Chapter 286: I Loved You Way Too Much

    Chapter 286: I Loved You Way Too Much

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    Xiong Xingteng and Rong He both took a glance at Pang Qi as Mo Wuji had used facts to prove that his judgement was pretty accurate. However, their Brother Qi looked like he trusted Jing Danwu so much so that he completely ignored Mo Wuji's previous judgement.

    The duo saw that Pang Qi had no intentions of mentioning the Jing Clan so both of them could only keep quiet as they sighed in their heart.

    Chu Qianlou was poisoned hence, immobile which was why Mo Wuji and the rest could only stay put and accompany her.

    After a day, it was just like Mo Wuji's prediction as the poison in Chu Qianlou disappeared and she regained her strength.

    "Sister Chu, since you've already recovered, we should bid goodbye now," After noticing that she regained her strength, Mo Wuji initiated to bid goodbye.

    This was an internal matter of the Chu Clan and Mo Wuji felt that he had already done the necessary by saving Chu Qianlou and waited for her to recover before saying goodbye.

    Chu Qianlou saluted Mo Wuji once again before saying with a hoarse voice, "Wuji, I know you are an extraordinary person. I plead that you can accompany me back to the Chu Clan to help me get Zi Han out."

    Mo Wuji revealed an ugly expression momentarily because he had no intentions to get himself involved in such things.

    Chu Qianlou noticed Mo Wuji's reluctance and she hurried to continue, "Qiu He's betrayal must not be so simple. It must be because someone from the clan wanted to snatch the throne and made him do it. I believe that he was still very loyal to the Chu Clan. I am fully aware of the strength of the members of the Chu Clan and I believe I am the strongest one there so there will not be any threat to us. I only need to bring Zi Han away that's all. I know that you are far more experienced than me and your judgements were definitely far more superior than mine. My invitation for you to accompany me need not require you to fight but..."

    Even though Chu Qianlou couldn't continue her sentence, Mo Wuji understood her meaning. Mo Wuji knew that she was worried the Chu Clan might have some more tricks up their sleeves to make her fall into their trap once again.

    Mo Wuji was still speechless because he was aware that in this Lady Chu's eyes, Mo Wuji was just a sly bandit. Who could he blame for being weak? If he had real strength, he wouldn't kill that True Lake Stage cultivator in that manner. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to use his own strength to fight against the opponent?

    Mo Wuji did believe the point that the Chu Clan had no experts that could threaten her. If there was an expert who could match Chu Qianlou, they wouldn't have used so much effort just to poison her.

    Mo Wuji could only laugh when she said that Qiu He was still very loyal to the Chu Clan. This fella, Qiu He could betray Chu Qianlou yet no one in the Chu Clan could stop him so how was he considered loyal? However, Mo Wuji was still unable to figure out the reason why he decided to betray her.

    "After this incident, no matter what happened, I will follow you to the Star Wars Battlefield. I can find a person to help you make your universal token..." Chu Qianlou said sincerely.

    Mo Wuji asked suspiciously, "Make the universal token? Is this the contribution points token for the Universal Board? Since we've already entered the Star Wars Battlefield, wasn't it already done for us?"

    "Brother Mo, it is possible to make the universal token but it would be slightly troublesome. Firstly, they would have to investigate your origins then question your cultivation level and even requiring you to take a few tests before you can make one. Take Sister Chu as an example, if she were to follow the standard procedure to make the universal token, it would be written as Zhen Mo XX(place) Chu Clan, Chu Qianlou. For people like us who couldn't reveal ourselves, we never intended to make the universal token even after entering the battlefield," Pang Qi explained in great details.

    There were very few people who entered the Star Wars Battlefield without making the universal token because the contribution points for the Universal Board was on the universal token. Without the token, one would not be able to collect contribution points and could only receive extra practice, experience and temporary benefits in this battlefield.

