Chapter 292: Earth Boards Expert

    Chapter 292: Earth Board's Expert

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    Mo Wuji stepped out of the spatial gate and landed on a piece of suspended plaza. Around the plaza was the faint gray space and he noticed a few cultivators drawing their own flying ships to make their way into the boundless and vast space. There were also a few cultivators, coming from afar, landing on this plaza.

    Fortunately, cultivators could survive with just spiritual energy in the air as the surrounding layer of air became thinner by the minute. However, Mo Wuji had already experienced too many places with the lack of oxygen so with the thin layer of air here, Mo Wuji didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

    He was thankful for his flying ship because without his flying ship, even if he was capable enough to walk in space, he would lose both his speed and direction.

    Mo Wuji originally wanted to use the round flying ship but at the thought of the fact that the round flying ship belonged to a True God Stage expert of the Zhen Mo Continent, he managed to convince himself against the idea of using it. He decided to take out the flying ship he retrieved from the True God Stage alien cultivator.

    This flying ship was slightly faster than Cen Shuyin's flying car but was still not good enough for him.

    Mo Wuji started driving this flying ship as he left this suspended plaza for the vast space ahead. Even though he didn't see any encampment of the Zhen Mo military which Chu Qianlou mentioned, he guessed that it wouldn't be too far away from the Universal Hall.

    Mo Wuji heard Chu Qianlou talked about the importance of positioning in the space because one would lose his way very easily if he didn't know his position in this vast space. One must not think that there were a few stars which one could use as reference because everything and anything could happen in space. Maybe you could be using this particular star as a reference today but you could still disappear without a trace the very next day. Therefore, every cultivators who entered the space would buy a spatial positioning ball.

    There were many types of spatial positioning ball in the Universal Hall and the most expensive type would be a spatial positioning ball indicating the space routes to various locations.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't able to afford that because even though he had over millions of Earth grade spirit stones, he intended to use these for cultivation. Therefore, he naturally wouldn't use everything he had to purchase one spatial positioning ball.

    Other than this, there were the single space array gate positioning ball. For example, Mo Wuji came out from the Spatial Gate Number 7 so he could purchase the spatial positioning ball depicting the area outside of this Spatial Gate Number 7. The price of such a spatial positioning ball was not very cheap therefore, after much considerations, Mo Wuji decided to wait till he earn contribution points before getting one of those. Using contribution points to exchange for the positioning ball would be the most affordable way here in the Universal Hall.

    Eventually, Mo Wuji used his spirit stones to buy a single route spatial positioning ball which would lead to the Thorny Wind Gate. Such a spatial positioning ball would only show one location and in Mo Wuji's ball, it would only show the route to the Thorny Wind Gate. The only good thing about this was that it was cheap and the positioning was more accurate than the others.

    After the flying ship entered the space, Mo Wuji ignited the spatial positioning ball he bought and indeed, it only displayed one clear direction. No matter how vast the space was, Mo Wuji only needed to follow this direction and he would most definitely reach the Thorny Wind Gate.

    After flying for several days in space, Mo Wuji decided to change a flying ship.

    This flying ship's grade was simply too low hence, the extremely slow pace.

    Just as his flying ship began to slow down and before he started changing to the round flying ship, a flying ship flew past him, blocking the front of his flying ship.

    Mo Wuji immediately stopped what he was doing and simultaneously stopped his own flying ship before standing on the bow of his ship as he stared at this flying ship obstructing him. There were two people on board the ship, the yellow hair fella should be in the Yuan Dan Stage while the gloomy face man should be in the advanced stage of the True Lake Stage.

    Even though he was in Yuan Dan Stage Level 12 and could possibly win an opponent of higher cultivation level then himself, there was also a limit to what he could do. He would definitely not have the capabilities to defeat an advanced stage True Lake Stage cultivator.

    "Are you the one who ripped Yue Ji's spiritual roots and then plotted against my second uncle at the Piercing Wind City's transfer plaza?" The True Lake Stage cultivator looked at Mo Wuji as if he was staring at a dead man.

    So this fella is here for revenge, Mo Wuji kept his flying ship calmly. Come at me if it's revenge he wants. In terms of strength, he would definitely not match this True Lake Stage cultivator but he really had no fear.

    It wouldn't be beneficial for him to fight against a strong expert so even if he couldn't beat him, he could just run away. As for the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, he had to find and make the most of every opportunity to finish him off.

    "Fight me if you want, why bother saying so much rubbish?" Mo Wuji reached out his hand and grabbed his own Tian Ji Pole.

    "Senior apprentice brother Zhize, help me hold the line. How dare a small Yuan Dan Stage be so arrogant?" said the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator.

    Mo Wuji was even more speechless, this fella's cultivation level was slightly lower than his yet he dared to say Mo Wuji was arrogant. In his heart, Mo Wuji couldn't wait for this Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to make his move because then, he wouldn't need to find an opportunity and could kill one first.

    "Go ahead, I will just watch from here so don't worry," The True Lake Stage cultivator nodded his head because in his eyes, Mo Wuji was definitely a dead man. He didn't wish to waste any time so while Mo Wuji was busy with the yellow haired, he would directly intervene and slap Mo Wuji to death.

    A stronger personnel sneak attacking a weaker cultivator? In this battlefield, as long as you could survive, nobody would find it odd even if a Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator sneak attacked a mortal. He was just worried that Mo Wuji might have some teleport talisman to help him escape under his nose.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji had kept his flying treasure, he had some suspicions that Mo Wuji might have planned some tricks to escape. He didn't wish to step in the fight now because he wanted to observe Mo Wuji closely.

