Chapter 285: Difficult to Guard Against A House Thief

    Chapter 285: Difficult to Guard Against A House Thief

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    After finishing the True Lake Stage cultivator off, Mo Wuji sighed. He would probably not be able to kill the other party if he were to fight him head to head. Naturally, it would be impossible for the other party to kill him too.

    The fortunate thing was that this fella actually wanted to leave and Mo Wuji caught hold of this opportunity by making use of his concealment array disc to finish him off.

    "Brother Mo, to think I was actually so worried. So you're a True Lake Stage senior..." The surprised Pang Qi clasped his fist towards Mo Wuji respectfully.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Let's continue addressing each other as brothers, using terms like 'senior' would make us feel distant. Let's go visit Lady Chu..."

    The astonishment in the young maiden's heart could no longer be described using words because even though Pang Qi and the rest believed that Mo Wuji was in the True Lake Stage, she was the only who knew that Mo Wuji was only in the Yuan Dan Stage.

    She was in the Nihility God Stage and she was confident that she would not misjudge him. The fella Mo Wuji killed was a True Lake Stage Level 2 cultivator. For a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to kill someone half a step into True Lake Stage was already something extremely unbelievable. However, what she witnessed personally was a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator killing a True Lake Stage Level 2 cultivator.

    Who would actually believe this if this incident was leaked out? Even across the entire Zhen Mo Continent, there wasn't an expert as unbelievable as him. Back when she saw Mo Wuji at the Lost Swamp, she knew that Mo Wuji was not simple. However, she would never dare to imagine a cultivator like him would become this incredibly strong.

    That mortal-looking man who was filled with manliness... who spoke with a comfortable level of arrogance. Additionally, he was able to see through the traps in my words which I have yet to say out... My god, just where was he from? Why was I completely unaware of him previously? Logically speaking, a person like him should be in the rankings of either the Mortal Board or the Earth Ranking Board.

    "Lady Chu, you look like you're poisoned?" Mo Wuji's voice could be heard as he interrupted her train of thoughts.

    After the young maiden came to her senses again, she bowed forcefully and said with low spirits, "Yes, I got poisoned after we left the Lost Sky Ruins. By the time I realised I was poisoned, it was already too late...I'm more worried about Zi Han..."

    As this young maiden spoke, the rim of her eyes started to turn red because she had her own pride as a Nihility God Stage cultivator. The reason why she saluted Mo Wuji was not because Mo Wuji saved her but because she was confident that Mo Wuji's future achievement would definitely surpass her and she would never be able to catch up with him.

    Mo Wuji revealed a faint smile, "Lady Chu, could you describe the circumstances when you were poisoned? Try to describe in slightly more details."

    The reason for saying this was because Mo Wuji was extremely curious to know how Lady Chu was poisoned. For a Nihility God Stage expert to be so easily poisoned, then the Nihility God Stage must be very worthless.

    The young maiden had already calmed herself down because no matter how unbelievable Mo Wuji was, asking a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to save Zi Han was simply asking him to die, "My name is Chu Qianlou and you can address me by my name in the future. Also, I still have no idea how to address my benefactor."

    Mo Wuji casually replied, "We are all helping each other that's all. My name is Mo Wuji and you can just address me as Wuji. Don't call me your benefactor, it feels awkward just listening to it."

    Chu Qianlou nodded her head, "Just after we left the Lost Sky Ruins, we passed by the Lost Sky Ruins' wasteland and saw a golden hair spirit fox..."

    Mo Wuji knew about demonic beasts like the golden hair spirit fox. They might not have any attacking capabilities but were very lovely and were extremely good at making their owners happy. Not only this, such a demonic beast was extremely sensitive to land with spiritual energy. In fact, a lot of people replaced spirit finding beasts with them even though they were not as capable to find spiritual items but they were definitely much more adorable. Therefore, female cultivators who saw such beasts would have no ability to resist it. Precisely because of this, the price of a golden hair spirit fox was incredibly high.

    "Zi Han chased after the golden hair spirit fox the moment she saw it. I thought that given the capabilities of Steward Qiu and myself, we could easily capture this golden hair spirit fox. Who would have thought that before we could do anything, this golden hair spirit fox entered a small hole. This hole stretches to over a few thousand metres and it kept stretching downwards. I initially wanted Zi Han to give it up because it was just not appropriate to delay too much of our time for a spirit fox but Zi Han disagreed..."

    Chu Qianlou took a deep breath before continuing, "I was ready to blast open that place to force the spirit fox out but Steward Qiu said that he could use smoke to fumigate it out as long as he added some Exploding Vanilla within the smoke..."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head because he agreed with this method. Exploding Vanilla could make the demonic beast irritable so by adding it, it would definitely escape out of the hole after a period of time as the fox had no attacking abilities.

    As Steward Qiu casually grabbed a few dry leaves to start the fire to begin fumigating the golden hair spirit fox, we were all too focused on the entrance of the hole. Moreover, because we were creating our own smoke to fumigate the spirit fox, we didn't notice when someone lighted up the Falling Elemental Fragrance. In the end, we were all poisoned but I managed to escape in time..."

    Mo Wuji's eyes revealed an odd expression as he stared at Chu Qianlou while asking, "Sister Chu, you were poisoned by the Falling Elemental Fragrance?"

