Chapter 288: Rogue Cultivator 2705’s Dao Companion

    Chapter 288: Rogue Cultivator 2705's Dao Companion

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    Rogue Cultivator 2705's Dao Companion

    The shadow's entire body was wrapped by a black robe such that even the head was not revealed. Even though Chu Qianlou had never seen this black robed shadow before, the moment he appeared, she could feel that this was the pair of eyes that had been staring at her all this while.

    She couldn't help but felt relieved that she called Mo Wuji over with her otherwise, she would have definitely stepped over and might even land on the body of the black robed shadow. As to why Mo Wuji, being on a lower cultivation level than herself, was able to see through him, her guess was that Mo Wuji was more specialised than her in the array dao.

    "Not bad, for a small Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to be able to see through my array, you are indeed quite capable which is why I shall let you off today. You can go now," The black shadow's voice was so horrifying that it sounded like two stiff and sharp objects grinding against each other.

    The black shadow would be the scariest when he hid behind the back of someone. Presently, Chu Qianlou calmed herself down as she finally saw the eyes behind her back, "Your Excellency, are you intending to say that everyone else can leave except for me?"

    The black shadow's horrifying voice could be heard again, "That's right. You are a member of the Chu Clan when you're alive, you will be a ghost of the Chu Clan when you're dead. You will remain in the Chu Clan for your entire life."

    Mo Wuji revealed a disdainful smile, "But I never intended to let you go because not everyone can obstruct my path and get away with it. Sister Chu, he's yours to deal with. Even though he was once in the True God Stage, he is currently not even as strong as you so fret not."

    Mo Wuji had seen many True God Stage experts before so Mo Wuji could sense that this black shadow was once in the True God Stage. However, the spiritual aura around this black shadow was rotting disorderly so much so that it was evident that his strength had depleted. He couldn't believe his ears when the black shadow said that this was an array. Haha, could this be considered as an array too?

    "But his trap array..." Chu Qianlou said worryingly. She was previously not afraid of the Chu Clan's trap array because she knew very clearly how the Chu Clan's one work. As for this trap array, she had zero clue about it.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "He wanted me to leave because he was afraid of me. Just attack as you wish, don't worry."

    Mo Wuji was not speaking blindly because there were two trap arrays and one illusion array. Out of the two trap arrays, there was an array in the air. The moment they took out the flying ship, it would definitely put them in a passive situation. There was another garrote array in which the moment they made their move, this trap array would trap them and be able to control them. As for the illusion array, it would make cultivators lose track of time.

    Of course, the quality of this trap array was not worthy of a mention in front of Mo Wuji. For people who had no knowledge of array dao, even a True God Stage cultivator would be stuck in this trap and illusion array for a long period of time. Even if the time stuck inside was short, this black shadow was able to make use of the short period of time to severely injure and even kill those trapped in his arrays.

    The black shadow wanted Mo Wuji to leave because Mo Wuji stopped at the periphery of his trap array. This proved that Mo Wuji understood his arrays and he was therefore, slightly fearful of Mo Wuji.

    "Great!" Chu Qianlou heard Mo Wuji's words and charged over after drawing out her long sword without any hesitation.

    Concurrently when Chu Qianlou charged out to kill the black shadow, Mo Wuji threw out tens of array flags and then entering the trap array personally as he continuously shot out the array flags.

    His array dao's legacy was much stronger than this black shadow and because of his research on the incident that Chu Xingzi was trapped, he was slightly more knowledgeable in breaking arrays as well as modifying them.

    He was confident that while Chu Qianlou was keeping the other party occupied, he could make use of the array flags to modify the trap array. The moment he managed to do so, this black shadow would no longer be able to put up a fight.

    Even though Chu Qianlou was a woman, her sword arts were extremely sharp. Streams of sword radiance exploded and within seconds, she was able to engage the black robed shadow.

    The first thing the black shadow did wasn't to take out his magic treasure to deal with Chu Qianlou but to take out a few array flags just like Mo Wuji. He knew that to bring Chu Qianlou away, he had to make use of the deathtrap array because he was well aware of Chu Qianlou's strength.

    However, when he landed his array flags on Mo Wuji's already modified array base, it was like throwing his flags into the ocean. He knew that his cultivation level was far superior over Mo Wuji's but his array dao was so much weaker than Mo Wuji's. Before their array dao could compete with each other, he had already landed on the losing end.

    If he didn't leave immediately, he would definitely not be able to leave when Mo Wuji's trap array was complete.

    Some parts of the black shadow's clothes were ripped off by Chu Qianlou's sword radiance as they fell onto the ground. At the same time, the black shadow had instantly disappeared without a trace and he left behind a stinky aura.

