Chapter 304: Ranked On The Universal Board

    Chapter 304: Ranked On The Universal Board

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    Even though there were a lot of cultivators around, they couldn't fend off this many space beasts. There were countless of cultivators being engulfed every minute and even though more space beasts were killed relatively, it would be impossible to finish them off.

    In fact, he personally witnessed a True God Stage cultivator being swallowed in one mouth by a Class 7 gigantic mouse.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned cold because if so many space beasts entered the Zhen Mo Continent at one time, how would things turn out to be? Perhaps even a small grass in Zhen Mo Continent would not be able to survive right?

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to come to his senses, countless space beasts from all four directions started to surround him. Mo Wuji was shocked because he had only dealt with Space Scorpions previously and he almost lost his life to them. Now that there were so many Space Beast Bees charging towards him, he might not even have a chance to escape.

    Before the countless space beasts could approach any closer, Mo Wuji released his Boundless Lightning Rain. After advancing to the True Lake Stage Level 4, the killing zone of Mo Wuji's Boundless Lightning Rain increased by more than 10 folds. In just one move, he managed to clear his surrounding as all the Space Butterflies, Space Mouse and the other space beasts all fell after this Boundless Lightning Rain.

    Mo Wuji sighed because if he didn't have his Wind Escape Technique and was trapped by so many space beasts, he would have no other choice but to mass kill his way out. However, things were different now that he had his Wind Escape Technique because as long as he used enough of his True Lake's violet energy, he would be able to slip away instantly.

    It seemed like Mo Wuji hadn't gotten used to his sudden increase in strength. Every time the Boundless Lightning Rain descended, a large amount of space beasts would be killed. Mo Wuji was too lazy to even take out his only shield because as long as he could hold on, he would be able to continuously kill those beasts. When he couldn't hold on anymore, he would immediately shield his way out without any hesitation.

    The universal token was also hung around his waist immediately because this was a massive opportunity to collect contribution points for the Universal Board hence, Mo Wuji would naturally not let this chance pass by.

    "Boom boom boom!" The explosive lightnings from his Lightning Rain fell continuously as Mo Wuji couldn't stop blasting the countless space beasts to death. The contribution points on Mo Wuji's universal token kept increasing as well. As long as he saw a space beast which was Class 6 and above, Mo Wuji would immediately turn away because he came to earn points, not fight for his life against a Class 6 beast.

    Mo Wuji made so much commotion in the middle of the crowd of demonic beasts such that it would be impossible for people not to notice him. Very soon, the huge army of mortals and cultivators noticed Mo Wuji's large chunks of lightning bolts and his wild killing of the beasts.

    "Boom boom boom...kacha..." Yet another wave of demonic beasts were blasted to death by Mo Wuji's lightning.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's heart was calm because after releasing this large scale of Boundless Lightning Rain, his violet lake was still full of elemental energy. As long as he was not attacked by a top class demonic beast, he wouldn't mind if he had to continue doing this for a few more days.

    "Puff!" Before Mo Wuji could release yet another wave of Boundless Lightning Rain, a soaring blade radiance sliced through his left chest spurting out a canopy of blood.

    Class 7 demonic beast? Mo Wuji was shocked because no matter how good he was, he would not be able to hide and escape from a Class 7 demonic beast. It wasn't too long ago when he witnessed a True God Stage expert being swallowed alive by a Class 7 Space Mouse.

    If he was marked by a Class 7 demonic beast, he wasn't sure that he could use his Wind Escape Technique to escape successfully.

    "Tsk tsk!" Yet another two blade radiance flew over and Mo Wuji felt like his acupuncture points were struck as he was completely unable to move.

    Presently, he could only stare blankly at the two blade radiance pierced through the space as it flew directly in front of his eyes.

    Mo Wuji's violet energy lake started to swirl up as all 103 meridians started to circulate spiritual energy insanely. Just before this two blade radiance sliced his skull apart, his violet energy lake finally broke its shackles as his entire body managed to recover its original state because of the spiritual circulation of all 103 meridians.

    Fortunately, his Revolving Star Passage Technique had already reached the 4th level of the Zhuan Stage: QianKun Upheaval which should be able to dodge this small threat to his life. Mo Wuji had already made up his mind to leave immediately if he was able to escape this crisis.

    In this place without a strong defender around him, he was simply courting death if he continued to try and collect more contribution points.

    "Bang!" Before Mo Wuji could execute the Qiankun Upheaval to dodge the attack, a huge print magically appeared in front of him and destroying both the blade radiances.

    "You carry on and leave this raging Space Lion to me," A grey robed man flitted by Mo Wuji as he said this.

    It was only till now that Mo Wuji realised that he was hurt by a few metres long Space Lion, an absolute Class 7 space beast.

    A rectangular big print was suspending above the grey robed man's head and even before he used the big print again, Mo Wuji noticed the cautious look on the face of the Space Lion. The Space Lion had already given up on trying to kill Mo Wuji.

    Since someone was helping him block the Class 7 demonic beast, Mo Wuji didn't leave immediately but chose to stay and continue using his Boundless Lightning Rain to collect contribution points. This time round, he spread his spiritual will around the surrounding as he was afraid another strong demonic beast might act against him again.

    The endless incoming space beasts were simply too many to kill. Mo Wuji was only concerned about collecting points and not hopeful about killing them all.

    This battle against the space beasts lasted for exactly two days before the numerous space beasts slowly retreated into the voided space.

