Chapter 274: Various Methods

    Chapter 274: Various Methods

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    That's Feng Zhe? Even though Mo Wuji was completely frozen, he was able to quickly discern who that was. That slightly pudgy fella was Feng Zhe.

    Mo Wuji soon came to an understanding. He wasn't the only one unwilling to leave the Scholar's Heart behind, the Great Evolution Sect's Feng Zhe was the same. However, when everyone was here, he acted nonchalant, and even as though he couldn't wait to get out of here.

    Now that everyone had left, he sneakily returned. Mo Wuji gave up on using his spiritual will to communicate with Feng Zhe. If it was Xing Huang, then maybe he might do that.

    But since it was Feng Zhe, he definitely couldn't do it. The moment Feng Zhe knew he was here, Feng Zhe would immediately eliminate him to shut his mouth.

    If Feng Zhe was confident that he could extract the Scholar's Heart, then he definitely didn't want others to know that the one who took the Scholar's Heart away was him.

    Mo Wuji sighed but he didn't retract his spiritual will. If he had to die, he would rather freeze to death then get killed by Feng Zhe.

    In less than half an incense's time, Mo Wuji saw another figure dashing by.

    It had a head full of brown hair. Mo Wuji only needed a single sweep to identify it as the Heaven Demon Sect's Fang Zhentian.

    Indeed, Fang Zhentian would not come here for any other reason, he must have came for the Scholar's Heart. What a pity that it wasn't Feng Zhenqiu or Xing Huang who came over. If it was those two, perhaps they might save his life

    The Heaven Demon Sect originated from the Heaven Sect. Since the Heaven Sect's Jing Gumu had methods to refine the Scholar's Heart, then perhaps Fang Zhentian had his own means of extracting the Scholar's Heart. As for Feng Zhe, that fella always had a smile on his face, acting very harmless and innocuous but Mo Wuji could feel that this fella's schemes were even deeper than Fang Zhentian. Among the four True God Experts that came with him, Mo Wuji felt the least comfortable with this Feng Zhe.

    Time flowed by slowly, Mo Wuji's spiritual will started to get blurry. He still gritted his teeth and push on; the moment his spiritual will completely blurred up, that would mean that he was really gone. Until the very last moment, he definitely wouldn't give up. Perhaps, Feng Zhenqiu might also want the Scholar's Heart and come over?

    "Boom!" A terrifying explosion excited Mo Wuji's sinking spiritual will to clear up significantly. He subconsciously extended his spiritual will to the maximum. In his heart, he was thinking whether it was Feng Zhe refining the Scholar's Heart, or was it Fang Zhentian? Or did the two parties discover one another and started fighting?

    Before Mo Wuji could chuck these thoughts aside, a wave of heat came surfing over. Following which, Mo Wuji saw his frozen body, which was on the brink of shattering, start to soften up

    Mo Wuji did not feel a half bit excited, but a tinge of fury. These two fellas should just refine the Scholar's Heart, but if they actually induced another eruption of the Scholar's Heart. The moment the Scholar's Heart came flowing over, he would completely and utterly be dead meat.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was feeling slight regret for choosing this place which was so close to the Scholar's Heart. However, he didn't have time to regret for long. His body had been frozen into an ice cube but with the flames of the Scholar's Heart flowing over, the first thing he needed to do was to hurry use the Immortal Mortal Technique to stabilise his fleshly body.

    Otherwise, even if his body was stronger, to get roasted by such intense flames right after he experience such icy coldness would definitely cause him to collapse. Unfortunately, his internal organs were still frozen solid, with only a single strand of elemental energy still in slow circulation. Even if his legs could move, he couldn't run.

    Activating the Immortal Mortal Technique, a soul tearing sensation came pervading through his entire body. As he got wrapped up in this terrifying, tearing pain, Mo Wuji's entire body started trembling.

