Chapter 306: You Are Ranked on the Universal Board?

    Chapter 306: You Are Ranked on the Universal Board?

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    "So you are the one who likes to falsely accuse people, a member of the Jing Clan who used beauty to trick people?" Mo Wuji said sarcastically.

    In his heart, he pitied Pang Qi because even though the things Pang Qi did seemed brainless, it was only because he went through all the emotions that he would do what he did. Back then, Mo Wuji was outstanding in everything he did but when it comes to love, wasn't he as idiotic as Pang Qi?

    Regardless, he will never be able to forgive the fact that Xia Ruoyin acted against him. Even if Xia Ruoyin had perfectly legitimate reasons to have him dead, Mo Wuji should have the right to know. However, Xia Ruoyin chose not to tell him anything.

    Seeing how Mo Wuji broke his aura pressure so casually, Jing Jiangsan became much more explosive as his body flashed and his hand was already reaching out to grab Mo Wuji.

    In his eyes, Mo Wuji would at most be in the True Lake Stage but to deceive him, he felt that Mo Wuji intentionally hide his dao movement. Jing Jiangsan didn't believe he would fail to take down a mere True Lake Stage cultivator.

    Mo Wuji didn't move an inch this time as he threw a fist at Jing Jiangsan.

    He wanted to test how big a difference there was between himself and a Nihility God Stage Level 6.

    "Bang!" Elemental energy exploded and Mo Wuji was hurt by the incredible amount of elemental energy released at him. He was forced back about 10 steps before being able to stabilise himself as he felt a dull pain in his chest.

    Mo Wuji was not surprised but actually pleased. Even though he was still not a match against his opponent in terms of level of elemental energy, it was evidently not possible for the other party to kill him in space.

    Jing Jiangsan's heart was shocked and at that moment, he was sure that Mo Wuji was a Nihility God Stage expert. Even though his attack was not 100% of his strength, he didn't believe that a True Lake Stage cultivator would be able to defend against that.

    "Who are the people who dare to fight in the Universal Pier?" A strong surge of energy came flying over and a tall man landed in between Mo Wuji and Jing Jiangsan.

    From the man's token on his waist, everyone could tell that this was the Universal Pier's enforcer. Whoever dared to violate the rules here at the Universal Pier would be killed on the spot without mercy.

    "Mo Wuji greets Lord Enforcer. My friends and I were simply gathering here but this fella and his friends took the initiative to provoke us," Mo Wuji saw the enforcer and immediately showed his respect and explained the situation.

    This fella should be slightly weaker than Jing Jiangsan but Mo Wuji was sure that he would not have a pleasant ending if he were to offend the law enforcer in this place.

    Moreover, he was clear that he was not at wrong because whether it's Pang Qi and co. or himself, they weren't the one who started the fight. In this Universal Hall, you won't be in the wrong as long as you didn't start the fight.

    Jing Jiangsan also hurried to bow and pay his respects, "Ardent Sun City Jing Clan's disciple Jing Jiangsan greets Lord Enforcer."

    Hearing that it was a member of the Jing Clan from the Ardent Sun City, there was a slight change in expression on the face of this enforcer. Evidently, in terms of status, the Jing Clan from the Ardent Sun City would definitely be above a rogue cultivator. Since Mo Wuji didn't report his origin, the enforcer had already guessed that he was a rogue cultivator.

    "Please state the specific reason," The enforcer asked in a faint voice.

    Mo Wuji knew that things would not end up well when he saw the enforcer questioning Jing Jiangsan with such a gentle tone.

    Indeed, Jing Jiangsan took a glance at Mo Wuji and said, "Answering Lord Enforcer's question, these few people were originally guards of my Jing Clan. However, they stole some items of my Jing Clan and ran away with it. It was only till today that I managed to get hold of them and just a while earlier, I had already made a report for permission to capture them."

    After hearing that Jing Jiangsan had already made his report, this enforcer nodded his head and turned to Mo Wuji and co. "The few of you follow me now."

    After saying that, he indicated to Jing Jiangsan and said, "You follow us too."

    Mo Wuji knew that if he were to follow this enforcer, he might not be able to make it back anymore.

    "Lord Enforcer, I believe that we can find out the truth of this situation in front of the crowd. The truth was that the Jing Clan's members were lying. The Jing Clan wanted a treasure which belonged to my friend, Pang Qi, so they let a woman named Jing Danwu to get close to him intentionally..."

    Even before letting Mo Wuji finished his sentence, this enforcer grunted coldly, "Do I still need you to teach me how to enforce the law here? Follow me immediately or I will kill you without any discussion."

    Initially, Chu Qianlou was still relieved to see Mo Wuji arrived at the scene but she didn't expect things to turn out like this. She hurried to step out to say something.

    However, the enforcer didn't bother letting Chu Qianlou speak as he shouted, "Bring all those who are related to these people along too."

    Mo Wuji felt helpless because this fella clearly didn't want to offend the Jing Clan so he was resolute in taking down Mo Wuji and co. to earn some favour from the Jing Clan. But how can he simply follow this fella without any objection?

    "Your Excellency certainly has his way of threatening people, try to take me away if you have the guts," Mo Wuji's aura was bursting as lightning bolts were starting to surround his body.

    At this point, other than exaggerating this whole issue in front of everyone, he had no other choice. This wasn't something that could be explained with logic and reasoning so if he continued to be weak, the few of them could forget about leaving the Universal Pier alive.

    There were already a lot of bystanders to begin with but now that Mo Wuji was ready to battle the enforcer here, it attracted even more onlookers to join the crowd.