    Mo Wuji let out a sigh as he recalled about his Rogue Cultivator 2705. How can he be without a universal token? Without a token, how was he supposed to get on the Universal Board? And if he was unable to do so, he would never be able to complete his deal with the fishing elder.

    He believed that if he were to ignore the fishing elder and pretended to forget about that fella's instructions, he didn't need to wait long and his brain would be hooked by the fishing elder's fishing rod.

    However, he was unable to say out his origins truthfully because if people of the Star King Mountain knew of his arrival here, his brain could very well end up at the Xia Clan's turf in the Star King Mountain the very next moment.

    "Sister Chu, because I have offended someone, I am unable to report my own origin to make the universal token so I have to thank you in advance for troubling you," Mo Wuji cupped his fist and thanked her.

    From the way he said this, it would mean that he agreed to Chu Qianlou's intentions and decided to head towards the Chu Clan.

    Chu Qianlou said apologetically, "I should have immediately help you make the universal token but I really cannot neglect Zi Han..."

    As he saw Mo Wuji looking at himself, Pang Qi said instantaneously, "Brother Mo, since we decided to come to the Star Wars Battlefield together, I would naturally follow you to the Chu Clan."


    Chu Zhou was famous because it was the place where the Chu Clan rose to power. It was rumoured that a long time ago, the Chu Clan even had a Worldly Immortal Stage expert and even more True God experts.

    However, about a hundred years ago, all the famous True God Stage experts from the Chu Clan had fallen in one of the big war in the Star Wars Battlefield. Afterwhich, the Chu Clan was on a decline. Eight years ago, the Chu Clan's Patriarch, Chu Lin, was killed outside Chu Zhou. Chu Lin's only son, Chu Zhiyuan wanted to avenge his father so he left for the Star Wars Battlefield hoping that he could learn something before returning. However, reality was always more cruel than dreams and there were rumours that Chu Zhiyuan died after staying in the Star Wars Battlefield for slightly less than a year.

    The death of Chu Zhiyuan resulted in no one taking over the helm of the Chu Clan. Fortunately, the widow of the Chu Clan, Chu Qianlou managed to support the declining Chu Clan and after almost a decade of hard work, she barely managed to prevent the leading clan from falling.

    After Mo Wuji and Co. arrived outside of Chu Zhou, someone immediately recognised Chu Qianlou.

    After seeing the cultivator who recognised her hurried to rush into the Chu Zhou, Chu Qianlou's mouth revealed a self deprecating smile. Normally, the cultivator would have hurried over to bow towards her after noticing her because no matter how down and out Chu Zhou was, the Chu Clan was still the leading clan in the region. Furthermore, she, Chu Qianlou, was still the temporary person at the helm of the Chu Clan.

    Only now that she understood that even though she was carrying the surname 'Chu', and was even the daughter in law of the Chu's Patriarch, nobody actually treated her like a member of the Chu Clan.

    After entering Chu Zhou, Mo Wuji shook his head slightly because out of the many cultivation cities that he had visited, the Chu Zhou City one was the most trashy.

    The energy gathering array in the surrounding didn't allow the density of the spiritual energy in Chu Zhou to increase significantly. The streets and shops within the city were evidently broken and old too. As he thought of the Heaven's Gate City which he single-handedly built it up, he could easily destroy this Chu Zhou.

    As Pang Qi also saw the cultivators running towards the city immediately, he subconsciously took out his magic treasure.

    Chu Qianlou shook her head, "Now that I am fine, no one dared to do anything. What they wanted was the power of the Chu Clan and so I shall give it to them. Let us head towards the Chu Clan to discuss this matter now."

    Even though the Chu Zhou City looked extremely dilapidated, the Chu Clan still looked very stylish.

