Chapter 311: Skills VS Sacred Art

    Chapter 311: Skills VS Sacred Art

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    Any cultivator who could spectate this deathmatch definitely had good eye sights. When Mo Wuji used an elemental energy wall to block Yan Yangdong's lethal halberd shadows, the crowd knew that Mo Wuji was going to lose.

    Even though an elemental energy wall was strong, it's energy usage was extremely high. No cultivator could constantly use the elemental energy wall to protect himself. Thus, the elemental energy wall was like a bird's **; it was hard on the outside, but after you take some time and delve into the inner layers, you would find that it's especially soft.

    Moreover, besides this elemental energy wall, Mo Wuji didn't have any sort of hammer arts. He only waved the giant hammer here and there; could that even contest with the Yan Clan's halberd techniques?

    "Bang!" Mo Wuji's octagonal steel hammer whirled out, smashing against the limitless halberd shadows on the Deathmatch Battlestage, immediately ripping those halberd shadows apart.

    Yan Yangdong's figure was now clearly within the strike zone of Mo Wuji's octagonal steel hammer; Yan Yangdong was momentarily stunned.

    Even after using an elemental energy to defend against his Halberd Shadow Killing Stance, Mo Wuji was still able to conjure up so much power the hammer. Unless Mo Wuji was also like him, and had hidden his true power?

    Irregardless, when facing Mo Wuji's oncoming strike, Yan Yangdong could only choose to defend.

    Violent waves of elemental energy crashed against one another; Mo Wuji and Yan Yangdong were simultaneously blown away. The two crashed against the protective barrier of the battlestage and stood back up.

    Below the stage, was a buzz of astonishment. After Mo Wuji displayed the energy-depleting elemental energy wall, many thought that Mo Wuji would definitely be suppressed and eventually be killed. However, the outcome suddenly changed. When the two collided, both of them were actually sent flying; seemingly, they were evenly matched.

    "You truly have the power to be on the Universal Board. You deserve to be killed using my full power. I hope that you didn't expend all your energy just now, or you'll regret coming up on this stage." Yan Yangdong wiped the blood trail off the corner of his mouth, his previous casualness and contempt had completely disappeared.

    He knew that Mo Wuji was very strong, but for Mo Wuji to be strong to such an extent had surprised him. After all, Mo Wuji had used an elemental energy wall and could still match him evenly during the following exchange. That showed that Mo Wuji's true lake of elemental energy was no smaller than his.

    This had thoroughly left him in disbelief; he had obtained numerous opportunities and was even in True Lake Stage Level 9. Facing others in the same stage, few should have an elemental lake comparable to his. Mo Wuji was some unknown bumpkin, yet could be comparable to him. How could he not be in disbelief?

    Even if Mo Wuji was also in True Lake Stage Level 9, it was something inconceivable.

    As Yan Yangdong spoke, he had already taken a step forward. Holding the halberd in one hand, his other hand continuously formed various hand seals.

    Even though he hoped that Mo Wuji had yet to display his full power, he believed that that was already the case. Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger, he definitely wasn't in the Nihility God Stage. Then, he definitely did not believe that a True Lake Stage cultivator would still have energy after surviving that all-out exchange with him.

    Yan Yangdong swung out his halberd, his hand seals getting increasingly complex. The originally clear battlestage, suddenly seemed to have gotten hazy. It was as though a mist had descended upon the battlestage, and onlookers could only see the faint silhouettes of the two battlers.

    "This is liquefaction of elemental energy, Spatial Saturation..." Someone below the stage instantly cried out in shock.

    Following this cry of astonishment, more people started to reveal a glimmer in their eyes. Looks like they had made the right choice in coming to this match, they actually got to see a True Lake Stage cultivator liquefy his elemental energy, saturating space...

    Elemental energy liquefaction, Spatial Saturation. This wasn't merely a boost in strength when the elemental energy liquefies. More importantly, this liquefied elemental energy would start to diffuse and fill up the surrounding space, causing the space to turn heavy and viscous. It could be said that he had controlled this domain of space.

    This sort of spatial suppression and restrictions, in reality, could barely be exhibited by cultivators at the Great Circle of Nihility God Stage. This was a measure used by True Gods and Worldly Immortals.

    At the True Lake Stage, one could only try to display a fraction of this power. To truly achieve spatial suppression, one must first liquefy his elemental energy and saturate space.

    But many cultivators, even after they advanced into the Nihility God Stage, could not even attempt this killer move.

    As the two's silhouettes got increasingly obscure, everyone knew, Mo Wuji was done for.

    This Spatial Saturation, if it had reached such a stage, was equivalent to complete spatial control. Mo Wuji could only get ravaged.

    "Ai, what a pity, we don't get to see the battle. That would have made things really interesting."

    "That rogue cultivator called Mo Wuji, at least he died with glory. He actually forced that Yan Yangdong to use Spatial Saturation..."

    "Keke, why are you so sure that Mo Wuji would die? Just now, when he was enshrouded in halberd shadows and was forced to use an elemental energy wall, didn't you also think that he would definitely die? In the end, what happened?"

    "Spatial Saturation and the halberd shadows are completely two different things. If it was you, would you be able to escape?".

