Chapter 302: Go All Out

    Chapter 302: Go All Out

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    One of them must definitely be Cen Shuyin. He had cultivated beside Cen Shuyin for close to a year and he could easily recognise the spiritual ripples of Cen Shuyin's skills. Cen Shuyin had obtained the Wind Escape Technique legacy and was a dual cultivator of wind and ice, her abilities should be much stronger than an average True Lake Stage cultivator. Mo Wuji estimated that Cen Shuyin was already in True Lake Stage Level 2, but her true power should be able to rival enemies in Level 4 or Level 5. In the Thorny Wind Gate, Mo Wuji guessed that not even Nihility Gods could trump over her.

    However, Mo Wuji could somehow feel that Cen Shuyin was at a disadvantage.

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed, morphing into a breeze within the violent winds, disappearing from that spot.

    Minutes later, Mo Wuji saw the two battling. Cen Shuyin's hair was tussled and her body was drenched in blood, her clothes were ripped till it looked like a mop; it was unable to fully cover her body.

    Cen Shuyin was battling a white-faced, beardless man. In the violent wind, this man actually did not use any sort of evasive measures. From the looks of it, this fella was not a wind-type cultivator but he must also have some sort of method similar to the Wind Escape Technique.

    From Mo Wuji's estimations, this fella was at least in the Nihility God Advanced Stage, or even at the Great Circle of Nihility God Stage.

    Mo Wuji was now at True Lake Stage Level 4, if he was outside, he believed that he wouldn't need to fear a single True Lake Stage expert. Even if it was a Nihility God, he might not be able to win but he could still easily escape.

    Now in the Thorny Wind Gate, he wouldn't even fear a Great Circle of Nihility God Stage cultivator.

    Ever since Mo Wuji arrived, not only didn't Cen Shuyin discover him, that Nihility God also didn't notice Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had fully integrated into the violent winds, leaving behind no marks or vestiges.

    "Pui!" Another fog of blood emerged from Cen Shuyin's shoulder. The ragged clothes which hung on her body was swept away by that beam of elemental energy.

    Cen Shuyin was shamed and anxious. If she fought any further, not only would she endanger her life, she might also all scraps of clothing which were still on her.

    It was fine if Mo Wuji was the one seeing it; Mo Wuji was, after all, a person she was familiar with, the Rogue Cultivator 2705. If her body was seen by some random man, even if she didn't die, she wouldn't be able to rest in peace.

    Cen Shuyin made the decision to retreat, but she knew, her opponent was a fella sensitive to wind. It would be hard for her to retreat. But not retreating would only aggravate her situation.

    "Boom! Boom!" Several consecutive lightning bolts exploded within the violent winds; Cen Shuyin was euphoric, when she had these exploding lightning, she knew that Mo Wuji had arrived.

    As expected, a few bursts of blood fog exploded from that Nihility God, who held the upper hand. At this moment, how could he still have the opportunity to continue his assault? He hurriedly changed his direction as he prepared to get outta that place.

    Even though Cen Shuyin wanted Mo Wuji to get this fella to stay, she didn't even know where Mo Wuji was.

    In reality, Cen Shuyin wasn't the only one who didn't know where Mo Wuji was at, even that Nihility God wasn't able to determine Mo Wuji's location.

    If not for that fact, he definitely wouldn't have let things rest when he was ambushed by Mo Wuji. But he couldn't even locate his opponent, so what else could he do?

    The moment Mo Wuji acted, he was able to force this Nihility God into retreat. He completely integrated into the violent winds of the Thorny Wind Gate, and even when he reached this Nihility God's side, the Nihility God was still oblivious.

    The Nihility God only came to a rude shock when Mo Wuji shot out few strands of Invisible Sword Qi and swung his Tian Ji Pole.

    This Nihility God was also adept in the violent winds of the Thorny Wind Gate, he could even avoid the wind whips and crushed rocks carried within the winds by his instincts alone. He was so sensitive towards the wind but he could never have imagined that his opponent could still hide and ambush him within the violent winds. Ostensibly, his opponent was much stronger than him, or more accurately, more attuned to the wind.

    He hastily rushed out his wind drum as he barely managed to block the multiple beams of Mo Wuji's Invisible Sword Qi. Before he could regain his countenance, few ruthless strikes of wind whips landed against his back, shredding off his clothes and taking some skin off with it. When dealing with Cen Shuyin, he was like a butcher handling his cleaver, he was at ease and the wind whips weren't able to faze him.

    But now under Mo Wuji's attacks, how could he still divert his attention towards the wind whips?

    "Bam!" Just as the wind drum blocked Mo Wuji's Tian Ji pole again, another bolt of lightning exploded on him.

    One of the Nihility God's legs was fractured by the blast of lightning. At this instant, he could no longer care about his injuries and could only hasten his retreat.

    He could tell that Mo Wuji's cultivation should not be higher than his, and this difference was more than a simple level. Otherwise, he would have been rendered completely useless against Mo Wuji's previous ambush.

    But he didn't dare continue fighting with Mo Wuji. In this place, he wasn't even able to grasp his opponent's location, and to make things worse, his opponent even had that immaterial Invisible Sword Qi and the unpredictable lightning bolts. Even if Mo Wuji's cultivation was lower than him by more than two levels, he still wouldn't date continue fighting on.

    If this was outside, it would be akin to him tying his limbs up with rope and crippling his spiritual will as he fought with his opponent. It would be weird if he could win.

