Chapter 307: Scram After Apologizing

    Chapter 307: Scram After Apologizing

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    A cultivator who could leave their name on the Universal Board was not someone his Jing Clan could casually offend. Even if the other party was a rogue cultivator, they still couldn't afford to offend him. This was still not the most important reason why he was worried because the most important reason was that the moment Mo Wuji was a ranked personnel on the Universal Board, it would simply be impossible for him to casually brush this incident aside.

    When the people all around them heard that Mo Wuji was a cultivator ranked on the Universal Board, all of them stared at Mo Wuji enviously.

    There were a total of four big boards in the Zhen Mo Continent and the most prestigious one was not the Heaven, Earth, Mortal Board but the Universal Board. Don't think it's nothing incredible just because there were about over 10,000 people on the main and secondary Universal Board. When you spread this 10,000 people all around the entire Zhen Mo Continent, they were as rare as the hair of a phoenix and everyone of them was well admired and respected by the majority of cultivators.

    Just imagine if there were only 10,000 university graduates on Earth and if you spread them out, just how small would the density of graduates be? And if you were to throw Earth into Zhen Mo Continent, you wouldn't even be able to find Earth because of its size as compared to Zhen Mo Continent.

    Chu Qianlou was ecstatic when she heard that Mo Wuji had been ranked on the Universal Board.

    She knew that the Jing Clan would no longer be able to pressurize them unless the Yan Clan decided to act.

    Just as Chu Qianlou thought of this, the man standing beside Jing Danwu stepped forward, walked in front of Mo Wuji and clasped his fist before saying, "Your name is Mo Wuji and you managed to ascend the Universal Board?"

    Mo Wuji had no idea who he was but he was already able to guess that the person beside him was the woman called Jing Danwu. Since he was standing beside Jing Danwu, Mo Wuji guessed that he should be Jing Danwu's lover. This fella should only be in the intermediate stage of the True Lake Stage and for a True Lake Stage to step out to speak without the yellow bearded man saying anything, Mo Wuji knew that this fella's origin must have been extraordinary.

    "That's right," Mo Wuji said in a serious tone.

    He had even killed a member of the Xia Clan therefore, so what if the other party was a little stronger than the Xia Clan?

    "My name is Yan Yangdong and I come from the Star King Mountain. I have no issue with your disagreements with the Jing Clan but you shouldn't have insulted my woman. The shameless Jing Danwu you talked about, she is my woman," Yan Yangdong's tone was cold and brought along traces of killing intent with it.

    The yellow bearded man sighed because since Mo Wuji had ascended the secondary Universal Board, an average clan like the Jing Clan, without legitimate reasons, would not be able to do anything to Mo Wuji. However, the Yan Clan was definitely not an average clan. Only a person ranked on the main Universal Board would be able to avoid being bullied by the Yan Clan.

    There were a total of 1000 people on the main Universal Board and which one of them wasn't an outstanding talent of this world? There were a bunch of World Immortals and even the existence of some Earthly Immortals. Even the lowest of them would be at least an expert in the Great Circle of the True God Stage.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because this fella came from the Star King Mountain with the name Yan Yangdong and even dared to step in front of the yellow bearded man to speak. Mo Wuji was 100% sure that this person was a member of the Star King Mountain's Yan Clan. No wonder Pang Qi would be fooled till he lost his head by Jing Danwu because this Jing Danwu must be something else to be able to climb onto a Yan Clan's cultivator so quickly after kicking Pang Qi away.

    Before waiting for Mo Wuji's reply, Yan Yangdong continued, "I won't bully you so let's head to the Universal Hall's Deathmatch Battlestage and we would be responsible for our own death."

    Hearing Yan Yangdong's words, the crowd started to discuss enthusiastically as there were raging anticipations in many of the onlookers' eyes.

    Mo Wuji turned his head to Chu Qianlou and asked inquisitively, "What is the Deathmatch Battlestage?"

    Chu Qianloy whispered, "In the Universal Hall, if two people held grudges against each other and as long as both parties are willing, they could battle at the Deathmatch Battlestage. There was this rule regarding the Deathmatch Battlestage and that was once two people stepped onto the Deathmatch Battlestage, at most one person could come down from it. Which means that the battle would only end when both died or one of the two died. Other than the Deathmatch Battlestage, there was also a Challenge Arena. The Challenge Arena was a little more lenient because as long as one of the two admits defeat, they would be able to leave the Arena."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he saw Yan Yangdong staring at him with traces of killing intent and disdain in his eyes. He knew that most of those people who came from prestigious clans had such such haughty confidence in themselves.

    In terms of confidence, Mo Wuji would never lose to these fellas of the big clans as he said calmly, "You are not worthy to be my opponent, entering the battlestage would only cost you your life."

    "Hahahaha..." Yan Yangdong laughed out loud as if he had just heard the world's funniest joke.

    Up till today, this was the first time Yan Yangdong heard someone of the same cultivation level as him saying that he was not worthy to be his opponent.

    "Accept the deathmatch if you have the guts, if not, you can just plead for forgiveness. If you kneel down to apologise in front of my woman, I will let you off once based on the fact that you made it onto the Universal Board," Yan Yangdong was originally only haughty but now, he was fuming.

    Even though he had never been ranked first on the Mortal Board before, he was still within the top 100 of the Mortal Board. After he advanced to the True Lake Stage, his strength increased explosively fast.

