Chapter 289: Piercing Winds Cold Water

    Chapter 289: Piercing Wind's Cold Water

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    Mo Wuji's killing intent surged in his heart as he thought, Xia Mu, you are simply seeking death.

    Even though Cen Shuyin was not his dao companion, Cen Shuyin saved his life once. At the same time, Mo Wuji had always admired her because even though she was the number one beauty in the Lost Continent, she deserved what she had achieved because of her own hard work.

    Previously if Cen Shuyin didn't stop the few streams of killing radiance from Ceng Houyi, people would have been visiting his grave now.

    He couldn't forget the apologetic eyes of Cen Shuyin when she looked at him before her death. After Cen Shuyin died in his arms, the intense rage and killing intent in his heart surged to the maximum.

    Right, Cen Shuyin was revived again by the white moustached fishing elder but just how many of these elders were there in this world? To easily kill an Immortal expert like he did, there might not even be such an expert in the Lost Continent. It was even appropriate to say that Cen Shuyin's life was picked up by the white moustached fishing elder because of her fortune to have met him.

    Therefore, no matter what happened, Cen Shuyin did exchange her life for him back then.

    Mo Wuji had his own life creed to live by which was to repay any gratitude that others showed him. Cen Shuyin had saved his life once, so even if it was the Extreme Realm, he had to go and visit it.

    Even though he had no idea why Cen Shuyin didn't explain that he was not her dao companion, he would not give up the idea of repaying her gratitude just because of this. If he was killed by Cen Houyi back then, everything that happened afterwards would only be nothing more than an illusion. Therefore, gratitude was still gratitude no matter what. Moreover, he had interacted with Cen Shuyin before and he knew that Cen Shuyin was not the type to use him as a shield to protect herself.

    Even if he were to go over and was unable to save Cen Shuyin, as long as he was alive, he would not have any guilty conscience over this incident. The pity was that he was still not able to kill Xia Mu because if he could, he would first kill Xia Mu before heading towards the Star Wars Battlefield.

    "Wuji, are you okay?" Seeing Mo Wuji's stunned expression, Chu Qianlou hurried to ask.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist and said, "This Xia Mu was simply too shameless, if I could, I would definitely kill..."

    A nice fragrant hand was placed on Mo Wuji's lips, stopping Mo Wuji from saying what he was about to say, "Wuji, do you not want to continue living? How could you say you want to kill the Star King Mountain's Xia Mu in a place like this? If other people heard it, we would have to die the next moment."

    Mo Wuji had already calmed himself down and shifted Chu Qianlou's hand away, "My apologies, I was too agitated."

    Chu Qianlou's face turned red and even though nobody said anything, her action of putting her hand on Mo Wuji's lips was evidently a little rash.

    "Forget it, let's board the flying ship then," Pang Qi saw Chu Qianlou's awkwardness so he said this.

    Mo Wuji asked suspiciously, "Why are we taking the flying ship, don't they have a transfer array?"

    Chu Qianlou explained, "Only personnel with certain status would be able to use the transfer array. My father was pretty reputable here in the past so I will go and inquire to see if we could use the transfer array. If there was no other way, we will then take the flying ship."

    The Nine Mo City's Transfer Tower had more than a hundred levels and as from Chu Qianlou's words, transferring to the Piercing Wind City would take up about 70 levels. It's main purpose was for emergency so that it could transfer more cultivators over to the Piercing Wind City and then into the Star Wars Battlefield.

    After reaching the Transfer Tower, Chu Qianlou went inside to settle the administration to proceed with the transfer. Mo Wuji noticed that many cultivators who entered, left the tower feeling dejected and he knew that it was indeed not easy to use the transfer array.

    He had no idea what status Chu Qianlou's father held but after entering the tower for a short while, she came out with six transfer tokens.

    Chu Qianlou distributed the tokens to each of them before saying, "Wuji, Pang Qi the two of you better start thinking of a name because after we reached the Star Wars Battlefield, every one of us needs to make the universal token. Even if we were not able to leave our name on the Universal Board, there were still very significant benefits for the contribution points. We don't have to worry about what to put for the origins because I have an idea."

    "I shall be called Pang Buwang," Pang Qi immediately sounded out and even Mo Wuji understood the meaning behind this name, which was to not forget Jing Clan's Jing Danwu. [1]

    Rong He heard Pang Qi's name and sighed as she said, "I shall be called He Yu then."

    "Mine will be Teng Xing," Xiong Xingteng simply added in.

    After spending such a long time together, Mo Wuji could tell that Rong He was interested in Pang Qi. In fact, Rong He had a secret crush on Pang Qi. However, this girl was very tolerant because even though there was only a Jing Danwu in Pang Qi's heart, she never complained about anything or said a single bad thing about Jing Danwu. Furthermore, she was even chased after by the Jing Clan because of Pang Qi. Even when Pang Qi suspected Jing Danwu and was extremely furious, Rong He even took the initiative to change the topic so as to mediate the atmosphere.

    The pity was that there was only that girl with the surname 'Jing' in Pang Qi's heart and he had no idea that the Rong He by his side had feelings for him. Or rather, even if he knew, he pretended not to know.

    "Wuji, how about you? Are you going to use the name now?" Chu Qianlou took the iniative to ask when she saw how Mo Wuji didn't say out a different name for himself.

    Mo Wuji really wanted to use Rogue Cultivator 2705 again but he knew that the moment he used this name again, the Xia Clan members would start combing the entire Star Wars Battlefield to search for him and then finish him off.

    "I shall just be called Mo Wuji then," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    He didn't need to worry about his identity being revealed because only the people in the Lost Continent knew the fact that Mo Wuji was actually Rogue Cultivator 2705. No one in the Zhen Mo Continent knew of this fact and even those who had made a trip to the Lost Continent were all killed by the white moustached fishing elder.

