Chapter 303: Broken Sect

    Chapter 303: Broken Sect

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    Mo Wuji administered two Clear Jade Pills, suppressing the dirty thoughts brewing inside his head. Soon, he was immersed in his recuperation and had forgotten the awkwardness he felt from Cen Shuyin's naked embrace. To hasten his recovery, he needed to fully let go of all his distractions. Mo Wuji trusted Cen Shuyin, so besides leaving a small strand of spiritual will for protection, almost all his attention was focused on his recovery.

    Cen Shuyin had never hugged another man, much less one who was like her, covered only in tattered rags. She brushed against Mo Wuji's spirited organ and her face instantly flushed red. If it was someone else, she would have long threw him away. If not for the fact that they weren't in the Thorny Wind Gate, she also wouldn't continue hugging Mo Wuji. But now, she couldn't bear to put Mo Wuji down.

    Mo Wuji's dirty thoughts were transient as he soon calmed down to recover, allowing Cen Shuyin to heave a sigh of relief.


    By the time Mo Wuji awoke from his recovery, several days had passed.

    He soon discovered that they had returned to the stone room where Cen Shuyin received her legacy. Sending his spiritual will outwards, he found Cen Shuyin cultivating in her compartment. Cen Shuyin had already helped washed him up and changed him into a new set of clothes.

    However, his clothing wasn't of men's style, but a female-like blouse. Mo Wuji looked at the materials of his blouse and knew that Cen Shuyin must have made some alterations to his clothes.

    Mo Wuji stood up, washed himself up, changed his clothes and opened the compartment within the stone room.

    This place no longer had enough spiritual energy for Mo Wuji, he decided to leave this place.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you're recovered?" Cen Shuyin saw Mo Wuji walking over and asked gleefully. Over the past few days of reflection, her previous awkwardness had gradually disappeared.

    She suddenly seemed to recall something as she handed a storage ring over to Mo Wuji, "This is that Nihility God's storage ring, I think we've gotten ourselves in trouble."

    "What's wrong?" Mo Wuji accepted the ring and asked doubtfully.

    Cen Shuyin pointed towards the ring and said, "See the words engraved on the ring, you'll know immediately."

    As Cen Shuyin was speaking, Mo Wuji's gaze had already turned towards the words on the storage ring: Broken Sect, 731.

    "Broken Sect, 731? What does that mean?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Cen Shuyin answered, "I heard that in the Zhen Mo Continent, the most revered and strongest place is the Star King Mountain. At the same time, in the Zhen Mo Continent, there's a dark sect which is the most secretive and feared, that sect is the Broken Sect."

    "There's actually a person who would name his sect as 'Broken Sect', how interesting," Mo Wuji said speechlessly.

    Cen Shuyin shook her head, "The Broken Sect is it the only sect which didn't name itself. The Broken Sect was once an assassins guild. There's a unique legend that revolves around the sect; it's rumoured that if a person enters the target list of this assassins guild, he wouldn't live past 3 months. Furthermore, this assassins guild has another hobby, when they were hired to kill a particular person, they would also kill everyone around him. Even entire sects have been eradicated.

    As time passed, no one even dared to hire them because their methods were too bloodthirsty. Almost everyone of their assassination attempts would result in complete slaughter. That's why this assassins guild had been named as the Broken Sect. The head of the assassins guild acknowledged this name, and after some time, he really established a sect and this sect is the Broken Sect."

    "The Star King Mountain doesn't do anything about this sect?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "The Star King Mountain doesn't acknowledge the Broken Sect's existence, so it had yet to do anything. But there's also rumours that the Star King Mountain tried to interfere with the matter but the Broken Sect was too strong. Even if the Star King Mountain tried to eradicate the Broken Sect, they would suffer heavily.

    The Broken Sect had remained hidden for so long but today we actually killed a fella from the Broken Sect," Cen Shuyin's voice was filled with worry.

    "As long as we don't say anything, perhaps they wouldn't know that we killed that fella." As Mo Wuji heard Cen Shuyin's words, his head started to ache. He already had many things on his plate and if this Broken Sect was added to the mix, could he still cultivate peacefully?

    "That's useless, I've never heard of anything good happening to those that killed a member of the Broken Sect. I believe that many others must have the same thoughts as you but I've never heard of anyone escaping the vengeance of the Broken Sect," Cen Shuyin bemoaned. All these were just rumours, but they actually killed a person from the Broken Sect, verifying that the Broken Sect truly existed.

    Mo Wuji's expression turned serious. He didn't think that he had anything special which could help him shake off the Broken Sect's pursuit.

    After some deliberation, Mo Wuji suddenly placed the ring on the ground, "I won't be opening this ring. Wait for me for a few days."

    Cen Shuyin could understand why Mo Wuji gave up on the storage ring; many storage rings had spiritual will imprint. The moment it was opened, the imprint would latch itself on the opener, and that opener would be completely oblivious of it. This spiritual will imprint would be the method the opener would be tracked.

    Mo Wuji probably wasn't willing to open the storage ring because he was concerned about the spiritual will imprint.

    Cen Shuyin's guess was only partially correct; Mo Wuji was indeed worried about the spiritual will imprint. However, ignoring the ring would not require a few days.