    Concurrently, he wanted to finish Mo Wuji off in the shortest time possible because firstly, he was afraid someone might witness this. After all, Mo Wuji knew a Nihility God Stage cultivator. Secondly, he wanted Mo Wuji's concealment technique.

    To be honest, Mo Wuji's spirituality was not evident but he was indeed in the Yuan Dan Stage which showed how extraordinary his concealment technique was. As long as he got hold of such a concealment technique, he was confident it would come in handy in the future.

    After receiving the True Lake Stage cultivator's approval, this yellow hair cultivator drew his lone scissors as he charged towards Mo Wuji unscrupulously. He took the initiative and said he wanted to deal with Mo Wuji simply because he wanted his senior apprentice brother Zhize to witness his strength. To him, even if Mo Wuji was in the Yuan Dan Stage Level 9, he would be able kill him easily.

    A explosive surge of elemental energy was released towards him which made Mo Wuji realised that this yellow hair fella dared to attack him because he certainly had some tricks up his sleeves.

    Mo Wuji swung out the Tian Ji pole in his hand and the two surges of elemental energy clashed against each other as Mo Wuji flew away.

    "You think you can run..." The yellow hair fella laughed as he moved like lightning towards the direction Mo Wuji was retreating.

    The True Lake Stage cultivator was slightly shocked because he didn't expect Mo Wuji's elemental energy to be this weak. This made him forgot about the thought of planning a sneak attack on Mo Wuji. He wasn't suspicious because he knew very clearly the strength of the yellow hair cultivator and he also knew that an average Yuan Dan Stage cultivator would be even weaker than Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had already experienced the Zhen Mo Continent's despicable means of dealing with people and it wasn't his first time getting sneak attacked on. The first time when Ceng Houyi ambushed him, he would have been dead if it wasn't for Cen Shuyin. The second time Qiu He of the Chu Clan tried to sneak attack him and similarly, he would have suffered the blow of the attack if he was not cautious enough.

    This time round, he didn't believe that the True Lake Stage Cultivator would not ambush him while he was fighting the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator. Therefore, his first move would be to be blown away to distant himself further away to avoid a possible ambush.

    The yellow hair fella charged forward half the distance and realised that Mo Wuji started to move forward instead of retreating and appeared right in front of him. The yellow hair was astonished because even he was not able to change direction as quickly as Mo Wuji.

    Not good, the opponent was blown away on purpose.

    When the yellow hair thought of this, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole had already landed.

    The truth was that after reaching the space, Mo Wuji knew that his decision to keep the flying ship was absolutely right. Even though he hadn't reach the Nihility God Stage, there was close to zero gravity in this space therefore, any Yuan Dan Stage cultivators would be able to use their elemental energy to travel by foot in space.

    The one advantage Mo Wuji had over this yellow hair fella was that his spiritual will was far more superior over him. To control his body in space, the spiritual will was much more important than the elemental energy so he got used this new environment very quickly and was thus able to easily control his own movement.

    After exchanging this blow with the yellow hair, flying backwards worked well indeed.

    "Boom!" The yellow hair hastily raised his lone scissors to block off Mo Wuji's Tian Ji pole.

    Without waiting for the yellow hair fella to backoff, tens of Invisible Sword's qi was shot out.

    As he could feel the Invisible Sword's qi piercing through his forehead and throat, the yellow hair fella shut his eyes helplessly as he knew even celestial beings would not be able to save him. After making his decision to enter the Star Wars Battlefield, he knew there would be a day he would get killed but he never expected himself to die within two moves of a cultivator of the same stage as himself.

    "Die for me..."The moment Mo Wuji killed the yellow hair fella, the True Lake Stage cultivator threw himself at Mo Wuji as he shouted furiously while sending a blade radiance which looked like door plate towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji retreated his Tian Ji pole and fended off this blade radiance.

    "Boom!" Elemental energy exploded in space and Mo Wuji was tossed around in space just like a gyroscope.

    Just one exchange against this True Lake Stage cultivator made Mo Wuji realised that he was clearly not a match for this opponent. This time, Mo Wuji didn't get tossed over on purpose but was legitimately blown away.

    Mo Wuji suspected that this fella could be in the Great Circle of the True Lake Stage and to fight head to head against such an expert, he would certainly die. Things would be different if he could advance to the True Lake Stage too and then used some tricks to deal with him.

    After confirming that the opponent was in the Great Circle of the True Lake Stage, Mo Wuji sent out tens of lightning bolts towards him without any hesitation before drawing out his round flying ship and dashed out.

    The space was so vast such that it was easy to escape but also easy to chase after.

    These tens of lightning bolts could merely retain this True Lake Stage cultivator for a moment and a breath later, this True Lake Stage cultivator was wild with joy.

    He was sure that Mo Wuji didn't have lightning affinity spiritual roots and for a cultivator like this to be able to execute lightning magic skills, it was clear that he must have had a lightning technique which even normal spiritual roots cultivators could cultivate.

    A technique like this was simple priceless in the Zhen Mo Continent. Once he was able to get hold of this, he would definitely be able to raise up the ranks again.

    He, Fu Zhize, was able to step into the tail end of the Earth Board while being only half a step into Nihility God Stage was only because he was able to kill a Earth Board ranked Nihility God Stage expert under extremely fortunate and coincidental circumstances. Because he was the only one clear of what had happened and the fact that he wasn't strong enough to be ranked on the Earth Board yet, he didn't normally dare to reveal himself to let others challenge him.

    Now if he could really retrieve the lightning affinity technique, all he needed to do was to advance into the Nihility God Stage and he would finally be a true Earth Board expert.
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