Chapter 279: Lost Swamp Of Certain Death

    Chapter 279: Lost Swamp Of Certain Death

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    The Lost Sky Ruins bordered the Fallen Ruins, and to Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators, there weren't many treasures in the Lost Sky Ruins.

    Despite that, it was still very dangerous inside the Lost Sky Ruins, and even True God Stage experts could perish inside.

    Thus, for cultivators that hid at Fallen Ruins, once someone came looking for them, they would flee into the Lost Sky Ruins. Not many would give chase in there.

    At this moment, in a remote tea house of Fallen Ruins' market, two men and one woman sat at the corner.

    "Brother Qi, I heard that it's more dangerous to go to Lost Sky Ruins than the Star Wars Battlefield. At least there's a chance of survival in the Star Wars. Going to the Lost Sky Ruins means certain death." The woman broke the silence. She had slightly darker skin, two big and bright eyes, and a set of thick eyebrows, which gave her a heroic look.

    The man she called brother did not appear ordinary either, as his face was rather bronzed. In his eyes there was a tinge of loneliness, and he had an uncaring look on his face.

    "Brother Qi, there's no point in wasting away as you are now. I feel that what Rong He said makes sense. With our level of cultivation, certain death awaits us in the Lost Sky Ruins." Seeing that brother did not speak, the other short, lean man lamented.

    Brother Qi finally regained his senses, and he sighed, "Sister Rong, Xingteng, I've dragged the both of you down this time."

    The lean man named Xingteng quickly waved it off, "Brother Qi, don't speak as though as we are not family. Now that we have come this far, why don't we think about how we can hide from the Jing Clan."

    After hearing that, Brother Qi got his act together, "The Jing Clan is strong, so we have no choice but to go to the Lost Sky Ruins. I heard that we can reach the Lost Continent through the Lost Sky Ruins. As long as we do that, we will be able to set up a life for ourselves. As long as we can reach the Lost Continent, I, Pang Qi, pledge that I will bring you guys back to Zhen Mo."

    Xingteng sighed, and said, "Brother Qi, it's not that we want to discourage you, but this is just a far fetched dream with our current cultivation levels. Even if we have extremely good luck and manage to pass through the Lost Sky Ruins, what can we do in Lost Continent? I heard that the cultivation culture of Lost Sky Ruins is very backwards, and Star King Mountain even brought a batch of genius cultivators from there back to Zhen Mo Continent. If there's better opportunities there, why would they come to Zhen Mo Continent?"

    Pang Qi looked at the two of them, and said in an extremely serious tone, "You're both wrong, the Lost Continent may not be able to allow people to become Worldly Immortal Kings, but this does not mean that there's nothing there. We have a low cultivation level, so there's even more opportunities for us at Lost Continent."

    "How so?" Rong He asked out of confusion. While she believed that Pang Qi would not lie to Xiong Xingteng and her, but she still did not really understand what he was saying. Just as Xingteng had said, if the cultivation culture of Lost Continent was that great, why did their top geniuses come to Zhen Mo Continent?

    Pang Qi then asked, "Let me ask you two, do you know who is rank 1 on the Mortal Board?"

    "Isn't it Yan Yangnan?" Rong He and Xiong Xingteng were puzzled, as this information could be found in every cultivation city, so why did brother have to ask about it?

    Pang Qi quickly added on, "What I'm talking about is not the current rank 1, but the previous rank 1... Another way to put it is that Star King Mountain's Mortal Board ranking, is the Mortal King Board's ranking..."

    "Brother Qi, how do you know of the Star King Mountain's Mortal King Board?" Xiong Xingteng asked excitedly.

    The Mortal King Board was a ranking made of all past rank 1s of the Mortal Board. This ranking was completely based on the strength of the past rank 1s, and only those who had been rank 1 on the Mortal Board would be qualified to be on this board. Similar to the Mortal King Board, there were a Earth King Board and a Heaven King Board.

    However, the Mortal King Board was completely different from the Mortal Board. The Mortal Board rankings was known by everyone, but the Mortal King Board was located in the deepest part of Star King Mountain, and no one other than a few experts knew the rankings on the Mortal King Board. Most people didn't even know of its existence.

    Precisely because of that, Xiong Xingteng was shocked.

    "Brother Qi, I remember now. The previous Mortal Board rank had a very weird name, called Rogue Cultivator 2705." Rong He suddenly said.

    Pang Qi nodded his head, "Sister Rong is right, the previous rank 1 of Mortal Board was Rogue Cultivator 2705. You two should know Gu Shaoyi right? Rogue Cultivator 2705 defeated him to become Mortal Board's rank 1. Do you think that Gu Shaoyi is strong? Compared with the current Mortal Board rank 1, Yan Yangnan, who is stronger?"

    "Gu Shaoyi should be stronger." Xiong Xingteng replied. He had seen Gu Shaoyi fight before, and the strength that he witness made him give up any notion of battling Gu Shaoyi.

    Pang Qi continued, "I believe that Gu Shaoyi is stronger too. Because Gu Shaoyi was rank 1 on Mortal Board, so his name is also on the Mortal King Board. From what I heard, Gu Shaoyi is in the top 100 of the Mortal King Board, and since he is in the top 100, it means that Rogue Cultivator 2705 who defeated Gu Shaoyi is also in the top 100..."

