Chapter 305: Have You Asked Me?

    Chapter 305: Have You Asked Me?

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    In the hall on the first level of the Universal Pier, Pang Qi's eyes were filled with disappointment. Rong He and Xiong Xingteng, who were standing beside him, were equally feeling as inferior as the three of their bodies were filled with blood. They had clearly just returned from space.

    "Sister Chu, we clearly don't belong here so we will bid our farewells here. If brother Mo were to return, may I please ask sister Chu to greet him on our behalf," Pang Qi's voice turned coarse and was even more dispirited when compared to his trip to the Lost Swamp.

    Chu Qianlou bit her lips and said, "Since we came as a group, we should leave as a group. I still have some contribution points with me and I could lend you all some."

    Xiong Xingteng bowed respectfully and said, "Thank you sister Chu. We have already used too many of your contribution points and it already isn't easy for you to bring junior apprentice sister Zi Han around. Previously, we didn't know that we needed contribution points to survive in the Universal Hall because we would have made alternative plans if we had known."

    Pang Qi and the three others including Mo Wuji all had no idea that one needed contribution points to even rest at any place here in the Universal Hall because they probably wouldn't allow someone to constantly walk around the Universal Hall so casually. Even if it was at the Universal Pier, one would need to pay contribution points if they were to stay for more than 24 hours there.

    As for finding good cultivation spot and residence here, one would definitely need an incredible amount of contribution points.

    However, the three of them were simply too weak so every trip to the space, the contribution points they've collected were barely enough for a person to last a few days here. If they planned to stay here for the long term, perhaps even Chu Qianlou's contribution points wouldn't be enough for them.

    As to joining a cultivator army, the three of them didn't even dare to think about it. Given the fact that they were chased by the Jing Clan, they would reveal themselves the moment they joined the cultivator army. With the Jing Clan's abilities, it wouldn't take long to find the three of them.

    Chu Qianlou started to hesitate because bringing Pang Qi and co. would definitely affect Zi Han and her cultivation training. She didn't mind all these because it wouldn't only take a few days of cultivation to advance to the next stage. What she wanted more was to increase her own strength through battles in the Star Wars Battlefield.

    It was only because of Mo Wuji that the three of them became friends with herself eventually. If the three of them wanted to leave, she had no means of forcing them to stay. In fact, she could understand the reason for their actions because if she was in their shoes, she would definitely have done the same.

    "Pang Qi?" A voice sounded all of a sudden and it was brought along with a killing intent.

    Pang Qi and co. immediately turned their heads as they saw three men and one woman walking in through the entrance of the Universal Pier's hall. Pang Qi recognised the person who called him as he was Jing Clan's True Lake Stage cultivator, Jing Qiliang.

    "Danwu..." Pang Qi didn't even bother looking at Jing Qiliang as his eyes fell only on that woman and his entire body was trembling. His eyes were only filled with sorrows and even appeared slightly lost.

    In his heart, Jing Danwu was pure and innocent but because she gave him Jing Clan's half moon key as a token of love, she was locked up and tortured inhumanely by the Jing Clan. Even though he hadn't been caught by the Jing Clan, his heart was suffering from then on. Not for anything else but he suffered so much just from missing Jing Danwu.

    But currently, there was no scars or marks of tortures on Jing Danwu's body and she was full of smiles just like the old innocent days. As for her cultivation level, she had advanced through the Yuan Dan Stage and her aura even surpassed his. Not only this, she appeared to be very intimate with a square face man beside her and they seemed to be dao companions.

    Jing Danwu furrowed her brows as she saw Pang Qi and co.

    "Who is that?" The square face man standing beside Jing Danwu asked as his face turned serious when he heard Pang Qi calling Danwu directly.

    Jing Danwu hurried to say, "Brother Yangdong, this man is called Pang Qi and he used to be a Jing Clan's guard. But because he had a poor character and stole something from the Jing Clan, he ran away and was chased after by my Jing Clan for a long time now. Who would have thought that he was this sly to have escaped to the Universal Hall with his accomplices? No wonder no one heard anything about him all these while."

    Pang Qi spat out a stream of blood as he felt as though his heart was broken into many pieces. Currently, he wasn't only a clown but an idiot with a wishful thinking.

    "Brother Mo was indeed right," Xiong Xingteng clenched his fist tightly as he was reminding Pang Qi. Pang Qi was their big brother so it's okay for him to misunderstand them. However, to treat Mo Wuji's kind words as mean words to Jing Danwu was indeed a bit too much. Back then Mo Wuji had already said that Jing Danwu had lied to him and the half moon key in Pang Qi's hand was fake but Pang Qi was adamant in his own thinking. Back then if it was not for Rong He, Pang Qi might even have fallen out with Mo Wuji.

    Pang Qi took a deep breath before saying calmly, "Xingteng, He'Er, I've let both of you down. Brother Mo was indeed extraordinary and would definitely not lower himself to the same level as a pitiful worm like myself. I, Pang Qi, have wasted over ten years treating a sh*t as the most important person to me and neglected the important people around me.

    "Brother Qi..." Rong He felt that her eyes were started to blur out because this was the first time since she knew Pang Qi that he called her He'Er.

    "Qiliang, please go ahead to the Universal Hall of Affairs to make a report that my Jing Clan will be bringing away a clan's slave who committed crimes," A plump cultivator, who was walking in front, suddenly said.

    Jing Qiliang hurried to bow and said, " Yes, Uncle San."

    After he finished saying, Jing Qiliang turned and dashed off.