    He got Cen Shuyin to wait for him for a few days because he wanted to check whether there were any imprints on him. At the same time, he wanted to stay here to design his own personalised imprint.

    The Broken Sect was so terrifying, they definitely wouldn't simply leave an imprint on the storage ring. Mo Wuji was sure, if it was as scary as Cen Shuyin claimed, then his body might also be latched with an imprint.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji had already conducted rounds of checks on his own body, he even swept through the items within his storage ring but he did not find anything out of the particular.

    He guessed that it was either there wasn't any imprint on him, or he wasn't strong enough to detect the spiritual will imprint.

    Unfortunately, he was truly helpless; he spent three consecutive days to no avail. Carrying on would be useless. He started training his spiritual will early in his cultivation, but he was still not very familiar with spiritual will imprints.

    However, he needed to stay here to design his own spiritual will imprint. If the Broken Sect was truly so terrifying, they would definitely be able to track the ring to this location. What he wanted to do was to set up an array around the ring. Through this array, he would leave an imprint on his pursuers.

    Mo Wuji admired the saints who could forgive and forget, but he was not such a person. If the Broken Sect really came knocking up his door and even sent people to deal with him, he would definitely kill and fight back.

    Since he would kill his way back, he naturally needed to find the Broken Sect's lair. The Broken Sect was so elusive, it would be a fantasy if he thought he could find the Broken Sect's lair from the people who would come pursuing him. If the Broken Sect was so easily found, they would have been discovered a long time ago.

    Thus, he wanted to make use of this ring to find the Broken Sect's lair. Those that came searching for the ring must definitely be from the Broken Sect. He could leave an imprint on those fellas to find the Broken Sect's lair. If the Broken Sect didn't care about him, then he would let things be. But if they did threaten to deal with him, then he definitely wouldn't be courteous.

    The laser cannons might be priceless but when his little life was threatened, he would not hesitate to grab those laser cannons and blast those little Broken f*ckers.

    How could Cen Shuyin know what was on Mo Wuji's mind? She only thought that Mo Wuji was searching his body for any imprints. She didn't know that Mo Wuji was also taking precautions as he prepared to install his own spiritual will imprint.

    Mo Wuji's single attempt already took half a month. Half a month later, Mo Wuji started installing the concealed array flags and left his spiritual will imprint within the array.

    He was not very proficient with the marking of a spiritual will imprint but he was adept with arrays, his spiritual will was stronger than an average cultivators and he even had a sacred art. In this entire planet, perhaps even a Worldly Immortal might not necessarily have a sacred art.

    As long as someone entered to take the ring, his hidden array would be triggered, which would then stimulate his Revolving Star Passage Technique sacred art which would transfer his spiritual will into his opponent's meridians. Mo Wuji did not have spiritual roots and he created this method to cultivate using meridians; he understood more about the meridians in the human body than an average cultivator. Perhaps even True Gods wouldn't be as knowledgeable with meridians.

    Besides him, other cultivators definitely had spiritual roots and cultivated with spirit channels. Thus, if he transferred the spiritual will imprint into his opponent's meridians, his opponent might not be able to discover it. After all, meridians were not as valuable as spirit channels for cultivators. When they cultivated, they would circulate spiritual energy through their spirit channels and they wouldn't even pay heed to their meridians.

    "We can go now." After Mo Wuji placed his final array flag, he went to find Cen Shuyin.

    His sacred art was residing within the array, the elemental energy within it could last two to three months at the most before dissipating. Mo Wuji felt that this amount of time should be sufficient. If the Broken Sect was as impressive as the rumours, they would definitely be able to find this place within two to three months. If they couldn't find it, then he would have less to worry.

    Cen Shuyin did not know why Mo Wuji would want to install an array here but she could roughly guess what Mo Wuji was doing.

    Several days later, Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin emerged from the Thorny Wind Gate from that previous whirlpool. The two both knew a Wind Escape Technique so the price they had to pay was merely a set of clothes.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, where will you be going now?" Cen Shuyin saw Mo Wuji fetch out a ball shaped flying ship, she could tell that this flying of Mo Wuji's was a high grade spiritual item.

    "I'll first make a trip to the Universal Hall, I have some friends there. Senior apprentice sister Cen, do you want to follow me?" Mo Wuji knew that the grade of Cen Shuyin's flying car was very low, so he directly invited Cen Shuyin with him.

    Cen Shuyin shook her head, "It's okay. I will first find a place to continue my closed doors cultivation. My power is truly too low."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, he understood the meaning behind Cen Shuyin's actions. Cen Shuyin was worried of implicating him, if they were to appear in the Universal Hall together, it was simply beckoning for the Star King Mountain's Xia Clan to kill them.

    He did not have any other way to ask her to stay. After all, the two of them didn't have a special relationship.


    After parting with Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji did not travel really quickly; now that he had offended the Broken Sect, he needed to be on high alert.

    After half a month, Mo Wuji was still far from the Universal Hall, but an astounding scene was displayed in front of him.

    Countless numbers of cultivators were clashing against dense amounts of space beasts. Space Scorpions, Space Rats, Space Butterflies, Gold Blade Apes, Grey Spotted Space Wolves... There was enough variety to form a menu.
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