Chapter 291: Universal Board

    Chapter 291: Universal Board

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    Universal Board

    After they reached the transfer array at the Universal Hall outside the Star Wars Battlefield, the first thing Mo Wuji and co. saw when they walked out of the Universal Hall was the massive board. Even though the massive board had no indication what board this was, Mo Wuji could tell that it had to be the Universal Board. The Universal Board and the Heaven Seeking Board were different because the Universal Board showed the names of the cultivator and people could even see who the number one was but they couldn't see what was on the ranking monument erected behind the ranked number one.

    Every name on the Universal Board was extended out like a three-dimensional plaque and it could be seen very clearly using one's naked eyes that there were no steps and between every two names was a spacing. Each of the Heaven, Earth and Mortal Ranking Board could hold up to about 10,000 names but Mo Wuji could only see 1000 names on the Universal Board. Additionally, Mo Wuji realised that he could only look at it with his naked eyes and not his spiritual will.

    The white moustached fishing elder wanted him to climb to the top of this Universal Board that couldn't be scanned by spiritual will? I probably couldn't climb it with one jump right? Mo Wuji subconsciously took a few steps forward and he realised very quickly that the closer he was to the Universal Board, the greater the pressure felt. Even without trying, Mo Wuji already knew that it definitely wouldn't be easy even if he were to climb step by step on this extended three-dimensional ranking board.

    He wondered if things would be slightly easier after being ranked number 1.

    "I didn't expect there to be only 1000 people on the Universal Board and wouldn't it be too difficult to climb up there?" Mo Wuji sighed.

    Chu Qianlou explained, "There are a total of 10,000 people on the Universal Board too. What you saw earlier on was the main board and the rest of the people are all on the secondary board."

    She pointed to a place further away from them as she spoke.

    Mo Wuji's eyes followed the direction that Chu Qianlou pointed and indeed, he saw a huge array ranking monument. There were no steps or plaque on this array ranking monument but only rows and rows of names. From top to bottom, the words might be small but Mo Wuji was able to use his spiritual will to see everything. It was clear that this secondary board was only build afterwards because the difference between the main board and itself was almost as big as the distance between heaven and earth.

    On the main Universal Board, every row only had one name and nothing else. On the secondary board, there was not only the name but also the sect that the expert belonged to.

    It must be very honourable for someone to be able to earn the right to have their name on the secondary board in a popular place like this Star Wars Battlefield.

    "That should be the Universal Hall right?," Pang Qi pointed to a quaint grey coloured building.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on this building as well and he literally couldn't see how wide this building was. All he knew was that there were clouds sticking out on both sides of the building. He didn't manage to get a clear view of the building's peak because it was also shrouded by fog.

    Chu Qianlou nodded, "Yes, this is the Universal Hall. We have to walk out of the Universal Hall to head towards the Star Wars Battlefield and I shall explain more when we enter. There is a smaller scale cultivation city inside this Universal Hall."

    As she was speaking, Chu Qianlou brought everyone else into this grey coloured Universal Hall.

    The moment they entered the Universal Hall, Mo Wuji knew that Chu Qianlou was right as he did see a smaller scale cultivation city in here. There were shield arrays to shield against spiritual will everywhere and he could only see shops, streets, hotels and double cultivators buildings which were similar to the brothels on Earth.

    The average spiritual energy in Zhen Mo Continent was already many times denser than the Lost Continent but the spiritual energy here at the Universal Hall was even denser. Also, there were countless streams of cultivators heading towards and leaving the Universal Hall so it would be quite impossible to know the exact numbers here.

    Every single cultivator here had dense spiritual aura around them as it was evident that no one here was ordinary. Mo Wuji looked around at the strength of the cultivators here and realised that being in the Yuan Dan Stage here would be considered as one of the lowest cultivation level cultivators.

    There were countless of True Lake Stage and Nihility God Stage cultivators here and even though there were very little Yuan Dan Stage cultivators, there weren't a lot of True God Stage cultivators too. As for the Worldly Immortal Stage cultivators, Mo Wuji might not be able to tell even if he met them.

    "How do we go over to the Star Wars Battlefield?" Wanting to head towards the Thorny Wind Gate, Mo Wuji asked Chu Qianlou anxiously.

    Chu Qianlou pointed to a wide path in front of them and said, "By walking through there, we will reach the place to make our universal tokens. Once everyone made their universal tokens, I will bring all of you to the entrance of the Star Wars Battlefield."

    Chu Qianlou didn't make empty promises because she did use her own ability to help Mo Wuji and co. get their universal tokens registered. Additionally, she had done what she needed to do so well that nobody questioned the origins of Mo Wuji and co.

    Chu Qianlou handed the tokens to everyone and then brought everyone to another hall which was not too far away from them.

    The moment they entered the next hall, Mo Wuji felt like he entered a marketplace. There were many cultivators around and a variety of big and small arrays display screen showing the messages from the various groups and some even displaying recruitment messages. This was exactly the same as a cultivation city's association.

    Chu Qianlou looked at those array display screens and said, "This place is called the Universal Pier where newcomers form their groups or get recruited by groups before heading towards the Star Wars Battlefield. Therefore, if we want to go over to the Star Wars Battlefield, we have to find informations here. On the second level of the Universal Pier is where people exchange items that they want using contribution points. In the event you don't wish to exchange for the items here, there are other buildings outside which you could exchange for items using your contribution points tool. In other words, in this place, universal contribution points are much more convenient and useful than spirit stones.

