Chapter 283: Half Moon Key

    Chapter 283: Half Moon Key

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    Xiong Xingteng immediately said, "I've long wanted to take part in the Star Wars, it's just that I've never had the chance. Dying with shame; hiding everywhere we go; this is not what I, Xiong Xingteng, likes to do."

    Rong He also nodded, "I will listen from senior apprentice brother, I'll go wherever you go."

    "Go." Pang Qi acknowledged with a determined tone, then turned to Mo Wuji and said, "This friend, since this is the case, we will say our farewells now. Perhaps in the future, we may meet on the battlefields of the Star Wars."

    Mo Wuji asked quizzically, "Since the few of you are heading for the Star Wars, then we are heading in the same direction ah."

    In reality, Mo Wuji didn't even know where the Star Wars Battlefield is. Since the met others going in the same way, he naturally wouldn't go around asking for directions.

    "Big brother, we have offended those people from the Jing Clan. If we go in the same direction, we might implicate you," Rong He explained by the side.

    Mo Wuji chortled, "Ever since I embarked on the Dao, I've never worried of being implicated. The people I've offended are even more overbearing than the Jing Clan. Of course, if you guys are worried, you can pass me the location of the Star Wars Battlefield and I can make my way there myself."

    Pang Qi also chuckled, "Since we're all like that, what's the worry about getting implicated. Well then, everyone can travel together. Oh right, we have still yet to know how to address this friend."

    "I'm called Mo Wuji, I'm also a rogue cultivator," Mo Wuji clasped his hands and said.

    "Brother Mo, you've offended people more overbearing than the Jing Clan... Who is it ah?" After a round of re-introduction, Rong He asked by the side.

    "I've heard that it's from the Star King Mountain, they have "Xia" in their name..."

    As Pang Qi and co. heard Mo Wuji's words, they glanced towards each other, exhaling breaths of cold air. The reason why the Jing Clan was so impressive was because one of their women married into one of the Star King Mountain's three big clans - the Yan Clan. To think that they would be topped by this Mo Wuji; he directly offended the three big clans' Xia Clan.

    Pang Qi laughed wryly, "Brother Mo did indeed offend more impressive people. When compared against Mo Wuji, I feel extremely ashamed. After offending the Jing Clan, I wanted to escape to the Lost Continent. Brother Mo offended the Xia Clan but still wants to head to the Star Wars."

    "How did Brother Mo offend the Xia Clan?" After chatting for some time, the group became more familiar with one another. Rong He found that she could get along well with Mo Wuji, so she was no longer restrained with her questions.

    Mo Wuji snickered, "I killed a few Xia Clan lackeys, so I offended the Xia Clan."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji had only killed some lackeys, Pang Qi and co. did not mind. They even felt that the Xia Clan would not specially find Mo Wuji just because of a few lackeys. For a big clan like the Xia Clan, only a ghost would remember the death of a few lackeys.

    In their perspective, Mo Wuji killed a few Mortal Realm cultivators at the very most; it only became serious because they were from the Xia Clan. But if only they knew that among these lackeys mentioned by Mo Wuji, the lowest was at True God Stage Level 3, the highest was even higher than the Great Circle of the True God Stage, but a Worldly Immortal King. If they knew this, they would be completely radical.

    Rong He sighed and said, "That's still good, just a few lackeys. Brother Qi is being pursued by the Jing Clan because of a woman. Even the Jing Clan Patriarch was alarmed."

    "Why because of a woman?" Mo Wuji stared curiously at Pang Qi; he could feel that Pang Qi was not a person who would drag his own brothers and sisters into danger just because of a woman.

    Rong He glanced at Pang Qi, not continuing.

    Pang Qi lamented, "It's nothing much to say. I fell in love with the Jing Clan's Jing Danwu. But her brother, Jing Danwen, believes that I have stolen the Jing Clan's half moon key and alerted this matter to the Jing Clan. For our own selfish reasons, Jing Danwu actually exchanged the half moon key with me, so she is now locked up by the Jing Clan. Thereafter, the Jing Clan unreasonably wanted to kill me without even listening to my explanations. If not because of my good luck, I might not even have escaped."

    "Half moon key? What's that?" Mo Wuji asked casually.

