Chapter 301: Honing The Wind Escape Technique

    Chapter 301: Honing The Wind Escape Technique

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    Cen Shuyin needed to accept the legacies of the Typhoon Formula and the Wind Escape Technique while Mo Wuji needed to borrow the assistance of the Escaping Wind grass to gain enlightenment on his own Wind Escape Technique. Thus, the stone room had been separated by Mo Wuji, each of them would occupy half of the room so that they won't disrupt one another's rumination.

    Mo Wuji carefully took out the jade box containing the Escaping Wind and retrieved that strain of Escaping Wind. Previously, he guessed that the thing the two Class 7 Howling Wind Beasts were fighting over definitely wouldn't be simple, it was sure to be a wind-type treasure. Now that he discovered the uses of the Escaping Wind, it was indeed as he predicted; it was truly a great wind-type treasure.

    The Escaping Wind had been left inside for so long but there wasn't even half a bit of change to it; it was still a light grey colour and there were unfathomable runes on the surface of the grass. Unfortunately, Cen Shuyin did not obtain any information on how to gain enlightenment from the Escaping Wind, so he could only fumble around by himself.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will seeped into the tiny grass and there still wasn't any change. This time, Mo Wuji did not give up, his spiritual will continued to orbit around the tiny grass.

    After multiple hours, the tiny grass finally showed a bit of reaction. Mo Wuji immediately started cultivating with his reverse circulation technique, and as he cultivated, he absorbed the grass's energy into his meridians, checking whether this method could allow him to feel the Wind Dao within the Escaping Wind. But another day passed and there still wasn't any change in the little grass.

    Initially, Mo Wuji still absorbed the wind energy in his cultivation to comprehend the Wind Dao. But after three days, Mo Wuji no longer cared about gaining insights from the Escaping Wind, but was completely occupied in his own cultivation.

    As Mo Wuji's attention was diverted from the Escaping Wind, the Escaping Wind, on the contrary, started to disappear. In just three days, the little grass in Mo Wuji's hands vanished completely.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji also opened his eyes; he saw the vanished Escaping Wind grass and immediately went blank. He hadn't even ruminated over the Escaping Wind, but this grass...

    That's not right. Mo Wuji suddenly felt like he had developed an insight towards the wind, it was as though he could merge himself with the wind.

    Mo Wuji stood up. As he got up, his body caused some ripples within the wind. He hurried to grab the fine wind essence within these ripples. His body slightly dazzled, and he suddenly appeared within a different corner of the room. There were no sudden disruptions nor were there any obstacles.

    This was the Wind Escape Technique? Mo Wuji finally came to a realisation. No wonder why that Senior Typhoon claimed that the Wind Escape Technique enlightened by the Escaping Wind was the strongest. His Wind Escape Technique did not leave behind any traces and even when there wasn't any wind, he could generate those subtle winds from the movements of his body, before disappearing within these subtle winds.

    It was like a gentle breeze, leaving no trace nor vestiges in its wake. This was the true Wind Escape Technique. It was the same when he was gaining enlightenment, there wasn't even a single trace.

    No, perhaps his comprehensions of the Wind Escape Technique from the Escaping Wind were different from other people. It was also because of this that the Wind Escape Technique had such charm. Every strand of grass was different, as was each strain of Escaping Wind. In the world, there were no two grass which were the same, likewise, there were no other Wind Escape Technique which was completely the same as his in this world.

    Mo Wuji sat back down, only now did his body lose its ethereality and regain his true physical features. Being strong was not done in a single step, and at every instant, he could encounter cultivators infinitely stronger than him. But now, with this Wind Escape Technique, the outcomes would be completely different.

    Mo Wuji calmed himself down and went to reflect on his Wind Escape Technique. Different levels of the Wind Escape Technique gradually appeared within his mind, things were also getting clearer.

    Another day passed and Mo Wuji had fully comprehended his Wind Escape Technique. The Wind Escape Technique was his self-created skill and he was now at its first level. After he breaks through the ninth level, the Wind Escape Technique would have a qualitative change. What comes during this qualitative change? Perhaps it might become a true sacred art.

    Cultivating the Wind Escape Technique, where else would be a better place besides the Thorny Wind Gate?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will extended outwards; he saw Cen Shuyin being completely wrapped within a whirlpool of wind and he knew that Cen Shuyin should also be in a critical period.

    Mo Wuji directly started cultivating. When Cen Shuyin had completely succeeded the legacy, they could leave together to practise the Wind Escape Technique.

    At this moment, Cen Shuyin wasn't merely cultivating the Typhoon Formula, she didn't give up on her own ice-type cultivation technique. Perhaps in the entire Lost Continent, she might be the only cultivator with dual-cultivation techniques.

    But her Typhoon Formula was really no trivial skill, and additionally, she was already in True Lake Stage Level 1. When she cultivated with the Typhoon Formula, her rate of absorbing spiritual energy was not much weaker than Mo Wuji.

    In merely half a month's time, her Typhoon Formula advanced from Channel Opening to Spirit Building. After three months, she broke through from Spirit Building to Transcending Mortality. In six months, Cen Shuyin stepped into the Yuan Dan. Finally, after ten months, Cen Shuyin's Typhoon Formula broke through the Yuan Dan Stage and arrived at True Lake Stage Level 1. Within her body, were two huge lakes of elemental energy; one was a wind elemental energy lake, the other was an ice elemental energy lake.

