Chapter 290: Porcelain Bumper

    Chapter 290: Porcelain Bumper

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    "Do not fall for it, he did it on purpose," Chu Qianlou sounded out.

    The big bully who wanted to teach Mo Wuji a lesson took a few steps back when he saw Chu Qianlou walking over. He was not afraid of Chu Qianlou but he realised that she was in the Nihility God Stage and if a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator like himself were to charge forward, it would simply mean death for him

    "On purpose?" Mo Wuji looked quizzically at Chu Qianlou because he couldn't believe that a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator would still commit such childish acts.

    Chu Qianlou said in a low voice, "These people often look for new faces here and when they find one, they will rush forward to find all sorts of reasons to provoke and pick a fight. Aftrerwhich, they would scam the victim of their spirit stones or other items and people like these don't usually work alone but in a gang.

    Mo Wuji was speechless as he couldn't believe he would meet a porcelain bumper here. [1]

    "Apologise or you can forget about going over," The big bully said with a killer voice.

    The crowd of cultivators around them saw the acts of the big bully but didn't find it strange as they continued to walk their own path.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he looked at Chu Qianlou, "Sister Chu, are there no regulations here? It is allowed for people to hit and kill each other here?"

    Chu Qianlou sighed, "Killing is not allowed but fighting has always been very common here. Do you know why the person who knocked into you was a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator? This was because there was a rule to prevent people of a higher cultivation level to fight someone of a lower level. Cultivators of the same level are allowed to fight because of any odd reason. I am confident that if you don't hand over a certain amount of compensation to him, he will make his move against you very soon.

    They were constantly on the look-out for new faces here and basically every new face that appeared here would have been scammed by them before. He wanted you to apologise but the truth was that he wanted you to give him some items as compensation."

    "For cultivators in the same realm, it will be fine as long as the other party is not dead?" Mo Wuji laughed out loud as he understood a system like this very well. The cultivation world needed strong experts, therefore for two fellas in the same realm, the stronger one would naturally be more welcomed into the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Chu Qianlou immediately understood Mo Wuji's words and hurried to add on, "You must not do anything to them because it may seem like this on the surface but the moment you offend these guys, they will even send people after you in the Star Wars Battlefield... Previously, there was a True Lake Stage cultivator from the Lost Continent who didn't understand the rules here and was adamant about reasoning so he was extremely unwilling to compensate. Afterwhich, he was robbed off his spiritual roots and was rumoured to have committed suicide outside the Piercing Wind City."

    The killing intent in Mo Wuji's eyes flashed by and he said to Chu Qianlou and co. in a calm manner, "You all get on the transfer array first, I will be there in a while."

    Chu Qianlou, Pang Qi and the rest sighed in cohesion because they all knew that no matter what they said, they would not be able to advise Mo Wuji against his own will. They were all slightly aware of Mo Wuji's character and they knew that it would be impossible for him to hand over spirit stones as compensation peacefully after being threatened like this.

    Seeing that Chu Qianlou and the rest had left Mo Wuji's side, the big bully walked over and said in a cold tone, "Since you didn't mean it, take out 100,000 spirit stones and I will let you off."

    People in their line knew very clearly that every cultivator heading towards the Star Wars Battlefield for the first time would prepare large amount of pills and spirit stones in their rings. It could be said that they have never stepped into space before.

    Given their accurate judgement, it was almost impossible for them to commit such acts on a disciple of a big sect.

    Mo Wuji was too lazy to even say anything as he stepped forward and threw a punch.

    This big bully was only at Yuan Dan Stage Level 9 and was only a few levels away from Mo Wuji. Furthermore, he didn't believe that Mo Wuji would dare to act against him.

    "Kacha!" The sound of bone cracking could be heard after the big bully was blown away by Mo Wuji's punch while vomiting blood in midair.

    Mo Wuji took a step over and landed his foot on the thigh of the big bully.

    "Crack!" The cracking sound of the thigh bone breaking apart made some people squeak.

    "Do you know what to do?" Mo Wuji lowered his head and asked the big bully under his feet.

    If Mo Wuji could bear the shame of being forced to pay compensation even though he just reached here, he shouldn't even be heading towards the Star Wars Battlefield.

    "I will compensate you with spirit stones..."Just as this big bully managed to utter these six words, numerous bodies surrounded Mo Wuji.

    A strong surge of aura flew towards Mo Wuji and he could feel that it was a Nihility God Stage expert. Just this aura alone would not be able to restrain Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji was worried that this Nihility God Stage expert might act against him. All he hoped for was that the regulations Chu Qianlou mentioned earlier would stand firm.

    That big bully heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the people surrounding Mo Wuji. Even though he suffered a bit, he would probably recover in a few months' time but if they didn't smash this boy's spiritual roots into powder after what he had done, they could forget about earning a living here anymore.

    At the thought of this, he could feel an insane amount of elemental energy tearing tens of his spirit channels.

    As he spat out a mouthful of blood, this big bully looked unexpectedly at Mo Wuji, "How dare you tear my spirit channels..."

    Having been a bully here for some time now, it wasn't that they hadn't met any vicious person. Even so, however vicious the person was, they would at most suffer a few bruises and the other party would still be required to compensate and then have his spirit channels taken away.