    So what if Mo Wuji entered the Universal Board? When he truly enters the space, the Universal Board would only be a backyard.

    "Since you insist on the battle, we shall battle then," Mo Wuji said faintly.

    He didn't wish to offend members of the Yan Clan but if Yan Yangdong insisted on battling him to a deathmatch, he had nothing to fear. Since he had already offend the Xia Clan, it wouldn't mean much to offend another Yan Clan.

    "You have guts so I won't take advantage of you. I shall see you at the Deathmatch Battlestage three days later," Yan Yangdong laughed and said to Jing Jiangsan and co. "Let's go, I need to exchange some things on the second level."

    In his words, he simply didn't put the deathmatch three days later in his heart.

    After knowing that Mo Wuji was someone with a ranking on the Universal Board, Jing Jiangsan had long gave up on the thought of bringing Mo Wuji and co. back to the Jing Clan because he simply couldn't wait for Mo Wuji to stay far away from them. He was even rejoicing at the fact that Yan Yangdong had challenged Mo Wuji to the deathmatch because he would then be getting rid of a trouble for the Jing Clan. Otherwise, it would definitely not be good for a Universal Board Expert to be the nemesis of the Jing Clan.

    It wouldn't be too late for him to wait for Yan Yangdong to kill Mo Wuji three days later bringing Pang Qi and the rest away.

    "Hold on," Mo Wuji called out to the rest.

    After waiting for the few of them to stop and look surprisingly at him, he shouted out to Jing Jiangsan, "Not mentioning the fact that your Jing Clan framed my friend but you even acted against the few of them. Are you just going to walk away like this?"

    Mo Wuji could tell from Jing Jiangsan and the yellow bearded enforcer's reaction that he had some power given the fact that he was ranked on the Universal Board. If he had power but didn't make use of it, he wouldn't be Mo Wuji anymore.

    Jing Jiangsan panicked because all he wanted to do was to leave early but he didn't expect that even though he didn't find trouble with Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji actually bothered to find fault with him.

    "Why? You want to find trouble with the Jing Clan?" Yan Yangdong frowned as his Yan Clan had a clan rule which was to not be so arrogant openly. But now, he wasn't acting all arrogant in public but this small rogue cultivator, after barely making it to the Universal Board, dare to be so arrogant in front of him?

    Mo Wuji looked at Yan Yangdong with a disdainful look and said, "If Your Excellency wants to challenge me now, I would welcome you with open arms. If your Yan Clan wants to fight for Jing Clan, just come at me. I, Mo Wuji, would accept it."

    If this Yan Yangdong wanted to challenge him, Mo Wuji would definitely kill him. Since this was the case, he wouldn't need to worry about how not to offend the Yan Clan.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, the people around the area all breathed in cold air. This fella must be something extraordinary to be able to make it onto the Universal Board but isn't this a little too insane? To challenge the Yan Clan in public?

    However, this sentence from Mo Wuji actually made Yan Yang speechless. He wasn't afraid of Mo Wuji but he was fearful of his Yan Clan's clan rules instead. One of his clan rule was that they were not allowed to casually use their clan's name to avenge for other clan even against a rogue cultivator. Now that Mo Wuji had openly challenge his Yan Clan, if he were to talk back, it would mean that he was violating his clan rule by using the Yan Clan's name to avenge for others.

    Fortunately, as Mo Wuji saw that Yan Yangdong didn't talk back, he didn't bother about him anymore as he stood in front of Jing Jiangsan and said, "Return what the Jing Clan stole from my friend and then apologize and scram."

    "You're simply being a bully. My Jing Clan's Jing Qiliang already had his throat broken by you so what more do you want?" Jing Jiangsan was enraged so he could only look at the yellow beard enforcer when he noticed that Yan Yangdong was not saying anything.

    The True God Stage enforcer was not an idiot so why would he say anything to help the Jing Clan when he saw that Mo Wuji clearly didn't even put the Yan Clan in his eyes? Furthermore, from the looks of their conversation and reactions, it seemed like the Jing Clan really accused Mo Wuji's friend of theft.

    Mo Wuji laughed out loud, "Your Jing Clan acted first so can't we defend ourselves? I know your Jing Clan had always been very overbearing but however overbearing you are, you have to follow the rules here right?"

    While speaking, Mo Wuji glanced at Chu Qianlou as he immediately prepared to fight. Jing Clan acted first but that yellow bearded enforcer didn't say anything so it proved that it would be okay for him to act too.

    In this place, one shouldn't be afraid to act, but be afraid to have no reason to act. In fact, one should be the most shameful if you had reasons but dare not act.

    If he had the upper hand today and not act against the Jing Clan, he was afraid that he might need to lower his head as he walked in the Universal Hall in the future.

    "Haha..." Jing Jiangsan laughed, "You barely made it onto the tailend of the Universal Board and you dare to frighten us? My Jing Clan has been living in the Ardent Sun City for so many years and we've been growing through scares..."

    Jing Jiangsan paused while speaking because Mo Wuji had already took a step forward and an octagonal steel hammer was already smashing towards him.

    People surrounding them were all staring shockingly at Mo Wuji because as much as Mo Wuji had his reasonings, it was simply too incredible for them to witness a True Lake Stage cultivator to act so wilfully against a Nihility God Stage Level 6 cultivator.
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