Chapter 308: Yan Yangdongs Strength

    Chapter 308: Yan Yangdong's Strength

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    There were people from all over the region here therefore, Mo Wuji didn't dare to take out his Tian Ji Pole because Gu Shaoyi recognised his Tian Ji Pole. The moment he took it out to use, words might spread to Gu Shaoyi very quickly.

    The octagonal steel hammer was the best spiritual item among his intermediate grade items in his storage ring and it was equivalent to being half a top grade spiritual item. Since he didn't have any specific pole techniques, it wouldn't make much of a difference between using his steel hammer and Tian Ji Pole.

    "Bang!" Before Mo Wuji's octagonal steel hammer could complete its full swing, it was grabbed with one hand.

    "The Universal Pier is the most important place in the Universal Hall so how can we fight here? Mo Wuji, given that this was your first offence, I will not fault you this time round," The yellow bearded man released Mo Wuji's steel hammer and said calmly.

    Mo Wuji was naturally not that autistic to go against an advanced stage of the True God Stage enforcer. His intention to make the first move was so that if this enforcer don't do anything to stop him, Mo Wuju would combine forces with Chu Qianlou to take down Jing Jiangsan. If this enforcer were to step forward to stop him, he would definitely not insist.

    "Yes, Lord Enforcer," Mo Wuji kept the steel hammer in his hand and clasped his fist before saying, "Lord Enforcer, the members of the Jing Clan framed us and even took the initiative to attack us, how are you going to go about this?"

    The yellow bearded man furrowed his brows and said, "The framing incident has nothing to do with my Universal Hall since it was your own personal issues. However, I will go investigate about your claim that Jing Clan initiated the fight. Three days later, I promise to give you an explanation."

    "Many thanks Lord Enforcer," Mo Wuji and co. hurried to expressed their gratitude.

    Jing Jiangsan dared not say anything because Pang Qi and co. ended up with no injuries while his Jing Clan's men and even Jing Qiliang was severely wounded. As for the fact that he did made his report first before attacking Mo Wuji and co, he kept silent over it. Such means were still possible to scare some rogue cultivators but if he were to say such things in front of a True God Stage Enforcer, the enforcer might become enraged. This was because accusing someone of stealing here would be too apparent here.

    "Yes, that's all," This True God Stage expert nodded his head and grabbed the enforcer with the surname 'Huang' before disappearing into thin air.

    He didn't even mention anything about Mo Wuji injuring the enforcer with the surname 'Huang'.

    "Brother Mo, if not for you, we..." Rong He's tone was slightly agitated because she was clearer than all people that she would not have a pleasant treatment if they were brought back by the Jing Clan.

    Pang Qu and Xiong Xingteng didn't thank him any further because to them, Mo Wuji didn't only save their lives but also their pride. They vowed to give their lives to Mo Wuji if anything were to happen in the future so any more appreciative words were simply unnecessary.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "I was held up in space for a while which was why I was so late. Let's go to a restaurant to sit down and discuss further."

    He wasn't the only one who was clear that what the yellow bearded enforcer meant by giving him a detailed explanation three days later. Everyone else knew that there would not be an investigation going on and the explanation three days later would depend on who was the winner.

    If Mo Wuji lost, it would mean death and there would be nothing left to say to him. If he won, this would mean that Yan Yangdong died and if this was the ending, even Mo Wuji had no idea how the enforcer was going to give him an explanation. He didn't believe that the yellow bearded man would be willing to bear the consequences of offending the Yan Clan by giving him a perfect explanation.

    To that yellow bearded man, the best scenario would be that Mo Wuji was killed by Yan Yangdong.


    In the Universal Hall, there was the most number of hotels and inns.

    Universal Pier Hotel was one of the most renowned hotel in the Universal Hall. Not only was the atmosphere comfortable but the things they sell here were also the best. Naturally, the price would be the highest here.

    However, Mo Wuji liked this place a lot because other than being able to talk over wine, they provided lodging as well. Even though the spiritual energy here was not as dense and pure as the one at the Thorny Wind Gate, it was much better than many other places here.

    "Brother Mo, this time, I was the one who dragged you into this trouble," The moment they entered their private room, Pang Wi stood up and said. At this moment, they couldn't see any more sorrow on his face.

    Chu Qianlou said, "Earlier on, they insisted on leaving the Universal Hall for good but I had no idea how to convince them to stay."

    Rong He explained, "I am simply too weak and had to constantly use Sister Chu's contribution points. Perhaps this place was not suitable for us which was why Brother Qi suggested the idea to leave.

    Mo Wuji signalled everyone to take a seat before saying, "If the problem is the contribution points, it isn't a problem. I have a few hundred thousand contribution points now so it would be more than enough for all of us to stay here. Furthermore, if you were to leave now, you all would simply be like sheeps entering a lion's den. My point is after everything here is settled, we will form a group to collect points in space and when all of your strength increased, we will leave this place. What do everyone think about this?"

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, there was only one motive for coming here, which was to collect contribution points relentlessly. The ranking on the Universal Board was dependent on the amount of contribution points collected so even you spent all 10,000 contribution points, they would still rank you with the 10,000 contribution points.

    Everyone understood what Mo Wuji meant by after everything here is settled. He was referring to his deathmatch with Yan Yangdong.

    "From today onwards, the three of us would follow Brother Mo's instructions, alive or dead," Pang Wi said without any hesitation.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Brother Pang is too serious, everyone here are friends so it was only right for us to look out for each other."

    Chu Qianlou's face was filled with worry as she said, "Wuji, do you know Yan Yangdong's true strength?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head and asked in serious tone, "I need Sister Chu to enlighten me."