    Just as Chu Qianlou was about to say something, Pang Qi stopped her, "Sister Chu, help me bring He'Er and Xingteng away. That person is called Jing Jiangsan, a Nihility God Stage Level 6 expert.

    Pang Qi was afraid Chu Qianlou might offer to help him so he hurried to say what he felt was necessary as he didn't want to implicate Chu Qianlou into this.

    Chu Qianlou was stunned because a Nihility God Stage Level 6 was still stronger than herself. If she was alone, she wouldn't mind but she really didn't dare to act with Zi Han beside her.

    That plump cultivator called Jing Jiangsan appeared to have heard Pang Qi's words and laughed coldly, "You think you can run after stealing something from the Jing Clan?"

    As he spoke, the plump cultivator had already blocked off Chu Qianlou and co.'s escape route. Before Jing Qiliang received his go ahead report to capture the thieves, he really wouldn't dare to act. However, he believed that it would be easy for him to be approved. After all, Pang Qi and co. were only a few tiny rogue cultivators and the Jing Clan had already hugged tightly onto the Yan Clan's thigh because the person walking with Jing Danwu was Yan Clan's young talent Yan Yangdong.

    The Yan Clan was one of the three big clans of the Star King Mountain and Yan Yangdong himself was already a genius but his younger brother, Yan Yangnan, was even more capable than him and was even ranked number one on the Mortal Board.

    Indeed, within half an incense time, Jing Qiliang came back with a token in his hand. He handed over the token to the fatty, Jing Jiangsan, "Uncle San, this is my Jing Clan's warrant to catch the thieves and it allows us to catch three people."

    Finishing, he said with a low voice, "The other two are from the Chu Clan and one of them is Chu Zhongshen's daughter, Chu Qianlou so it would be wiser not to touch these two."

    Jing Jiangsan nodded his head and said to Jing Qiliang, "Catch Pang Qi and the two others and bring them back to the Jing Clan immediately."

    "Sister Chu, you should bring Zi Han and leave here now," When sh*t hits the fence, Pang Qi was even calmer than before.

    Chu Qianlou could only sigh because even if she didn't want to leave, she wouldn't dare to act too. The other party was a Nihility God Stage expert who was clearly much stronger than herself. If she dared to act against him, Zi Han and herself might not be able to escape even before she could execute half a move against him.

    There were battles and fights at the Universal Pier everyday so the most common thing would be all sorts of commotions. Now that the Jing Clan was planning to arrest Pang Qi and co. on the first level of the Universal Pier, the surrounding cultivators all gathered to watch the show.

    Jing Jiangsan gave Jing Qiliang a glance to signal him to end the battle as soon as possible and not waste any time fooling around in front of so many eyes.

    Jing Qiliang nodded his head and took a step forward with his huge arm ready to capture Pang Qi. For a True Lake Stage Level 3 cultivator like himself to capture a few Yuan Dan Stage cultivators, it was as easy as breathing and eating.

    Pang Qi set his heart straight and was ready to fight for his life. He knew that if they were brought out of the Universal Hall, it would mean an extremely miserable fate that would lie ahead of them. Pang Qi and Xingteng would probably just be sentenced to death but the moment Rong He was brought back to the Jing Clan, he was afraid that Rong He would rather die than live there. Who knows how many b*stards would torutue and ill-treat her before selling her to the Double Cultivator Building for everyone there to use her indecently.

    However, Pang Qi realised very quickly that he was completely helpless against his opponent. Jing Qiliang was way stronger than himself and even his strongest aura was immediately restrained by Jing Qiliang without any sweat.

    Pang Qi sighed because he had let down Rong He. If he was able to move now, he would instantly kill Rong He first to prevent her from suffering any inhumane tortures in the future.

    "Creak!" A bone cracking sound could be heard and Pang Qi no longer felt any restraint as his whole body started to loosen up and before he understood what was going on, he heard a gentle voice, "Trying to capture my friend? Have you asked me?"

    "Brother Mo?" Pang Qi looked surprisingly with his mouth wide opened at Mo Wuji, who was standing right in front of him.

    He had personally witnessed Mo Wuji fighting with a True Lake Stage elementary stage expert and back then, Mo Wuji was able to kill him through his own personal means and tactics.

    But now, Jing Qiliang was choked by Mo Wuji as he carried Jing Qiliang by the throat. Evidently, the bone cracking sound heard earlier on was from the cracking of Jing Qiliang's throat.

    Pang Qi was very sure that Jing Qiliang was in True Lake Stage Level 3. How could it be possible that within a year, Mo Wuji's strength increased to such an incredibly high level and treated a True Lake Stage expert like a small chicken?

    Mo Wuji swung his hand and threw Jing Qiliang far away as he crashed into a round pillar in the hall of the first level of the Universal Pier.

    If this wasn't the Universal Hall, he would have immediately killed Jing Qiliang.

    "Who are you? How dare you obstruct us, Jing Clan, capture thieves?" Jing Jiangsan looked at the menacing Mo Wuji as his surrounding aura charged towards Mo Wuji while taking a step forward, readied not let Mo Wuji go anywhere.

    Mo Wuji shifted his step, swung his hand yet again and Jing Jiangsan's aura that was charging towards him disappeared without a trace. Even though he was only in True Lake Stage Level 4, it didn't mean that any Nihility God Stage expert could restrain him using their aura. He could even easily kill an expert at the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage so how dare a Nihility God Stage Level 6 cultivator try to restrain him? He was simply daydreaming.
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