Chapter 312: The Yan Clan of Star King Mountain

    Chapter 312: The Yan Clan of Star King Mountain

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    With a spread of his palms, Mo Wuji kept the Octagonal Steel Hammer into his ring. At the same time, he kept Yan Yangdong's ring. These were his rewards for emerging victorious.

    Yan Yangdong was indeed one of the best among those in True Lake Stage. However, compared to Mo Wuji, he was still slightly lacking. What's more, he had only gained his capabilities by winning battles - he definitely did not been training on his own. That much was apparent. If Yan Yangdong had truly been training at Star Wars Battlefield, he wouldn't have managed to defeat his opponent so easily with the halberd technique.

    He hadn't even thought about letting Yan Yangdong off. Only one survivor was allowed to walk off the Deathmatch Battlestage. If he had allowed Yan Yangdong to walk away, Mo Wuji could wrongly be killed for breaking the rules of the Deathmatch Battlestage. Keke, maybe he would no longer have to worry about the rules of battling in the Universal Hall when he became stronger. But for now, he wouldn't do anything silly.

    Since Yan Yangdong had already been defeated, the Deathmatch Battlestage began to clear up. When it sunk in that Yan Yangdong was dead and Mo Wuji remained standing, there was a moment of strange silence in the air. Once the moment passed through, the bustling noise and excited cheers filled the air.

    Mo Wuji was now famous in the Universal Hall. There was even more hype over him now than when he made it to Rank 9951 on the Universal Board. Not every cultivator who could kill Yan Yangdong dared to do so.

    This unexpected outcome was exactly what the masses desired. Finally, the genius cultivator Yan Yangdong of the Yan Clan had been defeated.

    The cultivator who was acting as the referee finally called out after a long time, "The winner of this battle is Mo Wuji!"

    As for the loser, nobody would even remember his last name in time to come.

    "Brother Mo, you have won." Pang Qi excitedly came forward to hug Mo Wuji, before hurriedly leaving through the exit next to the stage.


    "Wuji, I think you lack a magic skill. No matter what type of spiritual item you use, if you don't have the right magic skill, you would still be much worse off than others. Your victory over Yan Yangdong this time had a great deal to do with their clan's rules. Otherwise, even if you would have won, you wouldn't have done so that quickly." Once they had returned to Universal Pier, Chu Qianlou pointed out Mo Wuji's flaws.

    "Sister Qianlou, what does this have to do with the Yan Clan's rules?" Rong He asked, confused.

    Chu Qianlou explained, "The Yan Clan does not allow anyone who has not reached True Lake Stage Level 7 to enter the Void Battlefield. Yan Yangdong lacked actual combat training. Either he couldn't achieve his full potential during battle, or he had used the wrong techniques. If he were up against any ordinary opponent, this wouldn't have mattered. But he was up against Wuji, who just returned from Star Wars Battlefield. He has even made it on the Universal Board. He's much more experienced in fighting than Yan Yangdong."

    Chu Qianlou knew in her heart that even if Mo Wuji hadn't come from the Star Wars Battlefield, his fighting experience would still be much better than the ordinary man. She had seen for herself what he was capable of. "Recovery" simply wasn't good enough an explanation.

    Chu Qianlou had a sharp eye - she identified his problem easily.

    Of course, Mo Wuji knew what his flaws were. Even if she hadn't mentioned it, he would still have asked her where he could purchase the magic skills. He was not lacking in the hammer technique, but in the pole technique.

    "Sister Chu, do you have any idea where I can buy better magic skills?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Chu Qianlou replied, "I was just about to discuss this with you. Not long ago, there was a Star War. I think you participated in it before. A large quantity of precious treasures appeared in that battle. The Universal Hall is organising a sale to sell them soon. I suggest that you check that sale out. You might be able to find earth grade magic skills. Didn't you use the space

    contribution points to bet on yourself winning earlier? If the ratio is 1:3, you should have enough winnings to purchase some things at the sale."

    Mo Wuji turned to face Rong He. At the mention of the space contribution points, Rong He excitedly said, "That's right! That's right! I'll go and collect the winnings immediately."

    "Let's go together." Pang Qi stood up.

    "Is Dao Friend Mo in? Yu Qianni from the Universal Hall is here to pay him a visit." An abrupt voice seemed to come from right in front of them.

    Mo Wuji rose to his feet and met with a ball of fists at the door. "Greetings, Elder Yu."

    Immediately, Mo Wuji recognised the voice as belonging to the law enforcer with the yellow beard in True God Stage. This fella was fast. Mo Wuji had just killed Yan Yangdong, and here he is now. He wondered what explanation this fella would give him.

    "I'll head over with Pang Qi and the rest," Chu Qianlou stood.

    Mo Wuji opened the door, and saw that the man with the yellow beard already stood at his doorstep. Chu Qianlou and the others greeted him, before respectfully taking their leave.

    "Elder Yu, please come in." Mo Wuji invited Yu Qianni into his house.

    Yu Qianni did not stand on ceremony. He entered and sat down, saying, "Little Friend Mo, you were so lucky to rise to fame after just one battle."

    Mo Wuji impatiently said, "Elder Yu, you have come to mock me. It's more fitting to say that I have attracted a lot of trouble with one battle. I don't believe that the Yan Clan would not come after me."

    Yu Qianni burst into laughter. He changed the subject, "I believe you will achieve extraordinary things in future. Today, I have come to discuss the investigation that took place 3 days ago."