    Even though he didn't regard Yan Yangdong highly, it would still be crucial for him to understand his opponent. He would never bring contempt into a battle because he would simply be risking his little life.

    Chu Qianlou continued to explain, "Yan Clan's most talented rising star was Yan Yangnan who was Yan Yangdong's younger brother. Yan Yangnan was ranked first on the Mortal Board while Yan Yangdong was at most ranked number 76 on the Mortal Board. In terms of strength in the Mortal Realm, Yan Yangdong should not be stronger than his younger brother, Yan Yangnan.

    However, a few years ago, Yan Yangdong received a supreme inheritance which led to an incredible surge in his strength. When he just entered the intermediate stage of the True Lake Stage, he managed to kill a Nihility God Stage Level 1 expert in a head to head battle. One could say that in terms of strength in the Earth Realm, Yan Yangdong was already far more superior than Yan Yangnan. I guessed that Yan Yangdong was no longer in the True Lake Stage Level 5 but Level 6 instead. He was extremely secretive so I wouldn't be surprised if he is in Level 7 already. What I am surprised was that he actually challenge you for a woman which was extremely unlike him."

    Mo Wuji was emotionless because he had killed a Nihility God Stage expert before and the one he killed was even in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. However, that all happened in the Thorny Wind Gate and it was because he understood the Wind Escape Technique and was able to become one with the wind which was why his strength had no limits in an extreme realm like the Thorny Wind Gate. Moreover, the strength of his opponent would decrease tremendously against himself too.

    Under normal circumstances, he would definitely not be able to defeat an expert in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. Mo Wuji predicted that given his strength now, he should be able to use various means to severely injure an expert in the average elementary stage of the Nihility God Stage. As to finishing the opponent off, he had to look at the circumstances.

    However, it didn't take Mo Wuji very long to realise that the Yan Yangdong could have used a variety of tricks to defeat the Nihility God Stage Level 1 expert too. Regardless the case, the fact that Yan Yangdong dared to challenge him to a deathmatch after witnessing Mo Wuji broke a Nihility God Stage Level 2 expert's wrist proved that this fella must be quite confident in himself.

    "Many thanks Sister Chu, I will be careful," Mo Wuji said.

    He kind of understood that the yellow bearded True Lake Stage enforcer had given him a lot of face because the truth was that he didn't think that Mo Wuji would be able to defeat Yan Yangdong.

    Mo Wuji sighed because he didn't think that what the yellow bearded man did was wrong. If the Yan Clan was truly that powerful, it was actually pretty incredible for him to do such thing. Borrowing the strength of someone else would always be a secondary mean because one had to depend on himself eventually. Mo Wuji was suddenly rejoicing that he didn't take out Mou Lanhan's order flag because how sure could he be that the Mou Clan would be willing to go against the Yan Clan for a mere True Lake Stage expert like himself?


    The incident at the Universal Pier made everyone in the Universal Hall excited in an instant. Whether it was the newcomers or experienced experts here at the Universal Hall, there was only one topic of discussion these few days which was the deathmatch between a rogue cultivator, Mo Wuji and the Yan Clan's genius, Yan Yangdong of the Star King Mountain three days later.

    As rumours of this deathmatch spread even further, even cultivators of the Piercing Wind City and the Nine Mo City heard of it as many of them started to make their way to the Universal Hall. They wanted to see how fierce this rogue cultivator was to dare to act against an enforcer and even accepted the deathmatch from Star King Mountain's Yan Clan.

    The Universal Hall suddenly became overcrowded because other than a few major universal battle, there was seldom such a crowd at the Universal Hall.

    At this moment, two men and two women descended from the transfer array outside the Universal Hall. One of them used a veil to cover her face.

    "Senior apprentice sister Suting, is that Mo Wuji really a member of the Heaven Seeking Palace?" The person speaking was a man standing beside the woman with a veil on her face. This man had a slender figure with a pretty face and he looked extremely handsome.

    This four people came over from the Lost Continent too and they were all disciples of the Heaven Seeking Palace. The person standing in front was the woman with her face covered as she was previously the Heaven Seeking Palace number one dean, Bei Suting. Currently, she had already reached the True God Stage Level 8 and had stepped into the real realm of experts.

    The handsome young man asking Bei Suting questions was the Heaven Seeking Palace second dean, Feng Zhenqiu's only son, Feng Luojian. Previously, he was only in the True Lake Stage Level 3 but after a few years, he had already advanced into the Nihility God Stage Level 1.

    The other person beside Bei Suting was Pill Pagoda's Yan'Er and her cultivation level increased the quickest as she had already reached True Lake Stage Level 6. The last person was a skinny man called Gou Zihan who was previously ranked number one on the Heaven Seeking Staircase and his cultivation level was at True Lake Level 7 now.

    After hearing Feng Luojian's words, Bei Suting hesitated before saying, " I am not very sure but since he's called Mo Wuju, we had to come and take a look because what if it was really him?"

    As she spoke till this moment, senior apprentice sister Suting suddenly said, "Yan'Er, after we settled down, come to my room for a while as I have some things to say to you."

    "Yes, Sister Suting," Yan'Er replied respectfully.

    "Mo Wuji, Universal Contribution Points: 26811, Ranking: 9951... very powerful..." Gou Zihan stopped abruptly as he was reading. After being in the Zhen Mo Continent for a few years now, the previous number one on the Heaven Seeking Staircase clearly knew how hard it was to make it onto the Universal Board.

    The remaining three people stopped as they also saw the secondary Universal Board. Ranked 9951 on the secondary Universal Board was indeed Mo Wuji.

    "Truly a rogue cultivator," Senior Suting murmured to herself.
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