    There are many approaches to earn contribution points. The easiest way would be to join the military and make use of the military power. You could also accept missions here, kill space beasts or even kill alien cultivators to earn contribution points. Alien cultivators in space have a different way of cultivating from cultivators in the Zhen Mo Continent so the way their soul dissipated upon death would be different too. This is exactly why the moment you kill an alien cultivator, you would receive contribution points. Remember to hang your universal token around your waist and not keep it inside your storage ring."

    Chu Qianlou brought Mo Wuji and the rest to the third level while she was speaking.

    On the third level, Mo Wuji saw a few huge array gates. Mo Wuji could be considered to be quite knowledgeable in array gates now so in one glance, Mo Wuji was able to tell that these are voided array gates. Stepping out of these array doors would be equivalent to leaving the Zhen Mo Continent, into a new space.

    "Everyone saw the huge array gates right? These are the array gates that leads to the Star Wars Battlefield. Every gate here would lead you to a position in space outside the Zhen Mo Continent and you would be faced with threats the moment you walked out of these gates," Chu Qianlou said as she pointed to the array gates.

    Mo Wuji enquired, "Sister Chu, the Universal Hall that we are in is not in the Zhen Mo Continent anymore right?"

    Chu Qianlou nodded her head," Yes, this is the heart of the Zhen Mo Continent's protecting array. Don't think that the Universal Hall here is very safe because the truth was that in the space beyond the array gates here, we, Zhen Mo Continent, stationed hundreds of huge militaries with us. Otherwise, our array gates will definitely not be able to defend against the attacks from space."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because regardless in the cultivation or mortal world, the peace on the surface was exchanged by countless of fresh blood. Without the hundreds of militaries stationed outside the Zhen Mo Continent's space, Zhen Mo Continent would have been invaded like the Lost Continent.

    "Then why didn't anyone thought of entering from the Lost Continent then invade Zhen Mo Continent from the Lost Continent?" Mo Wuji felt a little odd because given the Lost Continent weak defense, it should be very easy to invade.

    This time, without waiting for Chu Qianlou's reply, a cultivator standing by the side couldn't help but asked, "Hehe, my friend here just arrived right? The Lost Continent and us, Zhen Mo Continent, belonged to one planet called Zhen Xing. In fact, we couldn't be more excited if people dared to invade us from the Lost Continent because they are simply courting death..." Mo Wuji was even more curious because he really couldn't understand as he just came over from the Lost Continent. Hold on...I barely managed to get here alive too.

    Chu Qianlou explained, "There are indeed flaws in the cultivation regulations in the Lost Continent for example the lack of spiritual energy. The moment someone invade the Lost Continent, all we needed to do is to close the Zhen Xing's trap array and these people are as good as dead because it isn't that easy to get from the Lost Continent to Zhen Mo. Furthermore, they wouldn't be able to do much by staying in the Lost Continent."

    Mo Wuji finally understood what he meant. They must have had control over the huge Zhen Xing protecting array. As for people invading the Lost Continent, even if they killed a whole lot of people there, it would simply be like losing a few ants in the eyes of the Zhen Mo Continent power holder. This was exactly like what the earlier cultivator said, that they couldn't be more excited for people to invade the Lost Continent. This was because if those trapped in the Lost Continent were not extremely strong, it would simply be a case of hitting dogs behind closed doors for cultivators of the Zhen Mo Continent.

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt uncomfortable and he gradually lost his initial admiration for the power holders of Zhen Mo Continent. They were simply protecting their own personal interest instead of protecting the people of Zhen Xing when they set up such a measure.

    "We can understand more on the first level and then either choose our own groups to join to enter the Star Wars Battlefield or accept a mission together to enter battlefield together," Even though Chu Qianlou's level of cultivation was much higher than Mo Wuji, she would still ask for Mo Wuji's opinion.

    She believed that as long as Mo Wuji don't die in the Star Wars Battlefield, his cultivation level would most likely surpass her's in a decade's time.

    Mo Wuji said apologetically, "I have some matter on my hand which requires me to enter the Star Wars Battlefield alone so if I am able to make it back in time, we could enter as a group in the future. If I couldn't make it back in time, then...forget it."

    Mo Wuji had long decided that he needed to visit the Thorny Wind Gate and because it was an extreme realm, he would naturally not bring Pang Qi and co. over with him. Otherwise, he would be harming them instead of helping them.

    Pang Qi and co. heard that Mo Wuji wanted to enter the battlefield himself and a trace of disappointment flashed across all their eyes. Evidently, they were all ready to enter as a group with Mo Wuji. However, they all respected Mo Wuji's decision and immediately expressed their agreement to work together in the future.

    Mo Wuji was a very decisive person so he bade goodbye to Chu Qianlou and co. immediately after he made his decision. Because he didn't want the rest know where he was going, he decided to find out more about the Thorny Wind Gate on his own.


    After a couple of hours, Mo Wuji returned to the level three of the Universal Pier yet again as he was ready to enter the Star Wars Battlefield from here.

    Just after Mo Wuji left, there was a yellow haired cultivator rushing to the first level as he met up with a gloomy face man who had been waiting in one of the spiritual tea room.

    Just as he saw a man walking over to him, he instantly stood up and ask, "Has he left?"

    "He had just left and I've heard that he had been asking about the location of the Thorny Wind Gate and even bought a spatial positioning ball heading towards the Thorny Wind Gate. He left from the Spatial Gate Number 7 ," The yellow haired cultivator replied.
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