    "I'm not able to, that's why I don't qualify to go up that stage. But the one on the stage now is a Universal Board expert. You think it's so easy to rank in the Universal Board?"

    "So what? So many geniuses from the three great clans can also rank on the Universal Board. It's just that they are restricted by their clan rules, if they don't reach a certain cultivation, they aren't allowed to take part in the Star Wars."


    It was a buzz of discussions and arguments below the stage, but all this did not affect Mo Wuji. There's no need to even mention Yan Yangdong's Spatial Saturation; Mo Wuji had experienced true spatial locking techniques more than once.

    Yan Yangdong thought that he hadn't held back previously, and had exerted all his energy. In reality, Mo Wuji didn't fully exert all his power, at the very most, he only displayed 70% of it. Moreover, he had yet to reveal any of his hidden aces.

    Yan Yangdong's Spatial Saturation was just what Mo Wuji wanted. He continued to use his elemental energy to form a wall around himself, not doing anything to resist.

    He would definitely kill Yan Yangdong, and it would be best if no one could see how he did it. Since Yan Yangdong was courting his own death, he should not blame Mo Wuji.

    Yan Yangdong laughed coldly, using an elemental energy wall to deal with his Space Saturation? What a joke, keke...

    At this time, the entire stage was saturated with his elemental energy. Yan Yangdong was like a shark in water, charging towards Mo Wuji.

    The halberd in his hand shone with radiant light, shooting towards Mo Wuji's throat. The single radiant light suddenly transformed into two, and from two it transformed into four, then from four to eight...

    Within a breath's time, Mo Wuji was completely surrounded by beams of halberd light.

    From Yan Yangdong's perspective, this entire battlestage was a lake which belonged entirely to him, and he was like a shark in the lake, while Mo Wuji was simply a duck left hanging to dry.

    In his eyes, Mo Wuji was already a dead man.

    The halberd light completely surrounded Mo Wuji as they shot towards him. Just as they light touched Mo Wuji's clothes, Yan Yangdong suddenly felt that something was not right.

    Even if Mo Wuji was a noob, he wouldn't be completely unable to move due to the Spatial Saturation. At the very most, his movements would get slower.

    Just at this instant, Mo Wuji moved. He slowly raised the steel hammer, as though he was in slow motion.

    Yan Yangdong finally heaved a sigh of relief; things went as expected...

    Wait, that's still not right... Yan Yangdong started in shock as his halberd light did not pierce through Mo Wuji as he predicted. The only damage it caused was towards Mo Wuji's clothes; not even a drop of blood was shed.

    The elemental energy wall which surrounded Mo Wuji was now concentrated on Mo Wuji's head. A beam of halberd light which was aimed at Mo Wuji's head bounced harmlessly away from the elemental energy wall.

    Yan Yangdong could faintly see the elemental energy wall emitting a purple colour, as though it was made out of purple energy.

    Yan Yangdong let out a breath of cold air; to continuously use the elemental energy wall to block against his halberd light would require dense amounts of elemental energy. At the present, or even after he advances into the Nihility God Stage, he might not be able to compare to Mo Wuji.

    How were they evenly matched? The other party wasn't simply concealing his cultivation, he was doing so very complicatedly.

    Even though the octagonal steel hammer was slow, it still descended. Yan Yangdong knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't simply let him dodge it, but what else could he do but dodge from the hammer.

    As expected, just as Yan Yangdong avoided the hammer, ten intense bolts of lightning struck against him.

    "Boom! Crackle!!" The violent explosions ripped out several holes of blood from Yan Yangdong's body.

    At the same time, tremors could be felt from the ground; Yan Yangdong finally understood what was happening. The halberd light that he shot towards Mo Wuji did not even touch him. Besides the halberd light aimed towards Mo Wuji's head, the rest were all directed towards the ground.

    What skill was this? It could actually diver away his Halberd Sunderer? No, this was no skill, it was a sacred art.

    As he thought of this, Yan Yangdong suddenly felt faint. His Yan Clan was one of the three major clans of the Star King Mountain, but it only had one sacred art. He has able to obtain countless legacies but he had never obtained a sacred art. Mo Wuji actually had one?

    If he knew that Mo Wuji knew a sacred art, he would never have challenged Mo Wuji unless he was mad.

    "Stop! I concede..." The lightning brought about a intense burning sensation, as Yan Yangdong uttered each word, he would spit out a mouthful of blood.

    "Ok..." Mo Wuji's one word let Yan Yangdong heave a sigh of relief, at least the Yan Clan still had some oppressive power..

    Before that final thought could fully form within his head, his head was smashed in by the giant octagonal steel hammer.

    "You..." Yan Yangdong was aggrieved. He never thought that Mo Wuji would say one thing but do another.

    Mo Wuji faintly said, "I said okay to your concession. But I didn't say that I wouldn't kill you. You think I won't kill you on the Deathmatch Battlestage? You think I'm an idiot like you? Honestly, with your halberd arts and spatial control skill, if you go train yourself in the Star Wars Battlefield, it would not be easy for me to kill you. I might not even be able to kill you. You simply lack the tempering of life and death experiences."

    Yan Yangdong didn't even hear Mo Wuji's last words; he sank into boundless darkness.
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