    Following the rise in the surrounding temperature, the circulation of the Immortal Mortal Technique gradually stabilised and did not seem like he would fall apart. Mo Wuji lightly heaved a sigh of relief, he struggled to sit up as he wanted to first get out of this place.

    But when he sent his spiritual will out, he was almost shocked crazy. His entire surroundings was covered in green flames. Feeling that sort terrifying heat, Mo Wuji was at a loss of what to do.

    Those two fellas had incited the Scholar's Heart and the flames of the Scholar's Heart completely razed over a radius of a few kilometers. Luckily, his distance was still considered quite far, and this was at the extreme sides of the Scholar's Heart flames. There were only a few green flames. Otherwise, he would have been burnt to ashes.

    But how did this flames flow so far? While Mo Wuji ate a few healing pills, he also sent his spiritual will sweeping outwards.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will reached Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe who were sitting in the center of the green flames, he immediately came to an understanding.

    Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe were a few hundred meters apart, the both of them were sitting on the floor. The jade flute he passed to Fang Zhentian previously was placed on top of Fang Zhentian's head, emitting a jade green light. This light formed a jade green barrier around Fang Zhentian. Sitting within the barrier, Fang Zhentian was constantly forming hand seals.

    A few hundred meters away from Fang Zhentian, ten swords were continuously revolving around Feng Zhe, forming a defensive sword array. Strands of green flame energy slowly seeped into the sword array, circulating between Feng Zhe's two hands.

    Mo Wuji had already realised that the two were both refining the Scholar's Heart and he even knew the two's methods. But he didn't know what methods they used to send the Scholar's Heart spreading for a few kilometers.

    No matter how strong the Scholar's Heart was, it was something that had recently manifested. Furthermore, after being sent spreading for a few kilometers, its temperature had fallen significantly. Previously, the Scholar's Heart could not be refined. It was because of its horrifyingly high temperatures, such that one couldn't even get close to it. But now, the two incited the Scholar's Heart to flow out and far; refining the flame was now possible. Compared to Jing Gumu, their methods were more practical.

    What Mo Wuji didn't understand was, why did Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe come to a consensus and not interrupt the other's refinement of the Scholar's Heart? Don't the two know that there's only one flower of the Scholar's Heart, and two of them couldn't obtain it at the same time?

    Following the two's refinement, the surrounding temperature started to rise. Mo Wuji completely regained his ability to move. Regardless, he would have to escape from this place first.

    Since there were two True God Stage experts refining the Scholar's Heart, he wouldn't even get a scrap of it.

    Mo Wuji was just about to stand up but he immediately discarded that idea. He couldn't leave yet. The moment he leaves this hill, he would immediately be spotted by Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe. When that happens, he might be eliminated by the two.

    Mo Wuji could only stay silent.

    At this moment, the surrounding green flames suddenly for stronger by more than a fold. The terrifying flames were so hot, Mo Wuji almost cried out in pain. Mo Wuji hurriedly activated his elemental energy to defend against the heat.

    The next instant, Mo Wuji knew that his thinking was useless. Because as Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe crazily refined the Scholar's Heart, the Scholar's Heart flames would get stronger

    If he did not think of a better method, he would be these two's sacrificial pawn, burning to death in this heat.

    An idea flashed across his mind. Mo Wuji immediately started his reverse circulation. Ten over meridians simultaneously circulated in the reverse direction, that terrifying cold emerged from Mo Wuji's meridians. However, the difference from the past was that Mo Wuji was now at the side of the Scholar's Heart. With the outer temperature, he wouldn't be frozen to an ice cube.

    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji knew he wouldn't be able to hold on. His meridians was, in fact, endlessly releasing extreme cold energy but the flame temperature was gradually getting stronger. As time passed, this sort of balance was not what his body could take.

    Mo Wuji gritted his teeth and sent out a strand of spiritual will, seeping into the green flames surrounding him. Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe were refining the Scholar's Heart and now he was also forced to refine it. If he didn't refine it, he would be turned to ashes.

    Either way he would die. So why hesitate?
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