    During this period of time, Mo Wuji was the target of sneak attacks from Class 7 demonic beasts twice and both times he managed to dodge it just in time. Furthermore, on both occasions, the Class 7 demonic beasts didn't have a chance to attack him twice because a True God Stage expert would always appear to keep the beasts busy.

    Evidently with the Zhen Mo Continent Cultivator Army around, they wouldn't allow a higher class demonic beast to act against a lower class cultivator too.

    In two days, the elemental energy in Mo Wuji's violet energy lake was reduced by as much as half its original amount.

    As the demonic beasts retreated, the Zhen Mo Cultivator Army started to gather once again. While there looked like there were still about a few millions cultivators left in the army, Mo Wuji knew that a few hundred thousand cultivators had fallen in this war as well.

    The only difference was that there were all sorts of space beasts coming at them regardless of their class. He even saw a bunch of Class 1 Space Mouse rushing towards him but before they could appear in front of him, they were all blasted into shreds by his lightning bolts. As for the cultivators who managed to make it into the Cultivation Army, they were all at least above the Transcending Mortality Stage.

    Mo Wuji grabbed his own universal token and took a glance at it, "Mo Wuji, Universal Contribution Points: 26811, Ranking: 9951" Mo Wuji was astonished, good grief! Who knew how many space beasts he had killed over these two days using tonnes and tonnes of elemental energy and Boundless Lightning Rain. He even managed to kill a few Class 5 space beasts but barely made it up to the secondary board.

    One must know that he wouldn't get much of such opportunities in the future anymore unless he could join the cultivator army. Otherwise, if he were to meet so many space beasts alone, escaping would be his only option. It looked like he could forget about getting ranked one on the main Universal Board because even getting on the main Universal Board itself would be a long way from now.

    At that moment, Mo Wuji sensed something coming at him as he subconsciously looked towards his side.

    "You are pretty decent, which department are you from?" A big built grey robed man was standing where Mo Wuji was standing previously as he raised his hand awkwardly.

    It seemed like he wanted to pat Mo Wuji's shoulder but was shunned off by Mo Wuji's instinct.

    Mo Wuji hurried to say apologetically, "Junior's name is Mo Wuji and thank you senior for your life-saving grace earlier."

    However, even without this grey robed man's help earlier on, Mo Wuji would have been able to dodge the Space Lion's second attack as well but since he reached out to help him, Mo Wuji naturally had to thank him. Moreover, this grey robed man should be in True God Stage Level 9 which was a lot higher than himself.

    This grey robed man shook his hand and said, "You are very strong and that lightning rain made me extremely envious. Logically speaking, how could I not know of a talent like you?"

    Mo Wuji could only say, "Junior is only a rogue cultivator and have yet to join the army which was why senior wouldn't know me."

    "I see, why don't you join my Northern Star Army?" The grey robed man laughed and added, "Oh yes, my name is Mou Lanhan, Northern Star Army's three stars commander."

    Mo Wuji stopped moving suddenly and even though he only just arrived at Zhen Mo Continent, he had heard a few things about the Star King Mountain.

    Star King Mountain had a total of 10 halls and also 10 armies. From Mou Lanhan's words, Mo Wuji guessed that this Northern Star Army should be one of the 10 Star King Mountain armies. Additionally, he had heard that there was a Mou Clan out of the three big clans in the Star King Mountain which made him wondered if this Mou Lanhan was a member of the Mou Clan.

    After Mo Wuji clasped his fist respectfully, he said in an apologetic tone, "Senior Mou, I currently have no intentions to join the cultivator army but if one day I decided to join an army, I will definitely choose the Northern Star Army."

    A trace of disappointment flashed through Mou Lanhan's eyes when he heard Mo Wuji's words but the disappointment disappeared very quickly as he took out an order flag to pass to Mo Wuji, "There are a lot of evil b*stards in the Universal Hall so if anyone dare to touch you, you can just mention my name. I am optimistic about your potential so remember to find me, Mou Lanhan, when you decided to join the army."

    After he said his piece, Mou Lanhan's body disappeared in a flash within the huge army.

    Mo Wuji noticed that all the rogue cultivators that followed the big army to battles were starting to head towards the Universal Hall. Just as he was about to follow them, another person stopped him in his tracks.

    This time round, it was a woman with an almost perfect figure wearing a universal robe looking extremely heroic. However, she just happened to have a soft and delicate face which brought out some gentleness within the heroic vibes.

    Yet another True God Stage expert so Mo Wuji could only clasped his fist helplessly, "Junior, Mo Wuji, greets senior."

    The woman laughed slightly, "That fella just now invited you to join his Northern Star Army right? Listen to your big sister and not go there. Even though the Northern Star Army is the number one army of the Universal Hall, a person with no roots or experience to join them would definitely not be able to shine there. Join our Star Sea Army and I promise you can become a one star commander the moment you join us."

    Yet another person came over to invite him but Mo Wuji could only say respectfully, "Thank you senior for your special regard but I currently don't have any intentions to join any cultivator army."

    The woman looked as if she knew Mo Wuji would say this as she replied, "No worries, you can find me anytime you wish to join us. My name is Shu Xuanyu, don't forget ah."

    Mo Wuji could only say his thanks once again before he left. However in his eyes, this Shu Xuanyu was clearly not as generous as Mou Lanhan. At least Mou Lanhan gave him an order flag while that woman didn't give him anything. If he really wanted to join a cultivator army, he would only join the Northern Star Army.

    Mo Wuji needed to hurry to the Universal Hall immediately because he agreed to meet Chu Qianlou and co. half a year later but a year and a half had passed already. He also wondered how the rest of them were coping over this whole time.
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