    Pang Qi retrieved a key the shape of half a moon from his storage bag and passed it to Mo Wuji, "It's this. Actually, this thing doesn't even have any use because no one knows what this thing is used for. At the very best, it could be used as a souvenir."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "No wonder why the Jing Clan wanted to kill you, this thing might actually be useful to them. You really took the key away, why didn't you just return it?"

    Pang Qi smiled bitterly, "There are two of these half moon keys, forming a full moon. The one in my hand is indeed Danwu's, while the one in Danwu's hand is mine. We exchanged these things as a lasting reminder of our feelings..."

    "Wait..." Mo Wuji suddenly stared at Pang Qi and asked, "You say that there are two half moon keys, and this one is the Jing Clan's? And yours is now with the Jing Clan's Jing Danwu?"

    Pang Qi nodded, "That's right. Because the Jing Clan was so peremptory, not only didn't they let go of Danwu, they even tortured her with hundreds of methods. They were even more unreasonable with me as they directly sent people to kill me. I can only hate the fact that my cultivation is too low; I can't save Danwu, and I even implicated Xingteng and Rong He."

    Mo Wuji flipped and turned the half moon key in his hand examining it. This half moon key looked quaint but it was actually made out of Celestial Sunflower Gold, making it icy cold to the touch."

    "This is made of some good material," Mo Wuji said solemnly.

    Pang Qi also commented, "That's right. My father said that it is made of Celestial Sunflower Gold. I also got some smiths to examine it and they verified that is indeed made of Celestial Sunflower Gold. Celestial Sunflower Gold is extremely valuable, don't think that this is little, if you add it to a flying magic treasure, its horsepower would soar exponentially."

    Mo Wuji examined it for quite awhile before continuing, "When did your father pass you this half moon key?"

    "34 years ago, then I was only 4 years old. I remember the scene clearly: my father hung it over my neck as a birthday present. Thereafter, my mother told me to give this to my dao companion, then pass it on to the descendants of the Pang Clan." Pang Qi said it all in a single breath."

    Mo Wuji said, "Even though I can't discern whether Jing Danwu's feelings for you are genuine or not, I can definitely tell you that this half moon key that you exchanged from her is fake..."

    Pang Qi's face immediately swelled red as he forcefully suppressed his rage and clasped his fists to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, I know that you're not a simple man, and you can even scold and barrage me. But Danwu is a simple and innocent girl. Because of this, she truly suffered bitterly, please don't say such disparaging words."

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, as he said casually, "I'm not saying bad things about her. But if it truly is a pair of half moon keys, then the time they were forged such be similar. Even though this half moon key is also made of Celestial Sunflower Gold, but the runes inside do not exceed ten years in age. So I believe, this half moon key should be fake."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji had already passed the half moon key over to Pang Qi. He had studied Chu Xingzi's notes for so many years, the time he spent researching on the Array Dao even exceeded the time he spent cultivation. How could he not tell that this half moon key was newly created?

    Pang Qi kept the half moon key, his face displaying an unpleasant expression. Even though he didn't say anything, he was clearly enraged by Mo Wuji's words. He would not permit any form of blasphemous suspicion of Jing Danwu.

    Mo Wuji laughed and no longer explained any further. This matter had no relations to him; he had a good impression of Pang Qi and co. so he gave these words of advice.

    Rong He hurriedly changed the topic, "Brother Mo, have you ever thought of ascending the Earth Board?"

    "How do I ascend the Earth Board?" Mo Wuji shot off this question casually.

    "The easiest way is to find an expert on the Earth Board and defeat him. Thereafter, he will obtain his ranking on the Earth Board..."

    Because Rong He's topic was no longer about the Jing Clan, everyone soon forgot about the previous unhappiness. Along the way, Pang Qi advised against using flying ship treasures to prevent the wrath of flying demonic beasts. So everyone walked throughout the journey, and as they walked, they discussed all kinds of cultivation topics. The atmosphere could be considered affable.

    One month later, when the group of them were about to exit the Lost Sky Ruins, they suddenly saw a ragged figure rushing by.

    "It's from the Chu Clan, the woman who previously gave us the identification tokens," Rong He cried out in surprise.

    Mo Wuji also recognised the person, it was the young maiden from the Chu Clan. At this moment, her body was covered in blood and her breathing was disordered; she clearly suffered from a heavy injury.
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