Chapter 281: Not A Simple Woman

    Chapter 281: Not A Simple Woman

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    "I want to ask, how far is it from here to Zhen Mo Continent, and how should I get there?" Mo Wuji guessed that these people definitely came from Zhen Mo Continent.

    The young maiden softly said, "I wonder whether you want to go to Zhen Mo Continent through the safest way, or do you wish to temper yourself through a dangerous route?"

    Even though Mo Wuji knew that this middle-aged man and young maiden had a higher cultivation than him, he did not mind, because they were merely in the Nihility God Stage. He had seen many Nihility Gods and he could tell that these people did not have malicious intentions. Even if they had malicious intentions, he could easily escape through the Lost Swamp. He had cultivated within the swamp for half a year, and if he went back there, he would be like a fish in water. If he prepared things well, a Nihility God definitely wouldn't be able to catch him.

    After his questions, the young maiden's response immediately raised his vigilance. This young maiden was clearly waiting for him to answer that he wanted the safest way to Zhen Mo Continent. But if she really wanted to give him the answer, she would have just said it directly, and would not have given him such a response. She was clearly thinking of something.

    Mo Wuji casually swept his eyes across this young maiden and discovered that this young maiden was actually really beautiful. Her hourglass figure was concealed by her dress but the faint outline of her slender waistline added some points to her charm. Her long hair was tied up neatly; the nape of her neck was white like a swan, her delicate-looking skin was crystal clear. She clearly had a pair of amorous eyes but it was dulled under her serious expression.

    However, all these were just her external appearances. What was brewing within this woman's heart was definitely not simple.

    Mo Wuji laughed slightly, "I naturally want to know the safest route, I wonder whether you could share it with me?"

    The young maiden sighed and after a brief hesitation, she said, "I won't hide it from this dao friend. From here to Zhen Mo Continent, if you take the safest route, it would only take around a month's time. If you go through other ways, it might take several months and you might even encounter strong demonic beasts during your journey. But, this safest route is my Chu Clan's secret. Because of this, I'm really put in a spot."

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart. He had his map, and even though it didn't indicate for him to go through the Lost Swamp, it would not be difficult for him to find his original route. This young maiden clearly wants him to help her with something, that's why she would use this "safest route" as the a bargaining chip. He wasn't familiar with her and they had only just met, so he didn't even consider helping her.

    "Since that's the case, I won't trouble the two of you. Goodbye." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and left. [1]

    Mo Wuji's unexpected response directly left that young maiden speechless and clueless on what to do. She thought that Mo Wuji would continue to ask her how he could obtain this route, but she would never have thought he would act like this.

    She did not know that this kind of simple parlour tricks weren't even worth mentioning in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had lived two lives and was used to all kinds of tricks. Not talking about those he encountered, even his own schemes were much better than this young maiden. To play with him in such a game, this little girl was not qualified. If he was so easily tricked in this cultivation world, he would already have weeds growing above his grave.

    "Big brother, please wait..." Mo Wuji only walked for ten over meters when he was called back by a girl.

    He turned back to see a slightly tanned girl with bright and big eyes. He asked, "Is anything the matter?"

    Even though he asked this question, he was still thinking: Is this girl and that young maiden from the same gang?

    "Big brother, I'm called Rong He. I want to ask, is this Lost Swamp dangerous? If I go in, would I be able to survive?" Mo Wuji had sized this big eyed girl up; she look slightly anxious, even though she could not see through Mo Wuji's cultivation, she knew that Mo Wuji should not be simple.

    "Friend, my name is Pang Qi, this is my junior apprentice sister Rong He and my junior apprentice brother Xiong Xingteng. I'm truly sorry ah, my junior apprentice sister doesn't know the rules," Pang Qi walked over and said apologetically.

    The things he experienced far exceeded Rong He, he could naturally tell that Mo Wuji was not simple. Would a simple cultivator blatantly ignore a Nihility God's words?

    Mo Wuji laughed, "It's okay, she's just asking a question. Just now, I was also asking a question ah. If asking a question has so many rules, everyone can forget about asking for directions then."

    Faraway, the young maiden's face blushed slightly. Even though she guessed that Mo Wuji probably wasn't talking about her, she could not help but think about her actions. Because she did set some conditions to Mo Wuji's question.

    After responding to Pang, Mo Wuji turned and answered Rong He, "If you want to enter the Lost Swamp, then I can only tell you four words: 10 enter, 0 survive. If you want to carry on living, then you better not go in."

    Mo Wuji did not say things blindly; if he did not have the Scholar's Heart and the reverse circulation technique, he would have similarly died within the Lost Swamp. If he only had just one of the two, it would also not be enough.

    The whirlpool suction power in the Lost Swamp was far too terrifying. An average cultivator could struggle to climb to the surface of the swamp, but if he wasn't able to extricate himself, he would be sucked back down. Climbing up one to two times was fine, but what about eight to ten times? What about 100 to 1,000 times? Even if it was a True God Stage expert, he would not have enough energy to keep climbing.

    With his reverse circulation technique, he could cultivate as he advanced. With the elemental energy produced, he was able to fight against the suction power of the swamp. With his Scholar's Heart, he could burn away anything tying him down.

    Mo Wuji was sure that these people in front of him would not have the reverse circulation technique because this was something he had just created. Furthermore, his reverse circulation technique relied on his meridians and could not be used for spirit channels, no one had tried it out before. As for the Scholar's Heart, he almost gave up his life, and with great luck, he finally managed to obtain it. He was also sure that these three also wouldn't have that.

    "But big brother, you..." Rong He's tone was filled with desolation.

    Mo Wuji added, "Because my luck was good, I managed to extricate myself in the first try. That's how I survived."

    Extricating himself on the first try, even Rong He didn't believe it, much less Pang Qi and Xiong Xingteng. If Mo Wuji really gotten out the moment he was sucked in, then there wouldn't have that loud roar just now.

    Mo Wuji was also sure that these people knew that he was lying, but it didn't matter. Their relationships were not deep, they were merely asking for directions. He just needed to be honest with the directions itself. The other things didn't really matter.

    At this moment, that young maiden also walked by and asked, "Why are the group of you going into the Lost Swamp. It's really a case of "10 enter, 0 survive" ah."

    The reason why she came over was because she felt that if Pang Qi and co. could make it to this place, they were definitely not simple as well.

    Pang Qi heard Mo Wuji's words and his heart was filled with disappointment. From Mo Wuji's tone, he could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't blindly speaking. Now that the young maiden had questioned him, he sighed and said, "Senior does not know this but we are being pursued. We were prepared to go through the Lost Swamp and head towards the Lost Continent "

    Since things had already gotten to this stage, there was nothing much left to hide.

    Mo Wuji had undergone the experience of being pursued umpteenth times, he felt a little sympathetic towards Pang Qi and co. However, he had yet to reach Zhen Mo Continent but he had already offended the Star King Mountain's Xia Clan. His own fate was hard to determine, so he wasn't in a position to help Pang Qi and co. At the same time, he got to know that Pang Qi, Rong He and the lean and vigorous Xiong Xingteng was from one group. That young maiden and the middle-aged man, and another girl were another.

    The young maiden looked at the desolation in the three's eyes and suddenly said, "I'm from the Chu Clan. If you are willing, you can join the Chu Clan. My Chu Clan might not be some great family clan but we definitely wouldn't lose against some random bandits."

    "Young mistress..." After hearing the young maiden extend Pang Qi and co. an invitation to the Chu Clan, that middle-aged man was instantly anxious and hurriedly called out.

    [1] I keep imagining this young maiden planning for weeks on how to recruit people through this method only to fail like that LOL
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