    "But brother Qi, how does this have anything to do with us going to Lost Continent?" Xiong Xingteng furrowed his brows.

    Taking in a deep breath, Pang Qu slowly spoke, "Because this Rogue Cultivator 2705 is from Lost Continent, and Gu Shaoyi fought with him at the Lost Continent. Based on what Gu Shaoyi said after returning, Rogue Cultivator 2705's strength greatly exceeded his own, and he was defeated by pure ability, not with any ploys or schemes."

    "What? Rogue Cultivator 2705 is from Lost Continent?" Rong He and Xiong Xingteng exclaimed at the same time.

    A place like Lost Continent that was backwards in cultivation culture could actually produce an expert like Rogue Cultivator 2705? They had always been living in Zhen Mo Continent, so they naturally knew what it meant to be rank 1 on Mortal Board. Not only Mortal Board rank 1, but as long as one entered the top 100 of the Mortal King Board, one would be an expert among the experts.

    Nodding his head, Pang Qi spoke, "Rogue Cultivator 2705 was not among those genius cultivators that came to Zhem Mo Continent. Since he is so strong, why wouldn't he come here? I think that to him, the cultivation opportunities at Lost Continent is not worse than on Zhen Mo Continent. Even Mortal Board's rank 1 also stayed to cultivate on Lost Continent, so why can't we go over?"

    A moment later, Long Qi saw Xiong Xingteng and Rong He with shocked expressions on their face, then he continued speaking, "Moreover, I have a map with the route to Lost Continent through the Lost Sky Ruins. As long as we do not perish in the Lost Sky Ruins, we will reach the Lost Continent in at most six months' time."

    "Brother Qi, even if we have that route, isn't it still very difficult for us to survive the journey to Lost Continent?" Xiong Xingteng was a little touched, but still kept his cool.

    Pang Qi gave a sad smile, "Why wouldn't I know that us three going to the Lost Continent means almost certain death? But do we have any choice? I believe that sometime soon, the Jing Clan's people will manage to find us here, and when that time comes we'll still die in the Lost Sky Ruins. With the map of the safe route, we can avoid most of the dangers, and once we reach the edge of the Lost Swamp and cross it, we'll be half a step into the Lost Continent already."

    "Brother Qi, I've heard of the Lost Swamp before. Cultivators that enter it basically all get swallowed up by the swamp without exception." Rong He reported worriedly.

    Just as Pang Qi was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed, "Let's leave quickly, the Jing Clan has found us."

    Xiong Xingteng stood up, "Brother Qi, let's go to the Lost Sky Ruins then. Since Lost Continent could produce a Rogue Cultivator 2705, who knows, maybe it can produce a second one. Just as brother Qi mentioned just now, as long as we survive, we'll kill our way back one day."


    "Boom!" Dense spiritual energy broke through the shackles again after countless rounds of spiritual energy circulation. If not for the fact that he couldn't stand up in the swamp, Mo Wuji wanted to stand there and to give a loud roar.

    Since he had sunk into the swamp, Mo Wuji had been cultivating non-stop. He didn't know if five or six months had passed. Now, he finally broke through from Yuan Dan Stage Level 11 to Level 12.

    It was not known how longer it would take for him to exit the swamp, but Mo Wuji did not care about that at the moment. Perhaps one day, he would break through from Yuan Dan Stage Level 12 to True Lake Stage in the swamp.

    "Hmm, what's that in the swamp?" A young girl suddenly said as she looked into the Lost Swamp.

    Beside this girl, there was also a beautiful young woman and a middle aged man. Both of them had an aura about them, and it was apparent that they were rather strong.

    "Someone's coming." The middle aged man did not bother about the swamp, but looked at the desert behind him.

    The young girl that was initially shocked also turned her gaze away, seeing two men and one woman speeding towards them.

    "Brother Qi, slow down, it looks like there's people up ahead." The three people that approached them were Pang Qi, Xiong Xingteng and Rong He that left Fallen Ruins two months ago.

    Pang Qi's foresight was the best, and he had the most experience, so with one glance, he knew that the three standing at the edge of the Lost Swamp were not ordinary people.

    He quickly bowed respectfully at the young woman and middle aged man, "Rogue cultivator Pang Qi greets both elders. Please forgive me for unknowingly charging at elder."

    As Pang Qi bowed, the other two behind him followed suit.

    "What about me? Why don't you greet me?" Seeing that Pang Qi did not greet her, the young girl immediately became unhappy.

    "Zi Han don't spout nonsense." The young woman chided the young girl, then turning to Pang Qi's trio, "Are the few of you going to enter the Lost Swamp? Do you know that it's certain death for those that enter it, and there's no life in there..."

    To have reached this location, it was obvious that they were heading for the Lost Swamp.

    The young girl named Zi Han spoke when he heard the words "certain death", "Auntie, who says it's certain death and that there's no life in it. I just saw..."

    Before she could finish her sentence, everyone stared at the edge of the Lost Swamp, where a man covered with mud, leaving only his two bright eyes exposed, stood there, obviously having just emerged from the swamp.
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