Chapter 284: Contending Against The True Lake Alone

    Chapter 284: Contending Against The True Lake Alone

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    A beam of light swiftly shot towards the fleeing young maiden. Despair failed the young maiden's eyes; she was heavily injured and she truly didn't know how to dodge. Or it could be said, she wanted to dodge but she was unable to do so.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and shot out a beam of sword qi, clashing against the light beam chasing behind the young maiden's back, dispersing it.

    Mo Wuji looked at his hand as he admired his Invisible Sword Art. It was truly like the Six Pulse God Sword, undetectable and untraceable. Unfortunately, in this cultivation world, the Invisible Sword sounds very impressive but its power was not comparable to his lightning-type skill. Unless he was able to cause the Invisible Sword Qi to cut through space...

    The moment he thought about letting the Invisible Sword Qi cut through space, a deep impulse and desire brewed in his heart. He couldn't wait to go behind closed doors and research on it.

    "Many thanks for your saving grace..." The young maiden had already come close, her voice was hoarse and her body was swaying. Rong He was quick with her hands, she hurriedly supported the young maiden.

    "The few of you want to go against us?" The black robed man chasing after the young maiden approached them. He did not immediately strike out, his gaze swept across Mo Wuji and he spoke with a sombre tone.

    If not for Mo Wuji's Invisible Sword which caused him to have some doubts about Mo Wuji's cultivation level, he would have long acted. He was a True Lake Stage expert, how could he afraid of a few Yuan Dan cultivators?

    Mo Wuji did not immediately pass a healing pill to the young maiden, but turned towards Pang Qi and co., "Brother Pang, what are your intentions?"

    The fella who was chasing over was in the True Lake Elementary Stage, Mo Wuji did not even fear him. The reason why he asked that question was to evaluate the way Pang Qi and co. thought. If Pang Qi felt that they should not interfere with this matter, then he would immediately break up with them.

    This young maiden intentionally acted with goodwill, giving each of them an identification token for the Star Wars. To Mo Wuji, this was an act of kindness. Whether big or small, all acts of kindness were the same

    Pang Qi chuckled as he said unhesitatingly, "Since I have already accepted Mistress Chu's favour, what's there to fear about a True Lake Stage cultivator? Haven't I been chased by Nihility Gods before?"

    The black robed man chasing after the young maiden had an imposing aura. Pang Qi had an experienced hand, he only needed one glance to tell that the other party was in the True Lake Stage.

    Xiong Xingteng and Pang Qi walked to the front, Rong He supported the young maiden and retreated to the back.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, fetching out his Tian Ji Pole, walking straight to the extreme front, "Brother Pang can help me suppress any arrays. True Lake Stage... I want to try my hand at how strong I've become."

    Even though Mo Wuji had killed a True Lake Stage expert, and even Nihility Gods and True Gods, those did not count as his personal power. Now, he was at Yuan Dan Stage Level 12, just a single step away from the True Lake Stage. He wanted to know how far this step really is.

    Pang Qi saw that Mo Wuji took the forefront alone, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes and he immediately said to Xiong Xingteng, "Xingteng, the two of us will stand by the side. If Brother Mo ever comes to a disadvantage, we will act out simultaneously."

    "Alright." Xiong Xingteng promptly wielded a giant hammer. His stature was the smallest, but his weapon was the most exaggerated.

    The True Lake Stage cultivator saw that he did not manage to scare away Mo Wuji and co. so he no longer blurted out any further nonsense, sending two radiant blades towards Mo Wuji.

    A True Lake Stage Cultivator; the golden core within the cultivator would have shattered, forming a huge lake of elemental energy. No matter how strong the Yuan Dan cultivator was, the golden core's elemental energy could not compare to the lake's elemental energy. A Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's elemental energy erupts from a single point - the golden core. On the other hand, the True Lake Stage cultivator's elemental energy floods and surges boundlessly.

    This True Lake Stage cultivator's two radiant blades did not look much but only Mo Wuji knew that his surrounding space was already the opponent's elemental energy field.

    When in the restrains from the elemental energy field, it would be fatal for any Yuan Dan Stage cultivator. Even if the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's elemental energy was rich and thick, he would not be able to shake off the True Lake Stage cultivator's elemental energy field in a short amount of time. It was because of this, True Lake Stage cultivators can typically kill Yuan Dan Stage cultivators in a matter of seconds.

    All this sounded like a very simple explanation, but it also showed the gap of a single stage.

    Unfortunately, the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator was Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was still in Yuan Dan Stage Level 12, but his body did not have any golden core, nor did it have a true lake. It had a violet emanation.

    The moment the True Lake Stage cultivator's elemental energy field came oppressing, Mo Wuji's violet emanation was instantly stimulated, his 102 meridians simultaneously surged with elemental energy. This was not a strength achievable by Yuan Dan Stage cultivators.

    "Boom!" The violent elemental energy and the elemental energy field clashed, resulting in a sky-filling explosion. The surrounding rocks and stones were disintegrated into sand, flying everywhere.

    "Dang!" The Tian Ji Pole struck against the two incoming radiant blades, light beams dissipated in all directions.

    All this looked simple from the surface; Mo Wuji was simply using his Tian Ji Pole to defend against the radiant blades. But the True Lake Stage cultivator knows what's up. If Mo Wuji was restrained by his elemental energy field, then to block against his radiant blades would only be a dream. The two were not truly competing between the Tian Ji Pole and radiant blades, but competing with the elemental energy.

    The elemental energy field had been ripped apart by the power of Mo Wuji's violet emanation. Mo Wuji's entire body no longer had any restrains, his Tian Ji Pole moving even faster, sending waves of pole shadows hurling towards the True Lake Stage cultivator's head.