    Mo Wuji cupped his fist and said, "Elder Yu, please go ahead."

    Yu Qianni nodded, "After further investigation, we discovered that it was indeed Jing Jingsan of the Yan Clan who started the fight. However, Jing Jingsan is scheming. He has already escaped from Universal Hall. I've released a notice throughout Universal Hall. Jing Jingsan, Jing Danwu and Jing Qiliang are now on our wanted list."

    "Thank you, Enforcer Yu." Mo Wuji cupped his fist once again.

    He smirked inwardly. This was expected and he didn't mind. He knew that Yu Qianni had come here because he knew how powerful Mo Wuji was. He did not want to offend him, so he had come as a sign of respect.

    Well, respect was to be earned. Since Universal Hall was unwilling to arrest people, Mo Wuji would catch them himself. If this law enforcer from the Universal Hall in True God Stage thought that he had shown Mo Wuji respect by merely making a trip to his home, he was wrong.

    "In that case, I'll take my leave." Yu Qianni announced. He turned to leave. Indeed, he was here to show some respect to Mo Wuji. Yet, Mo Wuji did not seem to appreciate his kindness. He, in True God Stage, would not go so far as to placate someone in True Lake Stage.

    At first, he was satisfied that Mo Wuji had referred to him as "Elder Yu". Clearly, Mo Wuji took the opportunity to ensure he was on good terms with Yu Qianni and accumulate some goodwill. However, after he had explained the outcome of the investigation, Mo Wuji referred to him as "Enforcer Yu". It was apparent that Mo Wuji was no longer concerned with accumulating goodwill with him. Since that was the case, why should he remain there?

    This type of cultivator would not survive long, no matter how great his potential was. It remained to be seen how he would get out of offending the Yan Clan.

    Mo Wuji simply did not care about his attitude toward Yu Qianni. He understood that Yu Qianni was unwilling to offend the Yan Clan. However, he mocked Yu Qianni for wanting to remain on good terms with both the Yan Clan and Mo Wuji. The last thing he needed was a "friend" who was unwilling to help him in times of trouble, but who wanted to share in his future glory.

    He couldn't even be bothered to act courteous.

    To speak humbly to Yu Qianni, only to help him out when he became stronger? He, Mo Wuji, was not so despicable.


    In the Nebula Hall on Star King Mountain, hall master Yan Pingzhi frowned at the map of the universe that lay in front of him.

    Just then, a guard who stood at the door of the hall rushed to his side and bowed, "Hall Master, the Patriarch has just sent out a message, asking the Hall Master to return to the Yan Clan Meeting Hall immediately."

    Yan Pingzhi finally withdrew his gaze from the map. He asked in a low voice, "Was it mentioned what for?"

    The guard nervously replied, "Your servant is unaware. Your servant only received instructions to invite Hall Master back."

    Yan Pingzhi nodded, "Alright, I understand."

    Outwardly, it seemed as if this guard who stood by the doors of his hall was at his beck and call. However, in actual fact, he belonged to the Yan Clan. He did not take instructions from Yan Pingzhi. As a result, he did not relay every single piece of information to the hall master.

    Yan Pingzhi left the Nebula Hall on Star King Mountain, and arrived at the Yan Clan Meeting Hall in a matter of minutes.

    The three big clans all possessed a transfer array that allowed them to leave Star King Mountain directly. Most of the time, they didn't even have to report to the Star Lord before they left.

    Yan Pingzhi knew, the moment he entered the Clan Meeting Hall, that something big had happened. The only other occasion where Yan Pingzhi had seen so many elders gathered together in the Yan Clan was when they were making sacrifices to the ancestors.

    "Greetings to the Patriarch. Greetings to Grand-Elder." Yan Pingzhi only sat down at the front-left of the table after he had bowed to the two seated at the head of the table.

    On Star King Mountain, Yan Pingzhi was one of the ten hall masters. He was also the head commander of the Nebula Army - sixth of the ten armies. However, in the Yan Clan, he placed third at most. On top of him on the hierarchy was the Patriarch, Yan Qiren, and the Grand-Elder, Yan Yang.

    "Pingzhi, you are here. Please, take a seat." Patriarch Yan Qiren nodded warmly at Yan Pingzhi.

    "What has happened?" Yan Pingzhi questioned. He had been so absorbed in studying the map of the universe, he had hardly paid attention to Yan Clan matters.

    Yan Qiren turned to the stubby, plump man on his right and said, "Gaokai, please explain the current situation to Pingzhi."

    Yan Gaokai arose, bowed to Yan Pingzhi, and began, "Not too long ago, my descendant Yan Yangdong was beheaded on the Deathmatch Battlestage in Universal Hall."

    Yan Pingzhi's heart skipped a beat, not because Yan Yangdong was anyone important. In fact, even though Yan Yangdong was a descendant of the Yan Clan, his death wouldn't be so high-profile. The question was, who was so daring as to kill the genius cultivator of the Yan Clan?

    "Who did it?" Yan Pingzhi snapped.

    Yan Qiren motioned for Yan Gaokai to sit back down. Then, he said, "The one who killed Yangdong is a rogue cultivator who had just made it to the Universal Board. He's quite low on the Board - Rank 9951. But this isn't the main point. The main point is, does anyone here know what Yan Yangdong had on him?"
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