    Perhaps someone would visit the Lost Continent and bring back the truth that Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705 in the future but Mo Wuji believed that by the time that happened, he would have been strong enough to protect himself.

    He wanted to let the Star King Mountain's Xia Clan know that one day, he would use his true identity as Mo Wuji to kill that Xia Mu.

    With the transfer tokens, the six of them entered the transfer array towards the Piercing Wind City without any hesitation.

    The transfer distance between the Nine Mo City and the Piercing Wind City was much further than the transfer distance between his Tian Ji Sect and Heaven Seeking Palace. However, the quality of this space transfer array was evidently much higher than the one in the Lost Continent. Even though the distance was much further, Mo Wuji and Co. only felt slightly dizzy and the next moment, they had arrived at the Piercing Wind City.

    As compared to when he transferred from Tian Ji Sect to the Heaven Seeking Palace, he was dizzy for almost half a day before reaching arriving at his destination. When his array dao further improved to a certain level coupled with some basic interaction with space, he had to go back to Tian Ji Sect to reinvent the Tian Ji Sect's transfer array.

    The Piercing Wind City's transfer array was different from the Nine Mo City's one because the Nine Mo City's transfer array was built on a Transfer Tower. The Piercing Wind's transfer array was built on an empty plaza and there were only a few buildings around the transfer array. The plaza was extremely open and empty with not a lot of random people walking around. Even if there were a few group of people, they were all rushing in the specific direction towards the transfer array or walking out of the transfer array.

    However, there was a whole crowd of people walking at the periphery of the plaza which clearly showed the strict regulations put in place here to prevent people from idling too long on the transfer array's plaza.

    Standing on the empty plaza, Mo Wuji very quickly understood the difference between the Nine Mo City and here. In the Nine Mo City, he could feel a heavy, olden days aura. The Nine Mo City had a majestic feeling and it was just like what the cultivator said: there was a completely different feeling here.

    Even though Mo Wuji had neither seen the outside of the city nor walked one round in the city, he could sense the solemness of this city.

    It was indeed very hard to describe a feeling like this but Mo Wuji did feel it. This was a type of periphery constraint and restlessness, a feeling where they could feel blood surging around.

    Piercing Wind City, was indeed the same feeling as "Piercing wind,chilling river of Yi.The hero has to leave,and he will never return!" [2]

    Despite not going to the Star Wars Battlefield before, Mo Wuji knew how dangerous it was out there. Even for himself, after entering the battlefield from here, what were the chances he could make it back alive?

    "The Universal Board is not here?" Mo Wuji scanned through the entire plaza but didn't see any Universal Board around.

    Chu Qianlou answered, "It is not here, the Universal Board is the number one board in the entire Zhen Mo Continent so it was erected at the entrance of the Universal Hall just outside the Star Wars Battlefield."

    "So where do we make the universal token?" Mo Wuji asked yet again.

    "It is also at the Universal Hall. The Piercing Wind City is only a city that everyone had to pass by before entering the Star Wars Battlefield. We can enter the Universal Hall from here to help you make the universal token," Chu Qianlou seemed to have came here before, hence, was very confident when answering the question.

    "Sister Chu, have you been here before?" Rong He asked.

    Chu Qianlou nodded and looked even more dejected, "Back when I was married into the Chu Clan, during the time Chu Zhiyuan had fallen on the Star Wars Battlefield, I had been here once."

    Rong He didn't ask any further as it was evident that Chu Qianlou didn't wish to talk about it anymore. Instead, she looked suspiciously at Zi Han, who was standing beside Chu Qianlou. This girl left a deep impression on her as a very coquettish girl and the whole time they had travelled together, she had not heard a single word from Zi Han at all.

    "Even though there are many good things here in the Piercing Wind City, I felt that this place was a little too constraining and that we should directly head towards the transfer array to the Star Wars Battlefield instead of idling or having fun here," Chu Qianlou pointed at a continuous stream of crowd moving in and out of the transfer array at a place not very distant from them.

    "Do we need any qualifications to be able to transfer there?" Pang Qi inquired.

    "No need, as long as you pass me the qualification token to enter the Star Wars Battlefield, you can enter the transfer array without any fee," Chu Qianlou said as she walked over first.

    A familiar body shape flashed past Mo Wuji and entered the transfer array towards the Star Wars Battlefield, Ren Tianxing?

    Even though he was a distance away, Mo Wuji could recognise that the person was Ren Tianxing. Mo Wuji was surprised and hurried to rush over. It was truly a happy event to be able to meet a friend here in the Zhen Mo Continent.

    "Bang!" Just at the moment he was about to enter the entrance of the transfer array, a formidable force charged towards him. Even though he was moving fast in a straight line, Mo Wuji also managed to turn his body and fall to the side.

    It was only then that he could clearly see the fella he bumped into. He was almost 2 metres tall with a frightening and bloody aura around him.

    "Are you blind? How dare you bump into your ancestor's body?" Before Mo Wuji could say anything, this fella was already pointing and cursing at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't expect this fella to be this shameless because even though he was moving very quickly, he definitely didn't run into him on purpose. In fact, that fella shoved him on purpose when he was trying to enter the transfer array.

    [1]: Pang Buwang: The Buwang that he chose in chinese for his nickname meant 'never forget' in english. Hence, he was trying to imply he will never forget about Jing Danwu.

    [2]: "Piercing wind,chilling river of Yi.The hero has to leave,and he will never return!" : This was the direct translation and meaning of the lyrics of a poem written by an ancient poet representing a depressed person singing about the burdens of a true warrior who will not return until he completed the task he was given. This is the poem which I found on youtube: https:///watch?v=aurWFfAX2Xk&hl=en-GB&gl=SG
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