Chapter 309: The Young Must Be Hot-blooded

    Chapter 309: The Young Must Be Hot-blooded

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    "Let's quickly go in and take a look." Bei Suting hastened her footsteps and headed towards the Universal Hall.

    At the True God Stage Level 8, Bei Suting could be considered an expert here. However, the number of True God experts here wasn't as little as that in the Lost Continent. If you grabbed a group of people, there was likely to be a True God expert in the group. Thus, only those True God experts who have demonstrated their prowess, such as Mou Lanhan, were revered. Ordinary True God experts, who had yet to advance into the Worldly Immortal Realm, were still low-profile existences.

    The Universal Pier Hotel was long filled to the brim; the rooms were all booked. Bei Suting and co. came relatively late so they could only choose a resting spot within the main hall. At the very least, they could inquire more about Mo Wuji.

    When they arrived, they didn't even need to do any special inquiries. Almost 90% of the cultivators here were discussing about the deathmatch.

    "That Mo Wuji fella is really... Aish, I really don't know what to say about him. Do you think it's easy to enter the Universal Board? But he chose to court his own death so soon. So young, so hot-blooded..." a man with a goatee said, shaking his head.

    "Why are you so sure that Yan Yangdong would win? Since it's a deathmatch, one would live while the other would die. No one could say for sure that Mo Wuji would be the one to die."

    "What do you know ah... That Yan Yangdong is a genius from the Star King Mountain. At True Lake Stage Level 4, he killed a cultivator at Nihility God Stage Level 1. Even if Mo Wuji is strong, is he able to kill a Nihility God?"

    "Mo Wuji was able to injure Enforcer Huang, and that Enforcer Huang is at least at Nihility God Stage Level 2 right?"

    As these people were discussing, a black robed man with a slightly emaciated figure suddenly walled in front of them. These people who were still discussing the deathmatch between Mo Wuji and Yan Yangdong immediately stopped their words as they turned and faced this thin man doubtfully.

    Besides his thin figure, this black robed man's entire body was like a sword, exuding a sharp killing intent. Behind him, was a sheathless sword. His long hair was tied up and there was a red ribbon knotted on his right wrist.

    "Just now, the Mo Wuji you were talking about, he really fought with a Nihility God Stage enforcer? He even injured that enforcer's wrist?" This black robed man's tone was very low.

    "Yes, I saw it with my own two eyes. Then, that enforcer acted against him first and he did not hesitate to resist. He even whipped out his spiritual equipment." Sensing that this thin man was not to be offended, one of the cultivators promptly replied him.

    The thin man nodded and unexpectedly turned and spoke to Goatee, "Your views are wrong, but one of your sentence is not bad. The young must be hot-blooded."

    With that, the thin man turned and left, soon disappearing from the bustling hall.

    "Who was that fella? He looked so arrogant..." Waiting for the thin man to leave, one of the cultivators finally spoke up. He only got to half of his sentence when he noticed Goatee's face turning pale. He immediately stopped complaining and asked quizzically, "Brother Ju, you know that man?"

    Goatee slowly exhaled, then he said, "I believe all of you would have heard of him. He has a nickname, the Solitary Red Knot..."

    The crowd let out breaths of cold air. Those that never heard of Solitary Red Knot really only numbered a few. It's said that his cultivation was not high; he wasn't even in the Nihility God Stage. But that man was a maniac. He was once surrounded alone by a horde of space beasts, and after a whole month of slaughter, he slashed himself a road of blood."

    If someone encountered the Solitary Red Knot, if he didn't eliminate the Solitary Red Knot immediately, he might end up getting eliminated. Because this man was too resilient, he was like a cockroach that couldn't be killed.

    The craziest thing was, he accepted a mission at the Universal Pier, to find the Irregular Void Fruit. Ultimately, he camped outside a Class 7 space beast's cave silently for three months, and finally took the opportunity when the space beast left briefly to sneak in and steal the Irregular Void Fruit.

    He was different from other people. No matter the time or place, he would also have a red ribbon tied around his right wrist.

    "That person looked like a woman, maybe he had disguised himself."

    "Perhaps she's really a woman and she fancies Mo Wuji?"

    "Don't spout nonsense, otherwise you might just die without knowing it. Mo Wuji might have gotten some fame recently, but compared to Solitary Red Knot, he's still lacking."

    "Mo Wuji already has a beauty, that Chu Clan widow. Huiyo... so tender that you just wanna squeeze her..."


    Not far away, Bei Suting frowned as she listened to the discussions. She started to suspect whether she had been overthinking things. The Mo Wuji she knew definitely wouldn't get together with a widow. He was someone who would exchange his life for a female slave's; he could endure all sorts of difficulties. From the little state of Cheng Yu, he went all the way to the Five Elements Desolate Domain, was this something an ordinary human could do? If he had such strong willpower, how could be seduced by a widow?

    She subconsciously looked towards Yan'Er; Yan'Er's face was calm, without a hint of emotion.

    Bei Suting sighed and stood up, "Come, let's find a place to stay."