    Mo Wuji was also very anxious. He had hidden himself in the dark, completely merged within the winds. His opponent had yet to advance into the Heaven Realm and even if his opponent was in the Heaven Realm True God Stage, it would still be difficult to discern his location. However, their difference in power was far too distant. He consecutively ambushed his opponent twice but he could only give his opponent flesh wounds. These wounds looked serious but they weren't anything life threatening.

    If this Nihility God didn't retreat, he would eventually be worn down and defeated. But if the Nihility God did escape, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to do anything about it. The Nihility God was also rather attuned to the wind; as long as he didn't act against Mo Wuji, he should be able to escape without a hitch.

    Hiding within the winds did allow Mo Wuji to ambush his opponent, but it also restricted the actions he could take.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji no longer cared to conceal himself. After shooting out a few electroballs, he directly emerged from the winds, swinging his Tian Ji Pole downwards.

    "Boom! Boom! Pow!" Even though he was struck by the electroballs, the Nihility God didn't feel shock but glee. Because he had finally seen Mo Wuji's figure; now that Mo Wuji had appeared, he was sure that he could end Mo Wuji.

    "Kacha!" An electroball fractured the other leg of the Nihility God, but the Nihility God paid it no heed. His wind drump wound up a huge tornado of elemental energy, as it rushed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji gritted his teeth and maintained his descent of the Tian Ji Pole.

    This Nihility God was able to wind up such terrifying amounts of elemental energy with his wind drum, and this was in the Thorny Wind Gate. If this was outside, Mo Wuji wouldn't even have the strength to resist.

    This Nihility God saw that Mo Wuji actually acted like him, ignoring the other's magic treasure. His lips curved into a sly smile.

    He just needed to move his head by a bit, there wasn't even a need to dodge, Mo Wuji would only be able to smash against his shoulder. With Mo Wuji's strike, he would not be killed and would only be heavily injured at the very most. Even if he was heavily injured, he wouldn't need to fear that woman by the side. On the other hand, his wind drum was aimed towards Mo Wuji's waist, he was sure he could definitely shatter Mo Wuji's waist apart.

    That's right, in the Thorny Wind Gate, his drum's power was not even a third of his power outside, but so what? He could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't even in the Nihility God Stage.

    "Boom, ka..."

    Even among the howling winds of the Thorny Wind Gate, Mo Wuji could still hear the sounds of bones fracturing.

    The Nihility God's wind drum was not offset as it landed against Mo Wuji's waist. Even though Mo Wuji had already activated his Revolving Star Passage Zhuan Stage Level 3 - Midnight Revolution, and that Nihility God wasn't even at his usual power, Mo Wuji could still hear the sounds of his bones shattering. From his waist to his leg, then down towards his ankle. The terrifying force only disappeared when the elemental energy was revolved towards the ground from the bottom of his feet.

    However, this Nihility God was not a half bit happy. While he heard the sounds of Mo Wuji's bones shattering, he could also hear the cracks from his own bones.

    A wave of drowsiness, or even an aura of death flushed over him. He could feel all the energy in his body leaving him.

    This pain and shattering of bones did not originate from his shoulders, but from the top of his skull. He clearly moved his head away from the trajectory of the Tian Ji Pole but his opponent's Tian Ji Pole precisely hit his skull. This was simply incomprehensible.

    Unless his opponent shifted the Tian Ji Pole just as he shifted his head? This sort of attack, not just him, even a True God might not be able to achieve it, how was his opponent able to do it?

    At this very next instant, his consciousness went black. Mo Wuji didn't give him a single chance, sending a beam of sword qi into his Mind Palace.

    "Peng!" At the instant the Nihility God was killed, Mo Wuji descended from the sky, falling into the crater formed from the elemental energy he revolved away.

    It could be said that he killed this Nihility God with his own power.

    When that Nihility God chose not to dodge his Tian Ji Pole, Mo Wuji knew that his opponent wanted to exchange blows with him. Under usual circumstances, this would be disadvantageous to him. His cultivation was far from his opponent's so his attack power definitely couldn't match the Nihility God's.

    However, he had a sacred art - Revolving Star Passage Technique. Even though his bones shattered from his waist to his ankle, he still succeeded.

    As for his descending Tian Ji Pole, he also used the Revolving Star Passage Technique Zhuan Stage Level 4 - Qiankun Upheaval, to affect its trajectory. The Nihility God was willing to exchange blows Mo Wuji because he was sure that Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole could not change its direction in that short instance. Unfortunately for the Nihility God, Mo Wuji practised the Revolving Star Passage Technique.

    With Qiankun Upheaval, he could change the trajectory of Tian Ji Pole in an instant without affecting the Tian Ji Pole's power.

    This also gave Mo Wuji a stark reminder: Never underestimate one's opponents. Even if he was sure that his opponent couldn't do something, in a life and death battle, he still had to assume the worst.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo..." Cen Shuyin urgently rushed over, carefully pulling Mo Wuji into her embrace, her face filled with anxiety. She could never have fathomed that Mo Wuji could kill this cultivator at the Great Circle of Nihility God Stage, and at a head-on battle at that.

    A hint of fragrance and a soft sensation could be felt; Mo Wuji's heart trembled. Both of them were nearly naked. Because of Mo Wuji's grievous injuries, Cen Shuyin's mind was filled with worry and she did not harbour any dirty thoughts. Mo Wuji, on the other hand, finally knew of the existence of 'hormones'.
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