Chapter 310: Youll Only Understand After Experiencing It

    Chapter 310: You'll Only Understand After Experiencing It

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    The moment Mo Wuji stepped foot on the Deathmatch Battlestage, Bei Suting's gaze turned towards Yan'Er. Here, the only person who could recognise Mo Wuji was Yan'Er. Even though she had heard various things about Mo Wuji from Linglong, she had never personally seen him.

    Yan'Er calmly nodded, "Sister Suting, he is indeed Mo Wuji, and he is, in fact, from the Heaven Seeking Palace."


    The scene when they met each other appeared in front of Yan'Er's eyes.

    "That's right, it's me. Yan'Er, you don't remember the past?"

    "Brother Mo, even though I may not remember what happened in the past, but my master told me, to always remember your kindness. If you didn't save me, perhaps I might have long been dead."

    "Brother Mo, this is a token of my appreciation. Even though it does not mean much in front of your kindness... I hope Brother Mo would not throw them away..."

    "Yan'Er, if you want to know about your past memories, I can tell them to you."

    "Brother Mo, my senior apprentice sister told me, the reason why my cultivation is so much faster than other people is because my heart is pure; it's free from distractions and emotions. If I know too many things about my past, I might not be able to cultivate with such speed. But I'm still very grateful to Brother Mo. Thank you."

    "Many thanks Lady Yan'Er for your gift, I will keep it... Actually, there's nothing much about our past, I've also forgotten most of it. How about this, if Lady Yan'Er encounters any sort of difficulties, you can find me - Mo Wuji. In my heart, I will always be your big brother."


    An indescribable feeling flowed deep within her heart; it was as though a nail had been stabbed straight to her heart. However, she soon recovered her calm.

    "Yan'Er, are you alright?" Bei Suting sensed the peculiarity within Yan'Er at that instant, and urgently asked.

    Yan'Er shook her head, "It's nothing much, I suddenly had this strange feeling."

    Bei Suting went silent, only after some time, she said, "Yan'Er, perhaps you're right. Perhaps your cultivation is faster than others because your heart is free of distractions. However, cultivation isn't purely to raise your cultivation level..."

    Yan'Er suddenly asked, "Sister Suting, my master told me, after I built my spirits, following the rise of my cultivation, my memories would gradually disappear. Now, I'm already at True Lake Stage Level 6, does that mean that I will completely be unable to recover my memories?"

    She wasn't a fool, she naturally knew what Bei Suting wanted to talk to her about last night. Even though Bei Suting decided against it, Yan'Er knew what was on her mind.

    Bei Suting shook her head, "The universe is broad and vast, there's many things we don't know. There's no need to talk about your True Lake Stage, even if you really ascended to become a Worldly Immortal, or even an Earthly Immortal, as long as you have the determination, you will definitely be able to recover your memories. However, if you do not have that drive, even if you hadn't built your spirits, you would never be able to recover your memories."

    "Determination..." Yan'Er muttered that single word; she could feel her determination. When she was with her senior apprentice sister Jinwen, Shi Jinwen would always tell her to forget the shackles of her past and focus on her cultivation. Cultivating without distraction, this was the idea that Shi Jinwen had instilled in her. In reality, it was indeed because of this idea which caused her cultivation to swell rapidly.

    However, ever since she was together with Sister Suting, she seemed to be affected by Bei Suting's ideologies. Cultivation wasn't the only thing, there were many things more important than cultivation.

    Were her thoughts gradually changing because of Bei Suting's influence?

    No... Yan'Er was quick to shake her head. Her thoughts did not start changing after interacting with Bei Suting, but when she first met Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    That rogue cultivator risked his own life just to protect her from harm. It slowly let her know, besides cultivation, there was still something else important that was hard to describe. That something was feelings.

    "Remember to cultivate properly, work hard to live..." His voice was hoarse and dry, like a nomad that had travelled alone in the desert for an eternal period of time. It was alone and lonely.

    For no particular reason, Yan'Er's nose turned sour and two beads of tears appeared at the corner of her eyes. Ever since she started cultivation, this was the first time she ever felt such feelings. She recalled that Rogue Cultivator 2705; she didn't even know him but he was willing to sacrifice his life for her own. Before he left, he even advised her to cultivate properly and to work hard to live.

    In the past, she didn't really understand his words. But now, after going through some close death experiences of her own, she finally understood that his words were based on the foundation of his blood, sweat and tears. There was no doubt about it, when they met, didn't he just fight his way out the encirclement of hundred over alien cultivators? When he left, hadn't he risk his life and blood to save her? How long did she know Rogue Cultivator 2705? In that short period of time, he had already brushed the shoulders of death twice.

    Because of the obstruction from her tears, Mo Wuji's figure on the stage became a little hazy. The unfamiliar Rogue Cultivator 2705 was willing to exchange his life for hers. While she, just to raise her cultivation level, chose to be free of her heart's distractions, and was unwilling to accept her past memories, and was reluctant to even care what kind of person Mo Wuji was.

    Cultivation without distractions, was that so important? Then what about Mo Wuji's kindness to her?