    This was in fact his first time having his spiritual roots ruined by someone. After he realised his whole body was useless with his spirit channels ruined, this big bully was so anxious and enraged that he fainted.

    "How dare you ruin a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's spirit channel here?" A fuming voice was heard and another crazy surge of aura charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was blown away by this surge of elemental energy aura as his whole body flew away like a piece of paper before hitting a stone pillar in front of the array door as some blood started to appear at the corner of his lips.

    "You Nihility God Stage cultivator, how could you attack a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator like myself..." Mo Wuji pointed furiously at the Nihility God Stage cultivator as he was so enraged that his whole body was trembling.

    This Nihility God Stage cultivator was shocked momentarily as he thought to himself, since when am I so strong? His aura could at most slightly influence the battle but was most definitely not able to send a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator flying and even spat out some blood. If he was truly that strong, he would have prepared himself to advance to the True God Stage instead of wasting time here.

    The surrounding turned silent as everyone stared at this Nihility God Stage cultivator. Very soon after, the NIhility God Stage cultivator understood what was going on and his entire face turned pale. He was tricked by this Yuan Dan Stage cultivator and if he didn't act against Mo Wuji earlier on, he would not have fallen into Mo Wuji's trap. He used his insane aura against his opponent and using such means were still acceptable because as long as the lower stage cultivator didn't get hurt by it, nobody would bother finding fault with it. However, his aura now caused a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to be blown away and even caused him to bleed, why would nobody bring this matter up given the clear evidence displayed?

    "You..." This time round, it wasn't Mo Wuji who spat out blood but the Nihility God Stage cultivator. He pointed at Mo Wuji with fear starting to build up in his heart.

    Before this Nihility God Stage cultivator could say anything, a True God Stage expert descended from the sky as he grabbed this cultivator and left in the other direction. Before this True God Stage expert completely exited the big gate of the transfer array, the crowd heard the devastating cries of the Nihility God Stage cultivator. At that moment, everyone knew that doom was near for the Nihility God Stage cultivator. That devastating cry was a warning to everyone here that if you want to scam and cheat, you still had to abide by the rules. If every expert act against a lower cultivation level cultivator, there would be lesser and lesser genius experts appearing in the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Mo Wuji wiped the blood stains off his lips as he gradually stood up. He looked at the numerous Yuan Dan Stage cultivators who surrounded him earlier together with the Nihility God Stage expert and said coldly, "May I know if any of you still want me to compensate with spirit stones? If you do, please step forward and say something."

    These Yuan Dan Stage cultivators saw Mo Wuji as if they had seen a ghost as they disappeared in a jiffy. This was their first time seeing such an insidious newcomer that could even plot against a Nihility God Stage expert. Who could guarantee they would not be the next one to be plotted against if they continued staying here? These few men had made up their mind on the spot to never continue such acts here anymore. Instead of having their spirit channels torn by someone, they would rather head towards the Star Wars Battlefield and kill till their hearts' content.

    Mo Wuji looked at the big bully lying on the floor and didn't even bother touching his storage ring before he turned and walked towards Chu Qianlou and the rest.

    Chu Qianlou ran over hastily as she was relieved that Mo Wuji didn't touch his storage ring. It would be doomsday for Mo Wuji too if he decided to touch the storage ring. Compensation of spirit stones was still acceptable as long as you didn't touch the storage ring yourself. The other party had to take out the item and pass it to your hand because it would be considered stealing if you touch their storage ring and stealing here would result in a death penalty too.

    "Fortunately you didn't touch that person's storage ring," Chu Qianlou was panting as she walked over to Mo Wuji.

    As for what Mo Wuji did to the Nihility God Stage cultivator, Chu Qianlou didn't even find it surprising anymore. She had witnessed Mo Wuji combining his Yuan Dan Stage strength with his intelligence to outwit a True Lake Stage cultivator so this way of defeating people was not surprising at all for Chu Qianlou.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "I don't even value a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's storage ring."

    He truly had no idea about the regulation of not stealing other people's storage ring but he was indeed not interested in a Yuan Dan Stage storage ring. The storage rings he had on him were mostly True God Stage so what good things could possibly be in a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's storage ring? If he fought in the wild and killed a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, he might still pick the storage ring up but in a place like this, he really couldn't be bothered to take the ring from a cultivator who had already lost his strength to fight back.

    "Let's go, we should hurry to the Star Wars Battlefield. Other than that, we should be extra cautious when we reach the battlefield because even though they are not that powerful, they are still the local bully here," Chu Qianlou explained softly.

    "I know, let's go," Mo Wuji looked around and couldn't spot Ren Tianxing hence, feeling slightly disappointed. However, he guessed that Ren Tianxing must have travelled to the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Chu Qianlou was right because they were not required to pay any spirit stones to transfer themselves to the Star Wars Battlefield and all they needed to do was to get onto the transfer array.

    [1]: A porcelain bumper in chinese would refer to a person who damage something on purpose and then asking for compensation. In this context, he was referring to the big bully who knocked him on purpose to provoke a fight and then robbing him off his valuables.
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