Chapter 287: He Is The One

    Chapter 287: He Is The One

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    When Qiu He saw that Chu Qianlou didn't bother answering his question, he started to feel irascible and cursed in his heart at Ge Xin that idiot. How was it possible that a True Lake Stage Level 2 cultivator like Ge Xin himself could fail to chase after a woman without elemental energy and actually let her get rescued by a few Yuan Dan Stage cultivators? In fact, he had no idea if Ge Xin was still alive or not.

    If he had known that this scumbag Ge Xin was so useless, Qiu He would have done the job himself.

    Qiu He's eyes seemed to wander off a little as he looked like he was thinking about something. However, in the very next moment, his whole body became a shadow and disappeared from where he was standing.

    Everyone thought that he was about to ambush Chu Qianlou but at that moment, it was clear to everyone that he had threw himself at the ordinary looking young man standing beside Chu Qianlou.

    "Boom!" An explosion could be heard and Qiu He took a few steps backwards helplessly as he looked at the faraway Mo Wuji in shock. He simply couldn't understand how a Nihility God Stage expert like himself could fail to attack a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator? Furthermore, it was an ambush out of nowhere so how did he managed to escape and even release an attack on him? No wonder Ge Xin would fail his task, this fella was most definitely not in the Yuan Dan Stage.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart because he had long identified that the person with the most threat to him in this house was Qiu He. Even though Qiu He only glanced at him once, Mo Wuji's attention had always been on Qiu He's body.

    Initially, he never thought that Qiu He would attack him but after the fella from the Chu Clan mentioned about Mo Wuji and Chu Qianlou getting together, there was an obvious killing intent in Qiu He's eyes. After Qiu He stood out and expressed his love for Chu Qianlou, Mo Wuji knew that that fella's killing intent was directed at him. Even though Mo Wuji was aware that there was nothing going on between Chu Qianlou and himself, it wasn't something a lovestruck man like Qiu He could rationalise.

    When Qiu He's eyes wandered off and appeared as if he was thinking about something, Mo Wuji thought that if he wanted to attack someone, he would do the same to let the other party let his guard down. At the thought of this, he simply moved out of the way and concurrently counter-attack using his Lightning Flash before anything else.

    Since the Chu Clan was already in this poor state, even if Qiu He didn't ambush him, it wouldn't matter for him to throw some lightning flash here. When it came to anything that could threaten his own small life, even if his judgement was wrong, Mo Wuji would never feel awkward protecting himself.

    A Nihility God Stage cultivator would never ambush a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator. Mo Wuji certainly didn't believe that Qiu He had such ethics and pride.

    "Qiu He, how dare you..." Chu Qianlou was fuming as she grabbed hold of a long sword and went straight towards Qiu He.

    Qiu He responded angrily, "Qianlou, I have followed by your side for nearly a decade yet you choose to disregard me and be with this goofball instead..."

    "Despicable..." Enraged, Chu Qianlou charged with her sword overflowing with killing intent.

    She couldn't believed that a Nihility God Stage cultivator would stoop so low to do a sneak attack on a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator.

    Similarly, Qiu He took out his magic treasure and a few defensive walls started to appear all around him as he tried his best to say in a gentle tone, "Qianlou, after all these years of following you, I know you well and that you don't usually bother with men whether or not they are ugly or good looking. However, when this goofball walked in today, do you dare to say that you are not impressed by him? This was the first time I saw the admiration in your eyes for a man.

    Also, after you were poisoned, even though I didn't chase after you, I knew that you would definitely escape to the Lost Sky Ruins. Deep in your heart, you are hoping to be able to meet this man and indeed, you actually brought him back."

    After saying all these, Qiu He heaved a sigh of relief, "Qianlou, I am the one who know you the best. I also know that if I don't bring you away with me today, I would never have that opportunity ever again. You will end up being his woman..."

    "B*stard, shut your trap..." Chu Qianlou's attack was even swifter and her killing intent could even be felt throughout the entire Chu Clan's hall.

    She had never thought about what Qiu He said but when she was escaping for her life, she did subconsciously wanted to escape towards the Lost Sky Ruins. Because if she didn't escape towards the Lost Sky Ruins, where else could she escape to?

    "Pui!" A stream of blood started pouring out of Qiu He's chest.

    Qiu He took about 10 steps back as he didn't continue fighting against Chu Qianlou but just stared at her and said, "Qianlou, I am leaving now. You are the one and only woman I love and I will definitely come back to find you..."

    "And you, remember that if something is not yours, don't touch it. Otherwise, I will kill you even at the remotest corners of the earth," Qiu He's last sentence was directed to Mo Wuji.

    After finishing what he had to say, his entire body disappeared from the Chu Clan's hall. He hated himself, why did he had to poison himself too? Why did he had to pretend to save Qianlou, pretend to exchange his life for her and offer to bring her out of Chu Clan so that he could slowly win her heart? He could have just been more resolute and turned the raw rice into cooked rice[1] first to avoid so much effort.

    His plan to inflict injuries on himself to win the sympathy of Chu Qianlou didn't work and even his idea of saving and escaping with Chu Qianlou was a failure too. Moreover it all turned out well for the ant-like Yuan Dan Stage cultivator. To him, Chu Qianlou was the prettiest so he naturally believed that others thought she was the prettiest too. The thought of Chu Qianlou going together with another man in the future ignited a raging flame that was burning inside his heart.

    The pity was that he was too weak to bring Chu Qianlou away forcefully.

