unless one could transform their body to contain an extreme coldness, like the coldness of the basement where he found the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower.

    Mo Wuji suddenly stopped in his tracks. He thought of something: If he could transform his body to have that sort of coldness, would he be able to refine a flame like the Scholar's Heart from the sides?

    He was truly unable to change his body to have this sort of coldness, but he could try with the cultivation method of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style.

    Previously, when he was practising the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style, because of the lack of content, he almost got his internal organs burnt by the intense heat which ensued.

    If he could use that initial cultivation technique, and reverse the way he circulated the energy, would he be able to get the opposite of a body scorching heat?

    The moment this idea sprouted, it grew rapidly. Even if Mo Wuji did not want to think about it, the idea still wandered around in his mind.

    Mo Wuji inhaled deeply, rushing to a hill not faraway and dug a simple immortal cave. He wanted to test his idea, otherwise, this idea would never subside.

    Activating his circulation technique, spiritual energy was strongly drawn towards Mo Wuji. However, this time he followed the opposite direction of the Lightning Flash cultivation technique, circulating spiritual energy in the reverse direction.

    Because he was worried that this might damage his meridians, Mo Wuji circulated the energy extremely slowly. The moment he met with a problem, he would immediately stop.

    His first meridian completed one reverse circulation, but there did not seem to be any reaction. Mo Wuji was rather disappointed, it seemed like his thinking was truly preposterous.

    Mo Wuji started circulating reversely with ten meridians simultaneously. His Lightning Flash cultivation technique was tweaked according to the Immortal Mortal Technique. After Mo Wuji opened his meridians, his Immortal Mortal Technique allowed him to absorb spiritual energy at a rapid pace, much faster than other cultivators. Now, with ten over meridians simultaneously circulating energy, it was like a devouring tornado was formed. Copious amounts of spiritual energy seemed to form one whirlpool after another inside his body.

    When compared to his usual Immortal Mortal Technique, this absorption speed was much faster, it was even close to an entire fold faster.

    Mo Wuji was horrified. He hastily tried to stop but things had already gotten out of his control. Right at this moment, an icy cold sensation exuded from his meridians and started to spread throughout his entire body. At the very next instant, he saw his own arms and legs getting frozen in front of his very eyes. This icy coldness seeped out from meridians, pervading into his internal organs and finally freezing his extremities. Mo Wuji's heart turned cold, this was not what he wanted.

    Even though he had already stopped this reverse circulation, he could still feel his spiritual energy flowing through his body, transforming into elemental energy which continued to plunge his meridians into greater coldness.

    Mo Wuji felt like his soul was going to leave his body. At this rate, his meridians were definitely going to get frozen and ripped, followed by his entire body. When his body contained that terrifying heat, at least he had some means of moving his body. But now, he couldn't even move.

    Truly, if one didn't seek death, one wouldn't die. Mo Wuji's heart was filled with grief because he would definitely die if he let this go on.

    Reversing the circulation technique did indeed transform him into a block of ice. But this ice block wasn't what he imagined. It was ready to take away his little life. Mo Wuji tried to use his willpower to struggle to circulate the Immortal Mortal Technique, to melt down his body which was already frozen by the extreme ice. But his meridians were already frozen and that could only remain as a pipe dream. He wasn't even able to stop his current reverse circulation of spiritual energy as his body continued to plunge into icy coldness.

    As time passed, besides his spiritual will which could extend outwards, there was nothing else he could do.

    Mo Wuji slowly approached desolation. His spiritual sent sweeping outwards as he tried to grab even a single strand of hope. Disappointingly, he did not find a person, nor anything that could help him.

    Right as Mo Wuji's spiritual will also started to get blurry, his spiritual will swept across a slightly pudgy figure.
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