Chapter 276: New Cultivation Method

    Chapter 276: New Cultivation Method

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    One meridian after another started the reverse circulation. Multiple days later, Mo Wuji's entire body had completely immersed within the green flames. However, those flames didn't manage to burn Mo Wuji's skin before they were drawn into his meridians. After one round of circulation, they were refined by him and integrated into his ball of green flames.

    When all 102 meridians started circulating, the surrounding green flames seemed to form a green whirlpool, swirling into Mo Wuji, constantly being refined.

    Mo Wuji felt that the temperatures had gradually gotten weaker and discovered that already a month had passed. Was the Scholar's Heart refined by him already? Mo Wuji opened his eyes and sent his spiritual will out. He immediately discovered that the Scholar's Heart was not fully refined yet, but it had started to get weaker, slowly retreating back into that huge pit.

    Since he had already gotten to this level, how could Mo Wuji give up? He did not hesitate to stand up, stuffed a few Inedia Pills in his mouth and followed along with the green flames.

    When the green flames retreated by one step, he would take one step forward, all while maintaining his 102 meridians.

    The Scholar's Heart seemed to have a tiny consciousness of its own, knowing that Mo Wuji did not have good intentions. It was not willing to simply be refined like that by Mo Wuji. When Mo Wuji was getting close to the green flame lake near the pit, the Scholar's Heart surged out once more.

    The experienced Mo Wuji did not wait for the Scholar's Heart to engulf him; he immediately retreated. Whether he was advancing or retreating, his 102 meridians were always using the reverse circulation technique.

    Days passed. When Mo Wuji opened his eyes once again, he saw that there was only a thin layer of green left in the flame lake in the pit.

    Mo Wuji suppressed his excitement and directly jumped into the huge pit. The meagre green flame was no longer able to counteract against Mo Wuji and could only let itself slowly get refined by Mo Wuji.

    "Dong!" A sound like the emergence of a spring sounded in Mo Wuji's Mind Palace; Mo Wuji opened his eyes. He clenched his fists and an indescribable sense of glee washed over his entire body.

    He had refined the Scholar's Heart. It was now a pea-sized ball of fire, silently floating within his Mind Palace. That crisp "Dong" sound was the sound when the Scholar's Heart was successfully condensed; it was pleasant to the ears.

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't probe this flower of Scholar's Heart, he could clearly feel the terrifying power within.

    The green within the lake had vanished without a trace, no longer containing any hints of flame energy.

    Mo Wuji felt his consolidated cultivation and slowly clenched his fists. After spending over two months to refine the Scholar's Heart, he had gained a new revelation on cultivation.

    Perhaps everyone else would think, that in these two years, Mo Wuji's greatest reward was the Scholar's Heart.

    But only Mo Wuji knew clearly, his greatest reward wasn't refining the Scholar's Heart but creating his own cultivation technique.

    That was reversing his modified Immortal Mortal Technique.

    His Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style - Lightning Flash - was modified according to the Immortal Mortal Technique. This time, to defend against the terrifying flames of the Scholar's Heart, he reversed this modified technique. Results had shown that doing so was extremely useful; not only did it save his life, he even refined the Scholar's Heart.

    During the Scholar's Heart refinement process, he used his understanding towards his meridians and cultivation to constantly improve on his reverse circulation method. While he refined the Scholar's Heart, he also perfected this method. This wasn't merely reversing his Lightning Flash circulation route, he had also added in many of his own personal insights.

    At the beginning, he still met with various problems when he reversed the circulation route, he even almost froze himself to death. But now, he could use the reverse circulation at any moment without any fear of freezing his meridians.

    That wasn't the most important part. Most importantly, Mo Wuji discovered that when he used this reverse method, not only did his refinement speed increase by one to two folds, his pace of absorbing spiritual energy was also faster than what it was by one to two folds as well. Furthermore, the cultivated elemental energy was richer and stronger.

    This was his greatest reward. Even though he was still in Yuan Dan Stage Level 10, after these two months of refining, his elemental energy was greatly condensed.

    If he could continue to modify the Immortal Mortal Technique, he would continue to follow on this path of reversal.

    Mo Wuji turned back to the pit which had been devoid of green. He calmed down the glee in his heart before turning and rushing off.


    Multiple days later, Mo Wuji arrived at a remote valley in the Lost Sky Ruins. He was preparing to refine all the storage rings he had on him.

    He had yet to refine Jing Gumu's storage ring because his previous power was too low, his spiritual will was also weak. That's why the matter had dragged for so long. But now, he was already at Yuan Dan Stage Level 10 and was close to advancing into the True Lake Stage. Refining Jing Gumu's ring would take one to two days at the very most.

    However, Mo Wuji did not immediately refine Jing Gumu's ring; he decided to first handle those rings from the Zhen Mo Continent fellas.

    Deep in his heart, he knew that if he could enter the Zhen Mo Continent from the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he definitely wouldn't go through the Sky Sea. It was primarily because the journey across the Sky Sea was too far, using this route would definitely waste a lot of time. Furthermore, in the Sky Sea, it was easy to lose one's bearings and direction. Now that the Zhen Mo Continent experts had arrived, they might actually have a map through the Five Elements Desolate Domain.

    In just three days, Mo Wuji had completely refined all the rings. His guess was right, all these True God Stage experts each had a flying spiritual equipment in their rings. The best one was definitely of high grade and Mo Wuji even felt that it was better than the one Xing Huang was prepared to gift him.

    The only thing for Mo Wuji's dissatisfaction, was that this flying spiritual equipment looked too ugly; it looked like a ball. Which fella would design it like so? Did he think that a ball shaped flying equipment would reduce the air resistance?

    Mo Wuji organised all these items; spiritual equipment were placed in one side, pills and materials were placed in another. As for spirit stones, they were separately stored in a different storage ring.

    Unfortunately, besides this ball shaped flying equipment, the others were good but didn't really catch Mo Wuji's eyes.

    After organising everything, Mo Wuji really found a map. He merely unfolded it once and he immediately say the words: Lost Sky Ruins.

    Don't tell me that this fella got this map from the Lost Sky Ruins? Otherwise, why would it show the position of the Lost Sky Ruins?

    When Mo Wuji fully unfolded the map, he was shocked still. Not only did this map contain the Lost Sky Ruins, it also had the Sky Sea and the Five Elements Desolate Domain. The only point of disappointment was that the Sky Sea portion was ripped out, only the Five Elements Desolate Domain and the Lost Sky Ruins portions remained.

    The map clearly showed that the Zhen Mo Continent could be accessed from the Lost Sky Ruins and the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Even the Sky Sea portion showed that there was a route to the Zhen Mo Continent.

    Traversing the Lost Sky Ruins can get to the Zhen Mo Continent? Mo Wuji turned and faced the depths of the Lost Sky Ruins, uncertainty filled his heart. It wasn't that the map wasn't clear, but the Lost Sky Ruins was truly too dangerous. It's said that only few that enter the depths actually survive.
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