Chapter 275: Reverse Refining The Scholars Heart

    Chapter 275: Reverse Refining The Scholar's Heart

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    The Scholar's Heart was too strong, whether it was Fang Zhentian or Feng Zhe, they could only slowly refine the bit of Scholar's Heart which seeps in their defences. As for the situation outside, the two didn't have the capacity to investigate.

    Thus, when Mo Wuji entered the fray and started refining the Scholar's Heart, Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe were completely oblivious.

    The moment Mo Wuji started refining, he knew that he had made the right decision. Using his Immortal Mortal Technique to refine the Scholar's Heart was like cooking a frog with warm water, no sudden actions. The Immortal Mortal Technique drew the Scholar's Heart into his circulation route, every circulation would take away a strand of the Scholar's Heart flame energy, refining it into Mo Wuji's.

    At the start, Mo Wuji could still feel the tormenting pain when the hot and cold intersected. But towards the end, he no longer suffered from any of that torment. The rate the Immortal Mortal Technique circulated the green energy became faster and faster, signifying that his speed of refinement also became faster and faster.

    As time passed, he had already gathered a sizeable green ball of fire in his body, this was his completely refined Scholar's Heart flame energy. The green energy outside continued to get devoured by his Immortal Mortal Technique as he slowly tamed it, integrating into his body.

    The Immortal Mortal Technique was the simplest cultivation technique, or more accurately, the most fundamental form of cultivation. It was different from other cultivation techniques, it was far too simple. When using it to refine the flames of the Scholar's Heart, it would not cause any form of stimulation to the flames.

    On the other hand, Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe's refinement method was something highly adjusted. From the surface level, their cultivation method was far superior to Mo Wuji's simple Immortal Mortal Technique. However, when used for refinement, it was far from being as quiet as Mo Wuji's. Following the two's increased refinement of the green flame, the surrounding temperatures got higher.

    If Mo Wuji did not enter the fray, the two might have still persisted for a few more days. It would not be impossible for one of them to eventually refine the Scholar's Heart.

    But Mo Wuji had entered. One person alone, his refinement speed was faster than Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe combined, his speed several fold faster than when he first started.

    Another two hours passed, the jade green light barrier from the jade flute on Fang Zhentian's head slowly dimmed. At the same time, the gaps in Feng Zhe's defensive sword array became bigger.

    "Pui!" A huge hole ripped in Fang Zhentian's jade green light barrier, Fang Zhentian was no longer able to persist on, coughing out a mouth of vital blood.

    He did not even then to face Feng Zhe, his body turned into a black flurry, instantaneously disappearing outside.

    At almost the same instant Fang Zhentian charged out, a wave of green fire swept over, completely burning away Feng Zhe's clothes and hair. Feng Zhe did not even care to retrieve his sword array, also turning into a black shadow, rushing out from the green flames.

    The two were both True God Stage experts, their speed of retreat was extremely fast.

    Fang Zhentian saw Feng Zhe; Feng Zhe also saw Fang Zhentian. When the two came to rob the Scholar's Heart, they only met with each other once. Coincidentally, their methods were roughly the same, which was to spread the Scholar's Heart through several kilometres and then slowly refine it.

    Now that the two had failed, they seemed to have planned beforehand as they each ran in different directions, rushing out of the Lost Sky Ruins. This sort of thing was merely intuition, there were no need for words.

    To the two of them, refining the Scholar's Heart wasn't impossible. They just needed to find a strong form of defence and perhaps one day they might truly refine the Scholar's Heart.

    When Feng Zhe and Fang Zhentian left, the pressure on Mo Wuji instantly increased. The temperature of the surrounding green flames became higher, more than half of the hill he was in had been melted.

    Mo Wuji didn't know that Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe had failed and retreated. As the surrounding temperature rose, he subconsciously started to reverse his circulation technique; icy coldness began to seep out from his meridians. As the coldness became stronger, it formed a thin layer of frost in his body.

    However, the moment this frost appeared, it would be melted by the green flames. As Mo Wuji refined more and more of the green flame energy, the green flames surrounding him became significantly thicker. At this moment, Mo Wuji's skin started burning; an aura of death shrouded over Mo Wuji.

    Even though Mo Wuji did not open his eyes, he knew that he had to take certain measures or he would burn to death here.

    Feeling the large ball of green flames inside his body, Mo Wuji was incredibly reluctant. If he retreated now, the green flame energy he refined would be leaked away, disappearing forever.

    Cultivation was all about gambling one's life. When he first prepared to refine the Scholar's Heart, he already almost died once. Now, he had already started refining it. If he retreated now, he would definitely regret it in the future. Mo Wuji had a premonition that if he left, this Scholar's Heart wouldn't end up his.

    Even though Fang Zhentian and Feng Zhe failed, they would come back with better methods and continue to refine the Scholar's Heart.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji gritted his teeth and tried increasing the number of meridians which circulated according to the technique he created.

    Indeed, when nearly 30 meridians began to circulate reversely, more of that icy cold sensation seeped out from his meridians.

    That tearing and torment once again unleashed upon Mo Wuji's body. Mo Wuji's body was shaking but he still crazily continued to refine the Scholar's Heart flame energy.

    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji felt an intense heat sweeping across his head. He knew that his hair and skull skin had been completely burned away. The surrounding green flames also became another fold stronger.

    Mo Wuji gave out a long sigh in his heart. It wasn't that he wasn't working hard, but he truly couldn't ensure any further. It wasn't a simple matter of 1-1=0 when it came to the cold seeping from his meridians and the heat from the green flames. The most important thing was that his body couldn't take it. If he pushed any further, he would definitely collapse.

    Now, the most fragile thing was nothing but the strength of his body.

    Mo Wuji wanted to get up and leave but he immediately found that it was no longer up to him. He was completely unable to leave, his remaining strength was not one 1/10,000 of his original strength, he was not able to charge out of these terrifying flames.

    Another wave of green flames surged over; Mo Wuji gritted his teeth, directly drawing a strand of the flame and started circulating it into his reverse circulation route.

    The strand of flame seeped into Mo Wuji's meridian, instantly mixing with the coldness within his meridian. A sort of lazy feeling of contentment pervaded throughout his body and Mo Wuji was ecstatic.

    Initially, he was using his reverse circulation technique to produce the cold sensation within his meridians, to counteract the heat from the green flames outside. Thereafter, he would use the Immortal Mortal Technique to refine the Scholar's Heart into his own green flame.

    But now, he directly absorbed this green flames into his meridians together with spiritual energy, circulating it in the reverse route. Unexpectedly, not only did it increase the rate of refinement, his body was no longer subjected to that terrifying torment of hot and cold.

    At this moment, he had only used 30 over meridians and he had achieved such results. If he used all 102 meridians, how heavy defying would it be?

    Suppressing the mad glee in his heart, Mo Wuji started to slowly increase the meridians involved in circulation. With every additional meridian, an additional strand of green flame would be refined.
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