    She was still concerned about Cen Shuyin, there was still no news about her. Facing the juggernaut that was the Star King Mountain, even Bei Suting wouldn't be able to protect herself, much less protect Cen Shuyin.


    The Universal Hall was also dearth of rooms, the four searched for a good half a day before finally finding a relatively remote small shack. Furthermore, they were only able to stay there on the account that Bei Suting was a True God Stage expert. Otherwise, they wouldn't even have gotten this small shack. Originally, they planned to each have their own rooms, but because of the limited space, Bei Suting and Yan'Er shared one room, while Gou Zihan and Feng Luojian shared another.

    "Sister Suting, did you want something from me?" When they entered the room, Yan'Er asked softly.

    Bei Suting shook her head and sighed, "At first, I did have some words I wanted to talk to you, but now, I also feel that it's nothing much. Let's just leave things be. After some time, we might have to separate. Yan'Er, your talent is no less than mine, you definitely need to continue working hard in your cultivation and strive to be a Worldly Immortal. If you're not a Worldly Immortal, you'll never truly be able to stand up for yourself."

    "Yes." Yan'Er responded respectfully.'


    Three days passed in a flash. In these three days, Mo Wuji had always been in his room cultivating his Revolving Star Passage Technique. His Revolving Star Passage Technique had already been honed to the fourth level of the Zhuan Stage, Qiankun Upheaval. However, this fourth level was much more complex than the previous levels of the Zhuan Stage. Even though he had reached this level, it didn't signify that he was familiarised with it.

    These few days, to Mo Wuji, was truly too short.

    Opening the door, Mo Wuji saw Chu Qianlou and co. waiting for him.

    "Where's Zi Han?" Mo Wuji did not see the Zi Han who was always tagging by Chu Qianlou's side, so he prompted that question.

    Chu Qianlou shook her head and spoke a little despondently, "She wants to undergo closed doors cultivation. I'll let her do what she wants."

    "Brother Mo, could you lend me some contribution points?" Rong He suddenly asked, but after she finished that sentence, her face swelled red in embarrassment. Over the past few days, she was staying here off Mo Wuji's contribution points, and now, she was even asking Mo Wuji for more. This was simply a bit too much.

    Mo Wuji stared curiously at Rong He; he knew Rong He, if it was nothing special, she definitely wouldn't ask him for contribution points.

    Pang Qi hurriedly explained, "It's like this. Betting stands have been set up throughout Universal Hall on who's going to end up victorious in your match. The greatest odds is 1 to 3."

    Mo Wuji asked in astonishment, "Brother Pang, you're saying, if I win, I will get three times the amount?"

    He clearly injured that Nihility God Stage Level 2 cultivator's wrist, but yet he was still looked down upon. This was too exaggerated, right?

    Chu Qianlou said, "Wuji, actually these odds are already very conservative. If you didn't rank in the Universal Board, and if you didn't injure that Enforcer Huang, the odds wouldn't simply be 1 to 3, but 1 to 30."

    "Then if I bet and win, would those contribution points be calculated into the Universal Board's rankings?" Mo Wuji asked urgently. His main goal here was to get as many contribution points as possible.

    Chu Qianlou shook her head, "No, the Universal Board only records the effective contribution points that was obtained firsthand. These contribution points obtained during the Star Wars and from missions in the Hall of Affairs. Contribution points obtained from secondary sources could only be used for transactional purposes and would not be counted into the rankings.:

    Mo Wuji was a little disappointed as he passed his universal over to Rong He, "Take as much as you need."

    Rong He hurriedly said, "I only need 3000 contribution points."

    "Then you can help me bet the rest on my victory. It's also not bad to earn a little extra contribution points," Mo Wuji waved his hand and said.


    The Universal Hall had two competing stages, one was the Deathmatch Battlestage, the other was the Challenge Battlestage.

    When Mo Wuji was walking to the Deathmatch Battlestage, it was already filled to the brim with all sorts of cultivators. Luckily, Mo Wuji was a contestant so he could walk through a separate passage. Otherwise, if he needed to squeeze his way through to the battlestage, it would be a little problematic.

    When Mo Wuji arrived, he saw Yan Yangdong's slow walk to the Deathmatch Battlestage, with his hands clasped behind his back. His expression was calm as though he wasn't going to fight in a life and death battle.

    Deathmatches did not have judges, because there was no need for judges. There was only one cultivator in charge, and that was the commentator by the side of the stage. This commentator waited for Yan Yangdong to stand up on the stage before loudly announcing, "Star King Mountain's Star Cloud Hall, Yan Yangdong enters the death stage!"

    A flurry of cheers resounded, almost seeming to tear this Deathmatch Battlestage apart.

    "You guys wait for me by the stage, I'm going up," Mo Wuji turned and told Chu Qianlou and co.

    "Be careful." Chu Qianlou and co. knew that things have already gotten to such a stage. It was already too late to retreat.

    Mo Wuji nodded and slowly walked up the Deathmatch Battlestage.

    "Universal Board Rank 9951, Mo Wuji enters the death stage!" The commentator announced once more.
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