Chapter 282: Left And Right Is Death

    Chapter 282: Left And Right Is Death

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    That young maiden waved her hand and stopped the middle-aged man, she looked at Mo Wuji then turned and spoke warmly to Pang Qi and co., "Even though I don't know how this dao friend managed to survive in the Lost Swamp, I can confirm that not everyone would be as lucky. If the few of you insist on going to the Lost Swamp, I can only wish you good luck. If the few of you wish to join my Chu Clan, while I can't guarantee what the future will hold, I can assure you that you will no longer be pursued."

    Pang Qi bowed to the young maiden, "I have to thank senior for your kindness. It would naturally be my greatest honour to be able to join the Chu Clan. It's just that our enemies are a little powerful, it's the clan inextricably linked with the Star King Mountain - Ardent Sun City's Jing Clan..."

    Pang Qi did not finish but the young maiden was already shocked. Pang Qi and co. were merely at the Yuan Dan Stage at the very most. From her perspective, their enemies must not be very impressive. It was because of this that she dared to sound out her magnanimous invitation.

    Unexpectedly, Pang Qi and co. actually offended the Jing Clan. When the Chu Clan was at its peak, it was comparable to the Jing Clan. Even so, it would not dare to offend the Jing Clan. Now, the Chu Clan has fallen, and was at an even lower position to compare with the Jing Clan.

    One must know that the Jing Clan Patriarch, Jing Zixin's blood sister, Jing Xiaoxiao, was married into the Star King Mountain's Yan Clan, one of the three major clans of the Star King Mountain. They had generations of experts and constantly birthed great geniuses. To clash the Chu Clan and the Yan Clan was akin to throwing an egg against a rock.

    "Apologies, I really didn't know that it was the Jing Clan. My Chu Clan really can't offend it..." The young maiden's red flushed red, her tone slightly awkward.

    She originally thought that if Pang Qi and co. could make it to this place, they definitely weren't average cultivators, so she wanted to invite them to the Chu Clan. But now that she heard that their enemy was the Jing Clan, the young maiden immediately knew that it was no longer within her capacity to help them.

    Pang Qi was very calm, clearly expecting this outcome.

    It waa Mo Wuji who developed a good impression of this young maiden. She was honest and sincere, when she couldn't do it, she admitted it. At the very least, she did not cheat them just to become cannon fodder.

    Pang Qi still expressed his gratitude to the young maiden, then he turned and clasped his fists to Mo Wuji, "Friend, if you're going to the Zhen Mo Continent, it would be best to take the safest path. Otherwise, you could even meet a Class 7 demonic beast. Many thanks for your warning. I have a route map here. This route avoids some danger zones and could allow you to reach the Fallen Ruins safely in a short amount of time. As long as you reach the Fallen Ruins, it would be the same as reaching the Zhen Mo Continent."

    With that, Pang Qi retrieved a map and handed it over to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was ecstatic and hurriedly accepted it gratefully, "Many thanks Brother Pang."

    Pang Qi waved his hand care-freely, "I've already recorded down the map. Furthermore, it's unknown whether I can survive this journey to the Lost Continent. So this map is no longer useful to me."

    By the side, the young maiden heard Pang Qi's words and a rosy red spread on her face again. The Chu Clan was severely lacking in talent, she wanted to recruit Mo Wuji to the Chu Clan so she resorted to that little trick. She would not have expected that Mo Wuji didn't even need to do much, Pang Qi had casually offered the route map over. When compared to him, she really looked incredibly petty.

    Mo Wuji kept the map and smiled, "You can't say it like that. If Brother Pang insists on going to the Lost Continent, I would suggest that you do not go through the Lost Swamp because this is unquestionably a death trap. I do have a map which shows a route to the Lost Continent. It also has its own dangers, if you're not careful, you might even meet a Class 7 demonic beast.

    I was being chased after by a Class 7 demonic beast, which was why I jumped into the Lost Swamp. Of course, when compared to the Lost Swamp, I feel that at least this route would give you a better chance of survival. However, I still wouldn't advise Brother Pang to take it. I have another suggestion, which might be able to help Brother Pang shake off the pursuit of the Jing Clan."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji had been chased by a Class 7 demonic beast and still managed to turn out safe and sound after crossing the Lost Swamp, not only did a sense of awe brew within Pang Qi's heart, even that young maiden saw Mo Wuji in a higher light. A Class 7 demonic beast, if she was the one who encountered it, she might not be able to guarantee her survival. But this ordinary looking youth in front of her actually managed to jump out from the Class demonic beast's mouth.