    By this time, Cen Shuyin could finally feel the great expansion of her power. She was still in True Lake Stage Level 1 but this was a totally different concept from her True Lake Stage Level 1 ten months ago. Dual-cultivating both wind and ice, her cultivation speed did not meet any impediments but it even boosted her ice-type cultivation method.

    She was sure that within a short period of time, she could charge into True Lake Stage Level 2. After she achieved that, she was resolute to start accepting the Wind Escape Technique legacy.


    Just like Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji's rate of absorbing spiritual energy was meteoric as always.

    Even though Mo Wuji's absorption of spiritual energy was crazy fast, ever since he entered the True Lake Stage, raising each level became increasingly difficult.

    He took a whole nine months to advance from True Lake Stage Level 3 to Level 4. He had been in True Lake Stage Level 4 for three months now but True Lake Stage Level 5 still looked far and remote.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji stopped his cultivation. He felt a fluctuation in the spiritual energy and sent his spiritual will extending outwards, discovering that Cen Shuyin had already stopped her cultivation.

    Mo Wuji changed a set of clothes and walked out of his compartment.

    Things were different now. Previously, he did not know of the Wind Escape Technique, so even if he wore on layers and layers of clothing, he would still get ripped and shredded by the raging winds of the Thorny Wind Gate. But now with his Wind Escape Technique, if he was careful, he shouldn't be affected much by the Thorny Wind Gate's crazy winds.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo..." Seeing Mo Wuji appear, a hint of glee appeared in Cen Shuyin's eyes.

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, congratulations on your success with the Typhoon Formula," Mo Wuji did not know whether Cen Shuyin had yet to accept the Wind Escape Technique legacy but he could tell with a single glance that Cen Shuyin must have been successful in her cultivation of the Typhoon Formula. Not only that, Cen Shuyin's power had swelled exponentially. Even though she tried to restrain her aura, Mo Wuji could still clearly feel her power.

    Cen Shuyin could not suppress the joy in her eyes, "En, I've indeed successfully cultivated the Typhoon Formula, and I've also learnt the Wind Escape Technique. Junior apprentice brother Mo, on your side..."

    Mo Wuji celebrated, "I've also gained insights on my own Wind Escape Technique, and I was just about to go outside to hone my Wind Escape Technique. Why don't we go together?"

    "Alright. Understanding the Wind Escape Technique takes time, and it's hard to control one's eventual location. When the time comes, should we meet back here?" After Cen Shuyin accepted the Wind Escape Technique legacy, she knew that Mo Wuji and her should no longer face any difficulty within a place like the Thorny Wind Gate.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Unfortunately, there's no way to send any messages. I also don't have any flying messenger swords."

    "Flying messenger swords are useless in the Thorny Wind Gate, it would immediately be swept away by the strong winds. I heard that the Zhen Mo Continent has some sort of communication bead but those things are incredibly rare. Only those Worldly Immortal smiths with understandings over the space dao could forge it," Cen Shuyin sighed.

    Communication beads were indeed hard to get. Even if it was a Worldly Immortal, it would still be useless if he wasn't a supreme smith. To be a supreme smith and a Worldly Immortal at the same time, such cultivators were truly too rare.

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt some regret; he should have asked that old fishing fogey to give him some communication beads. That old fishing fogey was so strong, Mo Wuji wouldn't believe it if he claimed that he didn't have any communication beads.


    The exit passage had already been sealed, but for two True Lake Stage experts like Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin, it was not difficult to smash open a new path.

    Two hours later, the two emerged from a crevice. The only difference was the previous long winding crevice had already disappeared.

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, we'll go our separate ways here. Wait till we achieve success in our Wind Escape Techniques then we can meet back here." The moment they emerged, Mo Wuji flatly said.

    Just as Cen Shuyin acknowledged, the roaring wind blew by, sweeping the two away.

    Whether it was Mo Wuji or Cen Shuyin, none of them specially tried to resist this sudden gust of wind.

    Things were different now; even though he was wrapped up in this violent wind, Mo Wuji could feel the entirety of the wind. Not just the traceless wind whip, he could even clearly feel the crushed stones and rubble carried within the wind.

    Even so, his power was still insufficient, and his Wind Escape Technique level was too low, he couldn't dodge the strikes of the wind whip. But in the majority of the time, Mo Wuji could easily avoid the wind whips.

    The most terrifying thing about the Thorny Wind Gate wasn't the irresistible winds, but the crushed stones and wind whips within the violent winds. If he could dodge these things, as long as he didn't encounter any Howling Wind Beasts or other wind-type beasts of the like, he was practically free of danger.

    As the start, Mo Wuji could feel the existence of the wind whip, but he wasn't able to fully dodge them. He even had a full ribs broken from the collision against some crushed stones.

    But as time passed, Mo Wuji became more at ease within the Thorny Wind Gate. Sometimes, he even felt himself to be a strand of wind within the violent winds, following the movements of the wind without a trace.

    Three months later, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique had reached level 4. In six months, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique advanced into level 6. By this time, Mo Wuji no longer faced any threat from the Thorny Wind Gate and it was no longer able to help him improve any further. As such, Mo Wuji stopped honing his Wind Escape Technique.

    As Mo Wuji was prepared to go back to meet Cen Shuyin, he felt the ripples of a battle within the violent wind. The spatial ripples from a battle were different from those from the winds. Explosions of elemental energy could clearly be felt.
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