    Chu Qianlou nodded, "Yes, we were all poisoned by the Falling Elemental Fragrance. The moment you're poisoned, your whole body would not be able to use any elemental energy, your spiritual will would also become blurry and you would be unable to execute any magic skills. It was only because I realised it early that I managed to escape so far. If I didnt meet you, I would have already..."

    "Ah," Mo Wuji sounded out and said, " Sister Chu, even though I am not an incredible pill refiner, I do know a few things about the various poisons of spiritual herbs. Falling Elemental Fragrance is very famous but if a Nihility God Stage cultivator could be poisoned by a Falling Elemental Fragrance, then this Nihility God Stage cultivator was simply a trash."

    Chu Qianlou's face turned slightly red because even though she had been independently supporting the Chu Clan for a period of time with an increasing amount of experience, her experience was still counted for nothing when compared to the many other experts around.

    Mo Wuji saw Chu Qianlou's expression and knew that she had misunderstood his words as he hurried to explain, "Sister Chu, I am not talking about you. My point is that the Falling Elemental Fragrance could not actually restrain a true Nihility God Stage expert as the moment the fragrance enters the spirit channels, it will be detected by the Nihility God Stage expert and then forced out immediately."

    "But back then, the smoke affected me which was why I didn't notice it. By the time I noticed it, my whole body was already losing its strength," Chu Qianlou sighed.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No, it was because you were not poisoned by the Falling Elemental Fragrance."

    Mo Wuji was actually a Tier 5 pill refiner and after he was poisoned by other people, he was the most sensitive when it was about poisons. For an average poison, he only need to smell it to know what it was. As for the poisons he could concoct himself, there were about a thousand varieties of them.

    "Ah..." Chu Qianlou looked shockingly at Mo Wuji, " So what's the poison in me now?"

    Mo Wuji did not answer Chu Qianlou's question directly and asked instead, "Sister Chu, is the steward that was with you part of the Chu Clan?"

    Chu Qianlou replied, "Yes, Qiu He has been in my Chu Clan for almost a decade as he had always been loyal to the Chu Clan. Even after the Chu Clan got into trouble, he stayed and did his best for the Chu Clan. He had helped me a lot in the past few years."

    Mo Wuji didn't bother asking what trouble the Chu Clan was met with, "Sister Chu, do you know the material of the cultivator suit that your steward was wearing?"

    Chu Qianlou shook her head because she wouldn't have bothered about the suit that her steward wore.

    Mo Wuji answered, "The suit that your steward wore was made of Fire-traversing Wood."

    "And?" Chu Qianlou asked curiously.

    Even though she didn't know much about pill dao and spiritual herbs, she knew that cultivators' suit that was made with Fire-traversing Wood was extremely precious. This suit could not only drive away insects and the other demonic worms, it could also be used to obstruct the evil influence. In a place like the Lost Sky Ruins, this cultivator suit was simply another extra layer of protection.

    Mo Wuji smiled coldly, "Using only the Fire-traversing Wood to refine the suit would definitely not mean much because there are many cultivators who loved such suits. However, if the suit made of Fire-traversing Wood was met with the smoke from burning the Shady-frost Grass, it would produce a breath that could let a cultivator lose his elemental energy and ability to execute any magic skills for 24 hours. These effects seemed to be the same as the Falling Elemental Fragrance but it was two completely different things in general.

    After being poisoned by the Falling Elemental Fragrance, one needed to be detoxified or find some methods to force the poison out. However, if it was the breath that was produced from the smoke of the burning Shady-frost Grass and the Fire-traversing Wood, there was no need for any pills and within 24 hours, it will definitely disappear."

    "Are you saying I am poisoned by that breath..." Chu Qianlou's face turned slightly pale.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "I cannot confirm because the Shady-frost Grass is something extremely precious and hard to find. I can show you one stalk of it."

    While speaking, Mo Wuji already took out a dried spiritual herb and on the surface of this herb, there seemed to be a layer of faint white colour which looked just like frost.

    "It's really the Shady-frost Grass..." Chu Qianlou looked at the spiritual herb in Mo Wuji hand and murmured to herself, "But why did Steward Qiu want to harm me..."

    If what Mo Wuji said was true, then previously it must be Steward Qiu that tried to harm her because she did saw him grabbing a handful of dried grass. Even though she didn't take a closer look at that grass, if there was really a Shady-frost Grass, it had to be that bunch that he grabbed.

    "Sister Chu, was the spiritual energy dense in Lost Sky Ruins' wasteland you talked about?" Mo Wuji asked yet again.

    This time round, before Chu Qianlou could reply, Pang Qi who was by her side replied Mo Wuji, "The wasteland was extremely vast and located at the periphery of the Lost Sky Ruins. To head to the ruins, one had to go past the wasteland. In truth, the spiritual energy at the wasteland was not dense at all and could even be described as only having a thin layer of spiritual energy there."

    Now that's more likely because if the spiritual energy there was dense, how could it be called a wasteland? Mo Wuji said even more convincingly, "The golden hair spirit fox's favourite place was definitely not the wasteland but places with dense enough spiritual energy. In places like the Lost Sky Ruins' wasteland, under normal circumstances, it is extremely rare for a golden hair spirit fox to appear just like that."

    Without further explanation, Chu Qianlou understood what was going on as she sat down soullessly. There were some things in life that people only needed to mention part of it to allow one to fully understand everything. At this moment, how could she not realised that Qiu He was trying to assassinate her? Qiu He was the steward of the Chu Clan for so many years and had always worked his hardest over the years so why would he want to harm her?
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