    Mo Wuji stopped the array flags in his hand as he sighed out loud in his heart. If only Chu Qianlou was slightly stronger to be able to hold him for slightly longer, he was confident that he could trap him here. By not killing him here, it equated to him having one more hidden expert trying to kill him.

    As he kept his array flags, Mo Wuji said, "We can leave now."

    No matter how many strong enemies he had, it would be fine as long as he was able to get stronger. The root of the problem would still be that he was too weak.

    Chu Qianlou silently kept her long sword as her emotions were still not stable.

    "Sister Chu, that person looked like he was from the Chu Clan. Do you know him?" Rong He asked.

    Chu Qianlou remained silent for a while before replying, "Perhaps, but I hope it wasn't him."

    She was indeed very shocked because this black shadow was exactly like Chu Lin. Chu Lin was her grandfather but didn't he die a long time ago? To her, this seemed way too strange.

    After realising how everyone was looking at her, Chu Qianlou perked herself up and said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, if I hadn't invited you to come with me, I would probably be brought back to the Chu Clan yet again and might never be able to live a new life."

    Mo Wuji noticed that Chu Qianlou wasn't feeling happy so he chuckled and said, "Let's not talk about all these and discuss on how we are going to enter the Star Wars Battlefield."

    Chu Qianlou forced herself to get her act together, "We will first head to the Nine Mo City and we can use the transfer array or a flying ship from there to head towards the closest place to the Star Wars Battlefield, Piercing Wing City."


    Nine Mo City, was the largest cultivation city Mo Wuji had ever seen. Just by standing outside the city, Mo Wuji could feel the majestic and long history of this cultivation city.

    This city was evidently very old yet it didn't look dilapidated at all.

    "The Nine Mo City was indeed vast and bustling," Pang Qi couldn't help but compliment it.

    A cultivator standing beside Pang Qi smiled and commented when he heard Pang Qi, "This is actually nothing much because my friend, if you've been to the Piercing Wind City, you will know what a true vast and majestic city looks like.

    "My friend here had been to the Piercing Wing City before?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask because they wanted to go towards the Piercing Wind City too.

    The cultivator nodded his head, "Yes, I have been there once. To go to the Star Wars Battlefield, one has to pass by the Piercing Wind City. Only after visiting the Piercing Wing City will you feel a type of..."

    He shook his head before finishing his sentence, "I am unable to describe to you specifically. Perhaps you will understand what I meant if you go there personally."

    As he finished, the cultivator sped up and entered the depths of the Nine Mo City.

    Following behind Chu Qianlou, the group of them entered the Nine Mo City too. Outside the city, everyone could feel the majesty and vastness of the city but the moment they entered the city, they realised that what they saw was only a small part of the entire city.

    As soon as they entered, they saw that there were three large monuments showing arrays erected on the plaza which was as vast as the ocean. Among the crowd of cultivators, it was very common to see a Nihility God Stage cultivator.

    These are the Heaven, Earth and Mortal boards," Chu Qinglou explained as she noticed Mo Wuji's eyes on the huge monuments curiously.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I've heard of that before and I also know that those who could climb this ranking boards are all experts of the Zhen Mo Continent."

    "That may not be necessary because previously ranked number one on the Mortal board was not someone from the Zhen Mo Continent. I've heard that he came from the Lost Continent with a very weird name: Rogue Cultivator 2705," Chu Qianlou explained very clearly.

    Rogue Cultivator 2705? Mo Wuji found it incredibly hilarious because even though he had never visited the Zhen Mo Continent, he was actually ranked number 1 on the Mortal Board here.

    "I guess that Rogue Cultivator 2705 must have risen up to number one after defeating Gu Shaoyin?" Mo Wuji casually asked because he heard from Gu Shaoyin before that he was ranked number one in the Mortal Ranking Board.

    Chu Qianlou grunted, "Yes, but if this Rogue Cultivator 2705 were to visit the Zhen Mo Continent, he would have a tragic ending."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Chu Qianlou looked around before whispering, "I've heard that the Rogue Cultivator 2705's dao companion had arrived in Zhen Mo Continent and in the end, the young hall master of the Star King Mountain, Xia Mu, was even attracted to her. This woman was also vicious enough to reject going to the Star King Mountain and was even harassed by Xia Mu before directly entering Star Wars Battlefield.

    "Cen Shuyin?" Mo Wuji furrowed his brows and said.

    He knew that Xia Mu liked Cen Shuyin, but Cen Shuyin was never his dao companion and even though other people don't' know, couldn't Cen Shuyin come out and explain herself?

    "Yes, her name is Cen Shuyin. Even though she had entered the Star Wars Battlefield, Xia Mu never ceased to give up and even chased after her into the Star Wars Battlefield. She had no relatives or close friends so while she was escaping, she actually managed to enter one of the Nine Extreme Realms, Thorny Wind Gate."
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