    "I am sorry, it was my mistake earlier on," Chu Qianlou didn't chase after Qiu He because she knew there was no point in doing so. She was still shocked that Qiu He would actually act against Mo Wuji because if it was not for Mo Wuji's reaction, she would have been feeling extremely guilty.

    After a pause, she took the initiative to say, "He would not have the opportunity to do anything to you..."

    Mo Wuji gave a slight smile, "No, he wouldn't be qualified enough to do anything to me."

    Mo Wuji was brimming with confidence because as long as he was able to advance to the True Lake Stage, even if this Qiu He were to act against him, Mo Wuji would never go home without a fight. The moment he reached the Nihility God Stage, let's not talk about Qiu He acting against him because Qiu He better pray hard that he doesn't ever meet Mo Wuji again.

    If he wanted to become rank number 1 on the Universal Board, he naturally had to find every possible way to step into the Heaven Realm. The Star Wars Battlefield was the best place for cultivation. Where else was more suitable for fighting and cultivating at the same time?

    Chu Ji lifted his head and started worrying as he saw the trap array put in place by Qiu He. He knew that Chu Qianlou was slightly stronger than Qiu He so if this trap array could not stop Qiu He from leaving, it would naturally not be able to stop Chu Qianlou.

    "Bring Zi Han out," Chu Qianlou's tone turned slightly indifferent as she was wondering why she slogged her life away for the past few years. There was at least one sentence that Qiu He was right about: After staying here so many years, all she got in return was being called a shameless woman. If it wasn't for her, would the Chu Clan had lasted till today? If it wasn't for her, would these Chu Clan's disciples here be living so carefreely today?

    "Aunt..." The moment Zi Han appeared, she fell into Chu Qianlou's arms.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head because Yan'Er was about this old when she started to support a family, started to support him. However, even though this Zi Han was in Transcending Mortality Stage, she was like a flower kept in a greenhouse.

    As he thought about Yan'Er, Mo Wuji started to miss Yan'Er, who was also in the Zhen Mo Continent. However, Yan'Er should have been accepted by a big sect to be their disciple since she had the Mutant Five Elements spiritual roots.

    Chu Qianlou patted Zi Han lightly to comfort her.

    "Lady Chu, I still think you should take charge of this Chu Clan. Our cultivation levels are a little too low..." Without Qiu He, Chu Ji didn't feel at ease as he was aware that the Chu Qianlou in front of him could slap him to death with a raise of her hand.

    Chu Qianlou calmly took out a jade token and passed it to Chu Ji, "This is the Chu Clan's Patriarch token, from today onwards, I, Chu Qianlou, am no longer related to the Chu Clan."

    Finishing, she took out yet another piece of red paper to tear it into pieces before laughing, "I've now torn the only thing Chu Clan gave me."

    Everyone could see very clearly that it was a piece of marriage certificate.

    "Let's go," After tearing the marriage certificate, Chu Qianlou felt so much more relaxed as she led the way out of the Chu Clan's big gate.


    "Sister Chu, thank you," After leaving Chu Zhou, Mo Wuji expressed his gratitude towards Chu Qianlou.

    Chu Qianlou looked inquisitively at Mo Wuji, "Wuji, I should be the one thanking you."

    Mo Wuji laughed without saying anything because he knew that even though Chu Qianlou asked him to help the Chu Clan, the truth was that there was nobody in the Chu Clan who could threaten her. Therefore, she simply asked him along so she could have an excuse to gift him something in the form of helping him make his universal token.

    Chu Qianlou was very quick in understanding Mo Wuji's meaning but she didn't explain because it was almost impossible to explain such things. She had always thought that there was a hidden expert who was slightly stronger than herself in the Chu Clan because all these years, she always felt like there was a pair of eyes staring at her whenever she entered the Chu Clan.

    Therefore, she often went out to take care of Chu Clan's shops most of the time. She would even personally visit places like the Lost Sky Ruins to look for spiritual herbs.

    She felt that as long as she didn't leave the Chu Clan and did her best for the Chu Clan, the hidden expert would not appear in front of her.

    However, now that she had already left the Chu Clan and the hidden expert she suspected had not appear, she felt that maybe she was over thinking a little too much.

    Other than trying to find some comfort in her heart, the other reason why she called upon Mo Wuji was because she was very impressed by Mo Wuji's conduct of battle. It was simply legendary for a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator like Mo Wuji to kill a True Lake Stage Level 2 expert.

    Even if she were to face an opponent equally as strong as her, as long as she had Mo Wuji by her side to guide her and help her out, she would feel slightly less fearful.

    Perhaps it was because of the fact that she had been extremely independent over the years and she even had to bring a whole clan out to fight for their survival at this place. Therefore, after receiving Mo Wuji's help, she seemed to have become more reliant.

    "We shall first fly to Nine Mo City, from here to..."

    "Hold on..." Mo Wuji raised his hand to stop Chu Qianlou as she prepared to ignite the flying ship.

    "What's the issue?" It wasn't only Chu Qianlou but Pang Qi and the rest stared curiously at Mo Wuji too as they didn't understand the meaning behind Mo Wuji's dignified expression.

    Mo Wuji shouted calmly in the direction of the vast wasteland in front of him, "Since you're here, come on out."

    A shadow appeared in front of everyone and even though it was in the day, Pang Qi and Co. could feel coldness in their body as if they had been infiltrated by a breath of cold air.

    "He is the one..." Chu Qianlou suddenly shouted with a trembling voice.

    [1]: Turning raw rice into cooked rice is a chinese idiom that meant doing something beforehand so it cannot be undone. In this context, he meant that he should have done something to Chu Qianlou directly so that she would have no other choice but to leave with him instead of going through the the troubles he went through.
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