    The big gate was opened as if they already knew that Chu Qianlou was coming back. Other than the two guards, nobody else came to fetch her.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the place and he could tell that the Chu Clan's protecting array was at most an intermediate grade defensive array. This intermediate grade defensive array was set up not too long ago and Mo Wuji's guess was that it was there for no longer than 3 years. Even though this defensive array had traces of some deathtrap circulation array, Mo Wuji didn't view it highly at all.

    Chu Qianlou had no hesitation as she was the first person to walk through the big gate of the Chu Clan.

    The main hall of the Chu Clan was already fully seated with people. Currently, there was an elder seating on the seat of the Chu Clan's Patriarch. Standing beside the elder was a middle-aged man who Mo Wuji recognised. He was the Steward Qiu who appeared together with Chu Qianlou previously.

    Chu Qianlou looked at the seat which originally belonged to her and said coldly, "Chu Ji, if you wanted to become Chu Clan's Patriarch, you could have just said it out. Why did you have to use such despicable means?"

    From the start till now, she didn't even look at Steward Qiu once.

    "Chu Qianlou, you are such a shameless woman. You think that just because you carry the surname 'Chu', you are a member of the Chu Clan? Even though the Chu Clan was in a decline, we are not so desperate that we need a woman to stand on our heads telling us what to do. Get out of here! The Chu Clan do not need you to bring a wild man back here," Before the elder who was sitting down could speak, a man with a sharp mouth and a chin like an ape shouted out furiously.

    Chu Qianlou was so infuriated that her whole body started to tremble and the next moment, she raised her hand and a light radiance was shot out. The light radiance shot through the middle of the man's eyebrows as he exploded into a pool of blood.

    The elder who was sitting down named Chu Ji stood up instantly and pointed furiously at Chu Qianlou, "Chu Qianlou, my Chu Clan won't care about what you do with whichever man outside. Your surname 'Chu' did not even originate from my Chu Zhou's Chu Clan yet you dare to kill someone here..."

    As he spoke, Chu Ji banged the table in front of him. Following which, Mo Wuji and co. heard some 'Ka Ka' sounds which resulted in Pang Qi and the rest grabbing their weapons as they looked in all four directions cautiously.

    This was evidently the sound of a trap array being ignited.

    After noticing that the Chu Clan's trap array was ignited, Chu Ji's face finally showed some calmness as he turned to Steward Qiu as he said, "Steward Qiu, earlier on when Chu Qianlou killed someone in my Chu Clan, why didn't you attempt to stop it since you're the only one capable of doing so?"

    Steward Qiu simply ignored Chu Ji as he walked down and spoke to Chu Qianlou in a gentle voice, "Yesterday when Ge Xin didn't bring you back, I already guessed that you knew I was the one who did it. Qianlou, I am sorry because I loved you way too much. I was unable to control myself from loving you and I have been struggling internally because of this. I simply couldn't stop imagining you being by my side..."

    Chu Qianlou took a few steps back and pointed at Steward Qiu as she said astonishingly, "Qiu He, how shameless..."

    Qiu He looked even gentler as he said, " Chu Zhiyuan had no morals or abilities so how did he even deserve to have a wonderful woman like you? Follow me, this Chu Clan was destined to die so why waste time in a place like this?"

    Chu Qianlou glared shockingly at Qiu He and finally understood why a Nihility God Stage cultivator was willing to stay in the Chu Clan as a steward. This Qiu He must have lusted after her since a long time ago but fortunately, she was not any weaker than Qiu He so he had no opportunity to act against her.

    Chu Qianlou looked pitifully at the clueless Chu Ji because without a strong person like Qiu He supporting him coupled with the fact that he was an offshoot of the Chu Clan, what rights did he have to continue eyeing the seat of the Chu Clan's Patriarch? Others thought that Chu Qianlou yearned for this throne and refused to leave but the truth was that Chu Qianlou had never wanted this throne. If possible, she would rather bring Zi Han and leave the Chu Clan immediately.

    "Where is Zi Han?" Chu Qianlou ignored Qiu He's words and asked coldly.
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