    Jing Jiangsan revealed an expression of ridicule as he didn't believe that Mo Wuji dared to go against his Jing Clan. In fact, he hadn't even start acting yet the other party couldn't hold it in anymore.

    "Hahaha...I do want to see where a rogue cultivator like you find your energy to go against me, a Universal Hall Enforcer."

    As he spoke, he charged towards Mo Wuji just like Jing Jiangsan did earlier.

    Chu Qianlou was sweating nervously but she didn't know what she could do to help.

    Since things had already turned out like this, Mo Wuji could no longer retreat and his only way out would be to rush to the third level and escape into space through the spatial gates.

    Just as this enforcer grabbed Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji shot out an explosive lightning.

    "Boom!" The hand that reached out to grabbed Mo Wuji was blast broken by Mo Wuji's lightning because he was only in Nihility God Stage Level 2, which was not even as strong as Jing Jiangsan. However, he was too well taken care of in his position as an enforcer because who would dare do anything to an enforcer of the Enforcer Hall? In front of an expert with a higher level of cultivation than himself, he just needed to lower his voice.

    In front of Mo Wuji, he was simply trying to show off his aura. Even if he didn't show off, he wouldn't even fear an immature young man like Mo Wuji.

    However, after Mo Wuji broke his wrist with just a lightning bolt, he realised that Mo Wuji was not any weaker than himself. The more shocking thing was that Mo Wuji actually dared to retaliate.

    "Bang!" This Nihility God Stage enforcer shot out a light radiance without any hesitation. This was a signal to ask for help whenever the enforcer was met with a stronger cultivator than themselves.

    Everyone looked pitifully at Mo Wuji and co. because they all knew that Mo Wuji and co. would definitely have it worse than death.

    "Boom!" A terrifying aura came crashing down and this was the first time Mo Wuji was forced a few steps backwards because of one's aura as he knocked onto Chu Qianlou. Chu Qianlou even reached out to make sure Mo Wuji don't fall any further backwards.

    This person must definitely be in the advanced stage of the True God Stage, otherwise, Mo Wuji would not have experienced such a terrifying strength. In the very next moment, Mo Wuji confirmed the other party's strength and started to worry for himself. Under the watch of a True God Stage expert, would he be able to make it to level 3 and escape into space? Even if he did managed to escape into space, what could he do there?

    If there really wasn't any other way, he would use the order flag that Mou Lanhan gave him. Honestly, Mo Wuji really didn't want to use this order flag because if he used it, it meant that he would owe him a favor in the future.

    Following which, a yellow bearded man landed on the first level of the Universal Pier and he swept his eyes across Mo Wuji and co. as well as Jing Jiangsan and his gang before landing beside the enforcer who had his hand broken by Mo Wuji.

    "Speak!" The yellow bearded man only mentioned one word.

    This enforcer immediately added a lot of extra details into explaining how Mo Wuji defied the enforcer's instructions.

    The yellow bearded man glared at Mo Wuji once again before asking coldly, "Is that true?"

    If it was a normal cultivator, why would the yellow bearded man bother to talk so much? It was only because he saw that while Mo Wuji had not reached the Nihility God Stage, he actually managed to injure Huang Zhan. As to why his dao was not obvious, there were far too many cultivators who prefer to hide their own cultivation level from the rest. It wouldn't even be easy for a True Lake Stage cultivator to break Huang Zhan's wrist even if Huang Zhan underestimate his opponent and lowered his guard.

    If Mo Wuji really did managed to hurt an elementary stage Nihility God Stage expert while only being in the True Lake Stage, then Mo Wuji simply wasn't just a rogue cultivator. There was one more issue and that was the fact that the Universal Hall was still currently reorganising their strength. In front of so many onlookers, if he didn't handle this situation well, it might have a great impact if words were to spread out.

    If he was not careful and made a mistake in handling this situation, he might not be able to lift his head ever again in the Universal Hall. Therefore, before asking and being clear of the situation, he wouldn't act recklessly.

    Mo Wuji cupped his fists and said calmly, "That person was speaking rubbish as he clearly wanted to secretly help the Jing Clan which was why he was biased towards them. The truth was that the Jing Clan tried to snatch my friend's ancestral inheritance by letting the Jing Clan's lady act innocent so as to seduce my friend. Now that they have taken the item, they want to silence him."

    Jing Jiangsan hurried to step forward and said, "Senior Yu, the truth isn't..."

    From Jing Jiangsan's words, others could tell that he recognised this True God Stage expert.

    The yellow bearded man grunted, "I haven't ask you anything yet."

    He didn't really bother about a person who knew so much about the Jing Clan. The Jing Clan at best was only hugging onto the Yan Clan's thigh to gain fame so he didn't really need to care about Jing Jiangsan's status.

    "Show me your universal token," The yellow bearded man said to Mo Wuji in a serious tone.

    Mo Wuji took out and handed his universal token to the yellow bearded man.

    "Mo Wuji, Universal Contribution Points: 26811, Ranking: 9951," This man looked at the words on Mo Wuji's token and asked shockingly at Mo Wuji, "You are ranked on the Universal Board?"

    Mo Wuji could tell that this yellow bearded man had no intentions to betray them to the Jing Clan and it seemed like he would receive a different treatment just because he was ranked on the Universal Board so he quickly clasped his fist and answered, "In reply to senior, junior had just made it on the Universal Board."

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, Jing Jiangsan felt a hum in his head and his entire body was dazed.
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