    At this moment, many people started suspecting whether Mo Wuji had came from the Lost Continent. But Mo Wuji did not have the intention of clarifying it so they would do better not to ask about it.

    "I wonder what this friend has to say?" Hearing that Mo Wuji had a better suggestion, Pang Qi hurriedly asked.

    Mo Wuji replied, "I heard that the Zhen Mo Continent has something called the Star Wars Battlefield. Since you're being pursued, why don't you head over to the Star Wars Battlefield?"

    He even thought that Mo Wuji had a good idea. After hearing Mo Wuji's words, a trace of disappointment flashed across Pang Qi's eyes as he laughed ruefully, "This friend might not know but a rogue cultivator could not simply enter the Star Wars Battlefield as and when they wanted. If a rogue cultivator wishes to partake in the Star Wars, he must first join the Zhen Mo Cultivator Army. Otherwise, one must be at least in the True Lake Stage. The True Lake Stage to us, is truly too far away. And to join the Cultivator army, ke ke, we would rather take this gamble and head towards the Lost Continent."

    There was an additional sentence but Pang Qi didn't articulate out. Even if he went to the Star Wars, could he escape the Jing Clan? In the Star Wars Battlefield, there were countless of Jing Clan members.

    Mo Wuji went blank, he had come here to head off to the Star Wars, but there were actually so many restrictions? Regarding the Cultivator Army, he definitely wouldn't join it. True Lake Stage, he might be able to try for that.

    "There are only these two ways?" Mo Wuji grudgingly asked another question.

    Pang Qi explained, "There are still other ways, such as the recommendation of a big clan, or a sect, or if you're an expert on the Earth Board, or you can obtain a Star Wars placing through auctions..."

    Pang Qi listed the various ways in a single breath. Mo Wuji discovered that he only had two ways of participating in the Star Wars. One was to advance into the True Lake Stage, the other was to purchase a placing.

    "Many thanks Brother Pang. Here's my map, I'll leave it with Brother Pang then."

    Mo Wuji was just about to hand the map over to Pang Qi when he heard that young maiden say, "If the few of you want to go to the Star Wars Battlefields, I do have a few placings."

    As she was speaking, the young maiden had already retrieved four identification jade tokens for the Star Wars Battlefield.

    "How many spirit stones?" Mo Wuji asked subconsciously. If he could obtain this identification token, then he wouldn't need to rush to break into the True Lake Stage.

    The young maiden laughed gently, "Previously, my words were a little inappropriate and I was overly prudent with my map back to the Zhen Mo Continent. These Star Wars identification tokens can be taken as a form of compensation. Goodbye friends, may we meet again in the future."

    When she finished speaking, the young maiden stuffed the jade tokens into Mo Wuji's hands, turning and gesturing to the teen girl and the middle-aged man before she rushed out of the area, soon disappearing within the Lost Sky Ruins.

    Mo Wuji held the jade token with apprehensions in his heart. What did this mean? He didn't even know those people.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's disbelief, Pang Qi explained, "These jade tokens might be valuable to us but to those big clans, it doesn't matter much. That Senior Chu must really admire you so she left behind these jade tokens as a form of goodwill."

    In simpler terms, these jade tokens weren't worth mentioning to those huge clans. Leaving a few behind for them was a casual act of goodwill.

    Mo Wuji also came to understand, it was like when he obtained placings for the Five Elements Desolate Domain. To him, he could casually hand those placings away. But to the rogue cultivators of the Lost Continent, each placing was as valuable as their lives.

    Regardless, Mo Wuji would remember this kindness.

    Mo Wuji passed the three other jade tokens and his map to Pang Qi and co., "This one token is enough for me. I will pass the rest to you, may we meet again in the future.

    Pang Qi accepted the three jade tokens but not the map. Instead, he turned and looked at Rong He and Xiong Xingteng, "Now that we have obtained the qualifications to enter the Star Wars, I have an idea. Since we have a 90% chance of dying before we could even reach the Lost Continent, why don't we just head to the Star Wars Battlefield? Left and right is death, might as well do something useful."
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