    Compared to that courageous Rogue Cultivator 2705, she was just an ungrateful, unfeeling cultivation machine.

    "Yan'Er, are you really alright?" Bei Suting could feel that there's something not right with Yan'Er.

    Yan'Er shook her head, "I'm really alright. Sister Suting, if I want to recover my memories, what do I need to do?"

    Bei Suting was slightly startled, but she soon came to an understanding. She tousled Yan'Er's hair, "Yan'Er, you wanting to recover your memories is the right choice. Ever since the ancient times, I've never heard of any experts choosing to seal their memories and could still reach greater heights. Whether your memories are good or bad, they are part of your cultivation. I call this, cultivating the heart. If you didn't mention this, I wouldn't have said such words to you.

    Cultivating without distractions is fast, but I do not believe that a cultivator without inner demons could get far. Inner demons have always been necessary in the road of cultivation. Only when you overcome these inner demons, your understandings would improve and you would be able to progress further."

    "I understand Sister Suting." Yan'Er nodded her head.

    In the past, she didn't really understand Rogue Cultivator 2705's words. But now, after going through some close death experiences of her own, she finally understood what was meant by working hard to live.

    "It's actually not difficult for you to recover your memories. Wait till I advance to the Worldly Immortal Stage, I will bring you to the Valley of the Immortal Doctors to find San Yisheng. [1] I heard that he managed to treat many incurable patients. In the entire Zhen Mo Continent, he's the strongest medicine god," Bei Suting said.

    Yan'Er acknowledged with an "En", then turned back towards the Deathmatch Battlestage.


    At the Deathmatch Battlestage.

    The commentator saw that Mo Wuji and Yan Yangdong had both stood upon the stage. He retreated out of the stage as he waved his hands towards the crowd, "Let the battle begin!"

    Yan Yangdong slowly turned the ring on his finger; a heavenly halberd [2] appeared in his hands.

    The moment the heavenly halberd appeared, the crowd screamed in excitement.

    In all honesty, the number of cultivators who used a heavenly halberd was not a lot. On the contrary, many mortal generals and martial artists liked this kind of weapon.

    Yan Yangdong had average looks with a square face. However, as he stood on the stage dressed in cultivator robes with a heavenly halberd in his hands, it did give him an oppressive aura.

    This look definitely incited the excitement the crowd.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and an octagonal steel hammer appeared in his hand. He did not act immediately but waited for Yan Yangdong to make his move.

    Yan Yangdong also didn't start attacking, but stared at Mo Wuji and laughed, "You know why I would fight this deathmatch with you? For some cheap b*tch? Your death will help me. That's why, I've decided to be more humane as I kill you."

    Mo Wuji sighed, as expected, not everyone was like Pang Qi.

    "I'm guessing you won't tell me the real reason. Because if you tell me, and if you die, I will spread it," Mo Wuji faintly said.

    Yan Yangdong chuckled and whispered, "Your taunting is not bad, I'll purposely fall for it. Let me tell you, the reason why I want to kill you is because your luck is not bad. You good f*cking luck actually got you on the Universal Board. You know, if I rank in the Universal Board or kill someone on it, what would my clan reward me? You will never know..."

    With that, Yan Yangdong transformed into 10 different figures, boundless halberd shadows completely filled the Deathmatch Battlestage. Waves of halberd shadows surged over, it was like copious autumn leaves being blown by the autumn wind, bringing with it endless killing intent.

    The onlookers started to scream and cheer. This halberd art was truly worthy to be from the Yan Clan. How could ordinary cultivators display such threatening and imposing halberd shadows?

    With the appearance of Yan Yangdong's halberd shadows, Mo Wuji could feel this fella's true power. He definitely wasn't in True Lake Stage Level 4, nor was it Level 5 or 6 as Chu Qianlou predicted. This fella definitely had the power of True Lake Stage Level 9.

    This oppressive aura coupled with the halberd shadow seemed to transform this Deathmatch Battlestage to a place of death. People below the stage might not be able to feel it, but Mo Wuji could clearly feel how terrifying this space is.

    No wonder why this fella could kill someone at Nihility God Stage level 1. Even if a cultivator was at Nihility God Stage Level 3, when surrounded by Yan Yangdong's halberd shadows, he wouldn't be able to display his true power.

    Yan Yangdong dared to challenge Mo Wuji, because he knew that he was definitely going to win.

    Mo Wuji coldly snorted, his octagonal steel hammer whipped up layers of elemental energy walls to protect himself. If Yan Yangdong wanted to kill him, it wouldn't be so easy.

    "Boom! Boom!" The waves of halberd shadow crashed against Mo Wuji's elemental energy wall, ripping space apart.

    Yan Yangdong's lips curved into a contemptuous smile. Mo Wuji was truly a rogue cultivator, he didn't even have a proper skill. Using this crude elemental energy wall to defend against his halberd shadow, if put nicely, was simply doing more harm than good.

    [1] This guy's name has the exact same hanyu pinyin as rogue doctor HAHA

    [2] This is the same weapon which Lu Bu uses.
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