    "You're also in the True Lake..." The True Lake Stage cultivator's heart was filled with disbelief. He never expected Mo Wuji to actually be a True Lake Stage expert.

    Cultivators' cultivation had standards. As long as his opponent had a lower standard, he would immediately be able to faintly tell his opponent's cultivation level. Unfortunately his opponent seemed to have some cultivation-concealing technique, and he was unable to see through his opponent's cultivation. Previously, this True Lake Stage cultivator could not tell Mo Wuji's real cultivation level but he could feel that Mo Wuji's cultivation should be below the True Lake Stage.

    But now, Mo Wuji had easily broken his True Lake elemental energy field, and even counter attacked. He knew that his previous judgement was wrong, his opponent should be a True Lake Stage expert.

    His sabre transformed in a sabre rainbow, striking against Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, and with a "Boom!" sent waves of quakes into the surroundings. Facing the strong rebound of elemental energy, Mo Wuji involuntarily took a few steps back.

    "You're actually not in the True Lake..." This True Lake Stage expert did not perform better than Mo Wuji, he even took more steps back. At this moment, his face was filled with shock; if Mo Wuji was in the True Lake Stage, he wouldn't be so astounded. But Mo Wuji was not in the True Lake Stage. A Yuan Dan Stage cultivator actually fought him to such a degree, this was simply hitherto unheard of.

    Just now, Mo Wuji's elemental energy was strong and magnificent, but it was clearly not the eruption of the True Lake's elemental energy.

    I definitely cannot let this person survive. As the True Lake Stage cultivator thought of this, he turned and left. He did not want Mo Wuji to live on, but he did not intend to personally fight against Mo Wuji; he intended to inform his superiors of this matter. Crossing those blows with Mo Wuji, he could tell that he couldn't kill Mo Wuji. A heaven defying Yuan Dan Stage cultivator had appeared. If this Yuan Dan Stage cultivator were to mature and grow, this Yuan Dan Stage cultivator would definitely be a curse to his organisation.

    Trying to escape? Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole once again shot out waves of pole shadows, and at the same time, he threw out ten bolts of Lightning Flash.

    "Boom! Bam! Hong..." The ten overbearing lightning bolts struck the True Lake Stage cultivator's escape route apart. If he were to continue escaping, he would definitely be maimed by Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash.

    This True Lake Stage cultivator never expected Mo Wuji to be so devious. Not only was Mo Wuji's ability comparable to his, Mo Wuji even employed such despicable and calculated measures. This kind of people was the most dangerous.

    It was already enough that Mo Wuji was a cultivator that could transcend stages. But to add on his cunning schemes, his threat would increase by more than tenfold.

    The True Lake Stage cultivator's urge to escape became increasingly stronger. To deal with this kind of cunning Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, only a True Lake Advanced Stage, or even a Nihility God could do it. He was only in True Lake Stage Level 2, at the very most, he could only escape with all his limbs attached.

    Luckily, after this True Lake Stage cultivator knew about Mo Wuji's slyness, he could guess that his retreat would no longer be simple. He did not continue retreating but turned and immediately swung his sabre.

    "Boom!" As expected, his sabre had blocked Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, sending world-shaking tremors.

    Even though his cultivation was higher than Mo Wuji, and he even defended against Mo Wuji's schemes twice, this True Lake Stage cultivator became increasingly afraid.

    He didn't know when Mo Wuji's third one would come. He especially hated this kind of incomparably devious fighting style. Why couldn't they fight uprightly...

    That's not right ah. At the very start, they were fighting uprightly, he was the one who initiated to retreat. The True Lake Stage cultivator's heart sunk, he knew that he had lost the opportunity, he definitely shouldn't have escaped. Even if he wanted to escape, he should have done so after gaining the upper hand.

    No matter how you scheme, I won't escape. I will fight with you with my true abilities. This True Lake Stage was set in his decision. His saber formed a huge radiant blade, he was determined to fight against Mo Wuji head-on. He believed that no matter how heaven-defying Mo Wuji was, Mo Wuji would not be able to suppress him.

    But just as he formed a huge radiant blade of elemental energy, he went blank. The person who had just schemed against him, Mo Wuji had disappeared.

    No good, this is a concealment technique.

    It was easy to break a concealment technique, that was an elemental energy field. This True Lake Stage cultivator cried out in regret in his heart. Just now, he should not have casually retreated to escape. Because of his escape, he withdrew his elemental energy field. Otherwise, even if his opponent didn't fear his elemental energy field, with the presence of an elemental energy field, his opponent wouldn't be able to use a concealment technique.

    Before he could fully display his elemental energy, a terrifying aura creeped to his right waist.

    This True Lake Stage expert heaved a sigh of relief, his opponent had finally appeared. Luckily, his cultivation was higher than his opponent. At the very next moment, he knew that he had relaxed too early. Before that terrifying aura reached his right waist, or in another perspective, just as he was about to dodge the terrifying aura, an intense explosion struck against his dantian.

    Lightning again...

    The True Lake Stage expert cursed in his heart. He felt his elemental energy, which was surging strongly, suddenly dispersed. This type of battle was too taxing, he always needed to worry about being schemed against. Just now, the terrifying aura he felt at his right waist was also fake. If he had another opportunity, he would rather fight against a True Lake Advanced Stage cultivator than this despicable Yuan Dan Stage cultivator.

    At this moment, a steel pole sailed through the air and struck against his skull.

    Even though his opponent was heavily injured, Mo Wuji would not leave him any chances.

    "Pui!" Blood flew everywhere. Mo Wuji kept his concealment array disc and his figure appeared.

    [1] The Six Pulse God Sword is another series of Wuxia moves from Jin Yong's novels.
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