Chapter 280: The Ordinary Youth

    Chapter 280: The Ordinary Youth

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    The young woman also forgot to continue questioning Pang Qi and co, completely focusing on this muddy man that had just crawled out of the Lost Swamp. The other people were the same, looking at the muddy man at the edge of the Lost Swamp.

    After a few excruciating months, Mo Wuji finally climbed out of the Lost Swamp. At this moment, he stood at the edge of the swamp, looking at the desert before him, both hands shivering from excitement. How was it humanly possible for someone to survive and even cross the Lost Swamp? But Mo Wuji still did it.

    If he did not possess the Scholar's Heart and his Reverse Circulation Technique, even ten thousand Mo Wuji would have been swallowed up by the swamp. In this half a year inside the swamp, he wasn't dragged down by some unknown demonic beasts or sucked into a strong whirlpool only once.

    For those obstacles, he could use the Scholar's Heart and Reverse Circulation Technique to wriggle free. While moving, he could perform reverse spiritual energy circulation to prevent himself from being sucked further down by whirlpools. The Scholar's Heart also allowed him to burn away time and again the various unknown things that latched onto him.

    These things were probably not the scariest. The most frightening thing in the swamp were those Swimming Bugs, some soft snake-and-bug-like animal that swam around. It was the most disgusting feeling to have it swim on the surface of your body.

    Sometimes he had to cloak his whole body with the Scholar's Heart, but even so, countless swimming bugs still remained.

    If he could do it all over again, Mo Wuji would have rather gone by the Sky Sea, or even through the Five Elements Desolate Domain, but never crossing the Lost Swamp again.

    Now he finally completed his journey through the swamp, and he stood above it. As compared to passing through such a terrifying swamp, cultivating to Yuan Dan Stage Level 12 meant nothing.

    Mo Wuji totally ignored the six people that were staring at him, kneeling at the edge of the swamp, clenching both his fists, raising his chest, then he roared.

    In this half a year, he had been too oppressed, and he would have felt uncomfortable inside if he did not shout it out. One long roar, from releasing stress to expressing his emotions, before he slowly calmed down.

    As the six people heard Mo Wuji's roar, they stood silently at the side while gazing upon him. All of them could hear the surge of emotion and longing for freedom in the voice

    "He's not simple..." Pang Qi looked at the roaring Mo Wuji and suddenly declared.

    A good half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji slowly stood up. His gaze swept across the six of them, then he charged into the desert in the distance.

    From what he observed, two out of the six were of higher cultivation level than him. Since those two did not have any killing intent directed at him, he did not have to bother with them.

    When the young girl saw Mo Wuji rush off, she wanted to give chase, but as soon as she moved, the young woman pulled her back, "Zi Han, what are you trying to do?"

    The young girl chucked, "I want to ask that muddy man why he went in the Lost Swamp and got himself covered with mud. After coming out he still shouted for half a day, what a noisy person."

    The young woman scolded her, "Zi Han, let me tell you, if you say anything disrespectful to others in the future, no matter where I go, you won't need to follow me anymore."

    Upon hearing that, the young girl pouted in dissatisfaction, and quickly replied, "Aunt, I won't do this again. Why are you so fierce towards me?"

    The young woman also felt that she had been a little too harsh, so she relaxed her tone, "Don't judge that this guy is not strong just because he has no spirituality. Do you think it's a simple task to survive in the Lost Swamp for a few months?"

    Of course there was another sentence that the young woman held back. She had obviously sensed that Mo Wuji had no spirituality and did not have a high cultivation level, but yet from his heroic roar, she could determine that Mo Wuji was stronger than ordinary True Lake Stage cultivators. That continuous roar had displayed his strong and rich elemental energy.

    "How many months?" The young girl names Rong He exclaimed.

    As soon as she spoke, Pang Qi frantically bowed, "My junior apprentice sister is still ignorant, elder please forgive her."

    In response, the young woman smiled slightly, "It's alright, that man had indeed survived in the Lost Swamp for a few months, otherwise he wouldn't have had that sort of stress to relieve. Also, his body was covered in mud, but yet his hands were clean, which indicates that his cultivation technique is different from ordinary ones. His neck had a patch of mudless skin too, and this would only be the case if he was soaking in the swamp for a long time."

    "But he's still ignorant. Aunt, didn't you say that we have to stop to bow and greet those with high cultivation level? That's right, this guy named Pang Qi knows how things work..." The young girl couldn't help but grumble.

    However, the young woman's expression had turned ugly, and she chided again, "Shut up."

    After this final chiding, the young woman finally calmed down, and took a more relaxed tone, "Zi Han, if you continue acting like this, how will you roam around by yourself in the future? That guy saw us and obviously was not afraid of us. Thus he must have met many experts in the swamp. Next time if you do this again, I'm worried that you will offend others, and no matter how many lives you have it will not be enough."

    Rong He whispered at one side, "Brother Qi, this guy just came out from the swamp. Why don't we go ask him?"

    To that, Pang Qi shook his head, "There's no need. He's washing up in the lake right ahead. After he's done, he'll come looking for us."

    The young woman nodded her head in agreement upon hearing Pang Qi's words.

    She did not actively stop Mo Wuji to question him as she knew that he would come over by his own volition.

    Indeed, an incense's time later, after he had washed himself clean from top to bottom multiple times, Mo Wuji walked over while tying up his long hair.

    Upon spotted Mo Wuji approaching,the young woman thought to herself: what a man.

    In terms of looks, she had seen many men much more handsome than Mo Wuji, but there had never been a man like him that exuded such confidence and another x-factor that she just couldn't get her finger on.

    His black hair was bundled up casually, and his well chiselled body was both large and defined. His face was not the most good looking, but had a sort of warmth that made people feel very comfortable while looking at it. The most shocking feature of his was his pair of sparkling eyes which seemed as though they could peer into your heart.

    The young woman was stunned. Was this a youth? Then why did she feel like this was an elder that had countless years of experience under his belt?

    That's it, she finally thought of what the x-factor was: looking ordinary. While the youth before her had a pair of shiny eyes, a perfect body, but he was as ordinary as a mortal. That's right, just like a mortal, without any aura or spirituality. Upon closer inspection, other than his two bright eyes, there was nothing special about him. Other than being ordinary, it was being ordinary.

    Sucking in a deep breath, the young woman was sure than Mo Wuji was not ordinary at all. If she had seen him elsewhere, perhaps she would have just glanced past him and felt that this youth had a manly look. But everyone here knew that this youth had just come out of the Lost Swamp.

    What sort of place was the Lost Swamp? Could an ordinary person come out from it? Could a mortal that could not cultivate survive for months in the Lost Swamp?

    "Greetings dao friends." Mo Wuji greeted as he walked closer to them.

    As the alliance head of the Hundred Sect Alliance, even True God Stage experts had to address him as alliance head in his presence, so Mo Wuji simply formed a fist and did not bow, which was very normal and natural. In reality it was as such too. Other than the young girl, no one here dared to take the youth in front of them lightly, and they returned the greeting.
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